Friday, 17 March 2017

Price of glasses going up

The French equivalent of Which? - UFC-Que Choisir - reports that the price of glasses from opticians is rising sharply. Average price for a pair of simple lenses and frames is now 310€, though it varies from region to region. Given that a prescription from an ophthalmologist is usually needed (at a cost of around 60€) it is not surprising that the report says there is a reduction in people actually buying spectacles.
The level of reimbursement by the Secu is low but some mutuels are making generous payments which are pushing up prices to the disadvantage of the 60% of people without a mutual.
Several presidential candidates have pledged to make opticians' costs fully reimbursable - though presumably only on a basic range of frames.
Unsurprising then that many British expats time their visits to the UK to fit in a visit to Specsavers (other brands are available).
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Hi Val:
 For a few years, I had bought new glasses at Vision EXpress when I would visit England, however, I was pleasantly surprised to find low cost glasses at General OPtique, in the Leclerc in Lescure...the frames were only 29 euros...and they are very attractive tortoise fact, I preferred those to many of the very expensive ones....and because I have 100% coverage (low income plus over 60), they cost me nothing.  There are also great online companies that are very inexpensive, if you have a prescription...
Val says: other people have mentioned the opticians at Leclerc, Gaillac as well as Albi.