Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Paris 2024

 At 20h24 last night Paris unveiled its logo for the 2024 Olympic Games projected onto the Arc de Triomph. The city is bidding, with Rome, Los Angeles and Budapest, to stage the Games in 8 years time. The choice will be revealed in September 2017. The logo was by French design group Dragon Rouge who are well versed in sporting design.
photo Lionel Bonaventure/AFP
The logo was also projected onto the Mairie of Marseille, the city which will host the sailing events.
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Ten years of excellence

We are fortunate to have the choir school (maîtrise) of the Toulouse Conservatoire providing a superb start to the general and musical education to talented youngsters. In the ten years since it was set up under the direction of our compatriot Mark Opstad the maitrise has risen to become an internationally renowned choir, its recordings being acclaimed and awarded prizes throughout the world.
Many of us have attended Mark's concerts at Puycelsi and now there is to be an anniversary concert of the Maitrise, with the choir of Merton College, Oxford and the Orchestra of the Conservatoire. The two concerts will be on Thursday 25 March and Good Friday (26th March) in the St Pierre des Cuisines auditorium.
The Maitrise has a new web site with full details.

Causing pollution

Air pollution in the Toulouse area is being caused notably by diesel fumes from cars and also from heating from wood stoves causing fine particles in the air. Both dangerous to health.
We are guilty on both counts, we have a diesel car and two wood burning stoves. Will we do anything to help the environment? The diesel car is old and we are running it into the ground and would not replace with diesel. The wood burners are both secondary heating and neither has been used this winter, but had it been cold....? Knowing this would we have invested in wood burners? I think we would  now contact the eco service at Caylus and ask for advice.
Initial story from the Depeche

This is not true

On facebook this morning I was distressed to see this photo saying, " young calves are taken from their mums at a day old and feed in crates for 6 weeks before being killed at 6 weeks old. "
A reader tells me this is an untrue post and is one of many such things that circulate the web!
Why would anyone be bothered to post information like this.. the madness of the web.
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Nous sommes le mercredi dix fevrier

Another damp morning but not at all cold. In winter going out to feed the donkeys I am normally wrapped up with hat, mittens and scarf. They have not been needed this winter at all yet.

I have mentioned our wild rabbits before but as I drive back late from Rehoboth the rabbits playing in the fields around us is just wonderful. I stopped the  car last night to watch them, they seem to run and skip in pairs and seem to have so much fun.
Just a pleasure to watch, Bonny would love to  be out there playing with them!! and Max the cat expert fluffy bunny catcher often has a full tummy.
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Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Valentine day flight

The snow has just arrived in time

The snow has just arrived for the first group of holiday makers. The half term in french schools is split in regions so from now till the end of February " the winter holiday" will take place and many go ski ing.
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Katie looks happy now

Dear Val,
Just a short note to keep you informed about Katie, our new black Labrador you have already met, and whose trail you put us on to.
It is now two weeks since she needed such a serious operation to remove the abscess from her side, following sad treatment by her previous keeper. She seems absolutely fine now and will have another check up on Friday.
Once again thank you. We have kept Labradors, mainly black ones, for many years. To be put in touch with another proper black Labrador at this time is more than we had hoped.
A small donation is in the post. To Alzheimer's France please.
With kind regards,
Jenny and Stephen Pike

Val says - Kathy dog rehomer saw this dog being mistreated by a family member and arranged with the elderly owner to take it into care. Kathy picked it up on the Sunday morning and by luck TAG had found  new owners. When the dog was taken to Jenny and Stephen it was discovered that it had a wound in its side. Kathy suggested a visit to the vet the next day.
The dog was found to have a  very deep wound which as it must have been left for about three weeks, had turned septic. The dog was immediately taken in to be operated on necessitating  an overnight stay. We are told without this speedy intervention the dog would be dead now.
Regardless of all this cruel treatment Katie is a loving and forgiving pet and has gone to just the right owners Jenny and Stephen.
Another sad story turned good.

Most were in favour

The lower house of the French parliament voted Monday in favour of enshrining in the constitution the process of declaring a state of national emergency, one of a series of controversial amendments the government proposed after November's Paris attacks.
The measure -- which gives the state increased security powers -- was voted through by 103 to 26, although it met opposition from some leftwing lawmakers and some deputies from the right.
President Francois Hollande imposed a state of emergency in the wake of the jihadist attacks that killed 130 people in the capital on November 13, giving police and security forces sweeping powers to raid houses and hold people under house arrest without judicial oversight.
His Socialist government now wants to include the state of emergency -- created during the Algerian war in 1955 -- into France's cherished constitution, citing what it sees as a persistent threat from jihadism.
The current three-month state of emergency expires on February 26 and is expected to be extended, giving the government time to adopt its constitutional reforms.
Malc says: what this report does not make clear is that the vote 103 to 26 means that over 300 deputies did not vote - in fact they were not even present in the Assembly.

Breton snow

Coastal towns and villages in Brittany are quite familiar with the storms that batter the beaches in winter and an unusual by-product is the amount of spume blown into the streets.
Photo Patrice Legrand/MaxPPP
Yesterday's passage of storm Imogen left the village of Saint-Guénolé covered with "snow"

A wonderful, interesting city

An interesting and beautiful city
Fabulous photo published by Albi Tourism
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Book now for new FET season

Dear friends of FET,
2016 sees the 400th anniversary of Shakespeare's death and a variety of events in the UK will mark the occasion ( and

we are particularly pleased that our first show of the new season, on Wednesday 2nd March, is SWEET MR SHAKESPEARE, a splendid production with four actors that has just completed a successful tour of South Africa.
Described as a fascinating mix of life and art, the show examines reactions to the Bard over the last 400 years and mixes stories of Shakespeare's life and times with scenes from his best-loved works, from The Taming of the Shrew and The Merry Wives of Windsor to Hamlet and A Midsummer Night's Dream.
The cast of seasoned professionals is led by Delena Kidd (Family Affairs), Frankie Barrie (East Enders), Emily Raymond (RSC) and Andrew Wincott, whom many of you will know as Adam Macy in the Archers !
The show starts at 7pm and the bar will be open as usual from 6pm.
To book your tickets, please email
Members € 25 Non-Members € 30
NB: Please send your cheque in good time to make sure of your reservation.
To Julie Pearson, Belle Combe, 81170, Frausseilles.

And now, over to our president, Donald Douglas, re the new prices:
Dear Friends,
ecause the costs of bringing over and putting on a show with four actors
​ ​
are considerably higher, I'm afraid we have to raise the ticket prices. Those of you I spoke to after our last show all agreed that this would be acceptable and worthwhile.

With a full house, this will allow us to cover the costs of the theatre
​ and
air fares, and hopefully give the actors some pocket money!
​ ​
They will not receive anything
​ ​
their regular salaries, but are happy to come to the Tarn for a weekend busman's holiday !

Please tell all your friends, members and non-members, about the show, the date and the new prices, and please make your bookings as soon as possible !

We really do want this first show of the season to be a success, as it will give us some indication as to whether we can indeed branch out into presenting full-cast plays, and not be limited to one-man-shows. We need your support ! Please book now !
Julie Pearson FET Bookings and Membership Secretary

Val says: we love the idea of the FET pushing forward and will be sending our cheque to renew and book the performance - 25 euros seems a reasonable price for really enjoyable live theatre.

Nous sommes le mardi neuf fevrier

Raining quite heavily, Eldo looked out of the front door, refused to go out and went back to bed. As I went out to feed the donkeys I wondered why I did not have that option.
A wet week forecast.
We cannot complain at the weather,  this winter has really been exceptional.

Hope you are enjoying the  local photos of Sophie Hautefeuille, she is yet another supporter of refugees and has become facebook friends with a number of the young people and it has encouraged one to add local photos to the facebook page on St. Antonin.
We are finding out much more about the area by meeting all these local French people involved with businesses in the area. Quercy grimpe and the escalade/ indoor climbing, the velos / bikes of Josette to hire in the area. I will do a list of useful contacts coming up to the holiday period.
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Monday, 8 February 2016

Fabulous staircase in a house in St. Antonin

A staircase that you may remember from the film Charlotte Grey.
Photo by Sophie Hautefeuille
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And the seniors

Anyone up for the Escalade?

One of the nice things that has happened

All because we write posts about the refugees we have made friends with numerous French people we would never have met.
One of the people who has made donations to Rehoboth and is now a TAG reader is Sandrine Pradier.
She works for the Mairie at Caylus and as well as promoting " les Hivernales" is the Chef de project - patrimoine. A service to Midi Quercy that she thought English speakers may not know about and as we do so many renovations us Brits, it was worth us knowing about the service.
It is called " J'eco Renov en Midi Quercy" and a free advice service is offered if you are thinking of improving the heating system or insulation in your house.
Victor Chalmel is the conseiller rénovation and will give you advice on the best things to do and of course the interesting thing is you could get a grant to help with the work.
More information by contacting Service Habitat tel 0563677495 or moblie 0679907583
or Mé
I know Sandrine only speaks French but if you are considering work such as this getting someone who can speak French to help you may be worthwhile. In the side bar Jacynth Crozier is very highly thought of and she could steer you through it.
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Free range pork

Hi Val,
Attached is a poster of our Free Range Pork available at the moment, as stated people can either come to the farm  or can meet in Saint Antonin or Parisot.
We are slowly building up our stock, so will hopefully have pork for sale at more of a regular supply come Spring and Summer. Also, hoping to have a stall in local markets soon. I would also like to add that although we are not classified as BIO, our pigs are fed organic cereal from a local farmer in Verfeil.
If there are any cuts of meat anyone requires , please get in touch. This month if anyone would like to prepare their own  boiled ham we have a lovely 3.5 kilo Ham Joint  @10,50 kilo available.
Many Thanks

Come and show your support on Friday in St. Antonin

Yes, it is Friday night in the Salle des Thermes, St. Antonin 19h
Songs, concert then late night dancing. the lads are cooking crepes and there will be food and drinks to buy.
The evening starts with a few rousing songs from the chorale/ choir de Verfeil, then the big group Le Fanfare à côte will be playing, followed by dancing.
If you can  bring a dish all the better.
 It will be a night to celebrate the first good news for asylum seekers and a night to wish the other young men success.
They would really appreciate the English speaking benevoles and well wishers to be there, so come and make it a memorable and profitable night for them. Malc and I will be there and hope to see many of you.
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A good point David

David Cameron is making the point that if we were no longer in Europe, the French would not need to check passports on this side and the refugees could all then go through to the UK. He could envisage a Calais jungle in Dover.
Now there is a thought.
The lovely thought about that  is all the refugees with family and friends in the UK could then go and join them.
Well done David, a cheering thought on a Monday morning and it could frighten many to vote to stay in Europe. We would rather the populace voted for economic reasons but hey! those Daily Mail readers probably cannot get their heads round economics.
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Institutionalised sexism?

Workplace sexual harassment is often dismissed as "banter" and sometimes banter will be the right word when no offence is meant or taken (or is "zero tolerance" the right approach?). But is systematic harassment of a junior colleague, with innuendo, downright filthy suggestions and coupled with racist remarks ever tolerable?
A young woman recruit to the gendarmerie, who came originally from La Réunion, found herself in this position when appointed to a provincial gendarmerie. A colleague and a superior officer are both accused of making suggestive remarks ("Reunion girls are hot for it"), lewd propositions ("how about a blow job") even suggesting a threesome. The defendants claimed that it was just normal banter, such as would pass between colleagues. Or, they claimed, she simply was making a fuss to get a transfer to her companion in Paris.
The tribunal president did not seem over-impressed with the defence arguments, expressing her amazement at times, so perhaps the judgement due on 5th April may be severe.
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We suppose it makes sense

With unemployment at around 10% of the workforce, it has been decided to close the employment offices each afternoon, unless you have a rendez-vous. It seems to be a way of dealing in a more organised fashion the needs of the job seekers. It may simply result in longer queues in the mornings, but a trial has been made in other regions before spreading to LRMP (our new united region).
Whatever, don't try going today because the offices are closed all day due to a strike.
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Storm Imogen

This winter's latest storm has led to an orange warning being issued for 16 coastal departments, mainly in the channel. If you are travelling to the UK today beware of cancellations to ferries due to very high winds and threats of  flooding. Some ferries from the UK channel ports have already been cancelled.
If you click on the weather forecast icon in the sidebar of this page you can go to full details of any town you enter.
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Author, poet and local historian from St. Antonin

Michel Ferrer was born at St. Antonin then worked in Montauban, now he is back to spend his retirement in the village. He is a published poet, historian and also writes novels in French called
" romans" 
Very interested in the history of his childhood in what was then in wild countryside. He has a living memory in books and CD " L'Abécédaire Nobel Val in 14 volumes. The last volume has just been published, a real labour of love I imagine. Story and photo from the Depeche
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Nous sommes le lundi huit fevrier

A dry morning, will it last? It is not cold and I have been out feeding the donkeys in warm pyjamas.
The donkeys Rosie and Lucy do not mind what I wear as long as I feed them. When I turn my back  I see them giggling together  but a laugh on a morning is worth such a lot.
Perhaps I should wear my pyjamas more often if it gives a laugh!
Malc says ... please NO.
Malc is on crutches at the moment with a dodgy knee, the artificial one is fine,  it is the attached one that is playing up.
 At the meeting last night I explained how the refugees liked working and helping a couple of old people, old and one disabled!! and I suddenly thought... that is us and was not sure if I should have said it. Mentally it just does not apply.
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Sunday, 7 February 2016

Everybody is happy in St. Antonin and Penne about refugees

A meeting was held a few weeks ago to discuss the possibility of refugees in Penne, a meeting with no dissenters.
Tonight I attended another meeting in the Mairie at St. Antonin where once again we had no dissenters. We talked about the refugees at Rehoboth and how well they were progressing after their perilous times past. It is wonderful to see how much they have changed in 6 weeks.
We benevoles felt we had all gained from the time spent working together French, English and Dutch and there are relationships  and respect forged not only with the refugees  but with each other.
Certainly an experience that even with all the sad moments Malc and I would not have missed.
... and those who were not happy... well they could not be bothered to come.
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Just do not like the way the country is going

Oh! dear the second set of friends deciding to leave France this year. The reason "we just do not like the way the country is going."
So sad when realise your life here is not what you thought it was.
With a nation that is becoming progressively more right wing racist than one could ever have believed.
Hard to fight something one is not really  part of, we can fight it with English speaking expats but taking on the likes of the Mayor of Bezier and his right wing La Pen cronies, or the right wing nationalists in our midst, just not easy.
I am going to a meeting tonight in the Mairie about the refugees of St.Antonin. The meeting is to answer any queries or concerns. I hope it goes off quietly, I will let you know.

Neither of the couples by the way are planning on going back to the UK, which says it all really.
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Sewing Fair at Septfonds

Sunday 14th February Sewing Fair at Septfonds starts at 10am and on all day.
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House near St Antonin for sale


It pays to ask an expert

photo c Culturebox
An occasional collector of religious artefacts bought a reliquary image of the Crucifixion about 30 years ago thinking it was a late copy of a 14th century image. But taking it to an auction house specialising in these objects they wanted to make sure. So they asked an expert, who said it was of such quality, with precious stones and silver and the techniques used, that it is surely the work of Jean Pucelle in 1330. Its unusual size, 12x18cms, making it one of the largest known, added to interest.
The Louvre wanted to buy it, but the auctioneer decided to sell it and on Saturday it sold for 450000 euros. The buyer is not known, but the museum may have the right to pre-emption and acquire it.
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What a beautiful place

I always enjoy when we drive from Septfonds and arrive at the winding road looking down on St Antonin, the  white cliffs to our right, the village nestling in the folds of the hills and the river running through.
 After a long trip we know at this point we are nearly home.
Photo by Sophie Hautefeuille
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Amazing lady

Juliette Gréco is giving a possible farewell performance in Paris, she is 89
What a lady, gives hope to us all.
Photo depeche
Malc says " for heavens sake do not think you can sing!"  He is right singing is not my forté.
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Nous sommes le dimanche sept fevrier

Good job we got the gardening done yesterday when it was sunny. It is light rain now and a wet day forecast today.
We have two separate gardens at our place, one for each house. The gite side is now looking good, the young men had two hours hard work and then we had fun with photo opportunities. The lads like to send photos to friends around the world. It is an important part of their lives keeping in touch with friends and family around the world. Looking at their face book profiles each day they send a photo and can receive up to 200 likes. Keeping in touch is their way of coping, facebook photos and skype are an important part of their lives.
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Saturday, 6 February 2016

Jobs for the boys

OH, what fun we had

Sometimes I can laugh until my sides hurt and  with the gardening group today, the laughter went on and on.
Seven young men, one sadly left behind as we did not have enough spaces in two cars, spent a couple of hours gardening for us again.
We got out my sit on mower and Mohammed immediately took control, he was a mechanic for tractors in his own country so his eyes lit up when he saw our machinery.
The boys all wanted a go and the mower raced up and down for a  couple of hours in between photo opportunities.
Siddique had the powered hand mower out and zoomed everywhere, around the edges, up banks, he must be exhausted. The others had the less satisfying task of weeding but I can only say they have made a super job so far.
Orange juice on the terrace with cakes and crisps, Mohammed took of his  shawl laid it on the grass
around half past four and knelt to pray. It made me realise why they wear what I would call is a shawl.
They are so generous with their time and so pleased when we say how well they have done.
A lovely afternoon in the sun, having fun and learning about each other's cultures.

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The work progressing in St. Antonin, place des moines

Photo by avid local photographer Sophie Hautefeuille
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Fête de l'osier Milhars

Co-locations in vogue

Flat-sharing as we call it has always existed in the student world and is increasingly popular in the world of young single people. In Toulouse it is not uncommon to see apartments shared by 8 or nine people (and not to count the over-crowding seen in poorer immigrant communities).
Occupants say that it is not just economics that dictates the choice and it is often not the cheapest option that is taken. A communal lifestyle with pooled costs will enable flats of greater "standing" to be rented and often the tenants are a mixture of students and employed people. One group says its average age is 26 and 60% are in work. The chance to meet people from different backgrounds, cultures even, is a motivation to ease the housing problems often experience by young people today.
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Not so rosy

Vinovalie, a grouping of four wine cooperatives in the area, has been fined 10000 euros for adding white wine to their reds to create rosé. This is itself is not illegal, but should be indicated on the labelling. The company claims that since it did not market the wine as rosé it broke no rules. The wine was sold as brands of vin de table and anyway, it claims that some of the wines were assembled at the co-op premises not at Vinovalie.
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So true and with two dogs, double the pleasure...

Photos from Laguepie Tourism

The old bus being restored, the moto cross in summer, so much excitement, and the chestnut fair.
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Nous sommes le samedi six fevrier

Will it be sunny? It looks that way at the moment but Malc tells me it might rain later.
Hope it stays dry as we have another working party coming for gardening. The young men love having something to do and are always pleased to help us.
Well they think I am very old !
Last night one of the English group had her birthday party at Rehoboth and as we sat around the table I said " lets us guess in French how old everyone round the table is" When it got to me there was roars of laughter when one bright spark said I was 103.
Was it a mistake in his French? Whatever it had everyone laughing and the lads have not had much to laugh about till recently.
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Friday, 5 February 2016

She tells " porkies"

A jury of experts has chosen Marine Le Pen as the "political liar of the year", pointing to a series of occasions she has has shared misleading information - mostly about migrants.
The jury for Friday's prize was made up of a series of journalists and presided over by political scientist Thomas Guénolé, reported France Info.
Le Pen, the president of the anti-Europe and anti-immigration National Front, appeared to have tripped up most when it came to immigrant statistics. 
The jury particularly pointed out several of these incidents, including when she increased the daily number of refugees crossing the Mediterranean by tenfold in an interview with iTV
Another notable time she was rumbled was after she tweeted out that firefighters in Calais had been attacked by migrants, which was later refuted by the fire department itself
She was also called out for exaggerating statistics on the gender of migrants, after she initially said they were 99 percent male, before later reducing it to 75 percent. The figure at the time was closer to 69 percent.

St Cirq Lapopie

What a stunning location this village is in, placed high above the Lot. Worth a visit if you have never been.
Photo by Sophie Hautefeuille
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Taxi in Montricoux

Hi Val

Taxi Aline - female driver

David from M
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Hands only CPR

Morning Val,
Everyone should learn the basics of CPR also as a defibrillator may not be really available.
Watch this enjoyable Vinnie Jones video on the basic it could save a life:

David from M
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Les gestes qui sauvent

First reflex in many accidents or sudden illness is to call 18 or 15, the emergency telephone lines. But it takes the pompiers on average 14 minutes to respond and meantime there could be first aid assistance which could help.
In Tarn and Garonne the rescue services are initiating first aid courses in conjunction with the Croix Rouge (red cross). The 2 hour sessions are held in Croix Rouge or mairie premises and cover use of a defibrillator, cardiac massage or application of tourniquets, plus other primary responses. Volunteers completing the course will receive a certificate and in suitable cases be invited to attend more in depth rescue studies.

cardiac massage

They work for pocket money in Castres

The local council in Castres had lots of small jobs needing to be done, but council employees or contractors would be too expensive (or unwilling to undertake small jobs), so they came up with a novel solution. Local youngsters were asked if they would do 3 hours work for 20 euros. Over 100 youths applied, mainly from the lycées. Each volunteer is allowed to do three sessions, mainly on Wednesday afternoons. The work is supervised by council staff and the kids are paid cash pocket money. Somehow it seems very un-French (how many asked "what about insurance?") and the cynic in us is waiting for a union to object and call a strike. Good for Castres and its enterprising kids.
Learning skills for argent de poche

Keeps them off the streets

A ex-airforce man and his wife have spent the last 12 years building a 1/12th scale model of an Airbus A380. Spending the first two years drawing up the plans, they then made all the parts by hand.
The model plane is ready for a roll-out and the couple hope to fly it later this year. Rene Grocaut and his wife live in the Bearn and will feature in a TV programme in March. We wonder what they will do with their time now.
Rene Grocaut and his 6.75 metre long model
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Shouting at the GPS

These GPS systems in cars are fine but sometimes lead you in to trouble. A Toulousain left Toulouse on Wednesday for a centre de vacances in the mountains and ended up stuck at Port -de- Lers blaming his GPS system. The man ended up spending the night in his car. I can imagine the conversations if  Amelie kept saying " tournez a doite" all blinkin night!! Photo and story Depeche

I went to bed touched last night with thoughts of knowledge and a pen.

I dream

I dream of a day for my homeland to be free and in safe hands again
I dream of a day for my birthplace to be released from corrupt fangs again
I dream of a day for my motherland to welcome to its gates, honor and nobility once again
I dream of a day for my Afghanistan to be commemorated as a land that has transformed itself against all odds, yet again
A land exhausted of countless wars, yet it still dares to rise–again and again!

A terrain historically known for its spirited warriors, men and women– One and the same.

With this song on our lips
Embarking forward by means of a new weapon,
In one hand knowledge, and a pen in the other.
Dreaming of a new Afghanistan,
You and I willingly — delivering a new dawn to our worn-out nation all over again.

I see my dream fully awake —with watchful senses.
Common people choosing their leaders based on values rather than a blood line.
I see my Afghanistan rising from the clouds of darkness, violating old customs once again.

I carry on my train of dreams
A life for every Afghan, young and old, man and woman, dancing with nature’s tunes, autonomy and equality hand in hand once more,
Interdependently running towards one common vision,
Peace entering our front doorstep, a beloved guest for all, once again.
Anosha Zereh

One of the young men from Afghanistan sent this poem last night. It touched me so much. I am sure we all wish these countries to be safe and hope this dream comes true.

Nous sommes le vendredi cinq février

So what do you think about the circumflex ? There is a move to remove it from the French language as it serves little purpose: which is better mùr or mur.
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Thursday, 4 February 2016

St. Antonin Noble Val

Looking down on St. Antonin on a damp day.
Photo Shezab
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A reply from US Central command

What a brave lady an Afghan pilot, Captain Nilofer Rahmani flying with the Us Central Command.
Sitting in France ticking like on facebook to things the young men like.( it is interesting to follow their different  cultures) I got a suprise to get an acknowledgement for a comment from US Central Command.

French life only in that I am here in France, and I have to wonder how many surveillance lists I am on?
Malc says only worry if it is ISIS central command.
Hujatulah tells me she is the first lady pilot in the Afghan airforce and he is very proud of her.
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Love love Bal

C'est le Love Love Bal, 
Bal poétique et traditionnel
un samedile 20 février dès 19h

à Saint antonin Noble Val (82)

Au programme

Pour vous donner envie de danser
Anna Pietsch et alliés
une performance à croquer sur des notes contrebassées

puis place au parquet de bal 

ZIque à danser
banjo, accordéon et batterie vous échaufferons les gambettes

Sous le Pont
trois musiciens malins qui en un tour de main vous feront bouger
 de la tête aux pieds,
en cercle, à deux, à trois

Et la cerise sur le gâteau!
une entrée à 7 euros
un bon repas à prix doux,
des boissons fraîches et chaudes
des poèmes à murmurer

Pour réserver son repas 07 60 67 62 25
Pour plus d'infos 06 42 22 13 66

News from Cancer support

New for Saint Antonin and surrounds!

Cancer Support France drop in coffee morning, Gazpacho, Saint Antonin, every third Wednesday of the month, 10am to 11.30am.   First one, Wednesday 17th February 2016. For anyone whose life has been touched by cancer, in any way, is welcome to come.  There will be a trained volunteer available to offer advice or assistance.

Cancer Support France is a network of independent affiliated associations that have developed in recognition of the needs of English speaking people, here in France, affected by cancer.

If you require more information, please contact Caroline on 06 16 32 25 44.
Val says - great initiative 
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Is there a mystery in Montauban?

A member of the conseil municipal of Montauban announced on Twitter that a police raid had taken place at the mairie. This appears to have aroused the wrath of the maire, Brigitte Bareges and a legal move led to the Tweet being removed. The matter is not said to be linked to previous investigations of the maire's affairs, but to communications contracts. The mairie has denied that the raid took place, but police confirm that they had seized computers and documents.
Reports say that the atmosphere around the mairie is very strained, with threats and even violence.
No doubt the matter will be cleared up one way or another, but meanwhile the mystery persists.
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Majestic and wild the Landes beaches

A beautiful expanse of sea and sand, wild and wonderful, but the sea in summer for holidaymakers holds danger.

Last year the staggering number of 436 people drowned.
Plans are being put in place for more security in the peak holiday season but nothing works better than taking care oneself, watching children and not going in a rough sea. One in three people who drowned was over 65. 
Hard for us to remember we are not as young as we were, in our heads we are still 25.

436 noyades en 2015

L'enquête «Noyades 2015» de l'InVs (Institut de veille sanitaire) montre que 69 accidents de baignade en mer ont abouti à un décès entre le 1er juin et le 26 juillet – 89 en Aquitaine, 13 mortelles ; 93 en Languedoc Roussillon, 16 mortelles, 160 et 40 en Provence Alpes Côte d'Azur.
Tout littoraux confondus, parmi les 602 noyades en mer, 563 (93,5 %) ont eu lieu dans la bande des 300 mètres et 39 (6,5 %) audelà. Ce qui montre la dangerosité du bord du littoral, notamment en Aquitaine où baïnes et shore-break sont particulièrement dangereux. A noter que plus d'une noyade sur 3 concernait des personnes de 65 ans ou plus, et 28 %
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... and it was not too spicy

Last night we were invited for a meal made by the group of Pakinstani refugees. Chrissie who the boys really like was there to help with the cooking, but she only had a supervisory role as on cooking a traditional meal the boys know what to do.
The meal was delicious and after an initial try at eating rice with my fingers I soon reverted to using my fork.
It was not a late night as after the meal the boys were whisked off to indoor football, a sport they are  really enjoying. A great mix of nationalities from all around the world.
If you are reading boys and Chrissie, thank you very much.
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Nous sommes le jeudi quatre fevrier

A slight frost on the field. When I looked out I see the donkeys watching a deer with their ears up and trained to pick up noises in that direction. They know the next thing will be the dogs with bells, and sure enough Bonny and Twister have started barking as they hear the bells. I will whisper in the donkeys ears this morning " do not worry, the chasse finishes at the end of this month"
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