Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Liberte des Anes fund raiser

Dear Everyone
Please come along and support Liz Horne’s Tea/Coffee Afternoon at 3 pm on Thursday 6th June, all
proceeds in aid of Association Liberte des Anes to help us with the costs involved in
looking after the donkeys here.
Jan Lemmy


route entre DAUSSE et ST LEGER

chez les HORNS


15H à 17H



livres/vétéments/bric à brac à vendre

5€ par person


venez nombreux

European Commission bans bee harming pesticides

The EU has decided for two years to ban bee harming pesticides, there are 3 pesticides which are implicated. A hard thing to achieve with such a powerful chemical industry lobby. The UK voted against ( 15 of the 27 EU countries voted for ) France and Germany voted for.
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Madness comes to Montauban

Did you know that Madness is coming to Montauban on July 10th.


Perhaps we could hire a charabanc? But we'd have to book very soon as I

think these things sell out quite quickly and I couldn't go if there are no

seats, been there, done that got the aching legs. I'll try and find out.


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Dogs give so much and ask for so little.

Just read the story regarding Monty and wanted to say that as someone who knows and is lucky in owning 4 beautiful golden retrievers that dogs give so much and yet ask for so little in return, your love and companionship will give you a wonderful dog that deserves the best in life. Let’s hope he gets what he deserves.

Amberslan Golden Retrievers

Monty is saved and what a super chap he is.

Malc and Roger are back from their mission in to the unknown territory of the Gaillac region. They have with them an adorable dog called Monty.He sits, he stays, he rolls over to have his tummy tickled, he begs, plays with his ball, thank goodness he was not put to sleep.Roger has taken him home and at the moment is the temporary guardian. Roger recently lost his own dog Dibbs to old age and has really missed him, after 12 years, as you would .In my heart I would like Roger to keep him as Roger likes walking and also likes the company of a dog. Roger feels it is a bit soon after Dibbs to think of another dog. I have promised to look for an owner  Any way as I have promised if anyone is interested in adopting Monty, who  by the way is chipped with vaccinations up to date please contact me.Val  mail@bromlea.com
Follow up to the story: The chaps tell me that poor Monty was in the house for two days with the owner who had fallen and died, before all was discovered. Monty had found packets of cat food which he had opened and fed himself and the two cats. This is surely a dog who deserves a second chance.
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Fetons l'eau St. Antonin Noble Val

The 10 ,11 and 12 May let us celebrate water. At this point I can hear readers shout '' stop the rain, never mind fete it!''
Interesting leaflet with lots of water related activities produced by the Office de tourisime  tel 0563306347
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Malc and Roger go on a "mission possible"

After a sad plea from a reader about a dog being put to sleep today, Roger and Malc have shelved all their mornings plans to drive to the otherside of Gaillac to save a dog called Monty. Monty had lost both his owners in the last year, one just recently deceased  The daughter of the family lives and works in England and after tidying up the estate had simply got to leave. She had rehomed two cats but Monty being 9 years old and black ( black dogs are hard to rehome so the refuges tell me ) was for the long sleep. We received an urgent message  to be put on TAG and then the TAG machine burst into action. Leaving no stone unturned we found a temporary home for Monty till he can find a more permanent one. Todays appointments were cancelled and Roger and Malc are driving off within the hour to save Monty. Pictures will be forthcoming. We are told he is a lovely chap, very friendly a cross labrador beauceron. He must be feeling very unsettled losing both his master and mistress so may be a bit stressed. He is used to living  with cats so that is a good thing.
Wish the " old boys" luck on their mission saving another old boy.
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Fete du Muguet on the 1st of May

Tomorrow, a holiday will see local fetes with baskets of muguet for sale. Anyone fortunate enough to get to the TAG and Fifi plant exchange were lucky enough to get clumps of muguet free thanks to Betty Nuttall . ( you can rely on Betty for good plants and cakes!) Muguet as you all know we call "lilly of the valley"
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A sondage for BFM TV gives Sarkozy an easy win

Hollande's popularity is at an all time low after his first year in office. A poll for BFM TV showed if elections were held now Hollande would not get through to the second round, and Sarkozy would win even leaving Marine Le Pen behind.
Fortunately for Hollande he has another four years to get it right. ( some might say unfortunately for the French)
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After 100 years of Queens in Holland, now a change

Females have been head of state in Holland for a hundred years. Now Queen Beatrix has abdicated in favour of her son  Prince William Alexander. The king will now take up his constitutional role.
Malc says " not a very French report" but it is a tribute to our Dutch readers .
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Monday, 29 April 2013

Support the Theatre at Les Cabannes

I attach below the poster for the forthcoming production in our Colombier

theatre in Les Cabannes. The theatre is in the process of re-inventing

itself and to this end it is starting this coming season on Friday 3 May
with a soiree/concert of African and Caribbean music. All the details are


the poster.  Note that the doors open at 7 p.m/19 heures from which time

onwards plates of tapas + a drink @ 5 euros (and maybe cakes too!) will be

available. The pre-show drinks/tapas, it is hoped, will tempt people to

come; and the very reasonable price for the concert (only 5 euros) is

hopefully another attraction! The show itself will start at 9 p.m./21

heures. It is not a very big theatre so if you do come it would be, as the

poster says, 'prudent' to reserve a seat. I can do this for you if it



It would be wonderful if you could support us. We in Les Cabannes very


want to keep our theatre going - there aren't many theatres around here! -

and it'll only be able to keep going if we all do our bit.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Kind Regards Pat

Sent by Sally Clegg who feels the theatre is a little gem worthy of our support
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Cross labrador needs help quickly

English owners going back to the UK and are having their 9 year old dog put

down TOMORROW unless a home is found.
Apparently, he is a lovely old boy, good with cats etc, not castrated, but
still has life left in him!

If anyone is able to help, please call me on 05 63 58 00 92.


Val says Have contacted a friend who has lost his dog recently and he has offered to look after the dog on a temporary basis to stop it being put to sleep, but he will need a permanent home
More to this story.
The dogs owner died a year ago and  two days ago the Mother died, the daughter is out here  sorting  out the couples affaires. She leaves tomorrow which is why the dog would be put to sleep.

Hollande plans to cut size of the French army

By 2019 France plans to cut 20,000 army jobs.
The war in Mali has cost debt ridden France 70 million  euros so far. The French on the whole are supporting the operation but for how long one wonders ?
Hollande has been in power for a year, let us hope his second year shows more results on the economy and jobs.
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Monday 6th of May is book swap day

Monday 6th of May is book swap, and DVD swap day. As always at the Gazpacho in St. Antonin meeting at 10.30 am .Take books along, you may never see again and  swap for others you have not read. With DVDs you need to register on the day with Martin but new Dvd,s always needed to enhance the scheme.  It is also the morning Spiced Cuisine comes to town so get in your orders before the 1st of May so they can be delivered on the 6th
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Sunday, 28 April 2013

Bistro at the Lac de Parisot

The bistro at the lake at Parisot came in for some high praise today . Apparently newish managers /owners who have taken over have really upped the stakes. The bistro which serves reasonably priced meals in a lovely setting with outside terrace, was highly praised by  four people we were lunching with.
They also all recommended  this second auberge which I have now had  further recommendation by Maggie with correct details

I think you meant auberge de la grange du Cros as the second restaurant cited in your recent post. We went there a few years ago (2008?) for a Sunday lunch and were very pleased; time to go again!  

Auberge de la grange du Cros - Le Cros - 46260 SAILLAC Téléphone : 05 65 24 77 13 - Messagerie : aubergrangistes@live.fr www.aubergrangistes.com

There is a nice walk written up in a book of walks in the Causse (not sure, book is in France, but, alas, I am not), a circuit that goes by the 'perte du Cros'  (download directions at:cdt46.tourinsoft.com/upload/Le-chemin-de-la-Perte-du-Cros.pdf); one could stop at the restaurant in the middle or adjust the directions to start/stop at restaurant. 

Best regards,

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The programme is out for Laguepie's Occitan Festival

The programme for 2013 12th Universitat Occitana de Miegjorn  Pireneus, La Guepia
The occitan Festival at Laguepie is much more than conferences, concerts, theatre and dancing. You need to get the leaflet from the Tourist Office at Laguepie. The Festival runs from 7th to14th of July.
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Sue says     must just plug that one of the " musicians de Salles" playing in Laguepie is our own dear Trevor

Floralies at Caylus

Sunday 12th of May , in the heart of this medieval village starting at 10am to18h will be a sale of roses, annuals, aromatic plants, medicinal herbs, vegetables etc. There will also be a workshop for adults and children making floral art , will that be flower arranging?
tel  0563670028
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Patchwork at Laguepie

Hi Val - just back from the Spring fair at Laguepie, laden with goodies as usual, but especially blown away by the patchwork exhibition - some beautiful work. Its a long time since I did patchwork but the work on show was quite an inspiration to get creative again!

Sue C
Val says Just this morning I had this email  about the patchwork group.
We contacted you a while ago as we are moving to Cambou, Verfeil Sur Sey on Monday as we have been renovating a barn there.
In you notes you mentioned the Lagupie patchwork club. Do you know how I contact them as I would love to join as I have belonged to one in the UK for 10 years.
My French is coming on but do you know if any of them speak English it would help to start with.
Also where is the donkey santuary.
Val says So I popped in to the salles des fetes whilst in Laguepie to look at the patchwork [ very impressive] and to get a contact number for Jean
Contact  Mme. Garrigues tel.  0563302781 or mobile  0611754553 and there are 3 English speakers with in the group.
The donkey sanctuary is at La Volvene Belveze 82150

St. Andre de Najac, a long week end of song and picnics

Le Festival des deux rives, 9, 10,11of May a week end of song, picnics and randonees, with choirs singing in 6 local churches. Check more by phoning  0613443349 or  0786551128
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St. Nicholas-de-la- Grave May1st

Fete du Muguet and  Fete du travail 1st of May
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A new 5 euro note

Thursday 2nd May will see a new 5 euro note being produced. The same colour green but one that will be harder to counterfeit.
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Saturday, 27 April 2013

Public Holiday 1st of May

Wednesday 1st May is a public holiday - Fête du travail and also the vide grenier in Septfonds
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Foire aux plant Montauban and another at Laguepie

Spring Fair at Laguepie another at Montauban. Tonight there is a light frost forecast so if you have already bought and planted spring flowers protect them. I have just been out covering tender plants with gauze for the night. A gardeners work is never done.
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Malc keeps the accounts

Counting monies and cheques received since Mamma Mia, we appear to have taken 400 euros for Via Sahel and 110 euros for the donkey sanctuary, with some cheques still  to come.
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Brrr! and Brrr! again

Pots, tubs and crates of plants have all been distributed to their happy new owners, old friends were welcomed and new friendships have been made. I could complain that it was freezing, wet and downright miserable, but do you know just seeing everyones happy faces with their plants made it  all worth while.
Terry Tippett who stayed by her plant stall most of the day was happy with her take and the chance to meet new customers, and somehow though cold, she kept smiling.
Special thanks go to Malc who spent from about 11am to 2 pm manning the  barbecue and was rewarded with a goodly sum for Via Sahel Enfants d' Afrique.
Terry drove off saying we have to do it again next year and I managed a weary smile.
We think we had about 70 people through the gate.
Bonny thought 70 people was OK but the big black girl dog playing with Twister, she did not think much of. barking like that, not the way to behave with visitors Bonny.
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If you like flowers of the French countryside check out this site.

Sally has sent this site , with a message " Do TAG readers know Michael's site.We did not, but having looked, find it a treasure, lovely photos, interesting to see the date of sightings and even more interesting having flowers clearly identified. Well done Michael, who ever you are.

Najat Vallaud Belkacem, this is especially for Alan

The new 34 year old Minister for Women's Rights who has a brief to tackle sexism and harassement post DSK. Born in Morocco but arrived in France age 4 years old , she holds dual nationality.( so that makes one think you are allowed dual nationality ) When she was a young Minister hosting a party in a bourgeois area in Lyon she opened the door and the guest handed her his coat, then looked around for the Minister.His attitude, any young woman who opens the door with a dark skin must be a servant. A very interesting article given by her in the Guardian to Angelique Chrisafis. Certainly a rising star and some one to watch.
VAL says this report from 23/6/12   I said she was a lady to watch and a certain Alan agrees with me !

Najat Vallaud-Belkacem

Friday, 26 April 2013

Bee hives on the roofs in Paris

Three beehives housing 60,000 bees are being placed on the roof of the French Assembly in Paris. The hives will be the colours of the tricolore, blue, white and red. An excellent green initiative
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Pots planted up, labelled, ready for their new owners

The  second TAG / Fifi plant exchange , THE BIG ONE , in the gardeners calendar takes place tomorrow, mostly undercover at Mas del Sol, just outside Varen. If you have plants bring them, if you do not have any ready to pot do not be concerned there will be plants for everyone, and let's face it we all like something for nothing.
We also have local gardening expert, garden designer and plant grower from Parisot, Terry Tippett
coming with a vast array of plants and she will be on hand to solve any gardening worries you may have. I have tried asking, how do you dig with a bad hip but she advised asking the Medicine, so may be keep the questions more on planting.
The forecast is not brilliant but the plants will be, see you from 11am till 3pm.
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Marriage pour tous

Hi Val,
I agree with you. The concept that same sex marriage is somehow detrimental is completely illogical and frankly mean!
If everybody who is concerned about this actually sat down, put their ingrained prejudices aside and really thought the matter over, they would see that there is nothing to fear. Marriage as an institution will not change, heterosexual marriages will not somehow become sullied.
If people disagree on religious grounds, then by their own admission, is it not up to their God to decide what is right or wrong? Personally, I think that any God worth her salt, just wants a world full of tolerant, happy people.

Mimi x
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Two Orchids, spotted early by a holiday maker

Woodcock Orchid
Lady Orchid
Two early orchids spotted by Shaun Dowson staying on holiday with his parents Lorraine and Neville. Well done Shaun, Malc will be ''spitting feathers'' not to be the first to see some.
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Worries about his neighbours donkey, Arthur

Val says I received a phone call yesterday from a very caring resident here worried about his neighbours donkey, which was locked in a barn, whilst two horses were in the field. I had an idea that they may be trying to get the donkey used to the horses before introducing as there can often be trouble  before or whilst friendships are made . Here is Dominics reply today.

All’s well that ends well, Val, in that our donkey, Arthur, was ‘released’ and now enjoys the company of two horses. Apparently my French farmer neighbour ‘rescued’ this one from the knackers yard, and kept it inside to allow time for familiarisation with its new surroundings and equine friends.

Dominic also sent this link of the young donkey now released with one of its friends and think this donkey was rescued from the Knacker's yard.

Dominic also says
Hope the Labrador found its owner eventually.
Val says    And a happy note in that the search is still going on for the owner of the labrador, but if not found the neighbour where it is hanging around likes it so much they will keep it.
Two lovely stories to cheer your day
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All good clean fun at the Folk / Jazz Evening

Trevor, Sally, Brian ,Linda, and John, a  lovely tuneful sea shanty...
... and Ian and John tying down their Kangaroo
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Folk / Jazz Evening sails on

  Folk / Jazz evening goes all nautical
After all the rain we have seen recently it was perhaps appropriate to start last night's folk/jazz evening on a nautical note. The evening started off with a group of the resident Folk/singers leading a great shanty session. They had each taken up the challenge to learn and lead a shanty and it was a fun singalong start to the evening. Brian, Linda, John and Trevor,  were also joined by Sally, a newcomer to the evening, who delighted everyone with her rendition of The water is wide. ( She has clearly seen the lake near our house!)

After the shanties the performers gave us plenty more music,  including songs from Charles and also Ian whose set had an  Australian theme in honour of Anzac day.

During the evening we also discussed the future direction of the folk/jazz evenings. Having been instrumental, along with Val, in setting up the evenings last year, Charles and Anna have decided to  cease their involvement 
and move on to other things. Hopefully we may see them back as guests sometime in the future. The club has been a great success so far with new musical talent being uncovered each month and new collaborations of musicians all the time.  At this point it seemed the right time to look at how the evenings will develop over the coming year.

Everyone there contributed to the discussion and points agreed were:

  • compering of the evening will rotate each month with each compere free to organise the musicians during the evening as he/she wishes ( comperes will volunteer and do not have to be musicians)
  • any performer who arrives before 8 o'clock wishing to sing or play will be fitted in, even if that means shorter spots for regulars, although they will still be encouraged to contact the compere beforehand if at all possible.
  • a donation of 2 euros per person will be requested to build a fund to cover costs of any room hire necessary ( Brian has offered to be responsible for collecting and looking after this fund)
  • some summer venues have been offered and John agreed to confirm arrangements - more details later. There was also discussion about winter venues, including the possibility of using a bar or continuing at Riols but further information is needed (ideas still welcome)
  • Sue will continue to publicise and review the evenings by posting to Tag.

    The next folk/jazz evening is 30th May at le Riols  (this will be the last evening before the summer "al frescoe" season). The compere will be Ian.

    27th June compere John - venue to be confirmed
    25th July compere Trevor - venue to be confirmed

    If you want to perform at any of  these evenings contact any of the comperes at   

    Sue Carter

    Another prominent killing in Corsica

    The head of Corsica's National Park was shot dead in Corsica on Wednesday in a drive by assasination. The tenth violent killing this year, and it is only April. Since the start of last year 29 prominent  people in Corsica's society have been killed. Not the Mediterrean paradise it could be.
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    A record number of job seekers in France

    A record number of people job seeking, 3,195,000  the highest ever. A major challenge to Holland who has pledged to curb the downward trend. Great at selling planes but not so good at unemployment, our President
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    Thursday, 25 April 2013

    Planes are flying out.

    Selling hand over fist, now an order for 60 Airbus planes has been received from China. President Holland is working hard with his delegation to secure deals. His last trip to Indonesia resulted in an 18 billion dollar order for Airbus. I bet all the workers at Toulouse are singing and the song could be " We're going to be rich, with money to burn"
    Well done Monsieur Le President.
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    Buying wisteria or glycine

    A good tip is to only buy when the plant is flowering otherwise you may make the mistake that I did and know others have too. It takes around 7 years for the plant to flower, so if not already flowering you may like me have to wait four years or more. Also two of the wisterias four years later turned out to be the wrong colours, one white and one a very pale blue. I bought from a reputable market garden and was assured they would flower the following year. I bought another last year already in flower and the right colour, but from another market garden!
    Anybody with a nice wisteria picture?
    Actually sent by Sue Hunt
    Not only can Lawrence Hunt make the best swimming pools but he can grow wisteria, just as I would like mine!.
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    A good tip from Maeva

    au sujet de l'annonce sur le labrador de verfeil pouvez vous dire a la personne de regarder sur chien-perdu.org, ce site est génial si on perd ou trouve un chien.
    on peut également s'inscrire par mail pour recevoir toutes les annonces de son département!!
    ce site mérite d'etre connu!
    je l'utilise souvent!
    merci Maeva

    Have you lost a golden labrador in the Verfeil area?

    Do you know of any one  who has lost a golden labrador in the Verfeil sur Seye area?
    A friend living on the outskirts of Verfeil has a lovely, friendly dog that comes to play with her dog. They must have so much fun the lab  has decided not to go home and has been there for four days.He has a collar but with no name on it. Contact me if you know Val mail@bromlea.com

    Interesting for advertisers

    The stats this week are continuing to hold their  own with over 500 people looking every day. The most searched key words are tag online and second is Winnie Nosal !. Most looked at page views appears to be ''the advertising rates for charity'' and second ''Panoramic view, that is something people want.''
    TAG for the charities in the first week has raised just over 300 euros I think [one person has booked 6 months for their advertising and Rod is sending 50 euros ]
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    More medals for the Domaine de Canto Perlic

    Ursula and Sune Sloge were delighted to win yet another gold medal for one of their wines, a red. In a competition for the best Gaillac wines. Years ago I remember my neice made a visit to the Domaine and came away with cases, being very impressed after the wine tasting.  http://www.cantoperlic.com/
    Canto Perlic means song of the partridge in occitan.
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    Vernissage today of "Starpatch" patchwork club

    At Laguepie the very active patchwork club is having their vernissage in the Salle des Fetes starting at 18h. The exhibition of patchwork will be on view on Sunday which will also be the Foire de printemps, plant fair. A busy week end for Laguepie.
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    Fete and Foire at Montricoux

    At Montricoux there will be a Fair which has been held for the last 25 years. A traditional Fair of St. Eutrope and market Sunday  28th April starting at 9 am. Numerous stands and " animations" with many products of the region on sale.
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    Wednesday, 24 April 2013

    The diversity of ready meals available.

    Do you know if you were  a kestrel, you would not be eating packaged rubbish from the supermarket and wondering what was actually in the tin foil dish. You would be out finding lizards, the bigger the better, yummy! those big green ones. A tasty frog, well we all like frogs legs. A mouse, does not matter if a shrew or doormouse, all tasty. Crickets, lovely and crunchy. Only occasionally if really struggling to find something,  a little bird on the wing. ''We are not like sparrow hawks you know, our kestrel says.'' As feeding of the fledgling begins the variety of small animals multiplies making life easier. Bonny our golden,  the year before last caught and killed a mole, so I put it on a fence post to be picked up and sure enough it was.
    The kestrel pair are still ''at it '' on the tree but come often to eat their prey on the edge of the nesting hole.
    If we are lucky any time now they will sign the ''compromis'' and in they will move for the tiring time of feeding, first a partner and then the young.
    And if you are interested or not you will hear all about them.
    Malc says    Just seen a kestrel go in to the hole with a huge rat, so instead of ''toad in the hole'' rat .
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    Serapia Orchid, first viewing this spring

    Malc's first viewing of a Serapia orchid, so beautiful.
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    500 roman tiles for sale and other bits

    Hi Val, 
    Our French friends from Paris have a house here and are our nearest neighbours three times a year.
    They have done a little work tidying the property over time and have about 500 roman tiles which need rehoming, along with a number of concrete fencing posts, some new some used - I think around 6 of just under 2 metres and 6 taller, closer to 3 metres. There are also a number of concrete tubes for making drains, around 10 cm diameter and perhaps 80cm long.
    We have no real idea how much second hand stuff like this is worth, but if it is useful to anyone before it goes to the dechetterie, then feel free to make an offer - you can email me on Chezfoz@gmail.com and I will stand in for our neighbours if they are absent.  Buyer must collect (in good weather as you cross a field) and obviously the 500 tiles are quite heavy!!
    Many thanks, Karen
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    Just been on the tele.

    On French TV local news, France 3 we have just seen that the trotting in Toulouse  had ten times more visitors than normal. Malc has just joked, " must have read TAG"
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    Potting up plants

    What have I  been up to this afternoon, potting up plants for the plant exchange. I managed to see our new neighbour over the road, who although not moved in yet, comes often. They are growers of herbs, medicinal and otherwise and they are coming to the swap and say they have lots of plants they can bring Shame the forecast is for light rain but we will be undercover and if it does brighten, if you want to walk around the gardens ( well mostly fields with views) please feel free.
    Malc is working out his requirements for sausage baguettes and polishing up his barbecue.
    See you Saturday  and as you  turn up the winding road, at what we call "kestrel corner" look up on to the telegraph wires, he could be there.
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    Marriage pour tous, une journee historique

    That is just one of the newspaper headlines today. Midi Pyrenees voting in Parliament, there were 331 votes cast for, 225 against and 10 abstentions. In a few years time, it will be the accepted thing and no one will batt an eye, not even the 225.
    This is only my opinion and you can express a different view if you feel strongly.
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    Vide Grenier, Varen, sur les berges de L'Aveyron

    Sunday 19 May 8h to 19h . Do you want a table to sell ? Tarif 10 euros for 5 metres, 5 euros for 5 metres extra. Possiblitity of parking next to your stand. Organised by St. Josephs School
    Reservation 0563 30 87 96 or 0689834971  Restauration sur place, paella.
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    The Fables of Jean de la Fontaine helped the ordeal.

    The French family taken hostage in Cameroon are back in France and are describing their ordeal. Four children, Mum, Dad and Uncle were the seven members of a family taken hostage by Islamists. They were held under a tree exposed to the elements with relentless sun and only a small canvas to protect them. They had with them a book for the children " the Fables of Jean de la Fontaine" which they read each day. All the family now are undergoing counselling.
     (presumably not from reading the Fables)
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    Plant sale at Bruniquel 5th of May

    Vert-Tige, marché aux plantes dans et autour des châteaux de Bruniquel, un site exceptionnel en surplomb des gorges de l’Aveyron, aura lieu le dimanche 5 mai 2013.Marché aux Plantes à Bruniquel (82)
    Une trentaine d’exposants, pépiniéristes, horticulteurs, producteurs et transformateurs de plantes se retrouveront pour la 5ème édition de cette manifestation très courue.
    Dans une atmosphère très conviviale le public pourra retrouver tout ce qui est indispensable à la remise en forme des jardins.
    Vert-Tige accueille les producteurs du Pays Midi-Quercy avec une exposition sur les circuits courts et un apéro-rencontre à 11 heures.
    Restauration et salon de thé sont organisés dans les châteaux et dans le village.
    Une consigne et un transport des pondéreux vers les parkings sont prévus..
    Ouvert de 10 à 18 heures.
    Entrée libre
    Organisateur : Association Vert-Tige Bruniquel
    Contact : Tél. : 05 63 67 25 49
    Courriel : 

    Tear Gas in Paris

    Clashes erupted in Paris after the gay marriage bill was legalised. The Police responded with tear gas against the protesters throwing missiles.
    The first weddings can begin in June.
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    Trotting, the Grand National at Toulouse

    This afternoon at Toulouse Hippodrome is the Grand National trotting race. A very popular sport here in France and I know we have English friends who enjoy it. I know little about it except it seems like horse racing pulling a two wheeled light weight carriage. A bit  like chariot racing in Roman times. Apparently entry is free.
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    If I collect the flowers it is because they looked nice dried!

    Apparently after marijuana the petals of hydrangea or hortensias are a hallucinagenic drug,  most used , rolled up and smoked. According to the Depeche most used drug of this sort after marijuana especially in Germany.
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    Flying Granny, could be me

    Sally from Najac sent a funny clip from YOUTube which just reminded me of Bonny pulling me in to the river at Villefranche. Google " flying granny on YOUTube"
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    Tuesday, 23 April 2013

    Signed, sealed and delivered

    Today the French Parliament legalised gay marriage and adoption.
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    Plant exchange Saturday, below the letter to the Fifi Gardening Group

    The plant swap is held in conjuction

    with TAG readers and our Fifi gardening group.

    Held here at Mas del Sol, just outside Varen, our tel no. if you get lost is

     Val 0563 640673

    I will have tables ready at 10 am ( starting at 11am) to put your plants to

    swap on.

    Terri will probably arrive early and unload her plants, so do bring some

    money to support her

    Malc will be serving sausage  baguettes at lunchtime and  I will bring down

    a kettle to make hot drinks. It looks as if it might rain but we can be

    undercover  and keep dry. May even be a couple of wine boxes in case spirits


    Try and bring plants labelled if you know what they are, if you are like me

    , you will know they are a pretty blue flower or something like that!

    Finishes at 3 pm

    If you have not plants to bring do not worry, come anyway and we can sing in

    the rain if nobody comes !

    Love Val


    This invitation is open to everyone even if you have no plants to swap