Friday, 10 March 2017

Nous sommes le vendredi dix mars

Sheep may safely graze
... but not so safely at Mas del Sol. We listened as our young French neighbours told us they were planning on getting a couple of sheep. Visions of Bonny and Eldo  chasing and rounding up sheep going through our heads.
In reality Bonny shows a dsitinct lack of interest whilst Eldo a younger chap stands shaking with excitement eyeballing the sheep who stand staring back at him separated by the road and our gates of course.
They have only had them two days and they have already had two escapes. The first I managed with one of the owners to get them back into the electric fenced area, not easily I might add.
Last night Malc came back from bridge and was met outside our house with two sheep on the road.
Quite a performance getting them back then. Malc told the owners they were out, but we have had too many accidents chasing donkeys at night, pitch black up here with no street lights, we left them to it.
A decision we  made after last year, you need to wait till it is light.
Eldo has to be kept on the lead till he begins to think they are boring... and fortunately he was fast asleep on both break outs.
Enjoy your sheep free day
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