Friday, 30 March 2012

Death at Septfonds at the St. Mamet

Yesterday lunchtime at the St. Mamet at Septfonds a lady in her seventies swallowed some food which went down the wrong way. Sadly by the time the Pompiers came and gave her the Heimlich manoevre she had suffocated and died.

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Beat this if you can!

Do others amongst us have days like these or is it just us?
Malc had the first day off for weeks from visiting Castres on a medical matter.
Started well with a friend arriving with the best of news for her.
Then an artisan arrived to dig up the courtyard to find a break in a drain. After digging numerous deep holes it was decided it was a futile exercise and he filled them in. Paid him a huge amount.
Then our sit on lawn mower was returned after a service. This is the love of my life after the pets oh! and Malc of course. After trying it for a short period I was nearly in tears as it was really uncomfortable to drive and my back started aching. Malc took my moans on board and thought it could only be the tyres. So he checked the pressure to find they had been inflated 4 times over their recommended pressure. So he sorted that for me 'sans problem'.
Malc in the meantime had been with the technicians from Big Mat repairing at a price that I can hardly comprehend the electric roll out pool cover. After they left I said 'OK give me a demonstration' Horror of horrors nothing happened, which was basically how it was all last summer!
He is relieved to be back at Castres with the physio tomorrow.
-And I even forgot to mention that the farmer had fertilised the field next to ours and Bonny, our Golden Retriever had rolled and arrived back covered from head to toe smelling, well unimaginable.( certainly not of Roses)

Monday, 26 March 2012

Wine rack and Love Chair for sale

I was wondering if you could put something for sale at you website.,
because we are leaving France ( end of the month)!!!

A very big old antique wine-rack for 500 bottles!!! size 2.55 high, 1.50

wide, 50 depth

price 250 €

And a love-seat , beige linen 200 €

My tel. nr adress

Megane Estate 1.9DCi for sale/ SOLD TO A TAG READER

For Sale Megane Estate 1.9 DCi
First registered 2004; registered in France 2006
Mileage: 143,000 kms
Regularly serviced at Blatgers in St Antonin
New shock absorbers and disc brake pads 2011
Economical: average of 6 litres per 100 km
Good local runabout but also comfortable for long journeys
€2990 ono
Discount for sterling around £2250
Tel 0563569377 (after April 2)

Sunday, 25 March 2012

Challenging walk

Karen Sweeting sends this info. contact her for more information if needed

If anyone wants a bit of a challenging walk, or indeed, wants to run it, here are the details.

Ascension Day
17th May
St Antonin Noble Val

New delivery Service

We are writing to you let you know that we are setting up a local delivery service (Saint-Antonin and surrounding villages) of british goods. Most of us at times find that we cannot find items we want in France or think that prices are too high. We are suggesting delivering goods like groceries (Asda, Tesco, Waitrose …), paint, tools, and other things that you may want or need.

If you would like to benefit from our delivery service then this is how to proceed :

step 1

: book a slot on our van worth £200.00 (each slot has a maximum grocery order of £200.00) and e-mail us your details (name, address,telephone number)

step 2

: order and pay on line for your items and have them delivered to our warehouse in England two days before our delivery date

step 3

: e-mail us a copy of your receipt

step 4

: we inform you of the day and approximate time of delivery to somewhere near you and charge you 20% of the total order on delivery

Our first delivery will bein the week beginning 16th of April and we would be delighted to hear from you before then. Any questions, feedback or advice you may have will be welcome. We would also very much appreciate you forwarding this message on to anyone you think may be interested.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon,

Eve and Jab Wallis
82160 Saint -Projet
Tel 0682715635
Ps As we are starting out we can only carry a small amount of cold food so please restrict these to 10% of your grocery order.
We hope in future to be able to carry more cold and frozen foo. Please contact us if you want more bulky items[furniture] or items delivered to UK

Saturday, 24 March 2012

Spring Forward

Do not forget to put your clocks forward one hour tonight if you are a British/European Tagger.

Friday, 23 March 2012

Do you need a helping hand?

Young French girl/student needs holiday work and is available full time or for a few hours  from now till September. Likes gardening, pets and is willing to house sit pets for holidays. Anything legal considered within the range of Najac, St. Antonin, Varen, Laguepie, Verfeil, Caylus areas.
Contact Anne- Claire  tel. 06 81 91 36 45

Poncirus trifoliata

We are getting closer on the tree identification,  Jill  Spearman sent this reply to the Dowson's.
It is some kind of citrus, but I don't know what kind. Last Autumn I picked a fruit from the tree, it was like a small satsuma but was so bitter it was inedible. It was packed with seeds which I have successfully germinated. I have now got 11 little plants about 3" high looking very healthy.
Shaun Dowson says
it looks like it could be a  "Poncirus trifoliata"
this is a type of orange believe it or not.
i found it on the Internet because i thought it looks like a crown of thorns, and some people call it crown of thorns bush, or trifolate orrange.

Thursday, 22 March 2012

Who can identify the tree?

Can anybody identify this tree which can be found in the grounds of the Chateau at Feneyrols? If you can please reply to Lorraine and Neville Dowson email

Local runner Karen Sweeting back from Rome with Marathon tales

Firstly can I point out that a Marathon is 26 miles 385 yards, or 42.195km’s long.  No more, no less.  Anything other than that, it’s NOT a Marathon.
It is a race, for those that wish to race, and most do, and most are trying to beat their last time, or get a reasonably good time if it’s their first, or just get round to say they’ve done it.  Some do it again, and again, and again, some never ever do.  Some say “Never Again”, but do……i.e. ME..!
 Rome is my 5th Marathon.  “Why?” I am always asked, sadly I cannot answer that.  I just love the running; although not always the length! Or the training…. I adore the people who run, the sportsmanship of it all, the challenges people take on, and the determination of getting across that finish line. 
 Time isn’t too important to me, although I do like to get round in under 5 hours if I can, I’m no Paula Radcliffe, let’s face it, but when I crossed the line in London (2003) in 4:38  it was just so exhilarating I can’t explain the feeling of being there, finishing, tears and emotional hugs with strangers (James was not allowed in the finish area!) then meeting him outside and hugging him, the medal – worn with pride all the way home.  I can honestly say, apart from our marriage, it was one of the best days of my life.  And the money I raised (well over 6k) went to several Charities too.    
Now I guess it’s a tad boring that I’ve done 5…?  NO WAY, I still love the rush of the day, the morning nerves, getting up SOOO early to eat a huge breakfast, getting to the start line with, sometimes, up to 38,000 others.  Amazing beyond belief.  The most amazing sight I have is the Champs D’Elysee stretched out before me, I was right at one end (the back!), and for as far as you could see, there were runners – Paris 2007.  Sadly although I’d trained very hard for that one, I pulled a thigh muscle half way round and limped to the finish – determined to cross that line at whatever cost….Post marathon meet ups with lots of family and friends and a well earned drink and forgot my pain and sorrow.  There is always another one.
The smaller ones are good too, Toulouse 2010 was a much smaller affair with about 6,000 and celebrating my “zero birthday” I was determined to get this one right.  It became my Personal Best (PB) at 4.32.30.  The record still stands; I hope to beat it someday.
Shorter races are great fun; I particularly love the 11k race in Caussade, first Sunday in March and have now done this 5 times.  There is such a good turn out for such a small place and everyone is eager to get a good time, and it is all taken very seriously.  French races are on the up, cycling being the first love of course, but running is becoming more and more popular, and the goody bags at the end never cease to amaze me.  Always a good t-shirt, jams, biscuits, vouchers for some spa or other, fruit, sandwich and of course the obligatory bottle of wine, and that’s all after you have been thrust a bottle of beer and a baguette and the end of the race..!!  This year I managed a PB and won my age group too!!
Well, No. 5 has been completed and as most of you know we’ve just been to Rome, a short holiday as well as running the Marathon.  I thought London was good, this was THE BEST….sadly not my time, but given all the circumstances; the heat (it was blisteringly hot – I have the sunburn to prove it!), the sights (we ran round the lot….!!) then the horrible narrow streets with those crippling cobbles.   The start and the finish at the Colosseum was awesome.
I managed it in 5hrs according to my Garmin (watch) and was pleased with that.  It was one of the best for sightseeing, many runners stopping on route to have their photos taken with many a famous landmark.  It was truly amazing. 
So, will this be my last…….? who knows…..but I won’t be giving up running that’s for sure.  Make sure you give me a wave and a hoot of the horn when you see me out there. Thanks.

Mohamed Merah Killed in his apartment

Mohamed Merah nicknamed ' the shooter on a bike' has been shot dead in his Toulouse apartment after a long stand off. Three policeman were injured in the attack when the flat was stormed at 11.39am

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Suspect shooter surrounded in his flat at Toulouse

A 24 year old man has been surrounded in his flat at Toulouse. In trying to arrest him three policemen have been shot and slightly injured. His brother has been arrested and it is thought he may also be implicated. The suspect is now under seige and claims he is affiliated to Al Qaeda

Monday, 19 March 2012

Another shooting in Toulouse

Four people including 3 children have been shot in Toulouse outside a Jewish School. The bullets fired are all from the same gun as the one that killed the soldiers in Toulouse and Montauban previously. Once again the gunman was riding on a black scooter. All the soldiers killed were from ethnic minorities, so this is beginning to look like a series of racist killings.The Midi Pyrenees area has been put on 'scarlet alert' which is the highest level possible. One of the biggest manhunts in France in recent times is now underway.

Rescued Mules and Pony

Thank you all so much for your support and good wishes from Jan Lemmy, Liberte des Anes
 We went off yesterday morning to collect these 3 animals and they are now installed in our large open summer barn.  This butchers yard is not a place to visit if you love horses !
We attach a  photo of these three, they are dull coated, a bit confused but kindly souls. The smallest mule has a wound on her lower jaw so we have called in the dentist to see if it comes from within her mouth or is from an external injury.  It is infected so she has been given antibiotics.  We have been offered many temporary homes but nothing permanent as yet, but we feel they need to be brought back to good health here first.  They have no names and no papers so we have now wormed them all, called in the dentist, and the farrier will be visiting soon.  Then they will need a vet visit to vaccinate them and give them their id chips, papers and following that their passport applications, and so it goes on ......
 If you would like to send in ideas for their names maybe we could find some names that suite them.
 If anyone would like to donate to the costs we will incur we would be extremely grateful.  These costs are made up firstly for the worming for the 3, 30 euros, dentist visit 150 euros, farrier visit 75 euros, vet call out fee 35, antibiotics 70 euros,  id chips 105 euros, paperwork to identify them 105 euros, 3 passports 120 euros, already about 700 euros without any costs for their feeding etc !  Our address here is LIBERTE DES ANES, Lavolvene, 82150 Belveze, France  (we have a uk bank account also should you wish to donate to us in pounds!)
PS donkeys need a passport by law

Jean -Luc Melenchon rallies supporters

Left wing candidate Jean - Luc Melechon rallies support and threatens the success of Hollande. Sarkozy gains in polls. Former MP Villepan bows out. There are now at least ten candidates on the starting line and the full list will be announced to- day.

Friday, 16 March 2012

Forensic evidence on the bullets

On France 3 Midi Pyrenees on the news at 7pm it was announced after tests on the bullets that the same gun was used on all the soldiers killed, the soldiers at Montauban and the soldier at Toulouse. The soldier who is in a critical condition who had a bullet in the head is still between life and death.

Gospel singing at Monteils

Sunday 25th March 15.00hrs in the church in Monteils is a Concert Gospel/varietes in aid of the charity Retina France. Participants are 'Les Voix du Coeur' and the Monteils choir and the Gospel group 'Harmony'. Entry is 5 euros and the church is heated.

Two soldiers shot dead, a third critical at Montauban

Three soldiers in uniform, outside the barracks of the 17th Parachute Regiment at Montauban were shot yesterday Thursday 15th of March. A gunman on a scooter drove passed with his visor pulled down on his crash helmet shooting the three young soldiers all aged under 28 years.
This incident came after another soldier was shot in Toulouse at the week end.

Thursday, 15 March 2012

Charlston Skedaddle trike for sale

'Charlston Skedaddle trike for sale, as new condition, hardly used. Well made, robust, has attitude, but needs a new rider!
 250 euros or nearest offer. Can deliver.
 Contact:  Lizzie Jewels 0563 40 13 46  or

resized_Charlston Skedaddle Trike 001.jpg

Great day for our four legged friends [ and some 3 ]

Jan lemmy from the Liberte des Anes has emailed to say the 2 mules and a pony have been saved. I know at least one of our generous Taggers had offered a temporary home but the news is they may even have found a forever home / field
Also Isla the three legged dog has been adopted on a trial basis by a lovely family of Taggers who live in the country with an enclosed courtyard. If she is a good girl and settles well with the other animals on the homestead she will have found a truly perfect home after her rotten start in life.
How do you top that ... well it is SUNNY.

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Crane for sale

Hi Taggers,
Here are some details regarding the crane we have for sale. Attached a photo.. Let me know if you need further details.
Offers around €4000
Power — Electric 3 phase
Main cable replaced new 2005.
Control — hand held console from the ground - about 18m cable. Console has 4 pairs of ACTIONS — On/Off, Up/Down, In/Out along the jib; and Rotation clockwise/anti-clockwise.
Included : Steel skip bin, Set of Chains (4 anchors), cement/mortar chute container, 2 sets of Forks.
See it in action at Martin & Denise Mackenzie up until mid April ( will be lowering and moving it around that time).

Our details:
Fabre de Lagrange, 81140 Penne.  ( Best to pass via Laussier on the St.Antonin/Vaour road)
Tel: 05 6356 3894
email: martin.mackenzie(at)

Poor Paws holds a book sale

Spring has sprung and the end of the Winter was hard and very brrrrrrrr !  So I am sure a lot of you spent  many a lovely evening in front of the fire with a glass in hand and a good book.  Then, disaster, no more books !!  Fear not, help is at hand, it's that time of year again.  The Poorpaws Dog Rescue/Cancer Research Barn Book Sale will be held at Lesley Judd's lovely barn and garden in the hamlet of Beliben on Saturday 7th April from 10 am to 4pm. 
To get to Beliben, find Sauzet (Lot ), then leave Sauzet on the Villeseque/Cahors road.  As soon as you exit Sauzet there is a road on your right to St. Pantaleon - ignore it and go straight on.  the next on the right is a small lane to Beliben (there will be markers).  Turn right and keep going until you see the house and barn on your right.   If you are coming from the Cahors direction Beliben is on the left just before Sauzet.
We do hope that as many of you as possible will come along to support us.  There will be the usual large selection of books and dvd's as well as the almost legendary fabulous home made cakes to enjoy with your tea or coffee, or indeed to buy and take home with you. Fear not, none of the cakes will be made by me - I always end up taking my chocolate cornflake crunchies home and pigging out !
A plus this year will be a prize draw !!!
If you have books and/or dvd's to donate (sorry, no videos) in English, French or Dutch please contact me by email or 'phone 0565245303 and I will be happy to arrange to meet up and/or arrange collection.  Or, bring them along with you on the day -although we would prefer to have them before if poss. 
Even if dog rescue is not your thing I am sure that each and every one of us has some reason to be thankful for cancer research so please do come along and if you have friends or family staying for Easter, bring them along too.  A good time guaranteed !
Sue Glibbery

A plea from Liberte des Anes

Two small gentle mules and a pony, all female and have been together all their lives will be slaughtered at the end of this week unless we can find them a home. These 3 are already at the butchers waiting. They are only 15 years old. Can anyone take them on a temporary basis until we can find them a home?
Contact me Jan Lemmy at 

Possible life saving information

Stroke identification or recognizing when someone may have suffered a stroke is vitally important and the quicker it is picked up the more chance the person has of survival.
Doctors say a bystander can recognize a stroke by  asking 3 simple questions.
Ask the individual to smile.
Ask the person to talk and speak a simple sentence coherently.
Ask him or her to raise both arms.
If the individual has trouble with these tasks call emergency immediately.
A new sign is to stick out your tongue and if the tongue is crooked or to one side that is another indication of a problem.
I can see a lot of joking around 'smile please and stick out your tongue' but if the information saves one life it will be worth you reading it.
Gillian Green has sent more information following this post. Take a bag of frozen peas or such from the freezer and hold it to one side of the head or the other depending on which side seems affected or in the centre of the head if you are not sure. Freezing where the blood clot has occurred limits the damage immediately

Sarkozy ahead in polls for the first time

A new poll gives Sarkozy a first round election lead for the April 22nd Presidential elections but showed Hollande would win in the run off on May 6th.
Marie Le Pen has confirmed she has gained the backing of the 500 elected officials needed and is currently standing 3rd in the polls.

Monday, 12 March 2012

Conservatoire d'Especes Fruitieres et de Vignes Anciennes

At Puycelsi in the Tarn 6 hectares of varieties of fruit and nut trees and also vines are conserved and cared for under the auspices of the Council General of the Tarn and the Institute of National Scientific Research. There are more than 500 varieties, some ancient apple trees, 40 varieties of pears,70 varieties of plums, 50 varieties of cherries and I could go on. Visitors are welcomed and there is a shop selling fruit. It is open from 15th of April to 14th of November. Reservations needed for guided group visits.
For more info. contact Conservatoire d'especes fruitieres tel 0563 33 19 41

England beats France

Nicholas Sarkozy, Francois Hollande and centre right candidate Francois Bayrou were all spectators at the France v England Rugby Match Sunday 11th of the Six Nations Cup. England just managed to beat France after an exciting game 24 - 22.

Saturday, 10 March 2012

Sarkozy supporters baffled

President Nicholas Sarkozy struggling in the opinion polls this week stated for the second time if he loses the race he will quit politics. Have you ever heard a politician admitting the possibility of defeat before an election? An opinion survey by CSA shows Francois Hollande to be still increasing his lead.

Thursday, 8 March 2012

Fifi clothes sale Saturday

Just a quick reminder that the Fifi clothes sale is Saturday 10th of March at the Salle des Fetes at Verfeil, scrum starts as the doors open at 10am. Coffee and cakes to follow.

Schipper Plant sale

The Market Garden Schipper is having a minus 30% sale on all outdoor plants starting 7th to 18th of March. It includes ornamental trees, roses, conifers,fruit trees, olive and palm trees. It will also be open the Sundays of 11th and the 18th. Opening times are 9 -12 and 2-6pm
Tel 0565657809 Schipper if you have never been can be found near La Fouillade, a place called Le Bousquet.

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Who wants some light gardening work ?

A resident of Varen has asked me to post a notice for someone who can help with light gardening duties such as weeding and a bit of planting. Hours and remuneration to be discussed.
Contact Philip on tel. 05 63 64 74 92

Too many foreigners in France !

In a television interview Tuesday evening Nicholas Sarkosy took the far right stance and stated "There are too many foreigners in France" and made an election pledge to cut the numbers entering by half. Now I do not think for a minute he means you and I 'EU' citizens but you cannot help feeling a bit vulnerable.

Les Frelons Asiatiques

According to the Depeche this morning Montauban is suffering from a proliferation of nests (nids) of asiatic wasps which are quite at home in towns as well as in the country. They can be quite dangerous and as it is the time now when the queen is making her nest, it is the time to be vigilant.
The wasps came over from China in 2004 to Lot And Garonne in a shipment of garden pottery.
There are now many specialist firms who will come and eradicate the nests and their prices should range from 80 to 140 euros depending on the height of the nests. We are warned to beware of swindlers, so the best advice must be ask at your local Mairie for a reputable firm.
Apparently frogs eat the frelons so if you have a pond with frogs you may have the solution!

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Free filter and pump system

Free out of ground filter and pump system for swimming pool.

Bournazel Rocks

Rock'nTarn at the Salle des Fetes, Bournazel near Cordes. Starting 20.30hrs. entry 5 euros. Young rock groups in the area strutt their stuff and show off their musical skills. Who knows if the next rave group will be amongst them. Performing will be Lego MC, Deceni, Azad Lab and Elecrtic Geisha
For more info.

Cheval de guerre / War horse at Le Queryls

The Steven Spielberg version of Michael Morpurgo's childrens book. It was and is a huge success on stage, the book is a delight for young adult readers, will the film match up? On At Le Queryls at St. Antonin from 9th to the 12th March.

Monday, 5 March 2012

Looking for Love and found it now

More about 3 year old  Isla as requested. May need a cat and a sofa to adjust to a new home but I am sure she would be so grateful she would sleep in her basket perhaps with a fluffy toy.

More information as requested

Come and cuddle our rabbits,. we are in between Varen and Verfeil, C3 Alzonne, follow St. Eutrope / Druilhet

We also sell our baby Flemish rabbits, to good homes only! These are only 8 weeks old,.

Le Petit Compagn'âne
Tel 06 48 95 15 88

Sunday, 4 March 2012

Winter Warmer Visit

Children, grandchildren, animal lovers why not come and visit our beautiful setting and give the donkeys a small walk. Feed Freya the black Gascon pig and boyfriend Gully .Dogs, horses, hens and ducks but needing cuddles are the giant baby rabbits.
Special winter price 5 euros pp. which includes tea/coffee and biscuits.
Le Petit Campagnane. Balades avec des Anes
Sur reservation     or tel 06 48 95 15 88

Sad death in a local commune

I was not going to mention this sad death as reported in the Depeche last week but today discovered that the lady who was found dead was British. After 4 weeks of post arriving and not been taken from the letterbox, the Pompiers were called. On entering the house on one of the main streets, the Rue du Barry in Laguepie, the resident was found dead. We now know it was an English lady of 58 years who died of natural causes but no one missed her for at least 4 weeks. What a sad state of affairs and one wonders how this can happen. Where were her family, friends, neighbours ? It makes us realise if you have a neighbour on their own whatever their nationality, keep an eye out for them especially in cold weather.

Interested in Isla ?

A nice picture of Isla the three legged dog who is desperate to find a loving home rather than be returned to a refuge, can be found in the earlier post about her. After being looked after in a carers home, Isla is now ready to move to her forever home. She is a loving, house trained, obedient girl. Bet Malc wishes he could say that about me.

Saturday, 3 March 2012

St. Antonin Noble Val, c'est la vie

Doreen Porter full time resident here jumps to the challenge and tells us why she loves St. Antonin.

 In 1351, during the Hundred Years War, the British invaded St Antonin and held on to it for a few months. More than 650 years later, we’re back and, I have to say, I’m very happy to be part of this friendly invasion. Or to be more accurate, to be a Saint-Antoninoise — now try saying that after a few glasses of Gaillac. There was indeed once a Saint Antonin who was born around 453AD and brought Christianity to the province of Rouergue, where St Antonin is sited.

I was born and brought up in and around London which, let’s face it, has its fair share of history. But, even though I walked passed St Paul’s Cathedral on one daily commute and also worked in historic Whitehall, it still amazes me that I live amid such a perfectly preserved slice of history. And I’m not only thinking about the stunning“cite medieval” that is St Antonin. You can go to bigger towns like Caussade and still see historic buildings. It’s with a sense of relief that you appreciate they have not been torn down to make way for a Brent Cross, a Lakeside, blocks of executive homes or another handy bypass. Small family-run shops and restaurants rule, OK!

So what’s so special about St Antonin? Whether long-time residents or new arrivals, people undoubtedly enjoy living here. From colourful window boxes and planters in the summer, to the Christmas candles that briefly dot the streets in December, there’s a sense that residents take pride in, and feel part of, their surroundings. Sit outside at Gazpacho or La Halle, look around, watch the world go by and you couldn’t be anywhere but France. Have a meal at the Le Beffroi Tentations in the summer and you’re sitting behind the oldest civic building in France. As dusk falls, you can almost hear the troubadours. Wander out to La Guingette and sup an apero by the River Aveyron — it’s difficult to imagine a more picturesque spot, with the towering Roc d’Anglars opposite and the canoeists negotiating the weir in front of you. It’s like being on holiday every day.

Charlotte Grey was filmed here — I love to watch it and spot my hairdresser’s shop — and the Sunday market showcases all that is great about living in France: fresh vegetables, local cheeses, chickens on the rotisserie and, of course, good value regional wine. Listen carefully and even today you might hear some of the locals speaking in Occitan, the old language of the region.

That’s not all. We have the nicest, most friendly cinema I’ve ever been to, some superb restaurants, a shop selling soaps of every imaginable perfume and even three supermarkets of manageable size. What more could we want? (OK, a Marks and Spencer Simply Food and an Indian restaurant, but I can cope.)

So how did we end up here? Like most people you speak to, by accident. Although we’d travelled quite a bit around France, we’d never spent any time in the Tarn et Garonne. Then, a helpful colleague offered us the use of his nearby gite while we were house-hunting and the rest, as they say, is history.

Of course, living in St Antonin Noble Val is not without its downsides. These generally centre around our address and the difficulties of spelling it out to anyone in the UK or, more alarmingly, a call centre in Mumbai. We’ve had letters addressed to us in Sant Antoni Noble Val, Saint Antonia Noble Val, Saint Antonin Nobel Valley and Saint Antony Noel Val. We have also been transported to the Torn et Garonne, but it could have been Gavin’s Scottish accent to blame there. So what if we have to play “hunt the Amazon parcel” every so often, it’s a small price to pay for living in this small, but beautifully formed town in such an attractive part of France.

It’s 2 March and for the past few days we’ve eaten lunch outside in the sunshine, listening to the birds and the river Bonnette flowing past the garden. C’est la vie.
Photograph by Drummond Cowie

Friday, 2 March 2012

Presidential Elections

Just over two months away from round one in the Presidential elections. If you live here it matters. Try googling French News in English if you struggle with French.

Sarkozy Mobbed

Nicholas Sarkozy had to take refuge in a bar yesterday at Bayonne as he was surrounded by an angry mob of Basque separatists and opposition supporters throwing, you guessed it EGGS!

The price of eggs rocket

From the 1st of January new EU regulations were implemented. Battery hens have to have larger ' happiness' cages. Farms who have not complied have been closed down until they do, making the price of eggs rocket. France is now suffering a short fall of 21 million eggs a week sending prices up 75%. This bit of news was reported in The Telegraph last week to the delight of English producers.
What was not reported was in our area foxes have been killing hens at a great rate and it is with sadness we report the deaths of our two pet chickens Hetty and Betty. Gone but not forgotten girls... the size of your eggs and your happy clucking will be missed.

Thursday, 1 March 2012

Which village or town do you love?

As so many people are talking to us about our love of Laguepie I am throwing out a challenge. Tell us which town or village you love and why it pulls your heart strings, include a photo if you can. It has to be in South West France where we spend our lives, or part of our lives if you have a holiday home here.