Sunday, 29 April 2012

Plant swap at Mas del Sol

 It was not raining... but the wind picked up and up as the afternoon went on
 with rafales ( gusts) of 65kms per hour forecast I was glad that we and the
plants were undercover.
 Firstly many thanks to Terry Tippett from Parisot who came with the most
wonderful selection of plants for sale. This was alongside our plant
 exchange ( just in case we did not have enough plants ) There were no
worries about that as the choice was amazing. Gill Catterall receives ' Le
 Prix d' honneur'  for her labelling and descriptions of the plants  she brought and also bringing books to identify plants we did not know. I think second in labelling  class was Jean du Jardin ( yes, he was there, not the film star but Jean Donies from The Jardins de Quercy) I was happy to make the acquaintance of two Dutch Taglines readers Janet Emmelkamp a singing teacher 'Professeur de Chant' and Riet Okken who as well as practising the 'Tomatis ' therapy is a psychological astrologer. I am sure we will hear more of these two interesting  ladies.
 At the last minute we had a visit from a local French farmers wife who was delighted to load up her car with plants , all for free. I am pleased after my apprehension that we
 all decided  Tagline readers and the Fifi gardening group that it was a great success and must be kept in the calendar for next year .
There are a few ground cover plants left over which we will donate to 'The Jardin de Paradis' who are asking for these plants.

Saturday, 28 April 2012

Parc de la Lere, Monteils

Be careful parking your car and going for a walk in this Parc de la Lere, Monteils, Caussaude. It is a locally known area for crime, petty theft etc. We have been informed of a couple who had their car  window smashed and bag taken , all in a few minutes. They tell us the first thing to do in that situation is  call the bank to cancel your credit cards, then the Gendarmes

Friday, 27 April 2012

Language teacher needs house rental

My girlfriend and I are looking for a house to rent from the end of May, for 3 months, until the end of August. We are looking for a house or flat with a minimum of 2 bedrooms, and a garden, within no more than 30 minutes drive from Cahors. If anyone knows of a property that could correspond to these criteria, we would be very grateful if you could get in touch with Colin

Thursday, 26 April 2012

Plants or books ?

Plant exchange Saturday 28th 2 till 5pm at Mas del Sol, directions in earlier post.Undercover facility if it is raining.
Book exchange Monday 30th  gathering as usual at 10.30am at the Gazpacho in St. Antonin Noble Val
Why not do both ?

A gleam of hope from Phoenix

Trying every thing I can think of to find a home for these animals. I have sent emails to 'Liberte des Anes' and 'Phoenix Dog and Horse Rescue' in the Dordogne. . 
We got our elderly black labrador from Phoenix  about 20 months ago. They work very hard to rehome animals here in France.
Reply from Phoenix
I'll forward your email to Letje Visser our equine rescue coordinator. She may be able to help - I hope so. It's always so difficult to know what to do with animals left when people die, or go into hospital! Ho hum...

Dying man needs someone to take his animals.

Bonjour tout le monde !!
  Ce petit mot car j'ai une amie qui fait partie d'une association qui suit les personnes en fin de vie. Il se trouve qu'elle suit depuis deux ans un monsieur qui, hélas, en est au stade final.
 Ce monsieur se fait beaucoup de soucis car il a un cheval hongre de 25 ans et un ane entier de 8 ans et voudrait les donner à quelqu'un qui en prendra soin.
 Si l'un de vous est intéressé ou si vous connaissez quelqu'un susceptible de l'être, merci de me prévenir. Ce sera un réel soulagement pour cet homme.

Merci aussi, si vous voulez bien, de faire circuler ce message parmi les amoureux du cheval que vous connaissez

 Mes amitiés à tous

For those who need a quick translation Martine has a friend who works for an association looking after sick and dying people. She is working with an old man who is dying and needs to place his old horse age 25 years and a younger male donkey 8 years still with his dangly bits in a new home. It would be a relief for the old man not to have to worry about them. I have passed this mail on to,'liberte des anes' but I know they are overflowing  with rescue donkeys at the moment.

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Johnny Halliday and the Fisc

The Fisc are demanding 9 million euros from ageing pop / rock singer Johnny Halliday. Makes our tax bills look piddling!

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Hire or house sit ?

Dutch couple want to hire a house in the South of France for 3-5 month 

There is the prospect of housekeeping, property watch.

We are looking for a little country house, preferably outside a village,

quiet and secluded surroundings. Luxury is not a requirement but two

bedrooms, a kitchen and a terrasse with small garden are preferred.

We love the countryside and views of the landscape.

Reactions or tips: Mail

Alert on tick and flea collars

Check out your dogs flea collar as there are warnings that some contain poisons that can affect children.We use Scalibor which having checked it is not on the danger  list and we use to protect against  ticks and the dreaded leishmaniasis. We also use Advocate monthly  which is for fleas .I enquired about leishmaniasis in a previous post  and Helen Graham informs me that the vaccine is very expensive and as yet unproven.  She also warns about using Advantix with Scalibor apparently a dangerous combination. Helen  who replied to the Tick collar post has bred dogs for 40 years and has a world famous kennel so her information can be relied on. The fact that she does not look old enough means she must have started dog breeding at a very tender age.

Sunday, 22 April 2012

Exit polls estimations

Sarkozy 25.7% , Hollande 28.4%, Le Pen 20%, Melenchon 11.5%, Bayrou 9%
High turn out of 80%

Saturday, 21 April 2012

Boule / Petanque group at their summer venue

The Boule / petanque group have now moved to the excellent boule pitch at Verfeil sur Seye. Every Friday afternoon promptly starting at 2.30pm, the boulists of all nationalities play till around 4 or 4.30pm. Beginners always welcomed and encouraged, no charge and a relaxed afternoon is promised. If you have not got your own boule there are usually members with spare sets till you decide if it is for you. For more info. if needed contact
Malcolm Johnstone on tel. 0563 64 06 73 or just arrive in time on the afternoon.

End of campaigning, with election Sunday

Overseas voters vote today and tomorrow here in France the election begins. Results will start coming in tomorrow evening around 8 pm. There is a ban now on mentioning polls ( sonndages ) as everyone waits to hear who are the top two who will go forward in the second poll on May 6th.

Friday, 20 April 2012

Patchwork cushion covers

Beautiful handmade patchwork cushion covers, made to order using different original designs and colours. Small (40cms square) or larger as required. 20 euros each per small cover or 35 euros for 2. 30 euros each for larger covers.
Contact: Alison Croft. Email: Or phone: 05 63 31 25 32

Listening to Mozart sounds like a good idea

Tomatis-method in your region!
Recently I have become a practitioner in the Tomatis- listen-method. By listening 2 hours a day 2x 14 days to Mozart music, which is specially filtered, your brain gets dynamised and stimulated. 
Your ear is not used only for hearing. It also stimulates your brain and establishes your balance. So it can be of tremendous help to balance-problems (Illness of Meniere), to energy loss, stress and emotional problems and forgetfulness. Also for improving your voice. (you can only reproduce what you can hear)
See more on If you are interested, call me. Riet Okken, Caylus. and tel: 0563648084.

Thursday, 19 April 2012

Drama group

Ready to try something new? Do you admire Judy Dench, Helen Mirren and Meryl Streep? We might not aspire to their dizzy heights of acting, but why not have fun trying!

The aim of this new group, led by Bob Westwood, ex drama teacher/lecturer/ producer of 30 years, is to open up opportunities for everyone to have fun, gain confidence and make new friends. In a supportive, non-threatening environment, suitable for all abilities, you will be encouraged to take part in improvisations, play readings and small scale group performances (for those who wish to).

The cost is 8€ per week for a 10 week course, with each session lasting approximately 75 minutes. Discover your hidden talents (or at least have fun trying!)


Fifi, Friends in France International

Friends in France International (FiFi) is a group of like-minded women of all ages and backgrounds. Our activities are centred around St Antonin Noble Val, Parisot, Septfonds, Puylaroque and Limogne — but we welcome anyone who lives within easy reach. Our proceedings are carried out in English, but we extend a very warm welcome to ladies of every nationality.

Membership is €15 a year. For more information, go to or email

House Moving sale/Note change of plan

 Claire de Soissons is holding a  pre house move 'Vide Maison, Brocante' at Vieuresque, two minutes from Campagnac, on Saturday 28th April, 11.00am to 6.00pm. Lots of interesting household items and books for sale. Come and browse. Contact Claire on 0563 33 28 63 for more information'
 ' Change of plan! Claire's pre house move Vide Maison/ Brocante at Vieuresque, two minutes from Campagnac, has been re-scheduled to Sunday, 6th May, 11.00am to 6.00pm. Contact Claire on 0563 33 28 63 or for more information.'


SATELLITE DISH  -  grey, oval, 65-70cm diameter, in good condition, complete with all fittings and universal LNB head.  Suitable for permanent installation, or for use with camper van (dish and arm hinge together for easy stowage).  €20.

WALL MOUNTING KIT  -  for the above dish, good condition, in rust-proof steel, easy to install.  Lacks one clamp (easily replaced for €5 at Brico Depot ref. 890268).  €12.    

SATELLITE SIGNAL SWITCH  -  top brand, new in March and barely used, fully weatherproof, allows a single cable to feed the output of two dishes down to a FTA set-top satellite receiver, enabling French/English/Dutch TV.  €15.  

ALL OF THE ABOVE  -  €40.  

ALTERNATIVE UNIVERSAL LNB HEADS  -  for the above dish, 2 outputs or 4 outputs, to feed extra set-top satellite receivers for viewing different channels in other rooms.  €10 and €15 respectively. 

All can be viewed now in Caylus or St Antonin, or elsewhere by arrangement.  Contact - or call 05 63 31 70 84.  

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Computer Support from James

Remember James Sweeting if you need a new website creating, broadband or satellite installation or computer support. If you have any problems in these areas James is 'THE MAN'
Tel. 062146743 or email
For more information contact James

Life after France

I have been thinking of late of all the lovely people who have gone back to England whilst we have been here and wondering how they have fared and if they feel they made the right decision for them going back. I know some read Tag and so I am asking them to jot a few lines to tell their friends here how life is for them now. How about Musician Geoff and cake decorating wife Jean Lipscombe. Di Coleman now living in Maidstone, Kent having taken her 4 feral but made in to house cats back with her. Neville and Belinda and Pat Williams the bridge player. What happened to Nigel and Penny who moved on to the South coast and then sold and went back to England?
Send a few words to Tag on your resettlement and the invitation goes to any others I may not have mentioned.
Email me Val Johnstone on

Mohammad Mussalam at Najac

Contemporary art exhibition featuring the work of Palestinian artist Mohammad Mussalam whose abstract paintings are influenced by his politically charged upbringing.
At Maison de la Fontaine, rue de Bourget, Najac (12) tel. 0565297998 On now till 3rd of May.

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Champion Shepherd of Sommard

Where can you get a bottle of Tecou red, a slab of sheep's cheese, a bunch of garlic, a t shirt and 30 kilos of dog food all for 5 euros?
 Have you ever wondered what happened to that talented pair of musicians Charles and Anna? Why haven't we heard them play for such a long time?
 Well, they've been tucked away in their Sommard abode quietly training two border collies to herd sheep, geese, ducks, in fact anything that can be herded. Sad people that they are, they even bought the “One man and his dog” videos to watch and learn.
 On Sunday the 15th April, they took their dog Fecho, the two year old, to St Izaire in the Aveyron to compete in the sheepdog trial there. Entry fee 5 €. Charles and Fecho romped away with 1st prize in the debutante class, a silver (coloured) trophy from the Conseil General de l'Aveyron and all the goodies mentioned above.
 Sheepdog trialling is a great sport, the dogs are amazing, obedient, patient and they don't get cross when their handlers get it all wrong.

Go and see a trial, there is one nearly every weekend somewhere in France. You'll see about 30 dogs working over a weekend. Watch the champions of France and those competing for a place in the current year's championship team.
 It's a great day out.

' Bringing them in ' Sent by Charles Ketteringham

We have not seen Charles and Anna for some time and now we know why. For all his joking, Charles and Anna are very talented musicians and are missed for their jovial spirits and their music. But now we also know someone with a well trained dog. [ not many of those about ]
Well done to you both. 

Occitan ball / Bal Trad at Milhars

Saturday 21st of April at 19.00 hrs at the Salles des Fetes at Milhars, come and join the fun Occitan dancing.
At 15 to 16.00 hrs. a stage, a quick course for 5 euros, no reservation needed.
More info on 0980504269

Fosse douche ou dans la merde!

Martine Ravily estate agent with AG3 informs me that a fosse septique needs emptying every 10 years at least with 2 people living in the house, and 5 years with 4 people. Hence we got a firm from Villefranche 'Dechets Services 12' to come and empty our fosse, cost  was 400 euros, but as well as the call out charge you pay by the tonnage. Our fosse had probably not been emptied for 20 years and is a 4,000 litre tank. We did also get a blocked drain sorted in that price ( yes, the drain we dug half of the courtyard up to never find!) Are you wondering where the douche comes in?
The poor vidangeur was fixing the pipe when it exploded showering him with unmentionable liquid. It did not end there, as when he unblocked the drain from the pigeonier foul liquid came shooting up to the ceiling out of our house toilet. Why I am spending time writing about it when we have guests arriving for a luncheon party and the house stinks like a cesspit I will never know.
Message from John
Just read about your ' shitty experience'. Hope you can look back and laugh - it certainly made me giggle. Ah the delights of main drainage.

New Labels section in Tag

To try and help people find tel. numbers /emails and information from an earlier post I have added labels.( thanks to James And Malcolm ) On the right column above the followers find the heading labels and in the next few days I will sort out and add posts into relevant headings.

Monday, 16 April 2012

Book Event in English

Tracy Warr author of Almodis: The Peaceweaver will be giving a talk and signing books at The Mediatheque at Laguepie Thursday 26th of April between 8 and 9pm. The book is available for 5 euros at this event. Tracey, writer and art history lecturer passes her time between Laguepie and Oxford. For further info. contact

Plant exchange at Mas del Sol 28th

For those who wish to come but have no plants to exchange and wondered if they would be able to buy, fear not as Terry Tippett is coming from Parisot with plants for sale. So as well as the plants to take away free there will be some to buy.

Two Plant Fairs, Sunday 29th

Laguepie and St. Antonin are both hosting plant fairs on Sunday 29th of April. French friends tell us that after that date we can put out our geraniums- not before as there is always a risk of frost.

Six days to the first round, 22 April

Nicholas Sarkozy and Francois Hollande held huge rival rallies in Paris yesterday. Looking at many sondages (polls) the two front runners seem to be neck and neck. Many place Hollande slightly ahead but Sarkozy knows there is a silent group who come out on the day whilst socialist voters are harder to mobilise. The second round is the 6th of May.

Friday, 13 April 2012

Assemblee citoyenne sur les droits des femmes

Left wing groups who will be supporting Jean Luc Melenchon will be at the Guinguette tomorrow without the actual presence of ' the man ' JLM will be attracting huge crowds on the beaches in Marseille. Apologies for the misinformation but there are a number of people who saw the leaflet and thought he was coming,did think it seemed rather odd.
Just read today ( Sunday) in the Depeche that 50,000 people were supporting Jean Luc Melenchon on the beaches at Marseille. We can console ourselves that the Guinguette could never have coped with that amount of bodies !!

Cavemen knew best

About 17000 years ago our remote ancestors decided to re-decorate their cave at Lascaux in the Dordogne. The paintings are among the oldest in the world and lasted unchanged until 1940 when they were rediscovered by some children and their dog.
Opening the cave to the world led to their degradation and a white fungus threatened to destroy the paintings. Treatment with a fungicide seemed to halt this, and as a measure to protect the caves further a complete replica was constructed on the same site.
Now it seems the original paintings are threatened by a black fungus evidently as a result of using the fungicide...
Presumably the replica wont last 17000 years - the cavemen knew what they were doing- but it is well worth a visit and only a few hours distant.

Espinas ,a village in the 21st Century

Tonight Friday 13 th 20.30 hrs in the Salle des Thermes at St. Antonin,a film about Espinas ,a village in the 21st Century filmed by Cecile Iordanoff.

Thursday, 12 April 2012

Pool-side loungers for sale / SOLD

Two sturdy pool -side loungers for sale, 30 euros the pair. contact Wally Mears at

TAG works, another car sold.

Another car sold on Taglines. I have got my heart set on selling that huge crane. Could it be a 'boys toy'?

Looking for accommodation

I am looking for accommodation with one or two bedrooms and a little outdoor space or small garden to rent for six months to a year, while I house hunt in the area. I have just sold my house in Campagnac where I have lived for ten years, so have to move out by the middle of May. I have my own furniture, but would consider furnished accommodation.
I am a print artist, so ideally would prefer space in which to be able to work. I am prepared to work as a concierge/house sitter to offset my living costs and am also an experienced gite owner and accomplished cook. I am English, but have lived in Belgium and France for over 30 years, so I am fluent in French and have in depth knowledge of the region.
I have two cats of my own who will re-locate with me, but I am happy to look after other animals when necessary. My ideal location would be within 30 minutes of Gaillac, but I am open to offers. My budget is up to 450 euros per month.
Please contact Claire on 0563 33 28 63 or if you can help.

Last French Resistance Leader dies

Raymond Aubrac the last French resistance leader has died at 94. With his wife Lucie they formed a group called ' Liberation Sud' in 1940. Raymond was caught by the Gestapo but was rescued by his wife in a daring raid where 14 other resistance fighters were also rescued. This raid became so famous it became the topic and theme of 2 films ' Lucie Aubrac' and ' Boulevard des Hirondelles'. His wfe Lucie died in 2007. Tonight on France 2 at 11 pm there is a documentary about the couples life.

France goes to Sunderland, Sunderland comes to France.

A French automotive supplier has chosen Washington in Sunderland to make a new base for manufacturing parts for Nissan creating 130 jobs. New Tag readers Lorraine and Neville Dowson are making a home near St. Antonin after a life time in, you guessed the link, Washington Sunderland. Good Luck and wishes for a happy life here to them both.

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Meeting Amazon fund tonight

Meeting for the'Amazon Fund' tonight at 20hrs. at the Mediatheque, St. Antonin.
If you need more info contact James.

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Books and cards for sale

Saturday and Sunday 21st and 22nd. of April at Parisot 10 till 12 and 14.-18.00 hrs there will be a sale of fire damaged stock of cards and books ,some in English. Elsa Barrie's shop was set on fire and this is her remaining undamaged stock. The sale is being held in the garages under the apartments facing the Church at Parisot

Book Swap at the Gazpacho ,St. Antonin

It was generally agreed that Monday morning was for most the best time for the swap and also that every 2 months was about right. So with all this in mind the next swap will be Monday 30th of April starting at 10.30 am and once again at the Gazpacho.For those who have never been the idea is to take books you do not mind not seeing again and picking up others you fancy reading. There are a few provisos, please do not bring your tatty old rubbish and make sure the books you take come back within the 2 month period to be passed on to some one else. If you are taking a really good  read or something that you enjoyed  let me have a book review for Tag.  The Camillieri novels about a Sicilian detective seem to be very popular at the moment and are being circulated albeit at a slow rate. I will publish another reminder nearer the date.

Plant Swap at Mas Del Sol , Varen

Come with plants you can give away and and take away other varities of plants and vegetables you would like , all free of charge. This is the first plant exchange of this type so please come along and make it a successful afternoon, Saturday 28th of April 2 - 5 pm. tel Val on 05 63 64 06 73 if more info. needed or email
To find Mas del Sol, Varen 82330 If you are coming from Verfeil take D20 to Varen. Take the last road to the left direction St. Martiel. Pass over a little bridge then first right to Mas del Sol. climb 2 Kms and see La Bergerie on the left at Mas del Sol.
From Varen take the D20 Verfeil, then first right , then as above.

Fete des Responchons at Cordes sur Ciel

They even have a Fete to celebrate them!
Sunday 18th of April In The Halle at Cordes Sur Ciel. It is a special place to eat, so go and try them with all their various sauces prepared by the locals. Reservations not needed.

Monday, 9 April 2012

Jean Luc Melenchon At The Guinguette Saturday

Hey! you know the one who is not keen on us Anglo Saxons along with our stinking money, well he is coming to St. Antonin,Saturday to talk about ' Women's rights and equality' and will be at the Guinguette at 18.00 hrs. Do I want to go and hear his left of left wing rhetoric ... not sure but probably not. The thought has just struck me, how odd from the thousands of followers in the Place Capitole in Toulouse to a summer bar in St. Antonin. Could a larger meeting place not be arranged by his local militants?

Sunday, 8 April 2012

Sounds like a Trivial Pursuit Question

Seeing both Sarkozy and Le Pen campaigning in La Reunion on the news, it made me wonder how many other French voting departments there were around the world.
As of March 11th 2011 the overseas departments ( departement d' outre- mer or DOM ) are:
French Guiana in S.America
Guadeloupe in N. America ( the Caribbean )
Martinque in N. America ( the Caribbean )
Reunion in Africa (Indian Ocean)
Mayotte in Africa ( Indian Ocean)
They all have the same political status as other metropolitan departments.
Now all you need is a question covering departments in Trivial Pursuit.

Saturday, 7 April 2012

Ceramic pots and sculpture market.

The 28th and 29th of April there will be a ceramic pot market at Giroussens in the Tarn( near Lavour and St.Sulpice) There will be 70 potters exhibiting their work in this European market.
We have some friends who have been to this previous years and say it is great, with all the streets lined with pots and urns of different shapes and sizes.

The English Bookshop in St. Antonin open again

The English book shop is open again in St Antonin after the winter ! 
See website for details of opening hours

Jean Luc Melenchon:The Third Man

Jean Luc Melenchon has a message for ' Les Anglo- Saxons' and their 'stinking 'money'.
(Probably us retraites do not need to worry about this as along with disappearing health, we certainly have less stinking money.)
'Yes we are very dangerous, there are thousands of red flags at the Bastille again' he booms out at rallies.'Yes we can speak fluently the language of our occupiers - the occupiers of our minds'.
Mr Melenchon detests all forms of xenophobia, except it seems Anti Anglo Saxon xenophobia. His speeches and pamphlets are studded with unpleasant remarks about the US and Britain.
Taken from an article in the Independant written by John Lichfield

Friday, 6 April 2012

Forage for Wild Garlic

Whilst looking for your wild asparagus don't forget to look for wild garlic.
I don't know if its really wild garlic or not, but it tastes like a strong spring onion & is absolutely delicious. Its great in green salads or just cleaned & dipped in coarse salt.
You look for the tops which look exactly like spring onion tops except that they grow closer to the ground & spread out a bit. You need a small trowel or digging implement to dig them up as they are deep rooted. Make sure you get down below the bulb.
Just wash & peel the outer layer just as you would a Spring onion. Then enjoy.
Much nicer than the dreaded wild asparagus. I think you have to be a native to enjoy that stuff!
Sent by David Hatfiled who lives at Verfeil and writes a food blog

Thursday, 5 April 2012

Good news for Sarkozy

Positive indicators that business morale is rising. The spectre of recession retreating, all positive news for the Sarkozy campaign. The economy grew 0.2% in the last three months of 2011.
Sarkozy is using these figures in a push to show his austerity measures are working. I struggled to find more positive news for his campaign. At the moment Segolene Royal coming out and supporting wholeheartedly her former partner of her four children seems to be .'the news'.

Wild Asparagus time

Gathering \ ramassing in the hedgerows, our knowing French neighbours are all out collecting 'responchons' a wild asparagus which is eaten to purify the system after the stodgy winter food. Our neighbours also say they are a delicacy, much sought after in the high class restaurants of Paris. Well I have never had any that were not bitter and pretty horrible but I am told that is because we have overcooked them. We have actually had them in restaurants and chez someone or other and they were just the same, so I am not convinced. On the other hand our two girls with long ears adore them and have eaten nearly all the hedge in their search of these tantalising morsels. If you are going to try them only pick about 6 inches of the tops and do not pick when they start to flower. Boil gently for only a few minutes and et voila!
They also have medicinal properties and can be used for rubbing on aches and pains, probably better than eating them.

That is interesting!

On the Depeche website for our area there is an on line reader survey for the first round of the Presidential elections. Click the candidate of your choice ( presuming we had a vote!) and the results so far pop up. After a few minutes 6186 people had voted giving Francois Hollande 28%, Nichola Sarkozy 18%, Jean Luc Melenchon 16% and Marine Le Pen 20%. I might out of interest look at other areas and also check later in the day to see how it changes.
Now 5.30pm and 8023 people have made their choices, FH is still 28%, NS is still18%, JLM is 17% gone up a percent and MLP still  20%
These surveys are a bit hit and miss as how many people will respond using different computers, but still quite interesting.

Bruniquel, Textile Fair

A textile fair and festival at Bruniquel Easter week end Sat and Sun 7th and 8th. Exhibiting will be textile designers, weavers, knitters and dyers. Diverse materials produced from animals,mohair,silk,linen,alpaca and wool. Open 10.30 to 18.30 free entry.
Tel the Tourist Office for more info. 0563672984

Art Exhibition, Mairie St.Antonin

Exhibition of figurative and abstract paintings, bronzes and sculptures from 6th to 9th of April at the Mairie St. Antonin.
Vernissage Friday Friday 10to 18.00 hrs.
Sat and Sun open 10 to 19.00 hrs
Mon. 10 to18.30hrs

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Easter is Happening in Caussade

A Grande Fetes de Paques has been arranged at Caussade. Starting Friday evening 6th with a Country Music Concert, being held in l'espace Bonnais starting at 20.30hrs. with a 5 euros entry fee.
Sat.7th at 22.00hrs an 'Orchestra Mad Variete Rock' Free entry
Sunday there is a brocante and in the evening another Orchestra called 'Tropica.'
Free entry and also a chance to see the election of 'Miss Chapeau' for the Tarn and Garonne area.
Not finished yet Mon.9th in the centre of Town a Foire de Paques, music once again in the evening with free entry again.
For more information on this fun packed holiday week end contact The Office de Tourisme tel.
0563 26 04 04

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Le Musee Toulouse -Lautrec reopens at Albi

Le Musee Toulouse-Lautrec at Albi has reopened after 11 years of work and being closed for the last 3 months of the finishing touches. Now over 3 floors and with more works on show the visitors so far are giving it the thumbs up. Details of opening times are available from the Office of Tourism, Place de Saint Cecile, Albi         tel. 05 63 36 36 60

Festival de la Pierre / tres sympa

Je vous suggere d' annoncer sur TAG ce petit festival tres sympathique sur la route de Cordes a Monesties
voir details programme ;
Looks interesting on 30th April
Ecole St Joseph, Varen, Tarn et Garonne

If you live in or near Varen, you will have seen the old white school building on the main road with its blue shutters, and may have even heard the school children playing in the wisteria covered courtyard. But few of you know how hard the community did and still is fighting to keep this school open.

Ecole St. Joseph  is an école privée. What does that mean you might ask? Well 20% of French children go to these types of schools rather than the public schools, a higher percentage than in the UK or America. Essentially 90% of private schools in France are catholic schools. They have to follow the national curriculum (hence the state pays the teachers salaries) but can select their own teachers. Private schools are accessible to pupils from all sectors of society and charge usually a symbolic or low fee to help towards the running costs of the school.  ( At present it has just under 60 children from 2 years old to 11 years old and three teachers. 

How can you help?

  • There is the French version of ‘gift aid’, the form can be got from the school or emailed to you through the address below.
  • Support for the local fundraisers where all the money goes directly to the school
  • Promoting the school and highlighting it’s existence to new families of the area and far beyond

The next event for the school is a typically French “Repas Poule Farcie”
It is on the 28th April 2012 at 8 pm at the Varen Salles de Fetes

Bouillon de la poule
Poule, farce, legumes et riz
Tarte aux pommes

Tarif 16 euros/ adult
All are welcome

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The Bolivian Amazon, the project to protect the tropical rain forest

The association AmazonFund -France and the mediatech of Saint Antonin Noble Val invite you to the presentation:"The Bolivian Amazon, the project to protect the tropical rain forest" by Erik Jongejan, biologist, and president of the AmazonFund France on Wednesday 11th April at 8pm at the Mediatech (St Antonin)

The Bolivian Amazon in the Nature Reserves of the departments of Madidi and de Pilon Lajas, near the Peruvian frontier (one hours flight south east from La Paz the capital).

Why is it our responsibility to Conserve the Amazon in South America? What are the stakes for the climate for the conservation of the biggest forest on the earth? The rain forests and pampas (Amazonian savannas) are threatened. During the last twenty years an area equivalent to France has been destroyed. And it isn’t going to stop. The destruction of the natural places in the 21st century will be all the bigger.

The presentation will be accompanied by a slide show.
The mediatech will put in display documents on the Amazon its riches and its threats.
The presenter:
Erik Jongejean has worked in South America in the Caribbean since 2002 and has on many occasions visited Bolivia, Peru, Surinam, Equator, French Guyana, Brazil, Argentina, Venezuela, and Columbia as a biologist and a tourist, with students and professors.

The association:
Amazon Fund-France is an independent association. It is concerned with the future of the Amazon. Amazon Fund France's objectives are education and raising environmental consciousness by its projects.

Join the association
We are looking for volunteers and donations to fulfil our projects. 
Information: Erik Jongejan, Chemin St Bernard, 82140 St Antonin Noble Val; 
Phone 05 63318973, mobile 06 28620369
Donations: Treasurer Nicole Chavassieux: phone
Bank:  Crédit Agricole St Antonin NV - Account number: CA 22501508037
Joining: Single membership is 30 € per year. You will receive a periodic bulletin.

Go further
The association is organising a trip to the indian country in the Bolivian Amazon, from the 6th to the 23rd of September 2012 (departing from Toulouse).
Destination: The region of Rurrenabaque, next to the  Rio Tuici and the indian villages of Balla and halalan.
Over the two weeks you will experience spring in 4 different exotic ecosystems. You will be able to see thousands of species of flowers, trees, birds like Hoatzins, Toucans, and Aras, reptiles, frogs, butterflies caimans dolphins anacondas monkeys lizards and more… 


 Elza, moins de deux ans, disparue le 30 mars près de  Cazals.
 Contactez moi, Rachel Shamash
05 63 24 07 34

Interesting to all: the Fifi newsletter

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