Monday, 6 March 2017

Just too many books

Panic! as books and more books, people and more people came to the book swap Malc and I wondered how on earth even with Paul Jack and his partner offering refuge to some bags of books, we were going to cope.
My thanks to all who rallied around to help us get them away for lunchtime, noteably Chris, Gill, Linda and a myriad of others.
We are actually short of bags which did not help, so maybe next time everyone can bring an empty bag or two to donate to the cause.
A good bookswap where I got a chance to cuddle little Rose, newly born of Debbie and John of Le Jardins des Espiemonts, near Caylus.
Sadly conversations centred on Brexit and worries about our future here, very hard to be positive and not worry.
One poor lady had waited for retirement which had been delayed three years and then as soon as she arrives to live her dream... Brexit  happened.

Home now to winds getting stronger and stronger, gusts of 95 kms an hour forecast.
Stay safe everyone.
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