Thursday, 31 August 2017

Good service from another Taglines advertiser


Do you know where I can pick up a copy of Quercy Local as yet to find anywhere that stocks it and I believe the next edition is due out soon?

I used the Mac Support Plus as advertised on TAG and got fast and excellent help for when I thought my iPhone had died suddenly  (I find Whatsapp essential for keeping in touch with the 'children').  They also offer wide ranging monthly maintenance and can supply new or reconditioned Apple products - it was the middle of the night when I remembered your TAG ads which got me back to sleep!

All good wishes
Nicola Baxter 
Val says: We dont know any stockists of Quercy Local, but usually there are copies of the latest issue at the monthly bookswap - which will be next Monday, 4th September.
Or, apparently you can read it on-line at
Apple/Mac users can get good professional advice from the contact advertised in our sidebar.

Sale at Caylus Fripaffaires, Friday

Friday is the last day of opening of Fripaffaires summer Caylus shop and we are having a sale of everything there. So if you thought the bargains were good before you won't believe our closing down sale. All clothes will be no more than 2 euros, some tops will be just 1 euro !!!!! So hurry along and pick up the bargains - 10am to 5pm.

The Parisot shop, as usual, will remain open all year on Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons and Friday and Saturday mornings. At the moment, there is a selection of baby carriers available - all good quality and just 10 euros each. We hope you come and support us there.

Storks seek shelter

We often see or hear the migrations of storks either to Germany and the north in the spring or returning to Africa in late summer. Yesterday a large group decided to take refuge from the storms by landing early in the fields and on the roofs of Saint Felix-de-Sorgues, Aveyron. Normally they would land close to the coast to spend the night (storks do not fly at night), but it is thought that the storms in the area made them decide to wait. Over 100 birds over-nighted on the roof tops of the village.
Photo DR

Nous sommes le trente et un août

Another note from Ann in NZ
Dear Val   
The story of Brenda is for publication. Her condition is responding to treatment and friends will be catching up with her in the next few weeks in Paris and hopefully she can join them in Rome for a few days.   Thank you for all the news especially regarding the young men you are helping which I have to say has motivated me with regard to those Christchurch has welcomed. xxx
Val says , a double whammy achieved then.
Well done Ann, the refugees need our care and love ( could be any one of us at anytime in the ever changing world we live in )

Wednesday, 30 August 2017

Doggy play group in Varen

Doggy play group starting tuesday morning! If you have a friendly dog who likes to play, you are welcome to join us! While we enjoy our coffee, the dogs can play in a very large fenced area,. from 10h until 12h, close to Varen. Send me a private message if you would like to come and I will send directions! PS, I am an experienced dog trainer, and also happy to give advice if needed!
Anke Terbruggen

Lurking in the lavender

Hi Val
We used to see a lot of Praying Mantis in Najac but this is the first time I’ve seen them here near St Antonin.
There were two – what is the plural of Praying Mantis?

I work like an African woman!

We had been offered all the wood by someone leaving for, well not the Uk but the Isle of Skye.
Three "remorques full at least" I went with one of the lads as Malc had a Drs. appointment. We loaded the trailer with the first batch and as we drove off I said " not many grannies collect wood and load trailers" My friend said " you work like an African woman"... so maybe it is all in the line of duty for an African granny!!
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Service is more than answering the phone

We commented below about the importance of responding to clients' demands. But at the market in Laguepie this morning we experienced a different form of service: indifference. The usual greengrocers were taking a well deserved holiday ( in fact many local businesses seemed to have closed as soon as the rentrée was in sight).
So there were local growers offering their produce - probably organic and better tasting. But as we piled up the courgettes, onions, tomatoes, aubergines and potatoes we were surprised that the seller (owner of the business) took absolutely no notice of us. Everything weighed, bagged and paid for as she continued to talk to another customer (French, no doubt). No bonne journee, no merci M Mme, no smile.
We have come across such indifferent service from other local producers; one can only assume that our business is of no consequence to them. Then they complain that we buy from the supermarkets, where the service can be just as surly - but the produce is cheaper. Thank goodness there are many lovely helpful servers.
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I write TAG every day and daily know it is worthwhile.

Dear Val 
  A few months ago her friends in NZ were devastated to hear that our friend Brenda had been diagnosed with very invasive cancer.   Brenda was living in Paris and her husband was working between Paris and Houston USA   Brenda felt very isolated and part of her wanted to return to NZ.   I remembered several notes you had written regarding cancer support and as a result of those we contacted Cancer Support in Paris.   Enter Patsy from USA who visited . sat with Brenda, translated for her and generally became her angel.   Brenda is amazed at the medical care she has received but feels that the support of Patsy through Cancer Support is top of the list and loves to tell Patsy it came from Tagonlines via NZ.   Once again Val you are a remarkable lady and conduit.    Kia Ora from NZ   
  Love Ann
Val says I am so touched by this news from our TAG friend in NZ Ann
I wish Brenda the very, very best and thank Cancer Support for their work here in France.
What an amazing way to find Cancer Support.

How to be a success in business

Hi Val.

Thanks for your attention.I can see now why you were a succesfull business woman.

Regards Derek

Last night we were with 3 sets of friends and the conversation turned as it often does to workmen.

All three had contacted a particular guy with numerous telephone calls, numerous times, none had had replies. In business you must try and reply. They will go elsewhere now.

Musicians booked, now for the food

Hi Val

 Thank you very much for putting me in contact with Martin St Martin. I've booked him for my birthday!!

One other thing I thought I would ask is whether you know of anyone that does hog roasts? I'm thinking of having a couple for the do as it's winter it might be a nice idea xx
Val says: we suggested Ferme Basqui or Mas de Monille in the Parisot area. Any other ideas?
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Nous sommes le mercredi trente août

A friend asked "what do you mean"when I talked about Dublin and fingerprints.
Under the Dublin convention refugees will have their fingerprints taken and should seek asylum in the first European Union country they arrive in. That puts tremendous pressure on countries like Italy and Greece. Many refugees try to move from these countries as those countries with struggling economies just do not have the money, housing or possibility of coping with the numbers arriving. There is also virtually no work living on the streets in these countries. In the past depending on the region in France, refugees have been " de Dublined" the restrictions lifted and France picks up the process of asylum. With our first refugees who arrived in St.Antonin nearly two years ago now, all had the Dublin quashed.
With a change of government( Macron) we now wait to see what direction and how the Dublin convention will be treated. For example many of our 18 young men in Verfeil were fingerprinted in countries other than France.
Yesterday I heard one young men who was fingerprinted in Germany more than a year ago has been told his fingerprints in Germany have been scrapped. If nothing happens in a year the fingerprints are binned. For this young man he can now continue his asylum application here.

It aint 'alf hot

We in the south west have enjoyed (endured) another period of very hot weather and Meteo France reports that this summer is likely to be the second or third hottest since 1946.
The average temperature has been 23.1ºC, the same as 2015, but well below the 25.3ºC registered in 2003.
But it has not been as sunny as average, July was well down on sunshine hours in the region, with almost 50 hours less than the 253 hours average.
In case you think Taglines editors are British-like weather obsessed, the canicule has been lead news in French media. It has meant record bookings in campsites; record fruit crops and unfortunately record numbers of forest and heathland fires. Pompiers in the Gard have answered 60 calls for fires and nearer Occitanie there have been serious incendies in the Pyrenees Occidentals.
The storms forecast yesterday did not materialise, but a glance at the Meteo panel alongside will show that such weather is firmly forecast for today (Wednesday). On verra.
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Tuesday, 29 August 2017

Concert tomorrow in Gaillac

Nemo at the Elysee

President Macron keeps up the tradition of having a dog for presidential companionship. This weekend he chose a black labrador/griffon cross from a refuge, black dogs being notoriously hard to re-home.
But this is the latest in a long line of black labs at the Elysee. Presidents Hollande, Giscard and Mitterrand all choosing the same breed. Sarkozy's little dog famously chewed the palace's furniture and Chirac's bichon "repeatedly bit the President".
As sometime owners of a black lab we can testify that they are lovely family pets. Let's hope Nemo can improve Macron's low standing in the polls.

Nous sommes le mardi vingt neuf août

Another hot day forecast with cloud and the possibility of a storm around 5 pm
We have lots of furniture in the courtyard to move into our garage store in Varen, so another busy day on the cards.
Thanks to everyone for their generosity in giving things we can sell and others for their generosity in buying. 
Malc and I are beginning to forget what a " quiet summer " is
Enjoy your day everyone and try to keep cool. 

Choral concert at Puycelsi

Sunday 10th September 18.00hr, St Corneille Puycelsi Beethoven Mass in C and Haydn Te Deum. All the village restaurants will be open for an evening meal (sur reservation) for a drink or meal after the concert. Phone Ross and Ginny Jenkins on 05 63 33 15 84 or email Ticket prices 15.00€ for adults. 10.00€ for students and children under 18. Children under 12 free.

Monday, 28 August 2017

Touching us all in SW France

Who messed up Afghanistan? Who is killing in Sudan?
Afghanistan has been messed for years and years, but why?
Does it matter why? it is true. 
Afghans love their country but the Taliban and poverty are making them leave. To listen to one young man after another tell me why they are here in France and were actually on their way to the UK, is so sad to hear.
As with any group, there are boys whose family could afford education and the young men I know where educated in Pakistan, although the families were Afghan. Recently tensions between Pakistan and Afghanistan along the border near Peshawar have made Afghan familes go back to Afghanistan. 
There, as in Pakistan the Taliban have taken over and are growing in support. You join the Taliban or you and your family are threatened. Intelligent, educated young men are a target.
Some are totally uneducated, having never been to school but give them a phone and they learn to speak multi languages and teach themselves to write... being uneducated does not mean unintelligent.
So what have we got there in Afghanistan, young men with no chance of work, they watch families virtually starving.
They are threatened and coerced to join the Taliban.
What choices have they? They leave in the hopes of finding a better safer life, rather than join the Taliban.

In Sudan the Arab government are on a mission to ethnically cleanse the dark skinned native Africans. Sudanese Africans who love to dance and sing and do not want to fight, they are being targeted by the government, starting with University students but not stopping there.
I have heard so many sad stories whilst helping "our boys" over the last two years.
Most with lives in danger but some I am sure just wishing a safer, profitable life. Everyone wants to work and send money home to family left behind. 
Do not scoff at this. if you had family you loved who were on the breadline what would you do?
In our " throw away society" we have so much we can afford to throw food out, throw good clothes, cars and furniture away, imagine when i take some of my boys to pick up items given away, how they must wish " Mama Val" could send them to their families.
I never knew two years ago how touched Malc and I would be by these young men. 
The world, our world is small, and we should have enough heart and empathy to help others, regardless of ethnicity or religion.
What can we all do?
You may not wish to be as involved as Malc and I have become but you can donate money and things we can sell, spend a little time with the boys.
Just CARE, please.

Just a small donation please

Dear Val and Malc,

We hope you are well. We have an item of furniture which somebody might like left behind by the previous owners of our house.

It is in perfect condition but we haven't got room for it. Free to a good home or make a donation to one of Val's charities.

We may be able to deliver if someone wants it in the next couple of days whilst we have our estate car here. Otherwise it can picked up at the end of October.

Enjoy the sunshine today!

Best wishes

James (Saint Martial)

Design coffee table, does 100 euros sound OK?

He was right!
Gordons and Schweppes would have been fine, Tanqueray and Fever Tree Tonic caused the problems.

Malc had said we do not want that design coffee table, it is bound to cause smashed glasses!
I thought it was worth a try
Tonight with gin and tonic and one of my favourite glasses broken i am wondering was he right?
Offers on a glass design coffee table please

Walking around Bor et Bar

It's now or never..

Hi all
Does anyone know of or can recommend an Elvis performer who we could book for a party on the 30th December.

The party would take place around the Parisot area.

I'm not holding out much hope but you never know! 

Many thanks

Sue Bedford

Mas de Bottes

Orange alert in T&G

With temperatures expected to reach 36ºC in the shade this afternoon in Tarn and Tarn and Garonne an orange alert for "canicule" has been announced. The very hot weather has lasted the 5 days necessary to trigger departmental plans for the safety of people at risk - generally older residents.
The main advice is to keep hydrated, keep cool with fans, visit places with air conditioning, close shutters and curtains. If the swimming pool or river/lake is your main source of cooling, wear strong sun protection and keep an eye on children. And check that elderly neighbours living alone have enough to drink.
It's too late to remind you now, but it is a good idea to plan your outdoor work for early in the morning and later in the evening (even at night, given the high night temperatures making sleeping difficult).
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Nous sommes le lundi vingt huit août

Too many points driving, so he lost his driving licence. The guy says he still needs to work so has help from his donkey causing 2.5 kms of " bouchons" 
Some one has commented, "should he be using his phone while driving?"

Sunday, 27 August 2017

New times for the Estabuffette

With just over a month since I started Estabuffette, I am now looking forward to the coming months.  I am ready now to cater for private functions however small and can travel within a 30 km radius of St. Antonin. I can cater to suit requirements. As I am planning to work throughout the year, the winter months pose no problems for me.

Estabuffette is being featured in the latest edition of the Quercy Local magazine which should be out any day now. I will be in Verfeil-sur-Seye every Tuesday from noon to 2.30pm and from 7.30pm to 9.30pm.  Then Saint-Projet every Wednesday from 6.00pm to 9.00pm and at the Bar du Viaur in Lageupie every Friday and Saturday from 6.00pm to 9.00pm until the end of September.

Wasp removal

Hello Val
Is there anyone local to Saint Antonin who removes wasps (not hornets) as soon as possible please? I believe in living in harmony with our environment however these are located in places where they are disturbed daily and have come out attacking in numbers. They are located under outdoor decking and inside a shed.

Please can they email me on  

Many thanks,


Very smart desk in excellent condition / sold within seconds

Just waiting for a new owner, 30 euros ono to one of our charities
pick up near Cordes
Jenny and Tif Harris <>

Nous sommes le dimanche vingt sept août

Gym equipment

Dear Val
We are doing two house swaps this winter: one with a couple from Geelong in Victoria and the other with friends who live in  Fremantle. The couple from Fremantle will be in our house from the end of Jan until the end of May. The man( another Ian) has a muscular condition which affects his legs and somewhat impedes his ability to walk easily. He asked me if there is a gym anywhere near. Which there is not.
I wondered if you knew anyone who would be able to let me borrow some equipment .

Val says: there is a "salle de musculation" in Laguepie, perhaps an enquiry at the Mairie would be helpful.

Saturday, 26 August 2017

Wolves and bears

Shepherds and farmers in the Pyrenees are today (Saturday) holding a day of information at a péage station on a motorway in Haute Garonne. They will be offering motorists local produce as well as leaflets and information describing the effects of re-introducing wolves and bears into the mountains. They believe there have been considerable losses of sheep to bears and "almost daily" attacks by wolves.
At the same time, Jose Bové, a well known local ecologist and MEP, has declared that it is "impossible" to raise sheep in parts of the Aveyron. Himself a former sheep farmer on the Larzac plateau, Bové disputes official figures on the number of wolves in the area, citing local eleveurs who believe there are at least 5 in an area of 40 x 20 kilometres, but also there are wolves crossed with dogs. He considers it impossible to adequately protect the flocks without endangering other activities such as walking and cycling.
Photo: Joel Saget/AFP
Bové is notorious for having called on farmers in 2010 to shoot wolves, which are a protected species and for leading illegal "direct action" by burning or cutting down GM crops being grown legally.
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Nous sommes le samedi vingt six août

Looking out of the window, a collection of pets, Bonny our golden retriever, Max and Freddie hidden in the grass and Rosie and Lucy, short of grass eating the lawn I fenced yesterday for them.
All friends together at our house. 
Eldo the younger dog is still in bed, he always enjoys a lie in.

Friday, 25 August 2017

3000 cyclists in the Tarn

Photo: Lavandiera jr/ MaxPPP
Starting yesterday - Thursday - over 3000 amateur cyclists will be starting various events in the World Amateur road cycling championship - the Gran Fondo. Held in Australia last year this year's event is based at Albi. After a contre le montre at the Albi circuit, today has a team relay starting at the cathedral, Saturday is a leisure day (though many attractions in the streets of Albi will be held) and Sunday has two road races of 155 and 97 kilometres. These races will cause a good deal of traffic disruption around the area, starting at 8.30am and finishing at the circuit at 15h (3pm).
Full details can be found on the event website

Difficult weekend on the roads

This is the last weekend of the summer holidays and Bison Fute, the body charged with monitoring traffic levels has warned that this afternoon and evening, plus all day tomorrow (Saturday) will see heavy volumes of vehicles. Most of the traffic is heading home, so queues are likely into the big cities, Paris, Bordeaux and Toulouse being most likely to affect readers in our area. The autoroute payage stations can generate long and slow queues. Add to that the prospect of very hot weather in some regions and it could be frustrating.
If motorists are tempted to travel at night the usual risks of tiredness apply, but gendarmes have been finding motorists driving well in excess of the speed limit. One foreign tourist was clocked at 190 kph on the A65. He was obliged to pay 750 euros for the release of his car, had his licence confiscated for 6 months and will appear before magistrates. Luckily his wife had a valid licence to get them en route.
Elsewhere in the Toulouse area drivers in three separate incidents were flashed at 102, 112 and 124 kph respectively of a 50 kph stretch. All had their licence confiscated and will appear in court.
Readers' families and guests embarking on the route back to the UK this weekend are advised where possible to leave early today, or wait until Sunday if possible.
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Which clinics and hospitals are best?

Each year the magazine Le Point publishes its list of the best hospitals and clinics in France, together with their classification of various disciplines. Yesterday's issue had this year's league tables.
The CHU at Toulouse is the second best hospital in the country, having gained one place, though never out of the top three in the last 10 years. For the private clinics in the area all top three are in the Toulouse area: Clinique L'Union is the 6th best in France, then Clinique des Cedres and next Clinique Pasteur. Each of these has particular specialisms, though often offer other treatments as well.
When the editor was treated for her Dupuytrens problem at L'Union some years ago it was noticeable that the consultant's waiting room had several copies of Le Point which by chance placed the "lower arm" department as best in the country (and perhaps justifying a significant depassement d'honoraires). 
For a full breakdown get a copy of Le Point.
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Nous sommes le vendredi vingt cinq août

Gosh it was hot yesterday.  As the normal bridge night was cancelled as the Bar Bascule was closed in Caylus, (everyone needs a holiday!) Malc and I went into St. Antonin around 8 pm to eat. A lovely hot night at the end of August and the town was so empty.  We were told by a bar owner that days are busy now but evening crowds have started to drop off.
It had a definite autumnal feel to the night as leaves swept down the street with the breeze and looking up into the chestnut trees, the conkers were developing.
It just passes too quickly the summer.

Betty says
Just wanted to say Val that the reason there wasn't many people about could be that they were all down at the Marché Gourmand next to the Salle de Fête,It was quite busy down there.
Betty X
Val says the Marché Gourmand was Friday, so it was just quiet Thursday.

Thursday, 24 August 2017

Hitchhikers' guide to Rezopouce

You may have noticed little green notices springing up in various local towns and villages. Featuring a green car design with a thumb icon the notices say "Arret" - giving the idea that it is a bus or taxi stop. But in fact it is a meeting place for hitchhikers who have signed up to Rezopouce, a network designed to enable people to make short journeys. In a rural area without much public transport one often sees people seeking lifts and this scheme helps allay worries by having passengers and willing drivers sign up to an internet site. The scheme is free, but communes taking part pay a subscription to Rezopouce.
Hitchhikers (called autostoppeurs in French) receive cards with the logo and can add their destination. Unlike Blabla car and other car sharing sites no payment is involved, so is more suitable for short distances.

Nous sommes le jeudi 24 aout

A warm bright morning after the 14th annual regatta at Varen yesterday. The new slipway was in use for the first time, but there was nothing new about the enthusiasm and excitement of participants and spectators alike. Numbers were boosted by the attendance of some 20 refugees from the Verfeil and Bruniquel centres, but despite their youth they were no match for the local families and visitors in the racing events.
Undaunted by the numbers (and language difficulties) Mimi Scragg, daughter Tilly and Francesca McCarthy rounded up crews, got them into boats and saw them hooted off by young Lydia. After the prize giving the traditional picnic was enjoyed by all, then "free swimming and boating" was the order of the day for a good couple of hours. Finally impromptu petanque games broke out across the site.
The indefatigable Kevin Scragg and Frank McCarthy entertained the littlest children present with boat rides, then cleared away the tables, rescue boat and canoes.
The event is an annual demonstration of solidarity among local families with everyone invited and has rarely failed to attract many competitors and spectators alike. Well done to all, and long may it continue.

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Wednesday, 23 August 2017

Book your place for the Toulouse marathon

The marathon, half marathon and 10k will take place on 22nd October, and inscriptions opened yesterday (Tuesday 22nd August). Last year over 10000 runners took part and already over 8000 have inscribed for 2017.
Entries must pay 50 euros for the full 42k marathon, down to 10 euros for the 10k.
Inscriptions are made on-line at the site

Does anyone really like Charles Aznavour?

Now aged 93 the French singer/songwriter has been honoured with a star on Hollywood's Walk of Fame. Over the years Aznavour has written many hit songs and sold millions of records. Apparently his most famous song in English, "She", was never recorded in French by the composer.
The TAGlines sub-editor generally dislikes both the songs and style of singing of Charles Asnovoice, but clearly many do not share this opinion. Do readers have any favourite performances?
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Nous sommes le mercredi vingt trois août

A perfect day for the Regatta in Varen today, not too hot. It is easy to burn when out on the river.
Come and join the fun, be there before 10.30 am if you wish to participate. The races will start at 11am. Youngsters above 5 years can participate. There will be a rescue boat on the water.
Bring a picnic and stay for a game of boules in the afternoon. Toilets are on site.
Find the fun down by the Moulin, on the road past to the camping ground.

Tuesday, 22 August 2017

Friday in Parisot

Mimade Couturier has asked you to support the association founded by her daughter, Maika, called Trois sacs autour du monde, in support of research into haemophilia and multiple sclerosis.
At the bar "La Maison" in Parisot  there will be music, information and, if you are up for it by 22h, zumba.
There will also be a presentation on CFM tomorrow (Wednesday) at about 12h30.
A chance to help a local girl in a good cause.
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La pyrale du buis

There has been plenty of correspondence abut the "box caterpillar", known as la pyrale du buis in French. The moth has infected box bushes and trees in over 50 departments and has devastated many local gardens.
One expert has reported that thousands of the moths are currently to be seen, though they represent no danger at this stage in their life cycle - apart presumably from laying eggs for the next generation of caterpillars. Their life cycle is only 50 days, of which only one week is as a moth, but 5 weeks as a ferocious caterpillar attacking their favourite food. There seem to be few solutions: dig up the plants; spray the bushes with insecticide or examine every plant every day and pick of the offending beasts.
Apparently wasps will attack the caterpillars and birds and bats take the moths.
This lady in Castelnau Monratier (Lot) has tried them all and has a locust like plague to worry about and as each female can travel hundreds of metres per day and lay 500 - 800 eggs there should be plenty over the next few weeks until winter sets in.
Moths everywhere in the Lot. Photo France 3 TV

Glass coffee table with style

Wonderfully different, designers dream
Can we talk around the 100 to even more mark?

Weights and scales

All intact, apparently made in Reading.
Great talking point and display item as well as usefull
30 euros

Design from Habitat

Four of the most iconic Habitat chairs, covers come off for dry cleaning.
We have 4 and the price is 50 euros each

Four panniers/ SOLD

Not four candles!
10 euros each as many as you want, all 10 euros

Whose looking at me babe!

Decorative dressing table mirror for sale, 30 euros contact photographer Val

Woken by a noisy cockerel?

Holiday makers on the Ile d'Oleron (Charente Maritime) have complained to the local maire that a neighbour's cock sings so loudly at 6h30 every morning that he is disturbing their sleep.
The owner says she has sound-proofed the coop of Maurice, the offending bird, and keeps him in the dark until 8h30 - but he knows nonetheless when it's time to sing.
The maire is sympathetic to both parties, but is powerless to intervene. The owner has the support of over 30000 signatories to a petition and has organised a march through the village to protest at the threat to her Maurice. Complainants have threatened to go to court, but Maurice would not be the first gallinacean to be brought before the justices. And the law may be on his side, as a court of appeal has ruled in an earlier case that "hens are harmless and stupid animals that not even a Chinese circus has been able to train" and that it is therefore impossible to stop a cock from crowing.
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Nous sommes le mardi vingt deux août

We have early morning appointments so Tag will resume normal service later today.
The forecast is to be hot.

Monday, 21 August 2017

Guinguette de Begayne

Toulouse know why he cost £200 million

Football is not the leading sporting interest in Toulouse, where rugby reigns supreme, but the signing of Brazilian footballer Neymar by Paris St Germain from Barcelona for 220 million euros excited all French media and raised all the usual "is he worth it" questions.
Imagine then that Toulouse football club (TFC) threatened to spoil the hype by leading 1-0 at half-time last night (Sunday). Then Neymar scored two, made two "assists" (goal scoring passes) and won a penalty in the second half.  6-2 was the final score.
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Meals in the shade of the trees

Hot weather forecast this week, meals under the trees seem a good idea.
We are out collecting furniture today but looking forward to the regatta on Wednesday.
Enjoy your week in the sun.

Nous sommes le lundi vingt et un août

Sunday, 20 August 2017

Enjoyment on every page

The set of novels written by Carlo Lucarelli
translated from the Italian
In pristine condition, I loved them
Detective Commissario De Luca,
the period 1945. The final days of the Fascists (If only)
I loved them so much I have bought the Dvd of the novels which is also proving wonderful with Italian scenes and sexy actors male and female
10 euros for the 3 and i can take them to the book swap if that would help

Jousting in Sete; regatta in Varen

Currently in the Mediterranean port of Sete the 2017 edition of the famous "jousts" is under way until Tuesday 22nd August. Each year teams of "jouteurs" take to the water in gondola style boats and try to dislodge the opponents' cox.
This year the honorary president is veteran film maker Agnes Varda who is distinguished by her two-tone pudding bowl hair style. So the poster for the event, designed by artist Christophe Vallaux reflects her participation (with her approval it seems).
Poster by Christophe Vallaux
Our own local maritime event, the famous Varenley Regatta has its 14th edition next Wednesday, 23rd August. Hosted by famous local farmer Mimi Scragg it will be just as much fun and no deliberate ramming allowed, even if the odd (very odd..) crew may end up swimming. Life jackets supplied. Perhaps all crews should have a Mimi hairstyle?
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Memories are made of this.

A year ago since Malc's brain exploded and we were happily driving across Italy to the Marche.
Sadly a few days later we were caught up in the earthquake and later trembles which killed hundreds in nearby villages. 
Our  holiday was cut short as we drove back to the safety of Rome and then home.

Nous sommes le dimanche vingt août

A couple of pictures from earlier years of the Fenaison at Espinas which takes place today.

Saturday, 19 August 2017

Keep your geraniums year after year

These two examples of my geraniums are in their fourth season. Just before the frosts come, I cut the flowers off and cut them back, water them very lightly and put them into the dependance, a frost free place, a bit like a barn with windows, so a little light. I water them once through the winter and bring them out again in April. Feed them, water them and in three weeks they are off again.
They have been stunning again this year.

Electric hoist

        FOR SALE.   A Brig-Ayd Electric Hoist will lift 150klg. Fits in back of car and lifts Electric Wheelchair or scooter.  Cost new over £350 for sale €100 ono.  Tel Max on 0563 022721 or email

Fenaison at Espinas

Worth going to Espinas on Sunday to join in the Fenaison, old agricultural machinery, apple juicing, ploughing fields with horses, etc. an interesting day.

Nous sommes le samedi vingt neuf août

Max and Fred, two of our cats who are brothers. They came with the house and grounds and are constantly on our knees as we write TAG. Max the black and white chap also perches on Malc's shoulder which Malc grudgingly puts up with.
Any mistakes in typing are down to them.
 They suggest we do not write enough stories of French mice and baby bunnies.

Friday, 18 August 2017

See the original photos of the area.

A follow up to my Honda story

Hi Val:   
Did you see this car in Salles?  If so, I have a further thread to the story! 
about 8 years ago I was re-renovating my house in Cordes (after a major fire) and had hired an English guy to do some tiling...who was also a friend (at the time)....I lent him 450 euros to buy the car ....he drove it for about 3 weeks, hit something and also didn't replace the oil...brought it to the garage in Salles and of course couldn't pay for the repairs...
he never paid me back and for 8 years when I drive to Carmaux I have to pass it, gritting my teeth!

I would be surprised if it wasn't the same car...I've never seen another one like it...if it isn't, oh well...

Val said what a sad end for my car and a rotten thing to happen to Carolyn.

More on box moths

Re.. Jane's Box moth invasion... We have got exactly the same thing going on up here on the causse, everything with nectar is covered in the box moth. I have a theory... They're filling themselves up with energy for take off at dusk in the direction of box bushes to lay their eggs on. I drove a friend back down to St Antonin the other night & the air was full of these moths whereas they're very flower based during the day. We rooted out our box hedge here about 4 years ago & burnt it, a lot was still green but it was covered with caterpillars.
I read that the insecticide spray that some people are using is fatal to any caterpillar that comes into contact with it so one may want to think extremely carefully before using it as other species than box moth could be affected. At 3 hatches of moths/caterpillars per season it's probably best to uproot or cut down your box, I was told they like cotoneaster as well but have no proof. Laura

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Parisot Festilitt needs volunteers (and books)

We are once again looking for volunteers to help over the Festilitt weekend of 20-22 October. The volunteers are a vital part of the smooth running of Festilitt and allow us keep all sessions at no cost to participants. There is a selection of jobs to be done, including the selling of books, making cakes, serving afternoon tea, setting up and clearing of rooms and collecting/delivering authors from Toulouse airport. If you are available to help at any time from Friday 20th to Monday 23rd then please contact Debra on Thank you!

We are also putting out a request for books for our second hand sale over the Festilitt weekend. We collect books which are no older than 5years and in good condition for sale. If you have any books you would like to donate please contact Maggie Tallentire on who will then contact you to arrange a drop off time. Thank you!

La Vuelta starts in Nimes

The last of the major cycling road races for 2017, La Vuelta a Espana (Tour of Spain) gets under way in Nimes tomorrow (Saturday 19th August), starting outside of Spain for only the third time. A contre le montre (time trial) in teams, rather than individuals, is the first stage. Then a long stage across the plains of south west France, before stage 3 heads into the Pyrenees, ending in Andorra.
All the major teams and riders are taking part, including Tour de France winner Chris Froome, French hopeful Romain Bardet, Alberto Contador as well as Aru and Nibali, winners of two of the last three Vueltas.
So be wary of traffic problems around Nimes this weekend if you are off to the Med, or get your bike out for a last chance this year to see the top riders.
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We are all Barcelona

The Catalonian capital is very familiar to our readers, being easily reached by road and rail. The latest terrorist attack using a van or lorry is designed to make us afraid to go to our favourite spots: Paris, London, Nice, now Barcelona.
Whilst not wishing to diminish the risks we take when visiting such cities, we should remember that civilians have faced much worse risks, here during the last war, every day in places such as Syria and Afghanistan. Refusing to be cowed by these tactics is the best weapon we have in overcoming the hateful aims of these callous attackers.
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Laguep En Cirque

Find out more from the tourist office, it looks fun for adults and children

Nous sommes le vendredi dix huit août

Our beautiful St. Antonin Noble Val, photo taken by Corinne Nascimben

Thursday, 17 August 2017

Varen Regatta Wednesday 23 rd

Wednesday 23 rd of August is the regatta in Varen.
You need to get there well before 10.30 am to sign on for racing. Bring a picnic and your boules to play a game after lunch if you wish to extend the afternoon.
A fun day, why not try it. 
Canoes are supplied. ( but bring a towel in case you fall in!!! )