Friday, 31 August 2018

Fetons St Antonin this weekend

Lots happening in St Antonin this weekend.
 look out for estabuffettes lovely fruit tarts and homemade ice cream.

Making the rivers flow again

Three barrages being removed at Lozere.
A programme of removing dams, weirs and other obstacles is planned for the main rivers in the region. Some of the actions are controversial as they will alter local structures and amenities, such as changing the river bed at St Antonin by removing downstream weirs, causing the large "plan d'eau" to disappear.
The river authorities claim that removing obstacles will make the rivers flow faster and reduce flooding. The aspect of how rivers looked prior to the dams and weirs will be restored as will many leisure amenities resulting from natural "beaches". Work to remove three upstream dams on the Tarn have started and are expected to last until mid October.
We notice that a mill on the Aveyron at Lexos Bas has been closed off, presumably part of this process. Do readers know of other changes being made or proposed in the area?
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Thursday, 30 August 2018

Pet sitter needed / St. antonin

Hi Val,

I just got a hit that i should let you know that we are needing someone to take care of Coco while we’re in Morocco. I wonder if you could post it on tagline ? It will be September 19- Oct 4. We prefer a retired person who could stay in our home. Someone who loves to go for walks, and doesn’t mind a warm furry body next to them in bed!!
She really is a joy to be with! 
The person will of course be recompensed

It "bouges" in Verfeil Saturday

Ce samedi la guinguette de Begayne est annulé et nous vous proposons de vous joindre, comme nous, à la soirée de soutient « On bouge pour Mel » à la salle des fêtes de Verfeil sur Seye.
La prochaine guinguette sera donc le samedi 15 septembre, plus d’infos bientôt.
The usual Saturday "Guinguette qui bouge" is cancelled this week as everyone will be at the Salle des Fetes in Verfeil to support Mel, from Caylus, who is suffering from MS and needs funds to buy special equipment to enable her to live at home.

Wednesday, 29 August 2018

Apples galore

Gala apples harvested near Negrepelisse: 
Tarn and Garonne is the main producer of France's favourite fruit. On average we consume 18kgs each per annum, and this year looks like a bumper crop. Local producers were able to start picking a few weeks early as the hot sunny weather ripened up the crops. But with pickers needed to gather 1500 kilos per day there is a severe shortage of seasonal workers. It is reckoned that about 500 extra jobs will be available over the next three months. No doubt local Poles Emploi will have details.

Tuesday, 28 August 2018

Get out your shuttlecocks

French Revolution and religions

On Saturday 1st September, as part of the St Antonin festival, a conference will be held (in French) on the impact of the Revolution on the catholic and protestant communities of St Antonin and Caussade respectively. At 16h30 in the Mairie of St Antonin, Entry free.

Monday, 27 August 2018

A lift to the UK needed

Hi Val, 
please can you post this on Jims behalf...
Is anyone driving back to the uk?lift required around the 19th September will help towards fuel costs.
Thanks Laura xx

Dance class at Caylus

INVITATION – contemporary dance class for the over 50’s


We launched a contemporary dance class two years’ ago to help maintain our flexibility, muscle strength and sense of balance. We want to continue to exercise, stay fit and keep our memories sharp.


Edilaine Roseno is our ideal teacher.  She trained in all forms of dance at the Faculty of Arts in San Paolo, Brazil.  The classes include choreographed contemporary dance routines, as well as exercises in balance and coordination.  The objective is to work our muscles, increase suppleness and endurance … and ofcourse to dance and have fun!  The class finishes with 15 minutes of stretching.


The classes take place in Caylus salle des fêtes on Wednesday mornings between 10.30 and 11.45.  Each class costs 5.50€ and is payable by the term, plus an annual 10€ for membership of the association Bouton Rouge who provide the all-important insurance.  The class is for 16 participants and there are currently 3 places available for next term beginning on 12th September.


If you would like to come along for a free trial class, please contact: 

Gina Connolly - or 

Kath Humphries -


We very much hope you will be as enthusiastic as us with this innovative dance project.  Please do pass this information onto any of your friends or neighbours who might be interested. 


Gina Connolly and Kath Humphries

Sunday, 26 August 2018

Free concert at the Jardins de Quercy Sunday 16th September 14h30

Pots of paint needed

Have you any pots or half pots of white emulsion paint you could give or sell cheaply to Mains Tendues 82
Our new project in developing a big room in the old hotel in the centre of Varen means a lot of work, and after we have done some building repairs there is a huge wall to paint white 
for light.
Let me know if you can offer help, paint or any thing you think could be useful
Merci mes amies

French Rugby League team makes history

Dragons celebrate: Pic Ed Sykes/Reuters
Most rugby supporters in this part of the world are afficionados of the 15 man game (and increasingly the female version), but Rugby a XIII as rugby league is called is also popular. For the first time in 122 years the English Challenge Cup has been won by a team from outside England.
Catalan Dragons based in Perpignan have been competing in the UK leagues and cups since 2006, usually with little success. The club is bolstered, as are many of its XV man colleagues, by players from abroad, but the XIII version is growing in popularity in Occitanie.
The Dragons overcame favourites Warrington at Wembley by 20-14 in their historic win, promising a future impact on the game in the region.

Ramble around Bor et Bar

Saturday, 25 August 2018

Penny makes pinnies

Penny makes pinnies... but she also does alterations, dress and curtain making and she comes highly recommended.
We are kitted out at Mains Tendues82 with pinnies which are great and a pinny would make a good pressie. We are ordering more.


The unmissable Puycelsi concert

Note your diary for Sunday 9th September 18h, when the autumn concert to support the restoration of the church of St Corneille in Puycelsi will be given. Under the direction of Mark Opstad local choral singers and professional soloists, accompanied by organ and piano solos, will be performing Rossini's "Petite Messe Solonelle". The church is a gem, the village unmissable and the music sublime - and there are restaurants and bars if you want to eat or have a drink.
It is worth booking the concert  15 euro /10euros under 18/ free under 12.
tel 0563 331584 email

Friday, 24 August 2018

Festilitt needs helpers and books

Festilitt 2018, 19-21st October.

We need you and your books! The planning and organisation for the 6th annual book festival in Parisot is now underway. This weekend event is extremely popular with the local English and French communities and friends who travel into the area specifically for this literary binge. Since 2013 this literary weekend has introduced book readers to some well known authors such as Tracey Chevalier, Kate Mosse, Helen Dunmore and Adam Thorpe, local writers like Vanessa Couchman and Robin Ellis (yes, he of original Poldark fame) and some new ones to the writing scene, such as Piu Marie Eatwell, Sarah Taylor and Fiona Barton. If you have not been before, all author events at the festival are free - this is possible because we rely on volunteers for help and on our big second hand book sale for funds. 

SO - if you would like to volunteer for any of the various jobs we have (airport runs, book sales, cake making, running afternoon tea, setting up and clearing away) then please contact Debra on 

If you have any books you have read and want rid of, that are in good condition and not much older than 5 years, then please contact Maggie on and she will arrange a collection point.

Please put the dates into your diary and enjoy meeting the authors and discussing books over afternoon tea (with delicious cakes contributed by those of you who are star bakers!)

Thank you!
With many thanks,
Debra xx

What a gorgeous little number she is

hi Val 
quick message to let you know that we have almost definitely found a new family for Mocha - funny story, a couple of americans who have just bought and moved into a house in Cordes... their own dog died a couple of months before they got here... they met Dominique who was walking Mocha and talked and immediately connected with Mocha... they then looked at the ID tag on her collar and saw that she (and her deceased owner Andreas, a really lovely man) lived in the same street in Berkeley CA as the school at which their daughter teaches... strange coincidence !! so once we've checked with Andreas's family, it's fairly definite that they will keep her... so a happy ending...
many thanks, hope you didn't spend time on sending out the info !!!
yours in haste, with love

ocha is about five years old and belonged to a gentleman who'd come to settle in Cordes only a month ago... he sadly passed away suddenly and neighbours are currently looking after her until a permanent adoption can be found... 
Mocha originally came from the US and was in a dog shelter in California when her owner adopted her about 3 or 4 years ago and recently brought her to France... he himself was Swiss German, so she understands English and German...

she is wary of strangers but once trust has been established, she is sweet and gentle... she enjoys her daily walks and a good tummy rub and slept next to her master on the bed...

so she needs a kind and loving home with plenty of attention and of course regular exercise...

if interested please call Dominique on 06 47 64 87 65 or Lucie 06 28 75 28 75 

NB the authorities are currently tracing the owner's family in Switzerland and there is a (remote?) possibility that they might wish to keep her... however, since we neighbours sadly cannot keep the dog for long, we wanted to send out the message to possible adopters without further delay...

Hard work pays off

Just part of our dynamic team in our new Mains Tendues 82 pinnies.
We are doing rather well. We work hard but we are reaping rewards. In the 6 months Mains tendues 82 has been in Varen we have taken 13,000 euros for local good causes.
Our problem is the limited space... but hang on we have news there. We are right next to a large old empty hotel. Having tracked down the owners who we used to know years ago they have agreed we can use  the building for our enterprise. We will stay of course in the old mairie and may make that the area for our fashion boutique.
The hotel we will have for larger furniture and bric a brac and then another area for storage and sorting.
I know we work hard but none of this could be achieved without your help. You have been fabulous.
All through Malc’s illness you have not only supported me but supported our association Mains Tendues 82
Personally I want to thank Sarah Brown and Terence Harker for all they do, without them we would not function.
Tomorrow  Sat  25 th, we support local animal associations and as the shop is bulging with goodies we should have a good day.

Round the world - via Varen

Walking at the river in Varen this morning we spotted a remarkable looking vehicle. It was a 1928 Paige Graham and belongs to the Zapp family from Argentina - actually the parents Candelaria and Herman are from Argentina, their four children were born in various countries during their round the world trip.
Having left home the first time 18 years ago to drive up to Alaska, they decided that their dream was to see the world and with the trusty Graham (and wonderfully generous help from people they met en route) they have been following that dream ever since. Drives around Australia, New Zealand, India, Nepal, Africa have followed that original "Tres Americas" journey.
Financing themselves with a book, now in its 11th edition (English edition available) and selling pictures and art work along the way the family is now on its final stage - Europe. How did they end up in Varen? A local sometime resident Xavier Besnard saw their story and invited them to stay with him here - one of over 2500 people who have made the same offer in various parts of the world. After visiting southern Europe and north Africa they intend to head up to the Netherlands where they have arranged a passage to South America of a sailing cargo ship - the most ecological way of crossing the Atlantic.
A visit to their blog at www.sparkyourdream .net provides a wealth of photographs, biography and philosophy as well as a chance to buy their book or crowd fund the Atlantic crossing.
We fear Varen will not be the highlight of their trip, but it was fascinating to meet them and find out about their adventures.
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Thursday, 23 August 2018

Reminder to book now for FET's latest production

The new season at FET at Le Colombier in Les Cabannes opens on Saturday 1st September with Alison Skilbeck's acclaimed new show "Are there more of you?".
Click the link for full details FET 1st September

Varen Regatta 2018

A small but enthusiastic group of families gathered at the Moulin de Varen slipway on Thursday for the 16th annual Varen regatta. With the venerable canoes provided by Taglines, crews were soon chosen and making their way up the short course. For the first time rescue services were assured by an electrically powered inflatable.
Mimi and the megaphone

Under the supervision of Mimi Scragg crews for the children's race got up and running - though not always in the right direction. One crew started face to face but soon turned around to make their way.

Face to face not the best technique

And stopping for a chat with the rescue boat at the distant buoy did slow things down a bit. But eventually Kevin and Charlie crossed the line to be declared winners.

The girls were a bit reluctant to get over involved this year, Lydia refusing to go in with her dad who "paddled too fast" and Maddy could not "turn the canoe round".
Never mind the race; nice weather up here at the buoy
But Tilly and Tess had a good go at it, as did the more mature ladies, whilst Lydia turned out to be very good on the hooter.
And Jo's dog was comfortably the best stick retriever.

Tess and Maddy making waves

Charlie and Kevin lead the way
Trumpet volunteer
Ladies away
Come on in!

Charlie and Kevin victorious

 As usual a congenial barbecue and picnic followed as did a heavy rain shower. Here's to edition 17 next year.

Wednesday, 22 August 2018

Rubbish at the bins

Hi Val 

I and I am sure many of your readers will be infuriated by the state of the poubelles at Saleth between St Antonin and Feneyrols, just about 2ks east  of St Ant.

There are several ordinary waste bins and several for recycling along with a large bottle recycling container.

The area is partially behind some poor fencing and is being used as a dumping ground by a variety of ignorant people who can't be bothered to take their bigger junk to the dechetterie at Lexos.

Today there is an old computer, builders waste, wood, old tarpaulins, old sun loungers and much more. 

Appallingly there is every sign that much of this waste comes from the British community, or those working for them. There is a big pile centred around a large box which even says "inflatables for guests use" on the side - so presumably a gite owner is responsible there.

It is an eyesore and it is also disrespectful to the larger community. I wish I knew of a way to stop it. Anyone got any suggestions?

Best regards


Midnight boules banned

Many of us have played in "nocturnes", those petanque tournaments which start around 19h and go on well into the early hours. Fuelled by pastis and crepes they can be great entertainment on a warm summer's evening. But often the results are fought out until after midnight and the noise of the players and the click of the boules can disturb neighbours.
The maire of Decazeville (Aveyron) has issued a decree banning all such sport from 11pm to 8am.
Naturally exceptions are made for village fetes and official competitions. But the weekly nocturnes run by local clubs could be seriously curtailed by the ban, probably to the relief of neighbours.

Expo at St. Antonin

Tuesday, 21 August 2018

Rowing for health

Les Dragon Ladies Taranis fighting cancer
The traditional Chinese sport of Dragon Boat rowing has been adopted in many parts of the world as a means of combating cancer and the problems caused by its often debilitating treatment.
Now a sufferer from breast cancer has formed a dragon boat team called Les Dragon Ladies Taranis in Albi. Buying a boat on le Bon Coin, lifejackets provided by the mairie and paddles from Toulouse the group has been rowing regularly on the Tarn as far as the Cathedral.
Oncologists recommend patients practise a sport to help with the treatment even though some patients find the treatment prevents their participation from time to time. The Albi ladies group cannot always rely on the same crew each time, but the boat is regularly full every Saturday morning. On its August break now journeys will resume in September. Information can be sought at Albi Rowing Club.
Of course the famous Varen Regatta has its 16th annual event on Thursday 23rd August on the Aveyron at Varen. No dragon boats but bags of fun. Start at 9.30 am for registration.
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Monday, 20 August 2018

Get booking for your lunch after the book swap

Hi Val,

The response re: the book swap lunch has been very good so far but I’d like you to remind people about it, if possible, and ask them to  let me know if they wish to be included no later than Thurs 30th August.

I need the info so I can notify Mark at the Gazpacho.

I hope all is well at your end.


Another GP at Varen health centre

Dr Fabre at the Maison de Sante Pluridiscipline de Varen (MSP)
It is always good news when a new GP arrives in our rural villages. The health centre (MSP) in Varen offers a wide range of medical services on a daily basis or on occasional rendez-vous for more specialised treatments.
Dr Pierre Emmanuel Fabre has joined Dr Bouvier and her colleagues as a Medecin Generaliste at the MSP since the start of the month. Native of Gaillac, Dr Fabre has wide experience in the region as well as in various parts of the world.
For such a small village the success of the MSP has attracted patients from all around the area, meeting the demands of old and young alike.
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Sunday, 19 August 2018

Quiz night for Cancer support

The region is medieval

Combat preparations in Puycelsi
So many of our villages still show their medieval origins that it is no surprise that more and more of them are celebrating that past.
Cordes sur Ciel has had its Grand Fauconnier festival for over 40 years and now, for the second time, that wonderfully preserved village of Puycelsi is reminding us of its medieval roots. The theme this year is the 100 Years War, the original having involved many of our English ancestors (arguably). With 13th century costumes, archery competitions and a demonstration of  "behourd" a kind of sport used to train soldiers for combat, given by a troupe called Les Becuts de Gascogne.
Spread over two days, yesterday and today, the village will also have opportunities for visitors to sample medieval wares, as well as enjoy the natural beauty of this spectacular village.

Saturday, 18 August 2018

Varen Regatta next week

Varen Regatta 
Thursday 23rd August 2018. ( Please note date change )

We will be keeping the same format as usual, Registration between 9:30am and 10:30am, at the Municipal campsite next to the Moulin Restaurant.
The races will commence at 11am, starting with the children ( under 12's) and adult races.
We have asked the Mairie to supply tables and benches, to just make it a bit easier for people to lunch down by the river this year as it gives a more communal feel. 
Tables availability is limited this year, so will be on a first come first served basis.

All you need is to bring a picnic!

There will be a safety boat in attendance and life jackets will be available.

This promises to be a fun and informal day on the river, so even if you do not wish to take part in the races, please come along to cheer on the contestants and join in the picnic.

See you there!
Kevin, Mimi & Tilly

Thank you for your support

Me, Frip and Paddington
Thank you all for yet another super day at our friperie.
I did another amazing rescue of a little lost and lonely bear.
When I entered the room tucked in amongst all the china was a little lost looking bear. He saw me and his face lit up and he shouted “ Mama Val take me home with you” ( this happens to me a lot but not generally with bears.)
How could I refuse. I paid three euros into the cash box and said I hoped it would go to the lost bear fund, but it will probably go to refugees!
The ladies working there called him Frip and as soon as I came home I introduced him to Paddington.
Paddington being a very kind bear said “ would you like to wear my hat and share a marmalade sandwhich with me?
I have to say when I went back there was marmalade everywhere... but two very happy bears.
Our friperie is amazing and today we had a stream of my bestest boys coming in to see us all and buy their bargains.

Big plans for local tourism

Carole Delga, president of the Occitanie region visited this week St Antonin and the Abbaye de Beaulieu. Recognised as part of the Grand Site de Occitanie in the Bastides et Gorge de l'Aveyron, St Antonin has invested in various parts of the village to improve its touristic appeal to the thousands of  visitors and now there are plans to invest 5 million euros at Beaulieu in an effort to increase its annual visitor rate of  9000 by four fold over the next five years. Caylus will also have up-graded tourist information and visitor amenities.
The overall aim is to make Occitanie one of Europe's top ten tourist destinations with wider appeal than just its Mediterranean resorts and the access to the Pyrenees. We who live in the Gorges area know how beautiful it is - and we want our gites full (but still preserving our tranquillity).
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Friday, 17 August 2018

Fenaison at Espinas tomorrow

One of the perennial delights of the area is the Fenaison where ancient agricultural machines and crafts can be witnessed and participated in by all the family.
From midday until late with plenty of opportunities to eat, though parking can be tricky.
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World championships at Laguepie today

The bi-annual World Quillot championship will be held today on the car park at RAGT, accompanied by a giant aligot prepared by the Deux Rivieres.
Traditionally held on the banks of the Viaur the event has moved this year to include the excellent food prepared by Pascal and his team.
Quillot is a mixture of skittles and quoits, with small discs thrown at a target. Petanque experts seem to be adept at transferring their skills, but having fun is open to all.
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From book to theatre: Festilitt 2018 event

- the Parisot literary festival
19, 20 & 21 October 2018

Mike Poulton

In a Festilitt first, this year we will be in conversation with a playwright about the challenges and rewards of adapting novels for the theatre. Not just any old playwright: we are honoured to welcome Tony award-nominee Mike Poulton, who adapted Hilary Mantel's Wolf Hall and Bring up the Bodies novels and Robert Harris' Cicero trilogy for the Royal Shakespeare Company.

Mike's first career was in publishing and he only became a playwright in 1995, earning a Tony nomination for his first ever adaptation for the Chichester Festival Theatre, Fortune's Fool, which starred Alan Bates in the lead role.  The same season at Chichester also featured Derek Jacobi in Mike's adaptation of Uncle Vanya.  An illustrious start to his career, which continues to go from strength to strength.  

We look forward to discussing with Mike the transformation of thrilling fiction into thrilling theatre, how to imbue classic plays with contemporary relevance and the process of partnership with authors throughout adaptation.  


Thursday, 16 August 2018

Wheels make a difference to life🚘

We received a call from our Afghan friends “ can we come Mama Val? “
I said “ but how will you get here?”
They arrived pretty soon afterwards with Omid the first refugee to get his driving licence in a car given by a friend of mine.
We had put out the word he needed wheels. The work needed to it, little jobs can be done by another refugee.
We were all so excited.
Me so happy that Malc is now improving and feeling able to welcome the boys and participate in their chatter.
Life is looking better for us all.

Wednesday, 15 August 2018

Six donkeys need homes

Dear Val,

I saw this at 

Can you maybe put this on TAG-on-Line?!


Nous avons été contacté pour 6 anes  qui sont menacés de partir à la boucherie si aucune solution n'est trouvé pour eux.

Il y a 3 femelles dont une suité d'un anon male de 2mois et demi et 2 anes males. Les cinq adultes ont entre 2 et 5ans. 

Ils ne sont pas habitués à etre manipulés. Il vivent pour l'instant dans un enclos.  

Ils sont en bonne santé. Ce sont des anes de croix st andré. Ils sont dans le Lot (46) et seront adoptables sous contrat associatif pour les particuliers mais nous cherchons aussi d'autres associations qui seraient prêt à en prendre en charge. 

Pour plus de renseignements ou une demande d'adoption contactez nous par téléphone au 0604421201.


Best wishes,


"Are you the foie gras correspondent?"

Local journalist and author Chris Bockman has published his recollections of events and personalities he has encountered during his almost two decades based in Toulouse. The book - largely upbeat and fun - is on sale at Le Tracteur Savant bookshop and via Amazon or the publisher.
click for details: Are You The Foie Gras Correspondent? - Troubador Book Publishing

String Quartet concert on Friday and Saturday

Friday 17th August 18h in the church of St Sabine or
Samedi 18 août à 18h, salle des congrès de la mairie, concert d'un quatuor à cordes. 
Saturday 18th August at 6pm, string quartet concert in the Mairie of St Antonin.
Entry free, contributions to local charities.

Entrée libre au profit des associations Et puis d'Ailleurs et Musicaval.

Au programme : Ravel, Borodin, Britten, Haydn

Course de Cote today

The Assomption public holiday today (15th August) sees the annual Course de Cote hill climb car races at St Antonin. The roads from the village to Septfonds will be closed for the duration of the event, so watch for diversions, probably via Cazals. The event starts at 9am with trials and the actual competitive races are after lunch, all being ended by 18h30.

Coffee morning in St. Antonin

Just a reminder that the  monthly Cancer Support France coffee morning in St Antonin Noble Val is today please support if you can and tell your friends.  Come along for a cup of coffee and a chat!

Wednesday 15th August, Gazpacho Restaurant, Saint Antonin 10-11.30am

Tuesday, 14 August 2018

Fireworks at Laguepie

Photo Laguepie Tourisme

Things that can spoil your holiday

Given the recent publicity in the UK for a lady whose holiday was spoiled because her hotel in Spain was full of Spaniards, we wondered what things were making waves here.
A couple staying in an old presbytery in a village in Lozere were annoyed at being woken each morning at 7am by the church clock ringing and asked the maire to have it changed. He refused because it would involve an outside contractor and then again to restart it (changing the hour could not please the next locateurs etc). Some friends of ours had guests who said the birds were too noisy!
Reminds us of Albert (and the lion) whose parents complained that at Blackpool "the waves were fiddling and small".
Let us have your experiences (not of justifiable complaints) of those things beyond your control which guests have complained about.
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Monday, 13 August 2018

Estabuffette in Varen and St. Antonin

I am now trading under a lovely green gazebo with my tarts displayed on tables.  I am attending two, weekly markets: VAREN MARKET every Saturday morning 8am to noon, selling tarts: Pissaladiere, Quiches, Tart au citron and apricot/almond tarts. ST. ANTONIN MARKET every Sunday 8am to 1.30pm selling: Pissaladiere, apricot/almond tarts, fresh fruit on a stick, cheese straws and homemade Ice Tea.

Estabuffette is just off the Place du Bouc which is at the far end of the market in St. Antonin.  Just to the left of the Tea and coffee stall.  This new area also has Sushi, Indian and Turkish food, fresh pasta and fresh galettes.  Tables and chairs to sit in the shade of a huge tree.  Lovely!!!

Golden orioles in the fig tree

The figs are nearly ready and who loves the figs? Golden orioles who arrive each year to enjoy the figs. We know they have arrived because of their distinctive song... but trying to get a photo of this bright yellow elusive bird is not easy. Today we had two feasting but one year we had 5 all at the same time. The family were here and one of the girls said “ look at those giant canaries” 
They did not realise how special it was seeing one golden oriole, never mind 5.
We will try for a photo.

Marché Gourmand at Caylus

Sunday, 12 August 2018

Surely we can help.

Now I did check this lovely family are happy to be featured on my TAG  page.
What a delightful family they are, from Sudan and so polite and friendly.
I am on a mission on their behalf, they are safe here but because there are 6 of them they do not get many chances to get out. They are in and out of the way place and even trying to walk the family into Parisot is not easy with the busy main road. The wooden hut they are in is tiny for 4 little people and two adults. 

It would be lovely if they could get out a bit more and see St. Antonin market or look around the area. The children did enjoy a visit to the lac at Parisot. They are learning French and at least two speak good English.
I actually felt as I can take things to give, today shoes for the children that a greater gift would have been company and a ride out. It may need two friends to do it together but please think about helping.
I have promised them “mamma Val can work wonders” so please do not let me down.
There is also in the hut next door a family from near Afghanistan, Tadjikistan. They have a little baby girl and two boys and an older girl, so they will have a similar problem. As we had no common language I never got so far as to determine how they are coping. I am sure they would like an outing too but easier in one car with 5 and a baby.
I left having chatted with some of my boys, Mustapha who has just got asylum and Omid who will soon be having an apartment in Toulouse and will need furniture, plates, cups, mattress etc. 
We can sort them for him.
So please if you live near Parisot, have a friend who could go with you or a people carrier think of taking these families for an afternoon out. Building friendships what greater gift could you give❤️

Maintenant, j’ai vérifié que cette belle famille est heureuse de figurer sur ma page en TAG
Quelle famille belle du Soudan et si polie et amicale.
Je suis en mission en leur nom, ils sont en sécurité ici mais parce qu’ils sont six, ils n’ont pas beaucoup de chances de sortir. Ils sont dans et hors de la voie et même essayer de faire marcher la famille dans Parisot n'est pas facile avec la route principale occupée. La cabane en bois dans laquelle ils se trouvent est minuscule pour quatre personnes et deux adultes.
Ce serait merveilleux s'ils pouvaient sortir un peu plus et voir le marché de St. Antonin ou regarder autour de la région. Les enfants ont profité d'une visite au lac de Parisot. Ils apprennent le français et au moins deux parlent bien l'anglais.
En fait, j'ai senti que je pouvais donner des choses à donner aux enfants, alors que le plus grand cadeau aurait été de faire la fête et de sortir. Il peut avoir besoin de deux amis pour le faire ensemble, mais pensez à aider.
Je leur ai promis "maman Val peut faire des merveilles" alors s'il vous plaît ne me laissez pas tomber.
Il y a aussi dans la cabane d'à côté une famille proche d'Afghanistan, au Tadjikistan. Ils ont une petite fille et deux garçons et une fille plus âgée, alors ils auront un problème similaire. Comme nous n'avions pas de langage commun, je ne suis jamais arrivé à déterminer comment ils se débrouillaient. Je suis sûr qu'ils aimeraient aussi une sortie mais plus facile dans une voiture avec 5 et un bébé.
Je suis parti en bavardant avec certains de mes garçons, Mustapha qui vient de recevoir l'asile et Omid qui va bientôt avoir un appartement à Toulouse et qui aura besoin de meubles, d'assiettes, de tasses, de matelas, etc.
Nous pouvons les trier pour lui.
Alors, s'il vous plaît, si vous habitez près de Parisot, demandez à un ami qui pourrait vous accompagner ou à un transporteur de gens de prendre ces familles pour un après-midi. Construire des amitiés quel plus grand cadeau pourriez-vous donner❤️

Beware of storms later today

Meteo France has issued an orange alert for storms from 16h today (Sunday 12th August), with possibility of hail, heavy rain and strong gusts of wind.
Departments covered are mainly to the west, but include Tarn and Garonne. The risks extend into the early hours of Monday, but will gradually fade.

Can anyone do a change over next Saturday 18 th. SORTED THANKS

We have a change over next Saturday sso we need someone to come and do the change over Saturday morning.  I will be at the friperie.
Rate of pay to be discussed
Contact Val.

Artist workshop exhibition in Caylus

You are invited to  artist in residence Devin Lee Johnson's studio exhibition 
Friday 17th August 18h30 (6.30pm)

An apero in the company of the artists at Draw International will be offered
1 rue de l'ancienne gendarmerie' 82160 Caylus.

Also open Saturday 18 August 14h30 to 16h30

FET back for September

"Brilliantly observed, richly comic characters, all played to painful perfection. Wonderful!" Alan Ayckbourn

We are truly delighted to welcome back Alison Skilbeck (whose portrayal of Eleanor Roosevelt was a great success with our FET audience last summer) with a new show, Are There More of You? on Saturday 1st September at 8pm.

Fresh from a run on the Edinburgh Fringe, written by Alison and directed by Jeremy Stockwell (RADA, National Theatre, BBC...), the play weaves together the stories of four women who have nothing in common except a post code (SW11) and the fact that they're on the verge of taking a leap into a new life, or resigning themselves to the one they already have.

In an amazingly skilful display of versatility from Skilbeck, we meet Claire, ex-wife of an ex-diplomat; Sofia, owner of an Italian cafe; Sara, a New Age-y therapist and Sam, a hard-nosed business woman. Each character is brought brilliantly alive in a show that is hilarious and heartbreaking in almost equal measure.

★★★★ "Skilbeck's wit is as sharp as the dark side of a razor and had me laughing out loud." One Magazine
★★★★ "It is worth seeing this show just for Skilbeck's transformative powers."
★★★★★ "There cannot be a more delicious cocktail of blood, zbaglione, joss sticks and expense accounts available anywhere." BroadwayBaby

The bar will open at the later time of 7pm and the performance will start at 8pm.

To book your tickets, please email:
Members €15 Non-Members €20

NB: your reservation will only be confirmed on receipt of your cheque

Ruth Etridge FET Secretary