Tuesday, 22 August 2017

Friday in Parisot

Mimade Couturier has asked you to support the association founded by her daughter, Maika, called Trois sacs autour du monde, in support of research into haemophilia and multiple sclerosis.
At the bar "La Maison" in Parisot  there will be music, information and, if you are up for it by 22h, zumba.
There will also be a presentation on CFM tomorrow (Wednesday) at about 12h30.
A chance to help a local girl in a good cause.
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La pyrale du buis

There has been plenty of correspondence abut the "box caterpillar", known as la pyrale du buis in French. The moth has infected box bushes and trees in over 50 departments and has devastated many local gardens.
One expert has reported that thousands of the moths are currently to be seen, though they represent no danger at this stage in their life cycle - apart presumably from laying eggs for the next generation of caterpillars. Their life cycle is only 50 days, of which only one week is as a moth, but 5 weeks as a ferocious caterpillar attacking their favourite food. There seem to be few solutions: dig up the plants; spray the bushes with insecticide or examine every plant every day and pick of the offending beasts.
Apparently wasps will attack the caterpillars and birds and bats take the moths.
This lady in Castelnau Monratier (Lot) has tried them all and has a locust like plague to worry about and as each female can travel hundreds of metres per day and lay 500 - 800 eggs there should be plenty over the next few weeks until winter sets in.
Moths everywhere in the Lot. Photo France 3 TV

Glass coffee table with style

Wonderfully different, designers dream
Can we talk around the 100 to even more mark?

Weights and scales

All intact, apparently made in Reading.
Great talking point and display item as well as usefull
30 euros

Design from Habitat

Four of the most iconic Habitat chairs, covers come off for dry cleaning.
We have 4 and the price is 50 euros each

Four panniers

Not four candles!
10 euros each as many as you want, all 10 euros

Whose looking at me babe!

Decorative dressing table mirror for sale, 30 euros contact photographer Val 

Woken by a noisy cockerel?

Holiday makers on the Ile d'Oleron (Charente Maritime) have complained to the local maire that a neighbour's cock sings so loudly at 6h30 every morning that he is disturbing their sleep.
The owner says she has sound-proofed the coop of Maurice, the offending bird, and keeps him in the dark until 8h30 - but he knows nonetheless when it's time to sing.
The maire is sympathetic to both parties, but is powerless to intervene. The owner has the support of over 30000 signatories to a petition and has organised a march through the village to protest at the threat to her Maurice. Complainants have threatened to go to court, but Maurice would not be the first gallinacean to be brought before the justices. And the law may be on his side, as a court of appeal has ruled in an earlier case that "hens are harmless and stupid animals that not even a Chinese circus has been able to train" and that it is therefore impossible to stop a cock from crowing.
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Nous sommes le mardi vingt deux août

We have early morning appointments so Tag will resume normal service later today.
The forecast is to be hot.

Monday, 21 August 2017

Guinguette de Begayne

Toulouse know why he cost £200 million

Football is not the leading sporting interest in Toulouse, where rugby reigns supreme, but the signing of Brazilian footballer Neymar by Paris St Germain from Barcelona for 220 million euros excited all French media and raised all the usual "is he worth it" questions.
Imagine then that Toulouse football club (TFC) threatened to spoil the hype by leading 1-0 at half-time last night (Sunday). Then Neymar scored two, made two "assists" (goal scoring passes) and won a penalty in the second half.  6-2 was the final score.
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Meals in the shade of the trees

Hot weather forecast this week, meals under the trees seem a good idea.
We are out collecting furniture today but looking forward to the regatta on Wednesday.
Enjoy your week in the sun.

Nous sommes le lundi vingt et un août

Sunday, 20 August 2017

Enjoyment on every page

The set of novels written by Carlo Lucarelli
translated from the Italian
In pristine condition, I loved them
Detective Commissario De Luca,
the period 1945. The final days of the Fascists (If only)
I loved them so much I have bought the Dvd of the novels which is also proving wonderful with Italian scenes and sexy actors male and female
10 euros for the 3 and i can take them to the book swap if that would help

Jousting in Sete; regatta in Varen

Currently in the Mediterranean port of Sete the 2017 edition of the famous "jousts" is under way until Tuesday 22nd August. Each year teams of "jouteurs" take to the water in gondola style boats and try to dislodge the opponents' cox.
This year the honorary president is veteran film maker Agnes Varda who is distinguished by her two-tone pudding bowl hair style. So the poster for the event, designed by artist Christophe Vallaux reflects her participation (with her approval it seems).
Poster by Christophe Vallaux
Our own local maritime event, the famous Varenley Regatta has its 14th edition next Wednesday, 23rd August. Hosted by famous local farmer Mimi Scragg it will be just as much fun and no deliberate ramming allowed, even if the odd (very odd..) crew may end up swimming. Life jackets supplied. Perhaps all crews should have a Mimi hairstyle?
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Memories are made of this.

A year ago since Malc's brain exploded and we were happily driving across Italy to the Marche.
Sadly a few days later we were caught up in the earthquake and later trembles which killed hundreds in nearby villages. 
Our  holiday was cut short as we drove back to the safety of Rome and then home.

Nous sommes le dimanche vingt août

A couple of pictures from earlier years of the Fenaison at Espinas which takes place today.

Saturday, 19 August 2017

Keep your geraniums year after year

These two examples of my geraniums are in their fourth season. Just before the frosts come, I cut the flowers off and cut them back, water them very lightly and put them into the dependance, a frost free place, a bit like a barn with windows, so a little light. I water them once through the winter and bring them out again in April. Feed them, water them and in three weeks they are off again.
They have been stunning again this year.

Electric hoist

        FOR SALE.   A Brig-Ayd Electric Hoist will lift 150klg. Fits in back of car and lifts Electric Wheelchair or scooter.  Cost new over £350 for sale €100 ono.  Tel Max on 0563 022721 or email james.maxwell@orange.fr

Fenaison at Espinas

Worth going to Espinas on Sunday to join in the Fenaison, old agricultural machinery, apple juicing, ploughing fields with horses, etc. an interesting day.

Nous sommes le samedi vingt neuf août

Max and Fred, two of our cats who are brothers. They came with the house and grounds and are constantly on our knees as we write TAG. Max the black and white chap also perches on Malc's shoulder which Malc grudgingly puts up with.
Any mistakes in typing are down to them.
 They suggest we do not write enough stories of French mice and baby bunnies.

Friday, 18 August 2017

See the original photos of the area.

A follow up to my Honda story

Hi Val:   
Did you see this car in Salles?  If so, I have a further thread to the story! 
about 8 years ago I was re-renovating my house in Cordes (after a major fire) and had hired an English guy to do some tiling...who was also a friend (at the time)....I lent him 450 euros to buy the car ....he drove it for about 3 weeks, hit something and also didn't replace the oil...brought it to the garage in Salles and of course couldn't pay for the repairs...
he never paid me back and for 8 years when I drive to Carmaux I have to pass it, gritting my teeth!

I would be surprised if it wasn't the same car...I've never seen another one like it...if it isn't, oh well...

Val said what a sad end for my car and a rotten thing to happen to Carolyn.

More on box moths

Re.. Jane's Box moth invasion... We have got exactly the same thing going on up here on the causse, everything with nectar is covered in the box moth. I have a theory... They're filling themselves up with energy for take off at dusk in the direction of box bushes to lay their eggs on. I drove a friend back down to St Antonin the other night & the air was full of these moths whereas they're very flower based during the day. We rooted out our box hedge here about 4 years ago & burnt it, a lot was still green but it was covered with caterpillars.
I read that the insecticide spray that some people are using is fatal to any caterpillar that comes into contact with it so one may want to think extremely carefully before using it as other species than box moth could be affected. At 3 hatches of moths/caterpillars per season it's probably best to uproot or cut down your box, I was told they like cotoneaster as well but have no proof. Laura

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Parisot Festilitt needs volunteers (and books)

We are once again looking for volunteers to help over the Festilitt weekend of 20-22 October. The volunteers are a vital part of the smooth running of Festilitt and allow us keep all sessions at no cost to participants. There is a selection of jobs to be done, including the selling of books, making cakes, serving afternoon tea, setting up and clearing of rooms and collecting/delivering authors from Toulouse airport. If you are available to help at any time from Friday 20th to Monday 23rd then please contact Debra on dokitikpi@hotmail.com. Thank you!

We are also putting out a request for books for our second hand sale over the Festilitt weekend. We collect books which are no older than 5years and in good condition for sale. If you have any books you would like to donate please contact Maggie Tallentire on maggietallentire@live.fr who will then contact you to arrange a drop off time. Thank you!

La Vuelta starts in Nimes

The last of the major cycling road races for 2017, La Vuelta a Espana (Tour of Spain) gets under way in Nimes tomorrow (Saturday 19th August), starting outside of Spain for only the third time. A contre le montre (time trial) in teams, rather than individuals, is the first stage. Then a long stage across the plains of south west France, before stage 3 heads into the Pyrenees, ending in Andorra.
All the major teams and riders are taking part, including Tour de France winner Chris Froome, French hopeful Romain Bardet, Alberto Contador as well as Aru and Nibali, winners of two of the last three Vueltas.
So be wary of traffic problems around Nimes this weekend if you are off to the Med, or get your bike out for a last chance this year to see the top riders.
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We are all Barcelona

The Catalonian capital is very familiar to our readers, being easily reached by road and rail. The latest terrorist attack using a van or lorry is designed to make us afraid to go to our favourite spots: Paris, London, Nice, now Barcelona.
Whilst not wishing to diminish the risks we take when visiting such cities, we should remember that civilians have faced much worse risks, here during the last war, every day in places such as Syria and Afghanistan. Refusing to be cowed by these tactics is the best weapon we have in overcoming the hateful aims of these callous attackers.
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Laguep En Cirque

Find out more from the tourist office, it looks fun for adults and children

Nous sommes le vendredi dix huit août

Our beautiful St. Antonin Noble Val, photo taken by Corinne Nascimben

Thursday, 17 August 2017

Varen Regatta Wednesday 23 rd

Wednesday 23 rd of August is the regatta in Varen.
You need to get there well before 10.30 am to sign on for racing. Bring a picnic and your boules to play a game after lunch if you wish to extend the afternoon.
A fun day, why not try it. 
Canoes are supplied. ( but bring a towel in case you fall in!!! )

A blast from the past

Sixteen years ago when we came to France we came with two cars, a Volvo estate and a Honda Prelude.
Very soon we decided to give away these cars as we felt we needed left hand drive immatriculated in France cars.
For me it was a wrench giving away my sporty prelude, it had more vroom than any of our Mercedes.
I remember when I bought it and we lived in Bolton ( before we moved to Henley) and I used to drive often up to book auctions in Carlisle on the motorway. One time driving at speed I was overtaken just overhead by a plane, fast flying from Kinloss, the air force base there. I raised my fist in salute, as I drove along singing. My own business, my own car, a job i loved.
Imagine my suprise years later when Malc picking up some  chairs for refugees in the Tarn saw my car in a garage scrap yard.
He had to restrain me from dashing off to buy it back.
I wonder if it still goes?
Happy days

Decorative pots

Ten euros for all these decorative pots

Nest of tables, and more

3 tables 25 euros SOLD
parafin heater 15 euros  SOLD
Tv table, glass with another similar  15 euros

Using empty shops

Many towns and cities suffer from increasing numbers of empty shops and rather than just leave them unused councils are looking for ways to use them (rather than just disguising them with picture).
In tourist towns such as Moissac shops have been transformed into art galleries or artisan studios.
In and around the beautiful abbey such "ephemeral" galleries are marked with a large question mark sign - perhaps to say "why not your business here".
a galerie ephemere in Moissac
Locally several unused buildings in Laguepie have been opened as "boutiques ephemeres" and are an interesting addition to the usual commerces.
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Nous sommes le jeudi dix sept août

Complete tea and dinner service for sale 15 euros

House exchange to New Zealand

Attention Val Johnstone

Dear Val,
We have a friend who has recently moved from Villefranche-de-Rouergue to New Zealand.  She has recommended that we write to see if you can include our request below on your website.
We are a recently retired couple; Jenny from the UK, and Ralph a New Zealander, both living in New Zealand.

We own a new one bedroom fully furnished apartment in Queenstown, one of New Zealand’s most scenic places.  The apartment is on the lake edge and has magnificent uninterrupted views of both the lake and the ‘Remarkables’ mountains.  It also has a private deck with the same views.  It is a small apartment; we love it! Queenstown is a ski town but it also has all year round interest.  A car is not essential as there is a very good public transport system to all ski-fields, the town, and places of interest further away, like Milford Sound .
We are thinking of visiting France next year.
We wonder whether there is anyone who would like to stay in our apartment, at any time of the year to suit them, in exchange for allowing us to stay in their home in France for the same amount of time.
Our wish list for a French property is:

1.       Within walking distance of public transport, (preferably train); train network easily reached.

2.       Situated ln a large medieval village or town with all amenities; preferably in your area, or Languedoc, or Provence.

3.       Use of cycles would be great.

4.       For a period of up to 6 months, your Summer, 2018.
We are happy to feed pets, if needed, and we would take great care of your home.
Jenny and Ralph

Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Wow, look at the price for both

Available St. Antonin
Two really good friends, the most delightful people you could meet ... for Welsh folk, tee! hee! are going back to the Uk. They have a few last bargains.
extending cherry wood table 1 metre extending to 2.6 metres with 6 chairs, one chair needs repair.
Matching dresser with glass cabinet with light.
250 euros for both but please 20 euros for our charities.

Box moths

Jane Price writes

"Hello Val

Could you please put out this message re the Box moth, many thanks.

In our garden in Saint Antonin, we have an invasion, positive plague of Box moths.
We do not have Box in the garden but they are swarming over the Buddleahs, roses, raspberries, honeysuckle, mainly nectar shrubs etc.  Is anyone else experiencing this?  I am contacting RHS to find out if this moth can affect/devastate any other plants as it does Box."
The pesky pest seems to have devastated the box bushes and hedges over a wide area - what else is at risk?
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Can't park there

We are used to seeing garages with the "no parking" symbol on the door, meaning you cannot park in the street in the entrance to the garage. A house owner in the Lot was surprised to see a ticket on his car for "stationnement genant" in front of the entrance to his own garage.
He contested the fine and won in the lower court, but the Appeal Court reversed the decision, saying that the parking restriction applied to all vehicles as to park there could impede other users, including emergency services.
The infraction incurs a fine of 35 euros, up to 135 euros if the "stationnement genant" is on the pavement, pedestrian crossing, cycle lane or delivery space.
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Nous sommes le mercredi seize août

Cancer Support France Coffee Morning
Gazpacho, St Antonin Noble Val
Supporting English speaking people affected by Cancer here in France. 
Helpline - 0800 240 200