Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Salon du Jardin, d'été

Hi Val and Malcom,

Just wanted to say what a lovely day on Saturday!
Well done to all who organized, helped and supported, it was a pleasure to be part of. Here's to next year and hope that it goes from strength to strength.
Terry Tippett x

Val says your contribution made all the difference, our thanks go to you and your daughter.
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Two events for Thursday evening

In the evening at les Jardin des Paradis, Cordes, Flamenco guitar at 7pm, food and drinks available. http://jardindesparadis.jimdo.com/

Also, Marché gourmand at Caussade.

Picnic in the Park, themed tables, oh! my gosh!

Really looking forward to the Picnic, our table will have a country theme with flowers, hurrican lamps and can you believe we have a colour scheme! 

Val says received this mail this morning I think we are going to have to up our game!  I will talk to our younsters, we  now need a theme!

See you all tomorrow.

Main road closed

The road from Varen to Laguepie via the Aveyron valley will be closed for most of the next 4/5 weeks. The cliff side needs to be stabilised and work (including 3 weeks holidays) will take until the end of August.
Deviations are signposted, but unless you are in a large lorry there are quicker ways. If in doubt contact Taglines.
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Monday, 21 July 2014

The route to Mas del Sol

A real multi national evening forecast with lots of old friends and new French friends coming to enjoy Dixieland Jazz from Martin's Jazz Band from Toulouse.
Once again the route to Mas del  Sol
From Varen take the main road towards Laguepie, then turn left onto the D20, Verfeil road. At 400 metres turn right (signposted St Martial). 400 metres further take the right fork towards Mas del Sol - look for the little sheep sign for La Bergerie. Climb 2kms until you see La Bergerie group on the left, with white gates. You can enter the parking area  30metres further on.

From Verfeil 

Take the main D20 towards Varen and the St Martial sign is the last on the left - then proceed as above.

Please do not go to St Martial - you will get lost unless you know the way. In desperation phone us on 0563640673
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Cattery needed

Hi Val,
Does anyone know of a good reputable local cattery near to St Antonin,I've tried to locate the details of the one in St Circ but can't find it any more on Tag.
Val says This is the one everyone goes on about 

Dear Val,
Just wanted to let you know that we recently put our elderly cat and
young dog into the kennel/cattery recommended by Maeva.  They were
looked after extremely well and have come back home healthy and happy
and have settled back in quickly, always a good sign.   So we would

endorse Maeva's opinion and recommend L'Arche d'Ely for anyone needing

a kennel and/or cattery.

Kathleen x

Val says I think that has been a good tip from Maeva. The kennels and cattery are at Caussade

There is also a cattery at Milhars , Volet Bleu run by Gill Catterall, comes reccomended.
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New Web Site for the Office de Tourisme in Saint Antonin

Since a few days the Web Site of the Office de Tourisme in St Antonin has been completely renewed. Much more information, I think it really looks great. At the moment it will be only in French, English and Dutch versions will be available later on.

Hans Buijserd

Red Arrows on BBC, who can record it for Hans?

For those who like air shows this is a great opportunity: A new BBC documentary goes behind-the-scenes of the Royal Air Force Aerobatic Team, to celebrate the Red Arrows’ 50th display season.
The Red Arrows: Inside The Bubble is the result of unprecedented access to the world-renown aerobatic team, which is the public face of the Royal Air Force.
The hour-long documentary will be shown on BBC2 at 9.00pm (UK time) on Sunday 27th July.

It is the definitive guide to this integral part of the Royal Air Force, providing a unique look at a team that continues to capture the public's imagination after 50 seasons.

I personally have been several times at the Airbourne show in Eastbourne and I have met several of the pilots over there. This year the Red Arrows will be displaying again in Eastbourne (14th – 17th August). Be there if you can! http://www.visiteastbourne.com/airbourne/

Is someone able to record the documentary for me and put it (if possible) on a DVD?

Hans Buijserd

Rana needs a dentist

Hi Val
Can you recommend a good dentist?
Very bad toothache and my dentist is on holiday
x rana
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What a brilliant morning

A dull start to the day, not a morning for the pool, so off we went to " base de pleine nature de Najac"
If you have young family or even are young and fit yourself you would love zipping through the high branches of trees, walking along high poles, up ladders, climbing cargo nets, really great fun.
Sam swings through the trees and kids watch admiringly
It is at the side of the camp site at Najac and there are also other activities, canoeing, paint balling etc.
We will make sure all our renters go this year and I think our family will go again next week.
Annabel makes her way high in the trees
If we get a dull morning it is the THING to do.
By the way I took photos, says Val
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Above ground pool for sale

Hello Val,Some good friends of ours, who have a second home near Cahors, bought an INTEX 'above ground' pool from UK last year. They have now had a proper pool constructed in their garden, so no longer need it. It is still unopened and unused in their garage!

I have said I would happily act as an intermediary if they wanted to sell it through TAG. They are happy to deliver the pool to any interested buyer and give a donation.

As the pool cost £469 they would like 400  minimum for it. It's a real bargain at that price!
Anyone interested can contact me on 05 63 67 73 31 and I'll put them in touch with our friends to arrange payment and delivery.
Thanks very much, Ann
Val says  also contact Ann for picture and size etc.

Upright fridge to give away

Upright fridge 140 cm high, 60 cm wide, 55 cm deep, old but in good condition
Contact Judith Reynolds tel 0563305225   St. Antonin

Extending table, 115 cm round and 150 extended for sale

only 45 euros   contact Judith Reynolds  tel.  0563305225

More puppies to give away

I have 4 puppies left looking for a good home. Mum is my french irish setter and papa was meant to be my English Irish Setter but the black farm dog got there as well and all the puppies turned out black. I would say he was part sheep dog but short haired and medium size, mum is small and very intelligent.
I have 2 long haired girls who will look like black setters and 2 short haired boys left.

They are just 8 weeks old and were born on 25th May. They have had their first vaccination.
They are sweet dogs and would make wonderful pets.

Whisky in Tarn, oh

TAGlines has reported before on the practice of itinerant distillers, licensed to go around the countryside to turn local producers fruit into various "eaux de vie". The family Castan are in that tradition, but have now settled down at Villeneuve sur Vere, between Cordes and Albi.
In 2010 they added whisky to their production and all 450 odd bottles were quickly sold when marketed in 2013. It takes time to bring whisky to maturity and the distillery has 30 barrels in production, but only three are being put on sale. They intend to make three grades, and the 2015 "peat" variety is already completely sold out.
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Malc says: you wont get me off my favourite Irish whiskey unless it's an emergency!

"Mini tornado" kills two

Severe storms hit Ardeche and Gard in the south of France yesterday (Sunday 20th July) and a mini tornado killed a  camper. In a separate incident a man was killed by a falling tree. The tornado devastated campsites and ripped up trees and pylons. Tour de France riders battled against strong winds and heavy rain and at times it "seemed like night".
Other areas also suffered severe weather, meaning concerts and fetes had to be cancelled, including the St Emilion Jazz festival and a Vanessa Paradis concert in Dordogne (due to hail stones the size of "ping pong" balls - makes a change to golf balls). Locally there were some heavy downpours, but luckily Mas del Sol escaped and all is looking clear for the picnic in the park on Wednesday.
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A message for Douglas

Douglas wanted to show his Grandson the picture of Reggie and the cat on TAG but the page had moved on and Reggie had disappeared. I sent an email to Douglas telling how to search but the mail bounced back.
So if you are reading Douglas, at the top of the page say " ok" to get rid of the annoying cookies message and in the top left hand is a search box which if you type in Reggie his story comes up.
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Any ideas for Linda?

Hi Val
I know you are mega busy, but if you have a mo could you ask your readers if anyone has the following for sale (or any ideas where we could source them)

- a canoe/kayak/little rowing boat

- a small chest freezer

- a few largish plastic barrels

Glad the Salon d'ete was a success, even if it left the French a little puzzled.


Val says  there is a chest freezer in the for sale section.

Sunday, 20 July 2014

This was reported in the Telegraph today

François Hollande 'to marry Julie Gayet'

French president reportedly close to proposing to Julie Gayet as party officials ask him to "formalise" his relationship with the actress.

Val says There is a suggestion they will get married on the Presidents  60th birthday. He did not marry the mother of his four children Segolene Royale or Valerie Trierweiler,  but he is of course under political pressure now after restarting his affair. Not a very romantic reason for marrying and I would not fancy Julie Gayet's chances of having a "fidele" partner.

Midi Libre, the highly respected newspaper, is one of many which reports: ‘The President of the Republic could make official his relationship with Julie Gayet by marrying her on August 12, the date of his sixtieth birthday.’
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Rugby internationals attacked

Three Clermont Auvergne players including internationals Rougerie, Pierre and Kayser were set upon by machete wielding  attackers. All three were leaving a Millau nightclub on Sunday morning and are said to be cut but not seriously injured, though Pierre, capped 27 times by France is to have surgery to deep cuts.
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Le Quetzal Folk Club

Le Quetzal Folk Club Sunday 3 August  .(English run  since 1989) .house band and open mike ...from 19h till late ....mexican food and drinks available ....18 Rue Des Augustins Montauban   200 metres from pont Vieux  ..........every first Sunday of each month ....05 63 66 15 34
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Glynis and Emma popping up again

Hi there

Curry season has got off to a great start with a lovely evening in Glynis’ barn last week.  Summer is busy for everyone but we have scheduled two more evenings, so we really hope you can join us.  The first is another curry night, I have attached the menu.

The second will be a delicious Italian menu and we are lucky to be joined by an interesting after-dinner speaker that night, Nigel Lewis, son of famous tenor Richard Lewis and grandson of TV presenter Fyfe Robertson.  More details below. 

 Thursday 14th August
Curry à la campagne

Come for an authentic curry in a beautiful rural setting near Septfonds. Enjoy a drink while touring the gardens. Then sit down in an ancient stone barn to enjoy a three-course classic curry cooked using local ingredients, Indian spices and authentic recipes. Wine, coffee and Lassi included.  Menu attached.

Wednesday 27th August
An Italian evening with ……..

Nigel Lewis, son of the world-renowned tenor Richard Lewis, grandson of the TV presenter Fyfe Robertson and nephew of two award-winning photojournalists from Picture Post.  Sit down to a delicious Italian inspired menu and a night full of celebrity anecdotes, beautiful music and nostalgic clips from TV and radio. 

29€ including wine and coffee, per person for each evening.  By reservation only.

On with the show

Picnic in the Park, here at Mas del Sol is on Wed.23rd starting at 7 pm. I would come a bit earlier and get your seats in place, picnic hampers (or carrier bags) sorted, ready for the show.
We have said " venez nombreux" and "nombreux" we will be.
For all those who have asked,  directions are below, someone asked if they could get their camper van up the road and had been told it would be too difficult!
We often have renters that come with camper vans with out any trouble, so do not worry about that.
After all the work of the Salon, sitting listening or dancing to a Jazz Band with friends will just be the thing for Malc and I to unwind.

Directions to Mas del Sol

The route to Mas del Sol, Varen

From Varen take the main road towards Laguepie, then turn left onto the D20, Verfeil road. At 400 metres turn right (signposted St Martial). 400 metres further take the right fork towards Mas del Sol - look for the little sheep sign for La Bergerie. Climb 2kms until you see La Bergerie group on the left, with white gates. You can enter the parking area  30metres further on.

From Verfeil 

Take the main D20 towards Varen and the St Martial sign is the last on the left - then proceed as above.

Please do not go to St Martial - you will get lost unless you know the way. In desperation phone us on 0563640673
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Well done - I think it was a lovely event.

So says Glynis about our Salon du Jardin.

Val says 
I thought it was such a good day with a few dodgy moments.
For example, a big group went to eat at the Moulin and I left to be back at the Salon  / salle for 2pm for the opening of the doors by the Mayor. We had not allowed enough time for the judges and committee members and so participants were rushing their food to get back.
I was met by the Mayor who had come to open the salon and had to ask if he could come back at 4 pm for the presentation. The Mayor " chuckled" albeit in a deep throated smokers way and said " but I wanted to play boules"  Malc totally understood that,  so the Mayor gave a few encouraging words to about ten people and left.

Then on the morning " les petrolheads brought their lovely old cars to be parked in the camp site at the Moulin and we were meant to send people round. In the event people arrived, left their things to be shown and then went back home to their pools... it was a hot day.  I was totally at fault and give my sincere apologies to the disgruntled "petrolheads. "  Time and lack of organisation  meant I had not given enough thought to promoting the group who came out to support us. I did say to one member,  "it will be better next year"  but understand totally if I get blown " raspberries"

Overall I felt our French friends were happier with the artisanat than the vegetables, there were lots of puzzled stares at 3 carrots on a plate, with leaves cut to 8 cms. But let us see what next year brings.

One French lady said to me " it has been a really good day but next year leave out the vegetables!!"
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Mozart and Mauzac / Monday 21st 17h

                     MOZART EN CAVALE

                     Le Festival de Cordes se déplace au
             Château de Mayragues - Vignoble en bio-dynamie
       with two Mozart string quartets
 Quatuor n°15 KV 421 en ré mineur op.10 n°2
Quatuor n°17 KV 458 en si bémol majeur op.10 n°3 « la chasse »
 Hugues Borsarello, violon
Laurent Manaud Pallas, violon   Gérard Caussé, alto Gauthier Herrmann, violoncelle
A la fin du concert, nous vous proposerons un verre de vin du domaine.
Prix des places : 10 Euros - réservations à l'ACADOC 

Is it safe to ship toxic waste?

Australian chemical firm Orica has been trying to ship 9000 tonnes of a toxic product banned in Europe since 1981 for processing in France. The Danish government refused the waste in 2010 and an earlier attempt to send it to France failed. The HCB waste is said to be carcinogenic but Australia has no incineration facilities. France does have such a plant in the south east, but Environment Minister Segolene Royal argues that shipping such waste 12000 miles represents a threat of marine pollution should any accident befall the ship. She has offered help to transfer the French technology to Australia.
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What a lovely way to spend the afternoon

Concert in the church at St. Antonin

Dear Val

I was hoping you could put this poster onto Tag Online for a concert that is taking place in St Antonin church on Sunday 27th July.

We have formed a small group comprising local and professional musicians from England, to perform a capella music from Renaissance, Baroque and 20th Century.

All performers are giving their time so that all donations can be put towards the organ restoration fund. The organ in St Antonin Noble Val has seen better days, and cannot be used for performances now. Once restored it will be a centrepiece for music in the region.

Here is the leaflet for the concert which will be appearing on car windscreens soon.

L'Eglise de Saint Antonin Noble Val
(GPS 44.150895 N1.755574 E)

Compris des musiciens
professionnels de l'Angleterre
Nous allons présenter un concert A Capella
Musique de la Renaissance, Baroque et du 20e Siècle.
Tous vos dons sont pour la restauration de l'orgue de
l'Église de St Antonin.
Don suggéré de 5€ par personne

Thank you very much for your help.

Saturday, 19 July 2014

Not bad for a first attempt, for our Salon du Jardin

We had 34 British entries, 14 French entries and 4 Dutch and 1 Australian -" pas mal" for a first attempt and overall we had 170 entries.
Lots of people coming to look and say " well we could enter next year"
The French although initially bemused  seemed to be getting the idea and sadly many were just arriving as we were packing up to leave.
 Many French including Jean  Donies explained that opening the Salon at 2 pm was too early, it is the time for a nap / sieste  So next year we must consider opening later and staying open longer.
Those red onions must have been polished Glynis! whatever they won a first in show.  Photo taken after the judging and before the crowds were let back in.

Special words of praise go to Terri Tippett who transported lots of her beautiful plants to decorate the show( search for her in the TAG search, her plants are so healthy, if you are a keen gardener you need to know about her)
Thanks to the team who brought it all together and the men who volunteered to help move tables.

Thanks to all the judges who worked together so well and made such good choices. I won two firsts and a second for my flowers.
Lots of beautiful flowers

In the cakes and jams section sweeping all the other competition away was Val Hughes who won no less than nine first or seconds.
Lorna and Brian Green together took so many prizes in the gardening and art section that they were looking at one point like being overall show winners, but in the end that accolade went to Ross from Caylus.
Ross Keightley who grows big vegetables and  and has written  books about it, also grows stunning vegetables and it would have been hard to beat some of his entries.
As they start to come, lots to admire.

I am " dog tired" tonight and just wish the lively dogs were the same. Malc is asleep in the chair and once I have fed outside pets and checked water buckets I am sure to follow him.
Ross being presented the winner's cup by Jean Donies from Le Jardin de Quercy, with Malc aiding proceedings

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Courage mes braves!

Will be thinking of all entrants and visitors for what I am sure will be a successful and enjoyable inaugural  Fete.
( from New Zealand )

So glad to hear that it's looking good today. Courage mes braves!

Lots of love from us. xx  ( a couple with a second home in Varen area )

Val says thanks to everyone wishing us luck, we will let you know if it was a successful day. The butterflies are in my tummy not around the plants!
No reporting today as we will be both be out from 8.45 am to 7pm
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Friday, 18 July 2014

Salon du Jardin and Najac

Dear Val,
Here's wishing you and your co-workers a fantastic Salon. Trust it will be a resounding success. Just sorry I cannot see it. Look forward to lots of pictures.

Also, I wonder whether you have this link for a little site on Najac https://www.facebook.com/Villefranche.Najac It shows a recent aerial film about the castle and the Wednesday night markets where you can eat and share a glass of wine at the long tables. Very convivial.

 Val says  Thanks Elly, everything is set up and thanks to all the wonderful plants from Terri Tiippett of Parisot and the bee hive from Therese Gautier the salle looks fabulous, a bit like a country garden already
We had a good start with entries tonight, which makes me feel quite positive for tomorrow.
I know we will be supported by the English and Dutch but we have set a target to get at least 10 French entries for this our first show. We had 3 tonight so crossed fingers for more tomorrow.
So far a show like this has not been a French event but tomorrow will set us on the path of garden shows in Varen I am sure.
Wish us luck, all the team of French, English and  Dutch and tomorrow night you will know who the show champion is. It would be really great if it could be a French person to inspire others for next year.
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A few things to do next week

Many villages will be en fete with concours de petanque and repas; here are few different things to do next week
Friday 18th July

St Projet fete begins
Caussade: Irish pub English musician Tony Smith and Gone Dead Train 7pm
Monpezat de Quercy: Marche gourmand 7pm

Saturday 19th July

Varen: Salon du Jardin; Salle des Fetes 2pm (9.30 for competitors).
Caylus: at Cornusson "carriole"racing (home made carriages) and repas champetre
St Projet: Cycle race from Saillagol at 3pm. Ring 0632 883468

Sunday 20th July
Varen: La Vigerie: Exhibition of paintings by Jeremy and Iga Rewse Davies. From 12 noon.
           Continues Monday.
Caussade: brocante
                Vintage motor cycle parade and race on grass at La Beneche

Wednesday 23rd July
Varen: Jazz at Mas del Sol. Martins Dixieland Jazz Band. From 7pm. Entrance 15 euros or by ticket.
            In aid of Via Sahel Enfants d'Afrique.
Ginals: childrens workshop at the Abbaye de Beaulieu. From 3pm. 7 euros includes entry to the
Septfonds: The festival of the poetry of fountains. Events around the theme of water
                  (Septfonds - 7 springs?). Events all week.

Thursday 24th July

Caussade: Marche nocturne 7pm
Caylus Visite nocturne aux flambeaux (torchlit visit)

Friday 25th July

Caussade: Cast of Bruniquel Offenbach season present extracts from les Mesdames de la Halle from
                 6.30pm. Apero concert. Free entry.

 info to Taglines82@gmail.com

They grow before your eyes

Granny with 13 year old granddaughter, her father is part Dutch which accounts for her size.
The next marché nocturne is 7 August.  The children really enjoyed the ambience, and  Malc and I enjoyed seeing them all so happy.
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Real Frenchmen

In Varen, Eclat had organised the meal and band for the evening and were pleased that the warm evening meant they could be out next to the chateau and church.. We were pleased as had it rained the meal would have been in the salle des fetes with resulting mess. We would have had to help clean it  up today.( we are in the salle to get ready for the Salon du Jardin)

The family who have just arrived chose to go to St. Antonin for the marché nocturne, so we had the set meal at the Gazpacho before wandering round the market. I laughed when the children wanted a photo of  "real Frenchmen" 

Thursday, 17 July 2014

"Many injured in train crash"

A TVG and local TER train collided near Pau on Thursday it is reported. Although many of the 288 passengers were hurt it is expected that there will be no fatalities. Later reports suggest that about 40 people were injured, 4 seriously. A signal fault is thought to be responsible for the TER running into the back of a slow moving TGV.
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Laguepie moto cross nocturne / evening of August 2nd


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Activities at Najac

Look at this website for activities for children at Najac. We are going with our 7 and 13 year old, to swing through trees and whizz down zip lines.  www.aagac.com
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Racing at Albi, circuit in liquidation.

Circuit d'Albi : la mise en liquidation 

Marché nocturne tonight at St. Antonin

Demain, 17 juillet au Marché Nocturne à St. Antonin Noble Val à partir de 19.00h vous pouvez trouver Bazar Curieux avec:

- nouvelle collection bijoux
- grand panier d'été tout à € 1,-
- photophores et petit porte-bougies en verre récyclé
- lanternes et carillons du vent
- sacs à main, foulards, pareo's, chapeaux

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

I am so cute and my sisters and brothers, we all need a home.

Bonjour Val,
Sorry that it took a few days before I could make the advert for the puppies, mentioned to you last week... The family was away for a long weekend and had  to provide a few recent photo's... But here they are.. Thanks again Val, 
Kind regards, Pauline van Ginkel

The contact-details of the family:
Pascale Genetier in Lavaurette.
(coming from Caylus on the D 926 take the second turning to the right direction Lavaurette. When you enter the village there is a sign for children crossing, directly after take the first path left up to the house)

Gaia, the bordercollie of our french friends Pascale Genetier, has given birth to 7 puppies, (5 female, 2 male) on the 27th of May. ( father is an australian shepherd,and\ or a bordercollie).
They are looking for good, reliable homes for 4 puppies still . They are raised with a lot of care and affection. The puppies will be vaccinated etc. and will be available at the beginning of August. You only have to pay the cost of the vet.
Please feel free to contact the family and pay them a visit!

The ladies they garden, the men they ... fish!

Well that little lady is my second attempt at making things to brighten up our gardening show. Neil the renter next door saw it and thought it fell short of what was desired, so made the fisherman.My first thought was '' it is really good but we are advertising a gardening show'' So I have come up with a cunning plan. I am going to put a label on the old lady saying, '' the women they garden/  les femmes faire le jardinage'' and another on the man saying '' and the men  fish / les hommes peche''
And you will all have the chance to come and laugh at them at the show.
Bringing things to exhibit, you come between 9.30am and 11.30 am and then they will be judged and doors will be opened to the public by the Mayor at 2pm. Presentation and auction of cakes or jams [ if people want to leave them] will be at 4pm. Terri Tippett is also bringing flowers and plants to decorate the salle and the salon which will also be for sale afterwards.
Judges on the day will be
Sylvie Gravier Jardin des Bastides
Jean Gros from the village an exceptionally good  gardener
Terri Tippett from Parisot who has a market garden
and the President of the show Jean Donies from Les Jardins du Quercy
Judging the art work will David and Joyce Clench and Mary Parkes
Judging the patchwork, needlework etc. we have Joan Crooks and Carmen Gomez
Judging articles made of  wood and or other materials will be Bernard Mages
Judging photography will be Gareth Brown
Judging cakes and jams etc. will be Glynis Howgego and Sieuwke de Graaff.
Judging the childrens entries will be Mary Parkes.
I am just checking the spelling of two judges names before inserting.
ps there is also a chance to bring things Friday evening between 4 and 6 pm
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A ceremony in Montauban to welcome those" fiers d'etre Français"

Val says I was very interested to see this piece in the Depeche where 130 people had achieved becoming French nationals. We know Ginny and Ross Jenkins of Puycelsi are going along this path and soon Malc and I hope to follow them.
There are people from Europe in the list, Dutch for example but no Brits, sorry Anglo Saxons.
Plus de 130 ressortissants des cinq continents ont officiellement accédé hier à la nationalité française après 6 à 8 mois de formalités administratives. 

Ils sont originaires de 37 nationalités différentes

Les services de la préfecture s'accordent à dire que les ressortissants Marocains sont les plus nombreux à faire la demande de la nationalité française. Cette tendance ne semble vouloir ni s'inverser, ni s'estomper. Toutefois tous les continents sont représentés. Hier, on comptait 62 Marocains, 13 Algériens, 4 Portugais, 3 Afghans, 3 Camerounais, 3 Colombiens, 3 Turcs, 2 Boliviens, 2 Bulgares, 2 Congolais, 2 Italiens, 2 Ivoiriens, 2 Laotiens, 2 Néerlandais, 2 Russes, 2 Syriens, 2 Tchèques, 2 Tunisiens, 1 Angolais, 1 Bangladais, 1 Bosniaque, 1 Canadienne, 1 Chinois, 1 Cubain, 1 Djiboutien, 1 Espagnol, 1 Guinéen, 1 Indonésien, 1 Irakien, 1 Malgache, 1 Philippin, 1 Polonais, 1 Roumain, 1 Rwandais, 1 Sénégalais, 1 Slovaque et 1 Tchadien. «Ils sont très fiers et affichent un large sourire qui fait plaisir à voir», explique la préfecture. «C'est un moment important pour eux.»

An exhibition also to raise funds for people in need

Jeremy and Iga live at St. Vincent de Varen in the Vigerie, they have been artists all their lives in one guise or another. They have come up with the idea of selling some of their many pieces to give others pleasure at an affordable price and to raise funds for Via Sahel Enfants D' Afrique and Medecins Sans Frontieres.
They are holding the exposition in their exhibition barn on  Sunday 20th and Monday 21st. All are invited to support them and their excellent idea.
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Our sort of Lady

I thanked this lady TAG reader for selling the baby things For Via Sahel Enfants d'Afrique and received this reply.

Susan wrote
 We are really fortunate to have the life we have and the least we can do is help others who are less fortunate.
Love, Susan

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