Sunday, 30 April 2017

A new chef at La Seye et Vous, Verfeil

"Voici les horaires d'ouvertures de La Seye et Vous pour la semaine du 1er au 7 mai.

Félicitations a tous les participants aux 8 km de Verfeil et bravo aux organisateurs! Avec les commentaires positifs reçu et va falloir remettre ca!

Lundi 1er The dansant a la salle des fêtes. 

Bienvenu a Romain qui nous a rejoint cette semaine, enfin la cuisine fonctionne normalement. Venez deguster ses petits plats!"

Heures d’ouvertures
Café – Bar - Restaurant


Brice et Mark

Busy morning

We were at Laguepie for 9am bought our plants and brought them home.,Then I was out again to take 4 young men to the market at St.,Antonin and buy the Depeche and Le Petit Journal to read the posts on our new refugees.

Storm warning this afternoon/evening

Meteo France is warning of severe wind gusts later today and a risk of hail in thundery showers.

Note gusts up to 110 Kmh later.

Special May day offer of these magnificent collections of photos

Special offer this Monday 1st May:

Free Powerpoint slide show of over 600 old photos of St Antonin and surrounds
St Antonin par la route de la Caussade 1897

Free Powerpoint slide show of over 200 old photos of Najac
Najac: from the fountain
 Thanks for all the positive comments about my slide shows from those who have already requested them and for the donations to support Val in her work with the refugees.

These old photos of St Antonin and Najac date back more than 150 years and include most of the local photos taken by the famous St Antonin photographer Amélie Galup in the 1890's

If you bring your laptop or a USB memory to Val's book swap at the Gazpacho at 10.30 on Monday, I will give you a copy of:

the St Antonin slide show if you give Val a €20 donation
the Najac slide show if you give Val a €15 donation
both slide shows if you give Val a €30 donation

In all cases I will add a couple of bonus items of local interest which you may find interesting.

John Dawson

Nice convertible for sale

FORD FOCUS CCi convertible French registered RIGHT HAND DRIVE very low mileage
Ford Focus convertible RHD

Super Ford Focus 2009 CC-2 convertible with electric roof.  A great, reliable drive, diesel so averages an economical car with the desirable six speed gearbox and nippy with 134 HP. Used daily. A good-looking car with the roof both up or down in azure blue with grey/black interior. Two rear seats and enormous boot space, especially with the roof up.
Very good condition for year, having done just 46,000 miles. FSH. Brand new controle technique (MOT) passed first time and carte grise (V5) available.
Sold with set of right hand drive headlights so easy to convert to the UK register.
Great fun drive with the hood down for summer and the hard-top roof is dry and warm for winter.
A lot of car for the asking price of EUR 3,999. Moving abroad, reluctant sale.
For more information or viewings contact /00447474038977

In memorium of Doreen Porter

Web site:

Kiln for sale

Very large AIM model kiln for sale suitable ceramics or glass. Electrics overhauled and changed to 30A single phase when I bought it two years ago but have never used it as I was waiting for a studio to be built. Now I'm moving away and can't take it with me.

dimensions ext. 170x160x wide 87cm high

dimensions int 115x115 wide x70 high

Very solid, heavy kiln, about 300kg so needs a digger/forklift to put it onto a trailer which can be done our end.

Tel 06 04 18 25 64 Castanet 82160.

Nous sommes le dimanche trente avril

Laguepie plant fayre today

Saturday, 29 April 2017

Do you bathe in it - or drink it?

Shopping yesterday we needed some shower gel (for ourselves, not refugees) and were attracted to an aisle end display of “3 for the price of two" packs. Now we all know these placements are not random and probably not economical, but Val liked the idea of grapefruit gel – after all we have no objection to apple or orange or lemon varieties.

On examining the pack Malc noticed that the third container was “hot chocolate” and other “flavours” included “spice bread” and "Danish pastry" – pain au raisin. We decided to forego the offer and chose “vanilla and mandarin” from a different range.

Of course all these perfumes are just mixtures of artificial chemicals and natural products are available, but it reminded us of one of those marketing exercises in “The Apprentice” when they come up with totally inappropriate products. Even designed to make recalcitrant children shower, we don't think this will sell and someone in product development should have been fired.

An update of useful numbers

Having separate numbers aims to give a faster response - but if in doubt there is always 112

18: Emergencies: This number connects to the fire brigade (Sapeurs Pompiers) but they deal with medical emergencies and should be the first port of call in life-threatening situations
15: Samu (for other urgent medical call-outs)
17: Police / Gendarmes
112: Universal European Emergency Services number - works from all phones including mobiles
114: Emergency calls (hearing assisted)
115: Emergency Shelter
119: Reporting child abuse
196: Sea and lake rescue
197: Terror/kidnapping hotline
01 40 05 48 48: Anti-poison centre
09 726 750 + your department number e.g. 24 for the Dordogne): Gas & electricity emergencies
3237: (0.35/min) Outside hours GP and pharmacy information (also available on

On the first of May..

Apart from the monthly book swap at the Gazpacho, the day is an official holiday so many shops and offices will be closed. There will be the ritual handing over of muguets (lily of the valley) in over-priced little parcels .... and it will cost more to consult your doctor.
Normally a consultation with a GP costs 23 euros, but will rise to 25 euros from that day. Other increases are planned (under six year olds 30 euros) and specialist charges could go up later in the year. The aim is to try to halt the decline in GP numbers and doctors' unions see it as a first step, though suggest it will make little difference on its own. Apparently the average fee in Europe is 40 euros. Presumably the CPAMs and mutuelles will reimburse the additional charge as at present.
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Nous sommes le samedi vingt neuf avril

A sunny morning smile for you from one of our new boys. An Afghan who was at University studying to be a dentist, thanks you all for your continuing donations and even though he fell off one of the bikes I took over and grazed his hand, he hopes we can find more bikes, 3 between 18 makes it difficult.
The book swap is on Monday morning, the bank holiday and as always at the Gazpacho starting at 10.30 am.
As well,as books and DVD's I am asking for donations, old mobile phones, jeans, t shirts, no jumpers, and just a bit of money so we can buy anything they still need like trainers etc.
You have all been so wonderful with our earlier refugees and the results we are seeing of those young men moving on with their lives makes it all worth while. These boys have the role models of the earlier boys and it will help them want to be in France and become good French citizens.
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Friday, 28 April 2017

The big guns were out tonight

The " chefs d'equipe"
A brilliant management makes for a good team and today with our Prefect Pierre Besnard, Anais Rondeau and Stephanie we know why our young men are very lucky. With the Maire of Verfeil and a posse of others from the press, The Depeche and Le Petit Journal, our boys were keen to show how happy they were to be here. After the cold streets of Paris, or the squalor of Dunkirk it is a relief now to give up their dream (for some) to go to the UK. The French speaking Africans were always keen to settle in France.
Our friends and readers of my blog have done a lot for these boys so far and I would like to think as our first refugees have,  before long all these young men will be speaking French and beginning to live a safe life.

Passed through Laguepie this afternoon

As we came down the bank into Laguepie from Cordes we were surprised to see lots of people with cameras along the road, then  heard the roars of passing sportscars, very exciting.
Sorry we did not alert you in time but there is always a chance to follow them from Toulouse to Biarritz!!

Nous sommes le vendredi vingt huit avril

Ice on the donkeys buckets this morning but what a beautiful sunny morning. A nip in the air but the sun will soon warm things up.
Having troubles with internet connection this morning so Malc is turning off the router and then back on. Works sometimes, these intermittent stops and starts drive you to distraction.

Thursday, 27 April 2017

Walking along the river at Laguepie

Wild flowers everywhere, I love spring

Rando des 3 Rocs

Nous sommes le jeudi vingt sept avril

Nice view down on St. Antonin Noble Val on this sunny morning. The barometer has risen, a good sign.
Have a nice day everyone where ever you are.

Lost dog in Cambou

Good Morning

 Could you post this on tag for me please.

My neighbours at Cambou have lost their Border Collie. He (I think it is a he) is black and white with a little brown on his face. 

If anyone sees him please give me a ring on


Thank you

Jo x

Concert in aid of Syrian refugees

Praise for John's slideshows

Dear Val,

Could you put in tag-on-lines how much we enjoyed the slide show on Najac. Great job John Dawson! For anybody interested in local history, the slideshow is a real treasure, my husband was interested to see how the slopes of Najac were terraced and planted with vines rather than covered with trees as it is now, a clear reminder of the viticultural vitality of the area before phylloxera.
Thanks, Val...see you soon,

Wednesday, 26 April 2017

What do people in France feel about black people?

Ma'am I must ask a question?
What do people in France feel about black people?
Tonight Malc with his bridge partner David were giving some tuition. I thought it was a good opportunity to spend a couple of hours with the new boys.
I went up with my ipad to show photos of our secret groups we have formed for our local refugees. I felt I  needed to encourage the boys to stay in France.
Tonight I spent time with the Africans, hence the comment from a guy from Sudan.
How terrible to feel colour prejudice in your own country. I remember an earlier great friend, Malik saying, I had to get out because I was so black.
Tonight a guy told me if you were black in Darfur you were bombed or shot at.
I assured him that here in France apart from a very small minority colour played no part in how we felt about people.
Another question today, how many people live in your houses? Two, me and Malc!
I knew this would come up as every refugee has said there could be 20 family members living here.
Driving back to Verfeil one boy said " it is so quiet and no gendarmes anywhere"
Would you like to see pictures of my mother?
I would, but they all look so young,  reminding me I am grandmother.
Can you find me a phone?
Probably not, the ones I am offered do not take lyca sims and I am not a miracle worker.
My question, do I like these young men?
A resounding YES
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One of our heroes, the Maire of Verfeil

This article in the Depeche about the refugees and the " Mr wonderful Maire of Verfeil

Helping others

If you are a friend who lives nearby we need your help.
The 18 young men who have arrived from Paris and Dunkirk need to know we want them to stay and they will enjoy their time becoming French here. We have Afghans, Sudanese, Eritreans and two from Guinea.
Some of the Africans from former French colonies speak French which will be a big help to them settling here.
I went this morning to welcome them and it was a delight. One of the boys was just 18 and looked so young. After chatting to a few I ended up taking the youngster who was not sure he would stay, under my wing. I brought 2 to meet Malc and talk football.
When I took them back the youngster stood by the car and said " I come home with you" It turned my heart" I explained he had to stay with the others but I would come often and we would all have trips out and trips here to have some fun.
They are all tired and disorientated but give them a few days and they will be better.
What we need are people with cars we can show them the area, and give them an outing.
The 7 we took to the market enjoyed it and asked to go again on Sunday. So who can go and pick up a couple or three?
Pm me for directions to where they are in Verfeil
Honestly if you meet them they will hook you in.
Some tips from experience, make your visit in the afternoon or evening unless you arrange the morning market with them. Their sleeping patterns are disrupted after weeks living rough.
Also to save arguments between them anything you take of value phones or laptops must be given to Hujat or Anais, not to any of the boys.
A lesson we learnt from last time.

The plant fayre at Laguepie this week end

Labuepie will be awash with with flowers this coming Sunday. I do hope we get the sun and can be awash with sunshine... not rain.

We hate these hoardings

For anyone new to the Tarn et Garonne: if you are  shocked by the number of giant ad hoardings at the town entrances - it used to be much worse!!  10 years of intensive anti publicity actions  in Montauban culminated in 2015 with the condamnation of the Prefect by the Tribunal Administrative (Toulouse) for 'Carence' because of his (in fact successive Prefects)  refusal to remove illegal hoardings ....  Despite the Prefects obstination in supporting  the ad hoarding companies that had colonised the town's entrances with their illegal commercial propaganda, over 100 illegally installed giant ad hoardings and signs were removed from the town definitively in this period thanks to our actions ..and dozens of others in Tarn and Garonne too (Caussade, Labastide du temple, Castelsarrasin etc) Here's a short documentary  about the actions ..Yes, you can get involved in protests in France if you are from the UK!! Rue 89,  France 2, TF1, Arte, France5 and France 3 + Libération, Le Monde, La Dépêche and a lot of other newspapers reported on the Montauban actions that started off a nationwide movement that's still going on ........

Amazing, our figs are nearly ready

Normally this fig tree produces the figs ready to eat in autumn. This year the figs are going to be ready in a few weeks. Yet the other fig tree is going at its normal rate.
Early figs will be nice but will it bring the frelons/ big wasps as they do in autumn?

Nous sommes le mercredi vingt six avril

Dutch friend Elly who has had a second home here since she retired was sitting with me yesterday afternoon being served mint tea by our new Afghan boys when this story broke in the Guardian.
Elly tells me she has not had a proper nights sleep since Brexit started.
She is one good reason why we the remainers will fight " Brexit" all the way and with everything it takes.
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Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Freezer, even a scruffy one needed


Sarah, Elly and I had tea with four of the young Afghan boys this afternoon. Elly has a super grasp of languages and was speaking words of Pashtoun before we knew it.
Sami arrived whilst we were there. She is going to be the cook for Verfeil as well as Bruniquel. She had loads of food but panicked when she realised she did not have a freezer.
Anyone with a freezer, does not matter if it is scruffy, it is needed urgently.

Pool cover advice needed

Would you be kind enough to ask via your blog if anyone can recommend a supplier/fitter of pool cover - our regular pool company cannot fit until September but we cannot do without all summer as summer cover 'died' last year.  We are looking for an all year cover with motor. 

With thanks and in hope. 

Nicola Baxter

Mobile : 06 48 56 99 23) 
Malc says we have a motorised "volet" supplied by Abriblu, which meets safety standards, and avoids the need for a fence, but it has given us some problems over the years. It is also susceptible to hail damage. On the plus side you can get solar panel type versions - but the whole thing was pretty expensive.
suggestions to Niki or

Crash landing

It is so sad when small birds crash into your plate glass windows. Last week a blue tit had inadvertently entered via an open door and spent time flying from one window to another until eventually it killed itself -despite us opening as many doors and windows as possible. Today this little chap hit our window with such force that feathers flew in all directions.
Happily he recuperated on the window sill (formally forbidden to all cats) for about an hour before fluttering off into the bushes.
His size, beak and markings suggest he is a male cirl bunting, something we don't see to often.
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Villefranche ignores Le Pen

Dear Val
Here are some encouraging local Aveyron results

Najac left Le Pen near the bottom


Jean-Luc MÉLENCHON14527,05%
François FILLON13224,63%
Emmanuel MACRON12423,13%
Marine LE PEN539,89%
Benoît HAMON254,66%
Nicolas DUPONT-AIGNAN234,29%
Jean LASSALLE183,36%
Philippe POUTOU71,31%
Nathalie ARTHAUD61,12%
François ASSELINEAU30,56%
Jacques CHEMINADE00,00%

Nous sommes le lundi vingt cinq avril

The top French newspapers are coming out in support of Macron as are the Gendarmes. Their comments about Le Pen and FN are very derogatory. I don't think there is anything she can do to change the inevitable - Macron Prėsident  - I love that chant ☺
So we have Fillon and Juppé saying support Macron. Melenchon the cad has said to his supporters "choose who you want"

Not a good time for hay fever sufferers

Blossom tumbling everywhere at Mas del Sol, not a good time for those with hay fever especially as grass  cutting is madly taking place.

This is important to me
Why do I write TAG now ?
Malc and I write each day to tell friends what is happening in the area and to give our views on our life here.
A year and a half ago 17 young men landed on our doorstep in dire circumstances and I went to help them. I knew nothing about Muslims, Islam indeed very little about the Arabic world.
I now know these boys are just like our boys, these young men are just like our young men and if the French government of the day feels they will give asylum then I want to help them along the way.
The chances of safety under Marine Le Pen would not be good, and the chances of them even getting to the UK to be offered asylum are nil because of the present appalling incumbents of the government.
Now if these sentiments upset you, please do not bother reading TAG. Still over 1,000 read most days and I write now principally for my supporters who help me aid others... not just refugees I must add.
I received a mail which I will not post, so feel I need to be absolutely CLEAR why I do what I do.
TAG is not essential reading, for some the Daily Mail is.

Monday, 24 April 2017

A gentlemanly game boules

There is always time for a game of boules.
Today friend Sarah and I popped to see the 7 young Afghans now applying for asylum here and living in Verfeil. It was a lovely sunny afternoon and with another French couple we were able to settle the boys in and start to make them feel at home.
One boy has a broken wrist and asked if I could find him some jogging bottoms as he cannot do the button or zip on trousers. He is not tall and I think could be described as a chunky build. He seemed desperate to be able to change his pants.
When I asked if there was anything they needed as toiletries, they have shower gell, toothbrushes, toothpaste and now cream for dry skin. One of the boys with flashing eyes (Sarah and I have marked him as one the girls will like) asked for hair gell !!
Tomorrow evening we have another 13 arriving. We do not know the nationality, it will be whoever the gendarmes have got to get on the bus.
But we will be here to greet them and persuade them to take asylum here.
I am still collecting monetary donations for all the things we do not have second hand.Thank you for your generosity so far.
I know France has its own poor, but these boys are not escaping poverty, they are escaping death and torture. Not something any of us would want to face.


Hi Val, this is for tag.
Yesterday we were heavily bombarded by chemtrails, it happens about once a week, a toxic aerial soup, too much to go into here with many different theories. This morning our garden is covered in these fibres, google chemtrail fibres, the images are identical. Stuck to the morning dew & about 1cm in diameter, very sticky when crushed a bit like candyfloss. I'm not going mad, anyone else peered closely at the world this morning? Laura 😞

Glynis says   We get it every year - loads of it for about 2 weeks. It blows off the trees

John says  Hi Val
 Here is the answer for Laura:
 Modern airplanes squirt the contents of the toilets into the jet engines. 
The white trails are the toilet paper fibres which in certain climatic conditions fall to the earth as in her photos.
Here’s an answer for everyone else:
The white fluffy stuff is seeds from poplar trees.
Probably a bit early this year due to the warm weather.

Shamed by the country of my birth

Hi Val
Pleased with the French first round. Pretty much what I expected. It now pitches a moderate centrist against a populist extremist.

UKIP, the Conservative Eurosceptics and the British popular tabloids have been raving about a Le Pen victory leading to France's exit from the EU, a return to Nationalism and a crusade against Islam.

This is now very unlikely. Le Pen has made it through, just like everyone expected, but pretty much all the candidates who have been eliminated have requested that their voters now support Macron. The second round will confirm Macron as President.

Just like Wilders in the Netherlands, the far-right, populist, xenophobic parties will fail to win the majority in Europe.

It shames me that my country of birth is the only one in Europe supporting an isolationist, sepratist stance.
It shames me that my country of birth is the only one in Europe supporting an isolationist, separatist stance.
I appeal to my friends and family who have been swayed by the Brexit rhetoric to reject this nationalistic nonsense and vote towards a more united Europe and therefore a more united world.

Don't believe what you read in the Daily Mail, Express or Telegraph. They have an agenda that has no good will towards the average British family.

Try to analyse the information sensibly and realise that the EU isn't an enemy. It's an international organisation like the UN or NATO to be negotiated with.
Jonathon  H

Nous sommes le lundi vingt quatre avril

A wonderful sunny day forecast and both Malc and I are on a high. The vote that has Macron going forward to the second tour with other candidates now supporting him against Le Pen is a relief for us and all of us immigrants here in France. Us, who are immigrants, ( we are immigrants all) can put our trust in the French to put Marine Le Pen back in her box.
If only the UK could form a centre party and sweep the ultra right wing Tory Ukippers into their wealthy diamond encrusted boxes. Sadly they have no inspirational leader like Macron.
What it does show is this nasty racism can be stopped in the world, first in Holland and soon I am sure in France.
The polls are saying Macron will get 62%
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As Macron gets the top result the euro jumps

Sunday, 23 April 2017

Fifi plant swap

FiFi  PLANT SWAP, open to everyone
Saturday 29th April 2.00pm - 4.00pm
Les Jardins des Espiemonts, Caylus  Sat Nav co-ordinates  44°16'12.15"N      1°44'0.92"E
If you have any plants, seeds or anything garden that you no longer want please bring it along.
Don't worry if you don't have anything to bring, you are still welcome to help yourselves to
the items on offer. Come and have a lovely social afternoon.
There will be nursery plants for sale as well as a selection of artisan products
From Caussade
Turn left at the roundabout before Caylus (by Sotradis the vente direct foie gras shop).
Go along that road, past the garage & little park on the right.
Go past the first turning to La Salle on the left.
Quite a bit later you come to a crossroads. Go right,  for Les Espiemonts (left = 2nd turning for La Salle).It's signed for Les  Espiemonts and Camp du Caylus.
Follow that road to just before Les Espiemonts. As you go through the trees and get to the bottom of the hill you come to a little crossroads (small bungalow on the right) left for us - signed Metse.  We are the 3rd house, half a mile down the lane.
From Caylus
At the crossroads in the middle of Caylus take the road towards St Pierre Livron. Once in St Pierre Livron take the sharp left up onto the plataeu, signed for Camp du Caylus. Take the 3rd left, signed Les Espiemonts and Lasalle. Drive through Les Espiemonts (big house with Pigeoneer on right, poubelles on left). A couple of hundred meters on is a small cross roads and couple of houses; take the lane on the right, signed Metse.

Melenchon came out top in the area

WEll done Laguepie
In Varen
Melenchon  30.3%
Le Pen          20%
Macron         19.2%

In Verfeil
Melenchon  28.7 %
Macron 19.9%
Le Pen   19.1 %

Melenchon 23.2%
Fillon  20.8%
Le Pen 18.5 %

A French friend tells me he has a home in Laguepie

What a relief

and Fillon is the first to urge his supporters to support Macron in the second round
Juppé is also encouraging his supporters to vote Macron

All about vaccinations

If you want to know about vaccinations, if you are up to date, what are the risks etc. Health professionals are on hand to answer all your questions in the Varen medical centre tomorrow, Monday 24 April, from 10am.

Nous sommes le dimanche vingt trois avril

Les ultimes sondages confirment la finale Macron - Le Pen
Présidentielle françaiseL’attentat de jeudi a eu des conséquences mais n’a pas bouleversé les sondages. Emmanuel Macron pointe en tête avec 24% suivi de Marine Le Pen à 23%. François Fillon (20,5%) et Jean-Luc Mélenchon (18,5%) sont éliminés.

Now we just have to wait and see. Macron in my opinion would be the safest hands for France and may achieve something and of course is the best candidate for the UK to negociate the Brexit fiasco with other European leaders.
Sensibly France is not accepting on line voting.
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Fantastically Entertaining Theatre

Imagine that upper Cordes sur Ciel appointed a new curé whose policies so appalled lower Cordes that riots broke out. Well if that new cleric was the Rev.Trump and everyone spoke in early 19th century dialogue could it be believable?

But as usual we suspend disbelief when we enter the Colombier Theatre in Les Cabannes. And the group of actors who work with Austentatious almost had us believing that Jane Austen’s new incumbent was indeed a member of the great Trump family. It was going to be great, huge, amazing. To solve the conflict between the two Cordes clearly a fence needed to be erected, and the strong-willed Stockton sisters, refusing to marry the orange one were banished in poverty (losers!) to the wrong side. By various non-sequiturs and Deus ex machinas (though no actual Latin used) the underdog Bernard Sanders frees the girls – sadly too late for consumptive Mr Stockton (the coughing is s-ooo annoying..). Everyone hoped that the last Trump had indeed sounded for the boastful new vicar and that Matilda Stockton would live happily ever after.

All the players kept us laughing at their clever improvisations, based on a title helpfully suggested by the audience. The six actors happily missed their cues, forgot who their characters were, took up the wrong marks and all in the name of improvisation, but never missed a chance to make us laugh. All to music blended sympathetically in on solo violin. Theatre is an art and these actors know their art. We have said it before, but how lucky we are to have FET.

Thanks to all for a lovely evening, including a glass of wine in the sunny garden. If you are not a member, join up soon for more theatrical treats.

Saturday, 22 April 2017

Charity tea party

A relaxing two hour break

My first swim this year and in a busy day I managed two hours swimming and lying by the pool.
I am reading a book recommended by some neighbours Frank Gardner/  Blood and Sand.
 I cannot put it down and his insight in the Arab and Islamic world is so interesting. I keep saying" yes I understand that"
It will be comining to the book swap soon, unless Malc asks to read it after me and he may. Anyway if you have not read it you would enjoy the really useful insights into the areas many of  our boys come from.
As someone reminded me at Les Cabannes theatre FET tonight the next book swap is on the first of May a bank holiday but we will be still having the book swap.

A lovely old lady needing a home

Hi Val and Malc,

This lovely dog Stewie, needs a home. She’s 10 years old and half Beagle/Basset. Her owners cannot take her with them. No judgement because I believe it really is with a very heavy heart as they have found themselves in difficult circumstances…

More importantly she needs someone who will offer her a wonderful loving home. I already have four rescues so cannot take her in. I have a dog of very similar breeding (except on very long legs!!!) and they have the easiest going temperament I know. Apparently the situation is urgent.
Thanks so much,


Hi Val

There are two legitimate ways sellers can get round Bloctel. The first is that they're allowed to ring if they're partners of a firm you deal with. Well, most of us are clients of EDF and Orange, so these crafty sellers simply sign up to be partners of one of these two. The solution there is to tell them you're no longer a client of EDF or Orange. The second is trickier, since they're allowed to ring you if their purpose is advice-giving, even if the advice you receive then leads to them making a sale. We had one recently on behalf of a clairvoyant, to which we had to say we weren't interested, and added that we thought their principal would have known this already if she is a good clairvoyant...
Val says  ah that is why so many are EDF

Nous sommes le samedi vingt deux avril

A beautiful garden on our doorstep. Les Jardins de Quercy lies between Varen and Verfeil at Cambou and work on the gardens making them as glorious as every other year has been on going. If you have not been then make it a must this year. It inspires me every year. There is a small charge for entry which is then used to fund a girls school in Cambodia.
Opening this year the 15th of May

Friday, 21 April 2017

Creme, nourishing face creme.

So we have 6 young men and one older man from Afghanistan. They are a very proud race Afghans and I like them for this trait. Today as they arrived to settle in the middle aged man told me how many languages he spoke, very impressive. I asked where in Afghanistan he was from and my friend Hujat whispered " you know it was the area where the Taliban killed everyone" so I already know this man has sad tales.
On telling all the young men we had shower gell and toothpaste for them they asked if I had moisturising cream. I remember last time it was a request and speaking to Shaban who is beside me at the moment he also tells me, not washing, changing water all the time your face and hands become very dry and cracked.
So along with toiletries I need to find them moisturising creme. This is more not I but " we", please help me on Sunday with a tub of moisturiser or the money to buy it.
A thank you to Chrissie Hargreaves tonight, she came to meet the new arrivals with clothes from her 23 year old son, these were snapped up instantly.Chrissie is a cake maker so I am sure there would be cakes and at 5.30 pm she was taking one young man to the Drs.
Gosh, how brilliant people can be, Chrissie is one of these brilliant people.
Malc tells me we have an appointment to take the same young man for a Doctors appointment tomorrow... wait for it!! 8.15 am
We just love helping!

Nuisance calls

Hi Val,
After a spate of nuisance telesales up to 10 calls a day disrupting not only mealtimes but even at midnight & 5am I phoned telecom to ask if they could be blocked a very helpful chap directed me to the new government site "" easy to inscribe to & will block all telesales.... worth a go if you've been driven as mad as we have. Laura x

Val says  I know it should work but more than a year ago we did the same thing and we still regularly receive calls from well you name it. I have stopped pretending I cannot speak French and have actually started saying rude words before slamming down the phone.