Wednesday, 1 April 2020

Stay at home

This made me smile this morning, Qurban one of our Afghan helpers at Mains Tendues 82 has made this his profile picture.
Qurban is one of our helpers we cannot do without, young, strong and has a wonderful rapport with all our customers now speaking French and English after three years here. The language is Farsi and it says

Staying home we don't shake hands # Corona - take it seriously

Qurban is stuck in a small apartment in Toulouse with no outside space but a tiny balcony.
At Mains Tendues we all love him.

Thursday, 26 March 2020

Isolate for heavens sake

This virus you know is not a game. 
We are not trying to beat Macron or the gendarmes, we are trying to defeat the virus.
After three messages from friends asking if I would make clear it is no joke this virus I feel it needs saying.
All these restrictions are not just to protect us but to protect other families working on the front line in the health service.
Because of Taglines which has been going for over 17 years I have built up a network of good friends.
Their stories  from them to me about others trying to beat the system and laugh about it are unbelievable.
Please, please even if you think you are not vunerable others are.
You have heard the messages, isolate to live, isolate to save others, just listen for heavens sake, you are not clever.
ISOLATE your selves.

Message from the hospital staff at Albi


 Hospital staff wish
 that this message be disseminated to all;
From tomorrow, do not leave the house and for bread, if you can freeze because the worst begins: the incubation date is respected and many positives will start to come out and many people can contract it, so it is very important to stay at home and not interact with anyone. From March 23 to April 3 we have to take care of ourselves because we will be at the top of the virus; the incubation period is two weeks, normally during these two weeks all the infected declare themselves, then there are two weeks of calm and then two weeks when they decrease. WE WILL BE IN THE STAGE OF MAXIMUM INFECTION. ūüĎÜūüĎÜūüĎÜ
Please forward this message to all of your contacts.

Our contact

For Taglines our email contact has always been.  And it remains the same
An email address that Malc used more than me. has now been discontinued
For family and friends that is now my only email address


A lot of the traditional markets will be closed
St. Antonins Sunday market is closed until further notice.
The Varen market will go ahead with social distancing measures in place.

Attention ! Officiel
St Antonin marchés
 Bio du jeudi maintenu
Du dimanche annulé

Wednesday, 25 March 2020

Tonight the bells rang out in solidarity through out France

Candles were lit through out France and the bells rang out in solidarity
Stay safe everyone and thank you every Doctor, every nurse,every ambulance driver 
Every worker in the social care industry
We appreciate your efforts

Tuesday, 24 March 2020

Controle technique info

Good news that if your car needs a controle technique we now have 3 months extra to get it done
A relief as one of mine needs doing in April

Saturday, 21 March 2020

Two messages from Hans

Hi Val, I hope you are feeling better again.

I have two messages :


Help on computers still available.


If anyone within reasonable distance of St Antonin needs assistance on computers or wifi/internet you may contact me. I keep my shop closed in St Antonin, but I can visit people. 0643734697 Hans, VIDEPC





Solidarity in St Antonin


I recently became élu in St Antonin Noble Val. The team of the elected group have now announced the following for the inhabitants of St Antonin:

The "Solidarity" operation of the 19 new elected officials works and continues. Spread the word around you.
We have set up an organization for the elderly but also for single people who need to go shopping, who cannot move or just need a call to get news.
For your food and medication shopping, place your order:
Carrefour Contact: Aziz or Aurore at
Occitan Workshops: Patricia on 09 53 05 34 34
Mme Grare, Pharmacy: 05 63 30 60 94
We deliver to your home, weekends included.
If you need a "special travel certificate", send us a message with your name, address and date of birth and we will bring them to your home.
If you know people who have a need, thank you for notifying a member of the team or for putting a message on our facebook page. Do not hesitate to contact us. Take care of yourself.


Hans Buijserd

Sunday, 15 March 2020

Book sale at St Pantaleon

Dear Booklovers,

It is with MUCH regret that I have to tell you that the Book Sale for the 4th April has had to be postponed/cancelled - hopefully the former.

The announcement that people of 70 and over should avoid contact with others as much as possible, just put the tin lid on it.  A lot of our loyal customers fit in to that bracket - as do some of our team !  We feel that if we went ahead, numbers would be well down which would be a shame after all the hard work that goes into making it a good event for you.

Hopefully, when all this madness settles down, we will try for an early Summer sale, if not, full steam ahead for the Autumn !

Keep well,

Sue x  Glibbery, Poorpaws

Saturday, 14 March 2020

Mains Tendues 82 at Varen

Today we all felt sad at Mains Tendues 82 as a group we took the decision to close the friperie until the situation with the virus improves. Just too many of us over 70 and some with husbands with chronic health conditions.
What more can one say but “keep well and a bient√īt 
Cheering ourselves up with a coffee at the bar.

Monday, 9 March 2020

Generator for sale SOLD

Generator, the model is hyundai hg2700
Only used to try it, bought in error as we do not need one at Mains Tendues, as we use local electricity.

cela n'a jamais √©t√© utilis√© (une seule fois pour s'assurer que cela fonctionne). Co√Ľt neuf 289 euros. Une grosse √©conomie de 100+ euros.

Groupe électrogène essence de chantier 2700 W 2500 W - Système AVR

Puissance nominale 2500 W
Puissance maxi 2700 W
Puissance du moteur 7 hp
Système AVR Oui
Autonomie 10.5 h
Voltmètre Oui
Capacité réservoir carburant 15000 mL
Niveau sonore 95 dB
Poids net (kg) 37

Half price
150 euros
Mains Tendues 82.

Monday, 2 March 2020

Aristide is dead

The saddest news as our group were worried we had not seen Aristide on the market for two weeks I went to see his apartment to check on him. I was met by his daughter who told me he was dead, had been in his apartment dead for some days.
It was the third time he had tried to take his life. If only we had known we could have done so much for him.
I am really sad as the rest of our group will be. He was practically part of the team
His daughter will let me know when his funeral will be at Albi
How sad that a man who gave so much joy was so unwell and unhappy
Ps he also played in St. Antonin market on Sundays

Friday, 28 February 2020

A big thank you

A thank you to all who have open hearts and minds and who have welcomed the Yedizi ladies and their children at Septfonds and Caussade. Yesterday Jill Williamson and I went to make a donation to each of the eleven ladies of 150 euros. It was money donated by you all instead of flowers after Malc died.
Since the last time we went to see them just after they arrived when Mains Tendues gave each one 200 euros, we were delighted to see how they had integrated into the French community. After four mornings a week having French lessons their language and communication skills were noticeably different. 
They looked happy.
Jill and I drove home also feeling happy  as I am sure Malc looking down would also have done.
Thank you

Thursday, 27 February 2020

Book swap March 2nd

Book swap Monday March 2 nd at the Gazpacho at St. Antonin, 10.30 am
Please note no book swap in April
Helen Graham

Poorpaws book sale

Dear Booklovers,

A  reminder for you to put Saturday 4th April in your diaries !  It's time for your favourite - I hope - Book Sale.  As usual, at the St. Pantaleon, (Lot), Salle des Fetes from 10am to 3pm.  Books, dvds at one euro and cds at 50 cents.  Your best loved cakes, we have it on record that Liz's carrot cakes and Pat's coffee and walnut, are the best in France - and possibly the universe !
Tea, coffee and snack lunches will all be on offer, so come along and spend a great few hours browsing, buying, eating and drinking !

I am responsible for the books that are chosen to go on sale so if there are authors you don't see and who you like, or if you have any suggestions, please don't hesitate to tell me. (But please don't ask me to put them all in alphabetical order !)  I do categorise them but sometimes it is a bit difficult to know which genre to put them in so do look at miscellaneous and hard backs where different categories are put together.   I do try to ensure books which are in good condition but sometimes there are those which I think are cracking good and deserve to be read whatever state they are in, so they are given a chance.  This time - don't I always say this ?! - we have a really excellent choice, so come and indulge !

A service which I started last was a 'book search'; this proved quite popular, so if there is an author you really like, or a book you have been wanting to read, let me know and I will do my best to find it/her/him.

All proceeds to go to La Mere aux Betes, Cancer Support France and Poorpaws Dog Rescue.

So, come rain or shine your Book Team will be ready to greet you on Saturday 4th April !

Sue xx

Tuesday, 25 February 2020

Vide Maison

Vide Maison

Moya is having a vide maison on Sunday 1 March at Las Treilles, 81170 Itzac from 10am to 4pm. Her house is 1km up the hill from the centre of Itzac on the road to Vaour. There is a lot of great furniture for sale, including: 2 Stuart Jones chairs,  a nest of tables and a yew corner unit, as well as pictures, kitchen items, crystal glass and a wide range of books. The larger items can be bought in advance. Contact Moya on: for more information or to arrange a visit to see the furniture.

Sunday, 23 February 2020

Remember Laura and Sid?

Glad to hear that you're happy in your new home.
We're fine, Sid's doing well, he's got past the first 3 months which apparently is the dodgy time after a heart attack & is now back to normal really. Portugal has taken us in hand totally... We're registered farmers now which was a bit of a shock to the system! But honestly everyone is so kind & helpful we really feel as if we're finally in the right country. We're now busy putting in raised beds for veggies, have pruned about 80 of the olives which hadn't been touched for years & made a start on double glazing and insulating the house, that in itself is now a building site but the weather's too glorious to be indoors so it'll remain a mess for a while. We seem to have a constant stream of visitors most of whom help.
We cannot believe how early spring comes to this area, the meadows are full of thigh high flowers, chamomile, marigolds, lavender, ash trees are in leaf it's just wonderful. Anyway here's a few pics of our place, we've got all the land both sides of the river just can't believe it.
Really if you ever fancy then do come & see us.
Look after yourself with love from both of us Laura & Sid

Val says.  There is life after France and this couple are now in Portugal

A club no one wants to join

A club no one wants to join
A good friend who lost his wife a few years ago said to me, ‘’ Val we are in a club no one wants to join’’
I understood perfectly what he was saying. No one wants to loose a beloved partner but as we get older it is going to happen to us all, its a fact of life...or death.
There are  two other people in the village who lost partners around the same time as I lost Malc. It is uncanny how we are all going through the same stages of grief, but the over riding problem is the loneliness, after spending years of sharing ones life.
I am a great one for tackling problems head on. We must accept our lives have changed and prepare for the next phase, which we must try to make as much fun as possible.
Hearts  will ache at bedtime bit we still have our lives which are a gift to enjoy.
If you live in Varen or nearby and want for any reason to join the group no one wants to be in, then contact me to arrange having some fun.
Its a club  with no direction and no other aim than to make us happy.
Maybe we can discuss help we need with documents or jobs too difficult around the house.
So far I think I can  count on 5, not a bad start, and or course it will be a multi lingual group.

Saturday, 22 February 2020

Dogs are banned

Varen  frip takes a hard stand 
No more  dogs in the frip. ūü¶ģ
You know we love dogs at Mains Tendues, we all have one or two ourselves... but after a week end where 3 dogs lifted their legs copiously in the shop and the owners sneaked off without offering to clean up. We have a new rule now.
Dogs have to be tied up outside or if one of us is free we will hold their leads for you. 
We do not have washing facilities, although we do now have a smelly mop.
You brought it on yourselves you mutts.... I do mean the dogs.

Car wanted

Hi Val,
How are you doing? So hope all's well with you, often think of you, have you moved yet?
I have a request for tag
Please does anyone have an old car they no longer need, preferably English with French registration, anything considered.
Many thanks & lots of love to you Laura & Sid xxxxx

Monday, 17 February 2020

Apero Concert, Verfeil

Mercredi 19 Fevrier, 19 h cafe de la halle 

Saturday, 15 February 2020

Busy week end

This Valentine days week end and what a busy time we have had a Mains Tendues 82
We had a lovely visit from Sol handi √† Verfeil. They are setting up two or three apartments for the handicapped people they help, for  them to learn to live independantly.
We are helping them for free to furnish their apartments.
Then we had a visit from representatives of Citrus Laguepie, who we gave a cheque for 1,000 euros to help them with their work of integrating young people from around the world and teaching them to work together.
Then we welcomed two new helpers to the team both elderly French ladies who are my neighbours in the village. Well done ladies.
A young refugee, one of my young men who has just got asylum came for bedding and he happily went away with arms full

We are only open 2 hours on Friday and three on Saturday but we fit a lot into those hours.

The bureau of Mains Tendues 82 with Citrus Laguepie 

Tuesday, 11 February 2020

Restaurant for sale at Verfeil

An absolute bargain, you can live there, rent rooms and have a restaurant
Go for it whilst you can

Sunday, 9 February 2020

Vide Maison

Vide Maison

Moya is having a vide maison on Sunday 1 March at Las Treilles, 81170 Itzac from 10am to 4pm. Her house is 1km up the hill from the centre of Itzac on the road to Vaour. There is a lot of great furniture for sale, including: 2 single beds (never used),  a UK king sized bed (150 x198, excellent condition), Parker Knoll sofa and two arm chairs and pine bedside cabinets as well as pictures, jewellery and you guessed it, more cookery books! The larger items can be bought in advance. Contact Moya on: for more information or to arrange a visit to see the furniture.


Please contact Moya via: or telephone Graeme on: 06 04 08 81 12:

2 single beds with mattresses, unused, still in their wrappers. 190 x 90. 200 euros for the pair.

Single bed: integral headboard, pine frame. Mattress vgc, hardly used. 200 x 90. 60 euros.

UK King sized bed and mattress. Mattress vgc. 198 x 150. 120 euros.

Parker Knoll tapestry effect sofa and 2 chairs 350 euros.

Corner unit/vitrine in yew. 181h x41/45w top/bottom sections. 75 euros.

1 pair dark pine bedside cabinets. 50w x 48d x 68h. 70 euros



2 single beds with mattresses, unused, still in their wrappersMOYA’S ITEMS FOR SALE ON OR BEFORE VIDE MAISON

2 single beds with mattresses, unused, still in their wrappers. 190 x 90. 200 euros for the pair.

Single bed: integral headboard, pine frame. Mattress vgc, hardly used. 200 x 90. 60 euros.

UK King sized bed and mattress. Mattress vgc. 198 x 150. 120 euros.

Parker Knoll tapestry effect sofa and 2 chairs 350 euros.

Corner unit/vitrine in yew. 181h x41/45w top/bottom sections. 75 euros.

1 pair dark pine bedside cabinets. 50w x 48d x 68h. 70 euros


Monday, 3 February 2020

La grotte du Bosc above St. Antonin

The grotte du Bosc is set to open again yet another place interesting to locals and tourists alike.
There is a report in the  Depeche

2020 Municipal Elections

The 2020 French municipal elections will be held on 15 and 22 March 2020 to renew the municipal councils of the approximately 35,000 French communes

Many of us who have lost our European citizenship will not be able to vote this year 

Saturday, 1 February 2020

Changes afoot

Now you may all have heard about this, it must have been in the Depeche.
The Abbaye of Beaulieu is going to be made an important Museum in France.
Daniel Cadiac, not sure of the spelling of his surname even though he is a friend, was in the frip this morning. He is the leader of a team who for the last few years have organised expos at Beaulieu, absolutely splendid. All that is set to stop and for about a year the site will be closed as extensive works get underway.
It is envisaged to be a huge, well promoted museum expecting thousands of visitors to the area ( I mean thousands )
I felt sorry for Daniel but for others in the area of tourism ,this could be a great opportunity.
The villages close by Verfeil, Varen, Parisot, Caylus could all benefit.
Imagine the potential of easily filling your chambre d’hote and gite. Restaurants nearby must be rubbing their hands.
On that subject there is a restaurant for sale at Verfeil, the nearest village. Anyone with a bit of go could do well there.
These villages need to elect Maires who can see the potential of making their villages tourist villages, parking for motorhomes, villages fleuris, plenty of car parks.
Like it or not, tourist invasion in the summer is on its way.

Thursday, 30 January 2020

Time for the book swap again

The book swap will be  10.30 on Monday 3rd February at the Gazpacho at St. Antonin
Helen Graham

I remain European

No longer eligible to vote

British citizens resident in France,  unless they already have dial dual citizenship,  will not be eligible to vote- Je suis ressortissant britannique, "pourrai-je voter aux prochaines √©lections europ√©ennes et municipales ?
A compter du retrait effectif du Royaume-Uni hors de l'Union europ√©enne, les ressortissants britanniques r√©sidant en France ne pourront plus participer √† l'√©lection des repr√©sentants de la France au Parlement europ√©en ni, non plus, aux √©lections municipales. La condition de nationalit√© (√™tre ressortissant d’un Etat membre de l’Union europ√©enne) pr√©vue par l’article 2-1 de la loi du 7 juillet 1977 relative √† l’√©lection des repr√©sentants au Parlement europ√©en et l’article L.O. 227-1 pour les √©lections municipales ne sera en effet plus remplie et les ressortissants britanniques perdront donc leur droit de vote pour ces scrutins. 

Les ressortissants britanniques disposant également de la nationalité française ne sont de ce fait pas concernés par ce qui précède. Ils pourront voter aux élections européennes à condition d'être inscrits sur la liste électorale d'une commune en tant que citoyen français'

Cancer Support in our area

Dear CSF Members, Friends and Volunteers,

"HELLO" and welcome to our February "What's On" Newsletter.  

With New Year celebrations behind us we hope 2020 is going to be a busy year for CSF Tarn. 

February is normally a dismal and grey month but here in South West France we are enjoying some bright sunny days.  Of course, this month is the time for those Truffle Festivals/Markets, where we can watch ingenious displays of culinary 'know how' from the experts. Nice to look forward to!!

It is also the 20th World Cancer Day on the 4th February.
It highlights the need for access to quality care, cancer research funding and greater understanding, respect and dignity.
This health awareness day is led by the Union for International Cancer Control, a global consortium of more than 470 cancer fighting organisations in over 120 countries.  The day is the one singular initiative under which the entire world can unite together in the fight against cancer.  It takes place annually on the 4th February and targets the public through global communications and encourages policy makers and UICC member organisations to make cancer a political priority.  
Cancer Support France well understands the deep emotional effects.  This is why we ask you to give your support and time to help us promote awareness of our association. 
There are many ways to do this. 
You can:-
- spread the word and let all your friends know whenever we have a fund raising event.
- share this Newsletter with your friends.
- place one of our posters and brochures in as many pharmacies, dentists, hospitals, doctors and medical centres as possible. These are always supplies available from Denise Copley and Peter Waldekker, our CSF Co-ordinators, at our regular Coffee Mornings. 
- alert us to events/activitiesthroughout the year, involving English speakers, where we could promote CSF.

The next  Monthly Drop-In Coffee Morning Support Groups in Gaillac and Saint Antonin Noble Val will take place on the following dates:-

Cafe des Sports Brasserie, Gaillac.
(held every second Wednesday of the month).

Le Gazpacho Bar Brasserie, Saint Antonin Noble Val.
(held every third Wednesday of the month).  

Why not come along and join us?  We enjoy an informal setting and everyone is welcome.  Please ask your friends to come along  too!
A Trained Listener is always on hand.

Now available to download - January "TOUCHLINES" -  (the Cancer Support France Regular Quarterly Newsletter).  

CYCLE FOR LIFE 2020 - Wednesday 3rd June/Sunday 7th June

New route this year!   It will be following a dedicated cycle route, "La Flow Velo", through the Charente to Perigord, beginning in Rochefort at lunchtime on the 3rd Juneending lunchtime on the 7th in Thiviers.
If you are interested in taking part please contact Sasha on  She will ensure you are kept up to date and answer any queries.

In the meantime, A BIG THANKYOU for all your continued support.   It is always so very much appreciated!!

See you very soon!!

Warmest wishes.

Sheila Barcroft
for CSF Tarn, Tarn et Garonne Regions

"Our Mission" to support English speaking people living in France who are affected by Cancer.

Sunday, 19 January 2020

Three hours long but worth watching when you can

Une vie cachée, a hidden life , shown in version originale which was English
Won the Palme D’Or this year.
A true story presented by Terence Malick, the cinematography  was wonderful. A slow paced film with wonderful views of the Austrian alps.
Has a very sad ending but a film worth making the effort to see. Sadly tonight was the last night at the Querlys.

Friday, 17 January 2020

Vide Grenier at Verfeil sur Seye

The bar des sports now open in Varen

With a new owner Laure, the wife of the local plumber and electrician Jerome Rodriques the Bar Des Sports in Varen opened this week.
It starts serving food tonight and then next week
I will update on opening hours when I know exactly
The tel number for bookings is 0563021024

In Varen tomorrow morning

Jo Hickson is in Varen Sat. Morning, old mairie

Bit late but Happy New Year everyone! I’m at the Frip in Varen on Saturday morning 10-12 with some cakes and jams and marmalade. Plus a new batch of beeswax wraps!! 
Excellent to use as an alternative to cling film and reusable. Made with beeswax from our local honey farm at Puylaroque and 2€ is donated to Mains Tendues (Val’s charity) from every pack of 3 wraps sold! 

Mini apple crumble tarts
Apple crumble tarts 
Lemon meringue tarts 
Almond thins (biscuits)
Mini Victoria Sandwich cakes 
orange and cranberry Florentine’s 
Mini variety jam packs

Monday, 13 January 2020

A meeting for animal lovers in St.Antonin

A meeting open to all local animal lovers, of all ages.

  This project is supported by the association Oasis.

                           Together we can do more!

For everyone who already does a lot of positive action for animal welfare and for those who would like to do more. 

The aim is to share, inform, organise and inspire. And then to put into action whatever is possible. 

You may want to share what you, or your association already does and explain what extra help is needed.

You may want to share projects or ideas.

You may just want to be able to do more.

Place: The meeting is in the Salle Chorale next to the Post Office in Saint Antonin.

Date: Sunday the 19th of January, at 14h00 or again at 15h00 or 16h00. We’ll be there all afternoon. Come when you can or contact Rachel if you can’t come but would like to be informed about actions decided.   05 63 24 07 34

some possibilities would be supporting existing associations, helping/walking abandoned animals, transport share for demonstrations, vegan tasting for the public, interaction in schools, in our villages …. etc

Sunday, 12 January 2020

Festival des lanternes at Gaillac

Du 1er Décembre 2019 au 31 Janvier 2020.
Grand événement du Sud-Ouest, le Festival des Lanternes de Gaillac dans le Tarn a conquis plus de 370 000 visiteurs en 2018.
Pour cette 3eme édition dans un parc 100% renouvelé, venez vivre un majestueux voyage à la découvertes des 5 provinces chinoises : coutumes, traditions et coup de projecteur au patrimoine mondial.

Val saysyou have till the end of January to go

Friday, 10 January 2020

Thank you for your replies

Martin Pittaway thanks you for your replies. He now has adopted a young cat, so thank you.

Thursday, 9 January 2020

Cancer Support in France

Dear Cancer Support France Members, Friends and Volunteers!

"Meilleurs Voeux" pour cette nouvelle annee 2020!!   We hope everyone is looking forward to this New Year - it's going to be busy with lots of activities and we will keep you all informed along the way of dates for your diaries!!

We are happy to announce that the Christmas Fayre in Monesties Village raised 135 Euros from the sales of Christmas cards, mince pies, cakes and other CSF merchandise!  A big thankyou to everyone for your wonderful contributions.  It was very much appreciated.

We will be holding out regular Monthly Drop In Coffee Morning Support Groups in Gaillac and Saint Antonin Noble Val on the following dates:-

Wednesday 8th January, 10.00 - 11.30am
Drop-In Coffee Morning at Cafe des Sports Brasserie, Gaillac.

Drop-In Coffee Morning at Le Gazpacho Bar Brasserie, Saint Antonin Noble Val.

We really hope you will be able to join us on some of these dates - it's such a lovely opportunity to get together for a drink and a chat.  Come and meet some of our other volunteers.  Active listeners will be available.  

For anyone interested, the CSF Sud de France Annual General Meeting will be held on Wednesday 29th January 2020 from 09.45am at.-

It is being held at the same venue that has been used for the past few years and is very conveniently situated near the Carcassonne Ouest Autoroute Exit.

The speaker will be Dr Martin Christleib, from the Department of Oncology at Oxford University.  The subject of his talk will be on clinical trials of new treatments and how to measure their effectiveness.

Following the AGM everyone is invited to stay for lunch.  The cost of the lunch will be 20 Euros.  Please reserve in advance.  Details of the menu can be found on the website.  Your choices need to be made by Monday 20th January.

Car sharing can be arranged from Albi.

And to you dear Melissa,
CSF Tarn and Tarn et Garonne would like to express sincere condolences to you and your family on your sad loss.  Our thoughts are with you all at this difficult time.

With warmest wishesl.

Sheila Barcroft
for CSF Tarn, Tarn et Garonne Regions

"Our Mission" to support English speaking people living in France who are affected by Cancer.

Tuesday, 7 January 2020

Martin can rehome a cat

Hi Val.

can you help with an announcement please.

If anyone around the Gaillac area knows of or is wishing to home a kitten or a cat, we would be very interested to hear from them.

Our dog, Lucky (a rescue dog from Toulouse), made friends with a wild cat living in our rear garden.  Sadly the cat passed away on New Years Day and our little dog hasn’t been the same since.

He wanders around the garden looking for his friend: and of course without success. He’s sad and miserable even off his food.

So we are looking to home a unwanted cat or kitten.

I can be contacted by email.

Many thanks

Martin Pittaway.

Are you eligible to vote ?

Elections Municipales et R√©gionales 


As probably most of us have heard of, in 2020 we will have elections for both the local councils and the representatives in the regions (Communit√© de Communes) on the 15th and 20th of March.

If you want to participate and want to vote, you have to be sure that you are on the election list of your town.

The rules: First of all you have to be 18 years of age or more. You must be French or a member of the European Union (UK at this moment included, but depending on Brexit results) living in France. You must have voting rights. And you must be on the list for the local elections in the town where you live. 

Once you are on the list you also may vote for the European Elections (you have to indicate that you want to vote for this also), but you may only vote in one country.

To get on the election list you have to subscribe. But for EU members there are additional rules. You can subscribe in:

  • The town where your house is
  • The town where you live for at least 6 months
  • The town where you pay local taxes (taxe fonci√®re, taxe d’habitation, cotisation d’entreprise) for at least 2 years
  • The town where you have a company as a (co-)owner for at least 2 years and pay local taxes for

When you subscribe you must indicate if you only subscribe for the local elections, only for the European elections, or both.

The subscription can be done on the website of the Service Public via the link

You have to send in a copy of your Passport or ID or Titre de S√©jours. Plus, a justificatif de domicile, not older than 3 months. 

You can do everything online, but you also can go to the Mairie of your town to subscribe. On the website you also can find the forms to fill in when you want to do everything per mail.


The subscription needs to be done before the 7th of February 2020. Did you subscribe before? Then it is good to check at the Mairie if you are still on the list. Because of the changes in the recent past some people are not on the list anymore.


It is good to participate in the local elections and to let hear your opinion. It is good to be represented.


Hans Buijserd

Friday, 3 January 2020

Book swap at St. Antonin

The next book swap will be on Monday 6 th January  at 10.30
The Gazpacho. St. Antonin

Thursday, 2 January 2020

A new start doing what she does so well

New Year – new Start

After having worked for 20 years with Agence L’Union in Saint Antonin I had to reorientate myself after the office closed last year. Since I enjoy working in the property market, meeting people and making the process of buying and selling houses as smooth as possible for them, I will be continuing with this line of work, using my good knowledge of the local market to help my future clients. 

will be working as an independent agent with Lafor√™t in Caussade. Lafor√™t has 700 offices in France and I will have a strong and well established company with a large base of potential buyers behind me. Our motto is Clarity – Conviviality – Efficiency meaning that it is important for vendors and buyers to have all necessary information to make clear decisions, that we are serious in our approach to work without taking ourselves too seriously and that customer satisfaction is very important to us.

I am based in Saint Antonin and will be covering the area of approximately25km around it. So if you have a property for sale or know of someone who might not be getting the service or viewings they need, please contact me for any help or advice.

Angelika Schmenkel
(Fluent in French, English, German)
06 30 40 98 58 or

Val says , many of us over the years have got to know Angelica, many of us bought a house from her whilst she was with Agence L’Union. I am sure we all wish her well, I certainly do.

Good luck Angelica