Thursday, 23 March 2017

Responchons or responchous?

We have never been quite sure what we should call them, I think either word can be used.
We have spent years joking about them on TAG but it was only last year that we were invited to try them with a French family who live down the road that we could actually understand why the French are out gathering great bunches of them.
I cooked the tips for about 3 minutes and then changed the water and cooked them again for two minutes. Then I had microwaved 4 potatoes, so they were chopped up, a small onion chopped and fried with smoked lardons, 4 eggs beaten into it all. Lots of salt and pepper and we had a small meal ( or starter) for 3
We had had guests for aperos so this was the perfect thing for later at around 9pm. Malc who was disgruntled at the thought of eating these bitter things admitted it was very good and our friend from Uganda enjoyed his first responchous.