Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Nous sommes le mercredi quinze mars

You can only take so much of the Brexshit, Trump and worries about Le Pen.
In the garden yesterday the blossom on the peche de vigne was just sublime.
Why cannot I just enjoy it instead of worrying about a snap frost killing the blossom? Worrying becomes all consuming and I am too busy helping the lads, looking after the animals... and Malc to worry anymore.
Garden therapy again today.
Yesterday I had planned a 6 pm gin and tonic in the garden, I set out all the chairs and cushions in the bergerie with a view... then Malc phoned to say he had lost the dogs on a walk in Varen. Two hours later he found them on the road on their way home.
Best laid plans of mice and men.
Relaxing gin and tonic tonight perhaps.
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