Sunday, 19 March 2017

Supporting families

hello Val and Malcolm,

we react with sympathy to the story about the Indian family that Bo is supporting. Long-term actions are the most difficult to sustain , you of all people know what I mean! I wish to let your readers know - if they don't already know this.. I guess they do) that charities propose that sort of action regardless of your being or not familiar with a country. For example the French charity "Un Enfant par la Main" allows you to support a family with a small monthly donation through the fact that a child of this family gets sanitary help, education and social welfare until he/she is of age. We've been doing this for ... well, a long long time, even though we never got the chance to go to these faraway places ( Colombia, Ecuador, Brazil...). Just type " un enfant par la main" on GOOGLE and... there it is, easy to do!
René et Nadette
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