Saturday, 21 July 2018

On sale in the Varen frip today and next week with more to come

Just some of the items in the frip today

Antigymnastique workshop

Antigymnastique workshop in Milhars next weekend:

Fri 27/7 and Sat 28/7 full day, Sun 29 from 2 to 5pm (possible to sign up for 1 or 2 days)

Next workshops:  3/8, 10/813/8 for 1, 2 or 3 days 

Antigymnastique® focuses on the entire being : body and mind are intertwined. Get rid of the contractions, stiffness, muscle and joint pain that exhaust you, shrink you and restrict your freedom. I will make you discover the benefits of this powerful body work :  improved mobility and muscle tone, decreased stress and muscular tension (back, neck, shoulders, etc.), improved ease of movement and coordination. 

I welcome 6 people at a time, reservation required: 06 51 66 05 53

Brigitte Bruneau
Praticienne certifiée d'Antigymnastique

7 rue Médéric 94120 Fontenay sous Bois
148 rue de Charonne 75011 Paris
81170 Milhars
09 50 74 40 61 - 06 51 66 05 53 

Stages à Milhars : 27 au 29 juillet, 3 au 4 août, 10 au 12, 13 au 15 août -
C'est quoi ?

Friday, 20 July 2018

Midnight in the Viaur

Bain rythmique de minuit avec Claude Sicre dans le Viaur a Laguepie.
Screen print
Rhythmic musical games with instruction (in patois) by Claude Sicre, a famous troubadour of Occitan music, will be held in the Viaur at midnight next Wednesday (25th July) and Friday (27th). As part of the University Occitan "Lenga Viva" held each year in Laguepie this event is open to the public and promises to be fun, especially as the weather is forecast to be hot, even at midnight. Claude Sicre is a committed animator and will ensure that a good time is had by all - participants and spectators alike. Practice your "va plat'", bring your maillot de bain and have some fun.

Tour comes to Occitanie

Yellow jerseys for all. Pic Sophie Pointaire/France 3
Today's stage enters our region, ending in Mende (Aveyron), with Geraint Thomas leading from Chris Froome, after yesterday's thrilling mountain top finish at Alpe D'Huez. But a group of women riders took part yesterday in a ride up the stage to Col de Portet in the Pyrenees to encourage more women to take to the road. Not designed for serious sportives the 65 kilometre ride climbed to over 2000 metres was launched via social media and aimed to encourage women in cycling groups to band together rather than try to keep up pace with men in their clubs. Local ladies group FIFI (Friends in France International) has started a cycling group and many other women could benefit from France's major sporting activity. Whatever, enthousiasts will be keeping an eye on the Tour this week as it passes through our region.
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Thursday, 19 July 2018

All for the cats

Dear Val,

At first a merci beaucoup pour le sac de croquettes chats!

Thank you, very kind!

Will you put this at tag on line?!

I have a stand at Univerfeil selling handmade gifts in aid of local animals (sterilisation and urgent help etc.) All proceeds will be donated to assist animals in need. The expo-vente is in the salle de fête at Verfeil!

It is open from 2.30 pm - 7 pm from 14th july - 29th july.

Thank you!

Best wishes,


You've seen it before; but..

it's why we love Mas del Sol. After last night's stormy rain this morning we have been in the sun since sunrise at 6.30am but the valleys were still full of fog at least until mid-morning.
These photos take at 9.30am show Varen just emerging from the mists, with the Aveyron valley still thick with fog. Beautiful sight we know and would we trade it?
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Albi sur mer

Inhabitants of homes near to the Verrerie Ouvriere d'Albi, a factory making glass bottles, have started to think they are at the seaside when opening their windows each morning, as a flock of about 600 seagulls have installed themselves on the factory roof.
Probably originally migrating birds, a flock of about 1000 individuals seems to be permanently installed in the Tarn. They used to spend the night at the many lakes in Aveyron and Tarn, coming to the towns to feed on the dechetteries. The birds are becoming a nuisance to the factory, with the roof covered in droppings and feathers - the smell and risks to a food containing product causing concern.
Cleaning up was difficult as the birds are quite agressive so a programme of firing off rockets twice a day was started and so far seems to be working as the birds move off to different quarters.
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Tragic mix-up with a prescription

A young Albi father complained of eye problems and was examined by an ophthalmologist, who said the problems were probably due to a childhood infection, and prescribed antibiotics and vitamins. But he mixed up the doses with serious consequences. The pharmacist simply dispensed the prescription without querying the doses. The patient, acting on this advice, followed the prescription, but complained to his GP that he was still having severe problems. The GP advised him to continue as prescribed. Eventually the patient was admitted to hospital and died.
All the professionals were subsequently investigated and the ophthalmologist and pharmacist will be charged with manslaughter by reason of neglect.
We have learned during recent illnesses to question treatments and prescriptions, including asking our very helpful chemist to confirm the use and dose of each medicine. Some doctors are not always keen to volunteer information, but will when pressed - it can save a life.
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Whale watching - in Toulouse

Photo: Airbus
This morning (Thursday 19th July) will see the inaugural flight of the newest Airbus transporter, the Beluga XL. Designed to transport aeroplane parts from one Airbus site to other European sites, the Beluga XL can carry a pair of wings for the A350 from the manufacture site in say Spain to the assembly plant in Blagnac.
The plane has a distinctive livery, with a dolphin like "face and smile", chosen by the company's personnel.
The flight is due to depart Blagnac at about 10.30am and given the clear skies it could be visible from our region - though as yet no route details have been published

Wednesday, 18 July 2018

A young dog found in Varen

A young dog found in Varen, on pet alert

TROUVÉ chien noir et blanc à VAREN 
Secteur : la carriére de LEXOS
Non pucé. Non tatoué. pas castré, pas de collier, dressé, craintif, croisé braque
Contact : 05 63 65 20 05 ou

Devenez petsitter Holidog et gardez des chiens et chats près de chez vous

Great evening: picnic and trad jazz

Tuesday, 17 July 2018

Book signing

Hi Val,
could you please put this on Taglines for me, I think some of your fans that are not on Facebook will be interested in this events, thanks,
 Jan x  

Monday, 16 July 2018

Two lovely items for sale

Très belle table en bois massif (teck ou bois exotique?) excellente condition!! Carrée 1.15 par 1.15m, 40 cms de hauteur. Jolie ferronnerie, et 4 petits tiroirs sur les côtés.

Beautiful low table in teak, excellent condition. Square 1.15m by 1.15 m. Nice iron work and 4 little drawers. 135€
Ancien pétrin à pain
Longueur 1.28m, largeur 61cms, hauteur 73 cms
Bonne condition! 55 €

Old kneading trough
Length 1.28m, width 61 cms, ht 73cms. Good condition!

Lisou Hall

Sunday, 15 July 2018

The friperie in Varen

As you know the friperie in Varen is open Saturday morning 10 till 12.
We will be open as normal this coming week end but the week after not only will we open Saturday morning but we will be opening from 8 till 16h on the Sunday the day of the Varen brocante and vide grenier. 29th July
Mark it in you diaries, to come to the vide grenier and pop in to see us.
Every Friday 15h to 17h we are there in the old mairie taking in good quality donations.

Mains Tendues 82 having the best time ever helping in the community.

Comme vous le savez, notre friperie/brocante est ouverte le samedi de 10h00 a 12h. Nous serons ouverts comme d'habitude la semaine prochaine mais serons également présents le jour de la brocante de Varen le 29 Juillet. Notez le dans vos agendas et passez nous voir! et n'oubliez pas que tous les vendredis précédant la friperie/brocante vous pouvez venir déposer vos dons de 15h00 à 17h00 à l'ancienne mairie de Varen ou nous vous acueillerons avec plaisir. Pour mémoire nous acceptons objets et vêtements pouvant  intéresser nos visiteurs (Pas de magazines, livres ou objets/vêtements déterioriés)/