Friday, 16 November 2018

Want to make lovely pastry?

Places still available for Pastry Making Class on Wednesday 21st November, 2pm to 6pm. Make and take home two quiches and choux pastry gougéres. Learn the tricks for making superb pastry! Cost 35.00€ per person.  Class led by Joanne Schofield of Estabuffette.  Takes place at Carrendier near Verfeil-sur-Seye. Contact Joanne on or by private message.
NB: Joanne will not be at Varen market tomorrow but will have bacon butties at St Antonin on Sunday.

Motorists demonstration tomorrow may close stores

Pic:Richard Brunel/Maxppp
The movement calling itself "gilets jaunes" because they are asking demonstrators to wear the yellow hi-vis vests we are supposed to carry in our cars, are planning multiple "blockages" tomorrow, Saturday 17th November. According to its social media web pages there will be road blocks around all major towns and cities, motorway peage stations and main roads designed to cause delays and hold ups showing the government the public anger over rising fuel prices.
Nobody is quite certain to what extent this will disrupt life and the police have been instructed not to allow total blockages to occur. Organisers have asked demonstrators not to block the hard shoulders on autoroutes and not to cause damage.
Local sporting organisations have cancelled junior rugby and football matches and some stores will be closing their doors, notably Leclerc in Gaillac and the Jardinerie Tarnaise in Albi may be closed.

Thursday, 15 November 2018

No Brexit at all please

Theresa May has admitted there could be no Brexit at all

We want a People’s vote now we know the truth of leaving the European Union.

“This deal, which delivers on the vote of the referendum, which brings back control of our money, laws and borders, ends free movement, protects jobs, security and our union – or leave with no deal, or no Brexit at all.”

Tuesday, 13 November 2018

The mountains "have a fever"

Glacier de Ossoue in 2017: Photo Andy Barrejot
 A study by Spanish and French scientists has shown that the average temperatures in the Pyrenees have risen by 2.5% over the last half century. This is almost twice the average rate of the increase in world temperatures (0.84%) in the same period. The most obvious effect is the reduction in size of the glaciers in the mountain range.
Experts examining the whole range of impacts conclude that if the warming continues over the next 50 years the major economic effect will be on winter tourism with the depth of snow being reduced by half. But also rainfall will be reduced - excepting the heavy downpours - affecting major rivers on both sides of the range and summer temperatures will be higher.
Ironically the report comes out just as some Alpine ski resorts are reopening and the Pyrenees will soon be following suit. But possibly in 50 years there will be no Christmas ski breaks in the mountains.

Did you miss the giant machines?

Nearly a million people went to Toulouse over the 4 days the Company Les Machines presented its spectacular "Gardiens du Temple" featuring the giant Minotaur and Ariane the spider a couple of weeks ago. If you want to see the machines the new Halle de la Machine in the Toulouse suburb of Montaudran has opened its doors to visitors where many giant and smaller machines are on view. You can even ride on the Minotaur along the "piste de geants". Open every afternoon (except Monday) from 14h - 18h, entry 9 euros for adults and less for other categories. The Halle will be closed from 7th January until 7th February for maintenance.
Details on this link to the Halle's website.

Saturday, 10 November 2018

Motor cyclist fined 19200 euros

An unnamed multi-recidivist motorbike rider who committed 120 infractions during 2017 was finally arrested by Tarn and Garonne gendarmes. His number plates were deliberately partly obscured and the biker was seen to make an obscene gesture to the camera as he passed. By comparing the many flashed images gendarmes were able to reconstitute the number plate and determine by the clothing he wore that it was the same person in each picture. In addition to the speeding incidents were added various other infractions bringing the total charges to 120. The rider denied the charges but the geo-localisation on his mobile phone showed that he was indeed in the place where the infractions happened. He was fined 19200 euros and banned for one year.

Friday, 9 November 2018

Lest we forget

Most local villages will honour the dead of the world wars and other conflicts on Sunday.
This year is the centenary of the Armistice of the Great War (to end all wars..) and some villages are having special events. At Puylaroque the commune has an exhibition in the Salle des Fetes of memorabilia, with a video depicting the bravery of its citizens. At Verfeil sur Seye in the Salle des Fetes there will be an open forum for local people to tell their stories and memories. Varen sees the launch of a book telling the history of a local poet who went to do his duty and died in the trenches, but whose letters to his family told a poignant love story.
Puycelsi has the Maitrise from the Conservatoire of Toulouse performing the Durufle Requiem Mass and English songs.
We British will sport our poppies in memory of all the Allied troops (including thousands of Commonwealth soldiers of all races and religions) and take part in the "pots d'honneur" offered by our communes and some will lay wreaths at the war memorials. Our presence in this foreign field is a reminder of how many of our fellow citizens died here in France alongside the "poilus".
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PS among other events note the Comite de Fetes of Arnac is holding a loto in the Varen Salle des Fetes at 15h...lots of lovely prizes. Respectful?

Thursday, 8 November 2018

Noir or Blackie needs you

Please help me, adopt this 4 month old adorable puppy.
When we were getting a big bag of cat food this morning at the vets in Laguepie, the vets wife came dashing out to me to tell me about this darling of a labrador. ( she did not remember but he is the image of our Twister who died of old age 3 years ago.)
She knew Bonny had died about 6 weeks ago and knew Eldo was lonely.
Sadly we do not think it is fair to take on a younger dog as we get older.
This pup has already lost someone special in his life, as his owner has just died.
I am told he is adorable, good with cats, dogs and children.
He is at Lez at the moment just round the corner from us.
I seriously must not go to see him... but you could.
He is called “Noir” or “Blackie” if you prefer. There is a number on the sheet I took  a photo of or the vet in Laguepie can always tell you more.

Electric scooters in Toulouse

We have become used to cities having bicycles available for hire by the hour and even cars in some places. Now Toulouse is to offer electric scooters for 3 euros for 20 minutes, then 1 euro per 10 minutes. Scooters have to be booked by an on-line app, which will tell you where the nearest scooter is and how to access it. Helmets, disposable hair caps and hi-vis gilets are in the scooter's luggage box.
The company offering the service, Indigo Weel, intends to launch the scheme on 12th November and to follow-up with electric cars, bicycles and even "trottinettes" - those little scooters we associate with children.
But to use a 50cc equivalent scooter you need to be over 18, have a French ID and driver's licence.