Tuesday, 3 December 2019

Extra virgin olive oil

Many of you will remember Laura and Sid who left St. Antonin for Portugal

Extra Virgin olive oil fresh off the press. Grown & processed without any chemicals or pesticides for many years. Currently awaiting organic certification. This year is our first year here and we have a very limited amount of this superb oil available from our own farm on the slopes of the Gardhuna mountains Beira Beixa region of central Portugal. All the olives were hand picked and sorted by us. €17 per ltr or €75 for 5 ltrs. 1st come, 1st served, order early to avoid disappointment. Delivery from 10th December.

Sunday, 24 November 2019

No book swap tomorrow

A reminder that there will be no book swap on Monday 2nd December.

The next book swap will be on the first Monday in January.


Farewell Malcolm Johnstone

Young and old, English, French, Sudanese, Afghan, Pakistani, Ugandan,friends all ... from around our small world came to celebrate the life of Malc.
Thank you to Dave Smith who conducted the ceremony with such style aided by his wife Diane Smith . I will be eternally grateful to the couple for making it a “send off” to remember.
Speakers and friends David Atkins,Jean Marie Nosal, Véronique Weyergans, Shahzeb Khan and last but certainly not least Sam Jonkers our daughter.
Our neice Su and her boys Thomas and George flew in and we as family spent some happy, some sad and some thoughtful moments together. They represented brother in law Tudor Powell who was not well enough to come.
The joy of seeing  friends Jill and Liz who had flown in also for the funeral  made it totally memorable.
The crematorium was full to bursting with standing room only left. As someone said “love came from every corner”
Our boys came out in force and offers of help for my coming move came from so many.
Malc you were loved not only by me and Sam Jonkers and our girls but by so many.
Rest in peace my darling but please stay with me and guide me, as you have done all my life.

The photos Terence Harker and French friend and filmaker Cecile Ordanoff who has made a film for relatives and friends who were unable to come. It will be available when edited.

Sunday, 17 November 2019

Rebecca at Castelsarassain

Rébecca J Allen Celebrity Artist
Exhibits her large portraits
15 to 24 Nov 2019
Invitation Vernisage / private view with musical animation and cocktails (Friday 15 Nov 19 pm).
Autumn Salon of Castelsarrasin 2019.
Add: Espace culteral Paul Descazeaux, CASTELSARASSIN 

Thursday, 14 November 2019

My dear Sub editor

Dear dear friends
Sam our daughter is with us now as we face the last step for Malc.
Yesterday I was asked to attend a meeting with the Doctors to be told after a bleed in the brain and the calcium not be beiing controlled by the aggressive chemotherapy, there was nothing more they could do to prolong Malcs life.
They have waited till today till Sam was here to see her Dad, then tomorrow they will stop treatment.
Without the drug which halts the calcium blocking the kidneys they  think he will not survive too long.
He has put up an amazing fight over the last 6 months, he really wanted to continue our lovely life we had together... sadly will power is just not enough. 
He has had amazing care in Albi hospital.
For me all your support has really been needed, the driving everyday for weeks to Albi has taken its toll on me, so all your help over the last few weeks has made a real difference.
I hope I am strong enough to go this final step for him, he is worth it .
53 years together, and I cannot imagine the next step, moving house and being without him.
I am assured of all your love and support and for that I cannot thank you enough.
We are hoping we can get him home for a few days to be with us and the pets but we are not sure if he is well enough for the journey here or even if he would feel safer in hospital for the end.
I wanted all our friends to know where we are and this is the easiest way to tell you all.
taglines82@ gmail.com

Tuesday, 12 November 2019

Language tuition

The Maison de la Halle, an association in Verfeil, is looking for
someone English speaking to give beginner English classes and
conversation classes for higher level. Starting with two groups.

This for the moment, would not be paid much but could have expenses paid
and maybe a little more and could also be in exchange for french classes
they also plan to do. All this can be discussed.

The woman in charge of organising the different workshops they hope to
start up is Fati Fall, tel: 06 59 94 82 93 or fatifall@hotmail.com. If
you are interested please contact her direct.

She speaks English so anyone  can phone or write in English.

My feeling would be that it could be appealing to people who would like
to improve their french/ who would like to have new french contacts/who
live not too far from Verfeil/ who would like the challenge/who have
time/ and some teaching experience or at least willing to learn quick!