Monday, 6 March 2017

"Evening of little pen knives"

No "night of the long knives" in Francois Fillon's meeting in Paris last night. The candidate reiterated his determination to stand in the presidential elections in just 50 days time. But he is being deserted by many supporters and is supported by only 17% of intentions to vote in the first round, far behind Le Pen and Macron. Death by a thousand cuts, even if from penknives, seems to be his fate.
Talking over the weekend to a local young professional we were told that the voters are being "manipulated" by the media into supporting Macron, who is thought to be too close to big business (despite being economics minister under Hollande). Our interlocutor is a Fillon supporter, a traditional LR voter, who liked his honesty - not withstanding Penelopegate "everyone does it". For the first time this voter is considering a blank vote.

Val says My hope is with Macron
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