Tuesday, 25 February 2020

Vide Maison

Vide Maison

Moya is having a vide maison on Sunday 1 March at Las Treilles, 81170 Itzac from 10am to 4pm. Her house is 1km up the hill from the centre of Itzac on the road to Vaour. There is a lot of great furniture for sale, including: 2 Stuart Jones chairs,  a nest of tables and a yew corner unit, as well as pictures, kitchen items, crystal glass and a wide range of books. The larger items can be bought in advance. Contact Moya on: graemoya@orange.fr for more information or to arrange a visit to see the furniture.

Sunday, 23 February 2020

Remember Laura and Sid?

Glad to hear that you're happy in your new home.
We're fine, Sid's doing well, he's got past the first 3 months which apparently is the dodgy time after a heart attack & is now back to normal really. Portugal has taken us in hand totally... We're registered farmers now which was a bit of a shock to the system! But honestly everyone is so kind & helpful we really feel as if we're finally in the right country. We're now busy putting in raised beds for veggies, have pruned about 80 of the olives which hadn't been touched for years & made a start on double glazing and insulating the house, that in itself is now a building site but the weather's too glorious to be indoors so it'll remain a mess for a while. We seem to have a constant stream of visitors most of whom help.
We cannot believe how early spring comes to this area, the meadows are full of thigh high flowers, chamomile, marigolds, lavender, ash trees are in leaf it's just wonderful. Anyway here's a few pics of our place, we've got all the land both sides of the river just can't believe it.
Really if you ever fancy then do come & see us.
Look after yourself with love from both of us Laura & Sid

Val says.  There is life after France and this couple are now in Portugal

A club no one wants to join

A club no one wants to join
A good friend who lost his wife a few years ago said to me, ‘’ Val we are in a club no one wants to join’’
I understood perfectly what he was saying. No one wants to loose a beloved partner but as we get older it is going to happen to us all, its a fact of life...or death.
There are  two other people in the village who lost partners around the same time as I lost Malc. It is uncanny how we are all going through the same stages of grief, but the over riding problem is the loneliness, after spending years of sharing ones life.
I am a great one for tackling problems head on. We must accept our lives have changed and prepare for the next phase, which we must try to make as much fun as possible.
Hearts  will ache at bedtime bit we still have our lives which are a gift to enjoy.
If you live in Varen or nearby and want for any reason to join the group no one wants to be in, then contact me to arrange having some fun.
Its a club  with no direction and no other aim than to make us happy.
Maybe we can discuss help we need with documents or jobs too difficult around the house.
So far I think I can  count on 5, not a bad start, and or course it will be a multi lingual group.

Saturday, 22 February 2020

Dogs are banned

Varen  frip takes a hard stand 
No more  dogs in the frip. ūü¶ģ
You know we love dogs at Mains Tendues, we all have one or two ourselves... but after a week end where 3 dogs lifted their legs copiously in the shop and the owners sneaked off without offering to clean up. We have a new rule now.
Dogs have to be tied up outside or if one of us is free we will hold their leads for you. 
We do not have washing facilities, although we do now have a smelly mop.
You brought it on yourselves you mutts.... I do mean the dogs.

Car wanted

Hi Val,
How are you doing? So hope all's well with you, often think of you, have you moved yet?
I have a request for tag
Please does anyone have an old car they no longer need, preferably English with French registration, anything considered.
Many thanks & lots of love to you Laura & Sid xxxxx

Monday, 17 February 2020

Apero Concert, Verfeil

Mercredi 19 Fevrier, 19 h cafe de la halle 

Saturday, 15 February 2020

Busy week end

This Valentine days week end and what a busy time we have had a Mains Tendues 82
We had a lovely visit from Sol handi √† Verfeil. They are setting up two or three apartments for the handicapped people they help, for  them to learn to live independantly.
We are helping them for free to furnish their apartments.
Then we had a visit from representatives of Citrus Laguepie, who we gave a cheque for 1,000 euros to help them with their work of integrating young people from around the world and teaching them to work together.
Then we welcomed two new helpers to the team both elderly French ladies who are my neighbours in the village. Well done ladies.
A young refugee, one of my young men who has just got asylum came for bedding and he happily went away with arms full

We are only open 2 hours on Friday and three on Saturday but we fit a lot into those hours.

The bureau of Mains Tendues 82 with Citrus Laguepie 

Tuesday, 11 February 2020

Restaurant for sale at Verfeil

An absolute bargain, you can live there, rent rooms and have a restaurant
Go for it whilst you can