Wednesday, 21 March 2018

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Parisot library, in partnership with Festilitt, presents


- a series of literary events throughout the year

LibraryLit programme - update


Following Adrian Weale's very interesting and well attended talk on Saturday, we are delighted to confirm that he will be back in Parisot later in the year with copies of his book 'The SS: A New History' for sale.  We know a number of you were disappointed copies weren't available after his talk and we will give plenty of notice nearer the time of where and when this will take place. 

Change of date - check your diaries

We are now preparing our next event.  This was originally planned for Saturday 19th May, but the date has been changed and the talk will now be held a week earlier on Saturday 12th May at 10.30.  The speaker is a novelist and full details will be sent out a couple of weeks beforehand.  We are very excited about this talk which promises to be interesting, engaging and of course, original.


For those few of you who were sitting at the back on Saturday and found it a little difficult to hear, we are sure you will be pleased to learn that we will use microphones for our May event to make sure this doesn't happen again.

LibraryLit speakers

We are always on the lookout for LibraryLit speakers.  If you know any authors who would like to come along and give an interesting talk do let us know.

All LibraryLit events are free of charge.

If you have any ideas, or feedback, please don't hesitate to get in touch:

Full information of authors and dates are sent out a few weeks before each talk.
Please forward this email to anyone you think may be interested.  They can subscribe to our mailing list to receive details of future events by emailing

Creating a forest garden

Bonjour ami-e,

Tu le sais peut-être, notre écolieu, l'Ecohameau de Verfeil (82), se lance cette année dans un grand projet : la création d'un jardin forêt.

Ce "verger" amélioré, conçu suivant les principes de la permaculture, nous permettra d'accroître la biodiversité du lieu, d'expérimenter, de produire encore plus d'aliments sains pour notre consommation, de transmettre notre expérience par le biais de visites pédagogiques et formations, et bien sûr d'embellir l'écohameau !

Pour faire fleurir ce beau projet, nous avons besoin de ton soutien

Comment nous aider ? En participant, même modestement, à notre campagne de financement participatif : Création d'un jardin forêt à l'écohameau de Verfeil, lancée via notre association l'ASDEV. 

Tout est expliqué en détails (et même en vidéo !) sur notre page Helloasso, le paiement est sécurisé et nous proposons également des contreparties alléchantes (graines, paniers, visites, repas...). 

N'hésite pas à revenir vers nous pour discuter de ce projet, nous serons ravis de t'en dire plus !

Si le projet te touche, pense aussi à le partager largement car plus nous serons nombreux, plus il aura de chances de se concrétiser.

Mille mercis d'avance et à bientôt à l’écohameau.

Alice Guillon
82330 Verfeil sur Seye

No more “nous sommes”

I think you can tell I am more than distracted at the moment, which  leads me to think I can write posts when I can and post things sent to me. Trying to remember the day the date never mind what week it is seems beyond me at the moment!!
Malc is back home and will have daily visits from the nurse for injections for the next 6 months so we are in an ongoing health situation. I will save time driving to Albi and back each day but will be donning my nurse and carer’s outfit. 
Today we must sort out all the medication, what it is for and when to take it. Could take us some time.
Malc is delighted to be home and as we now have a wheelchair you may be seeing him about

Hi Val
Extremely lovable “rescued “ tortoise shell cat looking for a suitable new home. She is 2 1/2 years old. Spayed, micro-chipped and in excellent health. Her vaccinations are up to date. I am moving house to a very small 1st floor apartment with no access to a garden, and altho’ she is clean and can use a tray she is used to being outside during the day. She likes to come in at night for a cuddle & human contact. The apartment  is too small for her and for my rescue dog who is still in need of training. She  comes with her trousseau of basket, tray,  food bowls etc. Her name is Motley. I hand -reared her from the age of 4-5 weeks and I am very sad to part with her, but I do not think she would be happy in my next  home.

A bright cheerful start to the morning

A bright start to the morning with a bouquet of flowers from Claude Nicaud.
A local artist living and working around St. Antonin

Tuesday, 20 March 2018

Snow flakes fell

Snow, but not a lot. The hills over towards St. Martial have a covering but it will be gone in a couple of hours.
Just when we thought spring had arrived on the first day of spring we have a bit of snow.
Malc will be coming home this afternoon, he has to return for a hospital visit Friday and this will go on  between Albi hospital 
and here for some months. Here the local nurse will call every day.... but the main thing is he will be in his own bed!!
Well actually he will be in a hospital bed on loan from the pharmacy.
Well he will be in his own room... well actually he will be in the spare bedroom!
He will be here at Mas del Sol and be able to see the kestrels and the dogs, cats and ME.

If any one needs hospital care though we can speak very highly of it.

Monday, 19 March 2018

Carnival time at Vaour

Carnival time, check the link

Great communal idea

I hope Malc will be well enough to go, it is a lovely iniative.

Nous sommes le lundi dix neuf mars

Sunday, 18 March 2018

Coming up

  1. AGACANTHE – female vocal group – music and poetry in the salle des fetes in Bruniquel. Pieces in the programme include: Pergolèse, Mozart, G. Holst, Elgar, P. Casals.  Tickets 8€. Information : 05 63 63 75 35.
  2. Karaoke with Karalain in the Bar des Sports in Varen from 9pm
  3.  Both next Friday.


A damp start

A damp start to the morning but out in the donkey field this morning it was not cold.
Enjoy the market today in St. Antonin as we go into spring the market seems to start to double in size and what a thriving market it is.
I was unable to be at the friperie yesterday morning in Varen , so thanks to all the helpers who went along over the two days  friday afternoon setting up and opening 10 to noon on Saturday.
I am told it was a busy morning and the take was excellent. I did go down with the keys to open up and the range of things for sale is amazing, certainly worth popping in for a look. The market stallholders says there has been an increase of through traffic and Saturday mornings in Varen seem to be the place you should be. Coffee at the bar afterwards and from the 24 th of March stay for lunch at the Moulin.
The villagers are also coming into the shop for their bargains and there is a joke with one couple that they will be getting a fidelity card.

Nous sommes le dimanche dix huit mars

Should I give you the good news first then the bad news,
Malc is doing really well and may come home next week.
The bad news is yesterday afternoon I  pranged the car, well the tyre and the wheely bit putting it in technical terms hit a stationery tipper truck thingy.
The car had to be towed away leaving me without transport to go to the hospital
So then we have good and bad news again...
The garage at Verfeil suddenly at 7.30 pm tonight  brought me our other car back repaired. 
Now the bad news, whilst talking to the “garagist”  I left the first meal I could be bothered to cook this week on the coffee table and Eldo ate it all.. except the peas.
photos of everything except Eldo licking his lips on finishing.

Saturday, 17 March 2018

Rosie with her half sister Lucy

We have loved having our donkey girls for 10 years but it is time for them to move to new owners and a new life.
We will be heartbroken when they leave but we know for them it is the best and their owners have all the right credentials
and most importantly will love them.

Nous sommes le samedi dix sept mars

My donkeys will soon be going to a new loving home near the Pyrenees. If you are interested in donkeys or shetland ponies Jan has some needing rehoming at the moment.

Friday, 16 March 2018

Albi is magnificent.

 Not a bad view from a bed in intensive care in the cardiology department in Albi.
What a beautiful cathedral and city Albi is.
Malc is now much recovered and able to enjoy his surroundings more and especially since he left intensive care behind.
We hope he can be home next week sometime

Nous sommes le vendredi seize mars

The nightingales have arrived, I laid in bed listening  to the song coming from the hedge in the back garden very early this morning.
The kestrels are here and enjoying the sunny weather, they have not yet started mating, but they are checking out the nest area constantly.
The small finches arriving for sunflower seeds have been wonderful this winter, with two beautiful hawfinch pairs.
This afternoon I will be visiting Malc in hospital but if you have items to donate to the shop there will be people at the old town hall in Varen from 3 to 5pm

Thursday, 15 March 2018

spring is sprung!

My first violets spotted in the lanes today with cowslips appearing.
Spring is in the air!

Le Moulin de Varen

Reopening the 24 th of March, bookings now being taken, yippee!

Nous sommes le jeudi quinze mars