Sunday, 31 July 2016

Can I treat you to a subway?

Subway sandwiches.
A couple of weeks ago shopping in Montauban we decided to stop for a supermarket lunch.
The only place available was called " Subway"
The line of young people in front of us getting excited about the choices made us think it was obviously a place to take children.
When it was our turn and we opted for tuna salads our order was met with disbelief and ... so what do you want on your sandwich.?
We were a bit fed up as it was not our " cup of tea" but tonight talking to brother in law Tudor out on holiday, he knows all about Subway in the Uk.
The kids love going and choosing their piled high sandwiches and drinks, quite the " in" probably American thing. Better than McDonalds apparently.
 God we are getting old.....
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Brambles in the North, blackberries in the South and mures in France

.... and delicious in the crumble we will have for tea.
End of July and our first " brambling session"
Do not ask where we found them, our lips are sealed.
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Hello again,

I am also surprised that you have not discovered the bookshop of Najac "Nomade et son Livre" in the Place, where you have  should have  been able to find a copy of the 2007 reprint, and even have a facsimile signature of the Gordons stamped in it.

For the Najac fan you can often find there Marcel Gauchy's excellent history of Najac, with has an appreciative appendix about the Gordons.

The major characters in the book, the Tressol family, have their tomb just inside the gates of the cemetery.

I have been visiting Najac since late 1970s, I find the  changes since have detracted much from its charm.
The house where the Gordons stayed in 1923, has since been renovated but a hideous construction right in front has ruined the outlook.

Malc says: we have been into the bookshop many times over the years, but one does not always take note of what is there amid all the items offered, including tourist souvenirs.

I cannot wear clean underwear

As Tudor brother in law arrived in underclothes in the salon this morning stating " well I cannot put on clean underwear this morning."  My first thought " too much information" next thought " what is he on about"
Tudor not used to the ways of cats had found Max asleep on his up to then clean underwear snuggled up in his suitcase.
My response " do not worry it will be lovely and warm when you do put it on"
Accept us accept our pets and the siutcase ( or even suitcase) is on one of the chairs Max likes to sleep on. Trouble is there is not a chair or bed in the house the cats do not like.
The dogs are not allowed on the chairs but now have their own designated sofa in the hall.
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so cute , our Max

Alerts for heavy showers

Departments to the east and south of Tagland are warned of the possibility of heavy showers or strong winds today. Tarn, Aveyron and Haute Garonne are amongst 26 departments under orange alert today. But forecasters expect brighter weather later today and a return to warm sunshine tomorrow (1st August).
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FET presents Under Milk Wood

Book now

Something different from Restoration Consort

The twelve members of Restoration Consort gave a performance of choral works ranging from 16th century Spain to 20th century Britain. In formations from solo, quartet, sextet up to all voices including two choirs of mixed voices all the music was captivating and moving.
Hearing a latin mass by an English composer (perhaps the most English), Ralph Vaughan Williams, who said he was a "cheerful atheist", was an unusual treat, and having sung the Faure mass last winter there was a poignant link to the Pie Jesu of Lili Boulanger, beautifully sung by Vanessa Couchman, the composer being a good friend of Faure before her early death aged 26 in 1918.
Geff and Genevieve came through their struggles with the Puget organ - the restoration of which is the object of these fund raising concerts.
The encore of a piece by Thomas Tallis ended with a tremendous clap of thunder, causing this part of the audience to make a hasty retreat, but it was well worth the risk.
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Nous sommes le dimanche trente et un juillet

A storm through the night leaving a very humid damp morning.
Going out to the donkeys there are huge snails everywhere. No damage on site and we had sensibly unplugged the TV and live box.
Our choice last night of going to the church at St. Antonin to listen to the Restoration Consort was a good one, an enjoyable evening and we stayed dry.
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Like minded friends

Jacky and I meet

Last year Malc and I were raising money and goods to send to Calais when we heard about Jacky from Moissac who was going to help refugees landing on the beaches in Greece. We immediately with TAG started raising money and medicines to help her when there. Since then she has been a couple of times more and this time Michel her doctor husband is using his holidays to go and help.
It does not stop there.
One of our boys was moved to a Huda ( not as good as a CADA) at Castelssarrasin. Misbah was on his own and for 8 months has received no government money. He was lost in the system and has been eating from Red Cross handouts and ... monetary help from Jacky.
I fortunately knew Jacky lived within half an hour and asked if she would keep an eye on him. In the process she is also helping Rahim who shares a room with Misbah.
Without friends helping these boys lives would have been miserable and Misbah like me is now a great Jacky fan.
In  a facebook post Jacky is asking for monetary help to aid Michel in his work offering help as a Dr.
Michel works long hours in France but is using his holiday to help refugees in Greece.
Now if that is not an inspirational story what is?
Please help them with a donation however small. Let us try and make it worthwhile and give Michel a chance to have the medicines to use his skills.
If you want to make a donation however small check out my facebook site or contact me if you do not use facebook to see how you can donate.

Saturday, 30 July 2016

Two Vagabonds in Najac


By chance I found your blog, and its reference to "Two Vagabonds"

Interesting to read your views on the book.

I can assure you that K J Bryant is still very much wih us, indeed there is a contact link on the site you link to!


Ken Bryant
Val says   great local book , just loved it.

Two weeks available in a lovely gite

Hi Val,
Hope all's well with you & yours. I'm wondering if you could please put the following on tag for us, if it sells we will of course make a charity donation.

We still have 2 weeks empty in our lovely gite, August 13th to 20th & 27th August to Sept 3rd. We offer tranquility in beautiful surroundings for up to 4 people only 6kms from St Antonin Noble Val. Massively reduced price of e550 for either week.
We will of course make a charity donation if either of these weeks sell through tag.
I've enclosed a link to our website & hope that someone out there would like some peace in the sun, it seems such a waste for it to sit empty.
Thank you Laura

Christian House sitters

Hi Val,

I am contacting you at the suggestion of a friend Rod Millard.

He wrote to me saying “Do have a look at this site ,
Maybe an idea to drop Val a line and ask if she’d give you a small piece in which to promote C.H.S . for house sitters .”

We run a charity house sitting service which supports and feeds 55 children at a children’s home in Kenya. The funding mainly comes from people registering with our House Sitting service.

Rod is a friend and has been a member for about 6 years. He said “…..mention to Val that I was extremely happy with the people that sat for me” . 

All the details are on our website

If you have any questions please email me.

Many thanks


In brief 

Christian House Sitters 
 Worldwide Internet based ministry.
(All income goes to feed hungry children)


Christians who want to take have a holiday and need someone to look after their home and or pets can register as House Owners.
Enjoy your time away knowing that your home and animals are well cared for by another Christian without having to pay house carers fees.
Registration as a Home Owner is FREE


Christians who need a break can register as House Sitters. 
Enjoy a rent-free vacation house sitting in different countries around the world with no accommodation costs.
Registration as a Sitter costs £25 per year which goes to the children’s home

We are part of the UK Registered Charity
T.L.C. Children’s Trust
Charity Registration number 1156786

Book and Dvd swap Monday 1 st Aug.

At the Gazpacho starting at 10.30 am come and swap books and Dvd's and all for free.
Have a coffee and a chat and meet and make new friends.
Everyone welcome, there are plenty of books, so if you have nothing but dog eared rubbish please do not bring it... you can still take away pristine copies which are a pleasure to read and handle.
Saves me a job when sorting out the rubbish for next time.
A lovely morning why not join us?
Penny from a Stitch in Time says
Just a quick note to say that I shall be at the bookswap on Monday as well, as I have already arranged to meet up with some of my clients. So as well as rummaging the book selection if you have any sewing/ alteration quieries I will be happy to help.

Penny, A Stitch in Time

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Marciac: the peak of jazz festivals

Yesterday (29th July) saw the start of the world renowned Jazz in Marciac festival with Diana Krall. Other stars include Ahmed Jamal, Jamie Cullum, Lisa Simone, Wynton Marsalis and Ibrahim Malouf.
Look at the web site for full details : Jazz in Marciac

Nous sommes le samedi trente juillet

Warm sunny morning but Malc tells me there were lightning flashes through the night.
Lots to do at the moment and we have been discussing do we go to the church at St. Antonin tonight to listen to the Restoration Consort or to listen to Jazz at St. Michel de Vax with Culinaro.
We agreed on the concert which has now been confirmed as Malc tells me there could be a storm early evening.
When younger we would have done both!
Enjoy your day.
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One for your diary

Friday, 29 July 2016

Here's a plan for this evening

The St Antonin based arts and theatre group, Meme Sans Le Train, has lost much of its official funding and consequently has financial difficulties. A new management team has come on board and organised a support concert tonight, Friday 29th July, 9pm (21h) in the Salle des Thermes, St Antonin. Entry 7 euros.
Several musical groups have offered their services free, including Banda de Role, described as Franco-Brazilian including Samba, Reggae, Roots, Rock, Hip Hop...
Also on the bill are RECO RECO, offering music both futuristic and traditional. Promising a pulsating dance rhythm this quartet is said to be un-missable live, guaranteed to get you moving.
So forget that quiet night in, get your dancing shoes on and support Meme Sans le Train.

On holiday in the Gers

From France TV info but has apparently been in the Daily Mail.... if it was just the Daily Mail I would doubt it and certainly not report.
Great place for a holiday SW France as all our refugees know. We could have all met up.!!!!

Brexit ou pas Brexit, la famille royale britannique passe des vacances dans le Sud-Ouest. La duchesse de Cambridge Kate Middleton est arrivée mardi à l'aéroport Pau-Pyrénées avec le prince George, 3 ans, la princesse Charlotte, 1 an, accompagnés et la nounou des enfants.

Une équipe de Scotland Yard et des officiers de protection les attendait. Scotland Yard avait d'ailleurs fait des repérages quelques jours plus tôt.

Selon nos confrères de La République des Pyrénées, mardi vers 13 h 30 un jet privé s'est posé sur le tarmac avec à son bord la duchesse et ses enfants.
Des voitures aux vitres teintées, immatriculées au Royaume-Uni, les attendaient. Le convoi aurait pris ensuite la direction du Gers pour des vacances en famille. Selon le «Daily Mail», le prince William aurait ensuite rejoint sa femme.

Le Gers est un département particulièrement apprécié de Sa Majesté la Reine Elisabeth II et de ses sujets.

Gardening/house sitting/animal care

Dear Val,

Me and my sister Mica are planning a trip to Italy. It will be my first proper holiday with her as she has been travelling for the past three years. To fund this trip we are offering gardening/house sitting/animal care (dog walking, feeding, etc..).As some will know, our family runs a farm with many animals and livestock.
We know the importance of keeping the home safe as well as making sure everything including animals are taken care of while you're away.

We charge €20 an hour for gardening (price includes the both of us and of course takes less time as we work as a team)

House sitting and animal care prices are negotiable and will vary depending on how many hours/days/weeks you need our services for. For anyone interested either email us or call and we will be more then happy to work around your needs and schedule at a fair price.

Tel: 0665101148

Thank you kindly,

Tilly & Mica

Fete at Feneyrols

Marché Gourmand

Nous sommes le vendredi vingt neuf juillet

Sunny morning, a lovely warm day forecast.
Brother in law  Tudor today arrived last night and lots of things to do over the next few days.
An artist who enjoys art exhibitions, concerts and swimming.
What better place for him to visit but our area.
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Thursday, 28 July 2016

Exhibition in aid of Medecins Sans Frontiers

Free parking in Toulouse

For the first two weeks of August the normally paid on street parking will be free in the city centre and surrounding suburbs within the city boundary. The mairie say this will make it easier and more attractive to tourists at a time when traffic is lighter. This does not apply to the privately run off-street car parks.
Is it too cynical to think that it is because all the enforcement and maintenance staff will be on holiday too. Whatever, if you drive to Toulouse look for a free place first.
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Beware of false policemen

There have been a couple of scams recently with someone claiming to be from (for example) EDF and gaining access to the property of a generally elderly person. But then a second person arrives claiming to be a police officer who has been alerted that a person suspected of theft was seen entering the house. The victim is relieved that the larceny has been avoided and relaxes vigilance. The "officer" then searches the house looking for "missing" items, obviously picking up what he can.
Advice from police is never to allow people into your home uninvited and to ask for, and if necessary seek verification of the identity.
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Najac and is that a mobylette?

No its not! the name mobylette has been adopted to describe any pedaled 49cc moped,BUT real Mobylettes were made by Motobecane,up to early 70s,the classic model being the iconic' La Bleue.'
Photo of the blue mobylette courtesy of Richard Wylie Harris
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Nous sommes le jeudi vingt huit juillet

Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Nous sommes le mercredi vingt sept juillet

Playing volley ball as the sun sets Malik, Hussain, Dams of St. Antonin and I.
What a lovely evening.
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Strike at Air France today

Cabin crew with Air France begin a 7 day strike today. Flights to and from Blagnac are lightly affected with two flights in each direction cancelled, though more connections from Charles de Gaulle may be affected. Check with the airline if you are scheduled to fly this week.
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Nothing remotely funny about a business going up in flames, but one just has the feeling that a firm selling "magic accessories" ought to have used a Harry Potter wand to put the fire out. The entire factory, storage and stock of Magicaplanet, at Castanet near Toulouse went up in flames on Monday.
Some 50 firefighters were called to the blaze and although some 1000m² were destroyed the offices were saved. Nobody was hurt.
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Book now for Under Milk Wood at FET

For details click Under Milk Wood

Horrific attack near Rouen

An 84-year-old priest was killed and four other people taken hostage by two armed men who stormed his church in a suburb of Rouen in northern France.
The two attackers, who said they were from the so-called Islamic State (IS), slit Fr Jacques Hamel's throat during a morning Mass, officials say.
Police surrounded the church and shot dead both hostage-takers. French media named one of them as Adel K.
One of the hostages is in a critical condition in hospital
Val says what a sad and terrible occurence. What a world we live in.

Kathryn Dobson says
Yesterday's attack in Rouen was terrible and my heart once again goes out to everyone touched by this cowardly event.
It concerns me that there are comments about France not being safe, what needs to be done, closing borders and the NF rhetoric rising to the fore again. Those of us who remember the 70s remember terrorism occurring on our streets before, but in those days we didn't have the magnifying glasses of social media and 24 hour news channels that have to fill their time and their need to link and replay.
France is relatively safe - additional protection is on the streets against the threat, we do not need the NF to take control. Only cowardly idiots or the mentally ill become terrorists. The vast majority of the French, no matter their religion, are not terrorists nor ever likely to become one. Daesh want us to live in fear, we cannot allow them to win.

Tuesday, 26 July 2016

La guinguette à roulettes - 28 juillet - Verfeil sur Seye

le jeudi 28 juillet  prés du stade de Verfeil
La guinguette à roulettes vous propose:
 17h30: Atelier de cuisine percussive !
            fabrication de pain 
18h30: Beaucoup-de-noms
19h30 :Mémoire imaginaire
           conte autour du pain
20h00 :The Raven Project             musique celtique 
21h30:Bal trad
          accordéon, guitare, percussions 
 Participation libre mais nécessaire !
a bientôt...


Hi Val
This is just a reminder (or advice) to anyone parking their car in any of the car parks in St Antonin to make sure that they lock their car and ensure all windows are closed, despite the heat it may generate in the car. I advise this even if you simply get out of the car to talk to someone perhaps only 15 or 20 metres away. From experience, there is someone who is very clever at quietly opening one of the doors on the opposite side to where you are , checking what’s there and then leaving the door open so as not to raise a sound. Fortunately there was nothing in my car at the time!
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Thursday evening could be busy

Folk n' Jazz will be holding its annual charity concert in the grounds of La Vigerie, Varen on Thursday 28th July, augmented by the Fifi Ladies' choir. The theme this year is The Movies. 8pm

Acte82 will be celebrating the 30th anniversary of Des Croches et la Lune at La Seye et Vous, Verfeil from 7.30pm. Aficionados of the famous music festival are invited to come and exchange memories of the acts and look forward to this year's concerts to be held on 19th and 20th August.
TAG editorial staff will not be able to attend either of these tempting events but hope readers will go "nombreux".

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Nous sommes le mardi vingt six juillet

Beautiful morning, blue sky, birds singing, everyone happy at Mas del Sol.
Lots to do today and with new arrivals for a couple of days in the gite.
In St. Antonin this morning, vet coming to look at donkey Rosie's ear this afternoon.
People invited for a meal tonight.
This is the summer in SW France and I know we are all the same.( apart from the vet for a donkeys ear!)
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Easyjet sale

Hi Val  

In case other TAG readers don't get email notifications, easyJet have a sale on today only (ends midnight) offering up to 20% off a quarter of a million flights.

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Atmospheric evening in St Antonin

Just a normal evening in the summer in St. Antonin but how much atmosphere there is in those ancient streets.
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Missing your Daily TAG?

Hi Val and Malcolm
Having not received TAG for what seems like a long time, I am wondering if we have been ‘struck off’ for some reason.  If so, can we please be re-instated.


Hello Helen 
Normally we circulate an email every couple of weeks or so to remind people that there are stories and events on Taglines, but there are three mail groups of about 100 people and I inadvertently deleted one group recently, so that is probably why you have not had any reminders. I will add you to one of the other groups (I have no idea who was in the lost group).
You can always access TAG simply by googling it, or adding the address to your favourites or making a shortcut to 

Of course if you are reading this you have already figured it out!

Monday, 25 July 2016

Flowers everywhere you look in the courtyard between the two houses

I so wanted the courtyard to be pretty, well I think at last I am getting there.
Have you any pretty spots in the garden. I know Betty Nuttall has, what about you?
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Cheap flights

Hello Val
I wonder if you can help me.  We are a family living in Najac during the summer in our holiday home, unfortunately due to a change in our son's personal situation we know have a pair of return flights to sell from Gatwick to Toulouse during August.  Would it be possible to share this with your readers, the flights are worth well over £300, but would be looking to recover £150, plus any extra a buyer might be willing to pay to go towards a charity.  
Best wishes

Hi Val
Thanks for the reply. The names can be changed for £30 per ticket, the flights are with Easyjet.
It would be such a change to waste them.

Val says send the dates

Hi Val

Thank you so much, the details are as follows

Flying from London Gatwick on Tuesday 16th August on flight EZY5335 departs at 12:30 arrives in Toulouse at 15:15 

Return flight from Toulouse EZY5338 on Tuesday 23rd August departs at 17:25 arrives in London Gatwick at 18:15 

Reserved seating on both flights 

Thanks very much


Exhibition at La Vigerie this weekend

Petition: Commit to healthcare arrangements for British pensioners living in the EU

Dear Val,
You might be interest in signing and sharing this. I received it from an English friend living in France.

Hello, even if you are not yet retired and/or living in France, please be so kind as to sign this petition care is costly in France and at the moment the UK covers pensioners' 60-70% costs (private personal "top up" insurance, reimbursing the rest, costs around 95€ per month...). 
Cannot imagine the nightmare if we were suddenly bereft of that….

Nous sommes le lundi vingt cinq juillet

Sunday, 24 July 2016

Restoration Consort at the church in St. Antonin

Concert du RESTORATION CONSORT Samedi 30 Juillet à 20H30
à l'église de St Antonin.

Après les concerts d'hiver et de printemps, le Restoration Consort est
heureux de vous inviter à découvrir son programme de musiques sacrées de
la Renaissance espagnole, Vittoria, Guerrero, Lobo ainsi qu'une messe du
compositeur anglais Vaughan Williams.
Le Restoration Consort est un ensemble vocal créé en 2014 par Geof Cryer
dans le but d'aider à la restauration de l'orgue Puget de l'église de St
Antonin. Cet ensemble composé d'une dizaine de chanteurs se dédie aux
musiques Renaissances et Baroques mais également à des pièces d'autres
périodes comme en témoigne la Messe de Vaughan Williams.
Participation libre au bénéfice de la
restauration de l'orgue.

Straw bales for building

Hi Val,

We are new residents of Roussayrolles, wondering if anyone knows where to source straw bales for building and what time of year is best to ask.  We know Vaour will be  good place to start but any other pointers would be appreciated.

Thank you very much,

Bev and Matt

Congrats Chris

winning the Tour de France for the third time, well done Chris Froome

Art Festival at Parisot

Nous sommes le dimanche vingt quatre juillet

Certainly warm but as yet the sky is grey. One set of guests leave, the next arrives Wednesday.
Busy times, summer in SW France.
Jean Marie Nosal came yesterday to give us a dongle/ usb key with over 140  photos of the Jazz evening at the Domaine. Reinforcing what a lovely night it was. The file is too big to post here, but we will try to make it available via the internet.
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What's going on in Espinas

Every Wednesday there is a free ramble, starting from the church in Espinas at 9am (unless stated otherwise). Suitable for walkers from 8 years of age. Dogs on lead. Wear suitable footwear, a hat and take a drink. Have valid third party insurance. For details email .
11 August is the star gazing night. From 21h30 in the Place de l'Eglise. There will be two animators who will explain all.
21st August the famous Fenaison, with displays of agricultural metiers as they were in days gone by.
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Saturday, 23 July 2016

One needs a chuckle from time to time

Hi Val, Saw this and thought you would get a good laugh from it. 

Ce qui sera sera,

Radar on the A68 roadworks

Those of us who use the Albi-Toulouse motorway have seen major roadworks reducing road to a one lane contraflow. From next Friday (27th July) until 26th August a mobile radar (speed camera) will be installed on the section to enforce limits of 90 kph or even 50 kph in parts.
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Guess what colour

A young man got onto the metro into Toulouse wearing a bulky jacket which appeared to have red wires protruding from it. Some passengers left the tram and called the police, who arrested the man at the next stop.
It seems the 27 year old was on his way to a bodybuilding class wearing his training clothes and the red wires were from the headphones of his personal music player. He was arrested and his home searched, though nothing incriminating was found. Several hours later he was still in custody, the police claiming that he had "modified" the jacket to make it look like a suicide belt.
No details were revealed of the man's appearance or origin.
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Why we don't swim after eating

In our health and safety conscious times almost everything we do has a risk and there is advice on how to minimise the dangers. But a 43 year old holidaymaker met his death when canoeing on a fairly safe stretch of the Lot, with lifejacket and helmet. With his son he lost his paddle and jumped into the river to recover it. But he was immediately taken ill and despite efforts to revive him he died on the spot.
This was said to be a result of hydrocution - a condition which occurs due to sudden immersion in water which causes certain nervous reactions to close down access to the air passages to prevent drowning, but causing suffocation. The received wisdom is that it happens often after drinking alcohol, eating big meals, jumping into cold water or landing heavily on the abdomen - "belly-flopping". We were always to told by our Italian friends to allow two hours after eating before swimming, now we know why.
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Nous sommes le samedi vingt trois juillet

What a great time we have had, loads of fun and laughter, our girls left yesterday and our boys leave today. The weather overall has been pretty good since the Eid party on the 6th July.
Hope your summer is being a happy one with as much laughter.
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Friday, 22 July 2016

Beatles tribute band at Bruniquel

Hi Val

I mentioned this to Jill and Roger the other day, and I've now found details for booking tickets:

Val says  thought great, we will go but sadly clashes with the theatre FET, which we could not, would not, want to miss.

Events at the Chateau

Nous avons le plaisir de vous faire part du programme des concerts de l'été 2016 au Château de Mayragues, à noter dans vos agendas
N'hésitez pas à visiter également notre site

ou à nous suivre sur notre page FACEBOOK ici

Chaque année depuis 1998 Mayragues participe au Festival Architecture et Musique en Occitanie. Les dates des concerts pour 2016 sont les suivantes :

Musique baroque italienne
avec des oeuvres de Gemanini, Vivaldi, Marcello, Besozzi ....
                 Laurent Hacquard   - hautbois
                 Richard Siegel - épinette

Mélodies, Duos et Fantaisies Lyriques
Soprano, hautbois et piano
Œuvres de Rossini, Mendelssohn, Brahms, Offenbach, Massenet
                 Isabelle Cals - soprano
                 Laurent Hacquard - hautbois
                 Laure Cambau - piano

Attention le concert du 5 août sera à l’intérieur, et le nombre de places est limité. Il est impératif de réserver à l’avance.

Un verre de vin du domaine vous sera offert à l'entr'acte.

Prix des places : 15€  - Tarif réduit  10€ (étudiants) 
Moins de 16 ans  gratuit 
Informations et Réservations auprès de Château de Mayragues : 

A bientôt à Mayragues

Famille Geddes 

Vignoble en bio-dynamie
81140 Castelnau de Montmiral


Marie-Paule Bernot

Château de Mayragues
Vignoble en bio-dynamie
81140 Castelnau de Montmiral

Motorists' nightmares

This weekend is the first chassé croisé of the summer, as the early July holidaymakers return home, crossing with the late July-ers. Motorways and especially service areas at lunchtime are generally packed, with big queues at the pay stations.
To add to woes, the mobile radar on the Toulouse rocade is back in the roadworks section of Borderouge. This controversially flashed 1000 vehicles per hour when it was introduced in November, with the speed limit in that section reduced to 70 kph, instead of 90 kph.
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