Saturday, 31 December 2016

Walking the lanes in beautiful weather

So lovely walking along the lanes with the donkeys. When the boys leave I am going to start looking for someone who likes walking and would walk with a donkey. I cannot manage both of them myself but they love getting out.
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Fill up your tanks

Hi Val

Might be worth TAG readers checking their fuel tanks tomorrow. If what I have read is true, petrol is going up by 2.36 centimes and diesel by a whopping 6.2 centimes from 1st of January - Sunday


Nous sommes le samedi trente et un decembre

This was sent to us by a Canadian friend and I find it so beautiful, I hope it means something to our readers as well.
We all know the beauty of the world living here, take time to renew and appreciate.
Enjoy your new year celebrations and the hope of a better safe new year.
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Friday, 30 December 2016

Lost property: one pig

"Objets trouvés" is the French equivalent of "lost property" and in Eauze (Gers) a lost pig, weighing 200 kilos has been found wandering. Nobody has come forward to claim him and he appears to have "lost" his ear tag.
This lack of ID has made it difficult to find his owner and as the SPA will not accept such animals the local maire is looking for an adoptive owner, otherwise he will be for the chop.
Do you recognise this porker?
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World music in Verfeil

With no bridge club this Thursday the sub-editor was free to accompany a group of local refugees and asylum seekers (and Val) to the monthly Folk n'Jazz evening in the salle des fetes in Verfeil. Stalwarts Trevor Carter and Eric Vandaele were a bit short of the usual suspects (on holiday or ill), but were ably supported by local French singers Jeanne, Alain, Edwige, Laure and others.
A big boost was given by our group, plus Lili who we met here at Mas del Sol last week. She turned out to be a talented musician, singing in Swahili and playing the drums (sometimes aided by Ayman from Sudan).
Sohail sang in Pashtun and he and Shahzeb gave a love song in Urdu.
It also transpired that everyone was an enthusiastic folk dancer (it helps to remember that Arabic type languages go from right to left, which may explain some tendency to circulate in the opposite direction to Sue Carter's instructions). The "12 days of Christmas" in French and English provoked some merriment, but symbolised just how much everyone was enjoying themselves.
All in all it was a lovely warm evening that we will remember, so thanks to Eric, Sue and Trevor (not least for the little keg of English beer).
Trevor, Eric, Lili and Laure
Tango Corse (with Alain)

This way round please
Male voice choir
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Nous sommes le vendredi trente decembre

Looking down on Varen, a couple of nights ago, such a pretty sight with all the lights.
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Laguepie boulangerie closed most of January

The boulangerie at Laguepie will be closed from the 6 th of January till the end of January.
The boulanger is having some medical care.
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Thursday, 29 December 2016

Nous sommes le jeudi vingt neuf decembre

Wonderful sun and blue sky this morning, another fabulous day promised and no mist in sight, well certainly up here on the tops.
Someone phoned to ask about the book swap and yes it will be on the first Monday of the month, which will be the second of January.
Come and make it a bumper holiday swap, cast 2016 behind you and let us celebrate and gird up our loins for 2017.
We will go into the year strong in our desire to stay European and to helping anyone less able.
... and hopefully pick up some good books and DVD's.
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Wednesday, 28 December 2016

Dog found before Christmas at Montricoux

Electrobal tonight in the Salle des Thermes at St. Antonin

Given the choice of a quiet  night in or dressing as an insect and going to a rock danse which does not start till 21h and finishes at 2 in the morning, Malc and I know with free will what we would  choose.
As it happens we are taking two cars filled with young men and going on the razzle. We said we would take them before realizing the time. I am sure you younger folk from around the area will be there and will not have needed a couple of hours in bed this afternoon to make it all possible.
Come on all you older ravers, join us there... please.
ps - we do not have insect outfits
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Nous sommes le mercredi vingt huit decembre

The Beffroi in St. Antonin, photo by Sophie Hautefeuille

Tuesday, 27 December 2016

Wild tales from the village

hi Val
You wouldn't consider mentioning the NAME of the programme?  So that those of us who are enticed by your description can look out for it in the schedules...  It would be really helpful.
PS glad you've had such a good Xmas - loved the photos,
Jill xx
Malc has just looked it up

Ten years asylum

Something to jump for joy about Diyako. Today Diyako Rostemi has heard the news he has gained 10 years asylum. Yipeee!
Diyako a journalist and Christian Kurd will always support the freedom fighters of Kurdistan. After being a fighter and activist, being injured and fleeing  being hung in the streets as many of his friends were, he is now safe.
We could not be more delighted for you Diyako, what a Christmas present.
8 of our boys now safe.
To any churlish person who cannot be pleased this young man is safe, you should be ashamed of yourself and the priviliged life you have led.
I hope you never suffer as this young man and his countrymen have.
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How did it happen to us?

Are you like us that you sometimes see friends and comment how old they are looking?
One of the boys sent me this photo last night and at first I thought who are the old couple?
Then I realised it was Malc and I.
How the years take their toll, insidiously creeping up till you realise you are one of the wrinklies, it is not just your friends.
I suppose after the year we have all just experienced and so many personalities much younger than ourselves passing on, we need to be grateful we are still here albeit, with the odd wrinkle or two, three, four.
Enjoy your day wrinklies, and if you are younger, enjoy your clear skin and bright eyes and hope you live to be a wrinkly.

Nous sommes le mardi vingt sept decembre

A thick mist this morning but no frost and it was suprisingly mild out in the fields this morning.
The moles are having  "a field day" and walking over to the stable in the half light I kept tripping over mole hills. They are unsightly but unlike Malc who they drive mad, I like to think of the little animals enjoying their life burrowing away in their own world. Just occasionally Bonny the retriever will have a spell of mole catching  but on the whole they can live predator free.
Malc has tried sonic mole scarers but it only makes them move to another section of lawn and then drives me mad when I am on the mower and have to stop to pull them out.
Live and let live my motto.

Monday, 26 December 2016

A must watch

Hi Val
I just watched a bit of the programme on i-player (we are in England at the moment).
It looks fantastic and apart from the wildlife, has some lovely views of the village.
These are the repeat broadcasts on BBC 2 for anyone who wants to watch/record it:
New Year's Day 2017
Best wishes to you both

There is something about Albi

Photo published by Albi tourisme

Nous sommes le lundi vingt six decembre

The presents ready to be distributed at Bruniquel.
The guys there were delighted with their Christmas boxes. I am just checking with the boys who is happy to have their picture on the internet.
They all want to say thank you .

Sunday, 25 December 2016

Father Christmas was known before Coca advertising.

Coca-Cola designed the modern Santa Claus as part of an advertising campaign

This is one you always hear at dinner parties. It makes the speaker sound rather clever and cynical. Except it’s tosh. Coca-Cola did start using Santa in advertising in 1933. But Santa had been portrayed almost exclusively in red from the early 19th century and most of his modern image was put together by cartoonist Thomas Nast in the 1870s. Even if you were to confine your search to Santa in American soft drinks adverts, you would find a thoroughly modern Santa Claus in the posters for White Rock that came out in 1923.
Val says having heard today that Father Christmas appeared first in a Coca Cola advert I felt I needed to dispel that myth.

The life is wild at Puycelsi

Just watched a lovely programme on the wild life of Puycelsi on BBC, it was just lovely.
Was not at all what we were expecting but it is defintely worth watching and is on BBC 2 a number of times in the coming week.
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Nous sommes le dimanche vingt cinq decembre

The turkey donated by Domaine de Merchien was delicious, the presents donated by friends and TAG readers were opened with delight. Christmas crackers when explained what they were, then got pulled with much laughter and silly hats were worn.
Let the Christmas festivities begin.
Enjoy your Christmas and thank you from all the refugees around the area who last night would be opening a Christmas present.

Saturday, 24 December 2016

Christmas joke

My favourite of the Brexit Christmas jokes -

Why was the UKIP nativity play cancelled?

They couldn’t find three wise men
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Nous sommes le samedi vingt quatre

Sitting as always with a cat on my knee, feeling very Christmassy after the English and French carols sung last night in the  church  at St. Antonin and then afterwards in the Salle des Thermes.
Thank you to Geoff Cryer and all the singers in the group for practising and putting together the programme for us and also to raise money to repair the church organ.
Malc and I were there with two cars full of young men, all except one Muslims. They are happy to celebrate Christmas and our traditions. We then came home and had a lamb stew and chapatis.
Had our sides aching with laughter playing dominoes and cards.
 I have never heard such a noisy game of dominoes.
To all our readers enjoy your Christmas and your dominoes...
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Happy Christmas everyone

Friday, 23 December 2016

The Mayor of Bezier taken to the courts

Guyane / Guyana

Hi Val

You've got me confused now.  I thought lovely Alicia Aylies was Miss Guyane, 2017  -  "Guyane" (ending in e) being French for what we Brits refer to as French Guiana, which is one of the Departements-d'outre-Mer (DOMs), along with Réunion, Guadeloupe, Martinique and the little new (2010?) one the other side of Madagascar from Réunion, whose name I haven't yet learned. 

Isn't Guyana (ending in a) what we now call British Guiana, squeezed up against Venezuela, west of Surinam?  By contrast, I believe Guyane is east of Surinam, next to Brazil.  Surinam itself, back in colonial times, used to be called Dutch Guiana, did it not?  

Val says  this is where I pass the buck!! Malc who wrote the post agrees you are more than likely right.   x

Nous sommes le vendredi vingt trois decembre

Let us go and pack the church and then afterwards have some fun in the Salle des Thermes, see you all there.
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Thursday, 22 December 2016

Come on admit it, this is the way the world should be.

Chez nous ce soir
Friends from around the world, laughing and loving together the way the world should be.
represented were Friends from France, England, Afghanistan. Pakistan, Uganda, Sudan, Kenya.
What a varied and enriching language mix but the laughter was universal.
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Turkey for Christmas

Hi Val
Talking of Christmas turkeys, here are some photographed at Boscgayral, near Ginals, in 1899 by renowned Toulouse photographer Eugène Trutat.
Boscgayrals was a farm belonging to a Cistercian Convent.
First mentioned in a document dated 1183 it was transformed over the centuries and finally sold by the state at the time of the revolution.
Members of the St Antonin Walking Group may recall pausing there earlier this year.
The photo of the property is from 1984.
Hope you feel better soon.

Macron heads polls

Now that we are all wary of opinion polls this may only be of passing interest, but the independent candidate for the presidency is the preferred choice of most French voters.
Latest sondage gives Emmanuel Macron 48%, Francois Fillon 44% and Manuel Valls and Marine le Pen equal on 24%.
Macron is a former economy minister in Hollande's government, but is considered too economically liberal by most left voters. But given his fairly liberal social views as well he may appeal to centre left and right alike.
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Beware of burglars

It seems that burglaries increase by 25% over the Christmas and end of year holidays. Inevitably police say you should have good locks, preferably a burglar alarm and even video surveillance. We find barking dogs are a deterrent, but most at risk are houses which are empty either for the winter or because owners are away for the holiday. Larger properties in towns are most at risk and living off the beaten track is safer from the passing opportunist thief. But if you are away, arrange for a neighbour or even the gendarmes to check.
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Nous sommes le jeudi vingt deux decembre

Another cold foggy morning. I had been hoping the good weather would last till over Christmas but it was not to be.
Our Christmas plan has been thwarted here as yesterday I started with a heavy cold and after a night coughing we have decided to abandon the idea of going for 4 days to our lovely hotel in the Costa Brava.
We have a house full of young men who were set to babysit the dogs, cats and donkeys.
We need to do a shop for brussels sprouts and parsnips. We have a donation from The Domaine de Merchian of one of their super organic turkeys and we will after many days and nights already of enjoying curried meat and chapatis treat the boys to  a turkey Christmas dinner...
with giant sized yorkshire puddings and sprouts!
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Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Sexist or racist.?

In many western countries  "beauty contests" have long since disappeared under the label of "sexist exploitation".But the French still seem to love their "Misses" - Miss World, Miss France, Miss Midi-Pyrenees etc.
The Miss France 2017 elected this week Alicia Aylies, Miss Guyana, caused a storm in some quarters. Is Guyana French? It is an overseas territory, but not a department and all the DOM/TOMs  have traditionally entered the competition.
More controversially should a person of mixed race be chosen to represent French beauty? The reactions in the twittersphere demonstrate the usual racist rantings from those sad people who cannot tolerate even a beautiful person being of a different colour to their probably florid complexion. One even complained that he did not like her hair - not French enough?
Most of us probably don't give two hoots about these contests, but how sad when a young woman is subjected to such abuse.
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A scam call

Hi Val

We have just received a phone call from someone allegedly EDF telling us that we are using too much electricity and that the engineers are cutting us off this afternoon. To find out more,  “quickly” ring their technical department on an 089 number. The lady that answered said not to worry and hold on until she had make further enquiries, after about 10 mins we put the phone down.

This appears to be a scam based on the threat of being cut off. Others beware as its a premium rate number.

If you don’t hear from me by end of the afternoon then its not a scam!!!

Val says trying to get you to call a premium rate number defintely a scam, so naughty.

Negligent but not guilty

France's highest administrative court found that former Minister of Finance, Christine Lagarde, had acted negligently when she decided to agree to Bernard Tapie's request that his claim for 433 million euros should not go to court but be heard at arbitration. Tapie had claimed that when he sold Adidas his sportswear firm the bank involved deliberately undervalued the company and sold it on at an enormous profit.
The claim has been back and forth through the courts and is suspended until the case against Lagarde had been heard.
The court found that she had indeed been negligent, but that no further action was necessary.
It is speculated that Mme Lagarde's position as head of the IMF influenced this as it would be embarrassing to all if two successive French IMF presidents had been forced to resign under a cloud (remember DSK- Dominique Strauss Kahn?). It has been reported that over 30 politicians and party officials from the Sarkozy regime have been under investigation, including the former president himself, one of the reasons he failed to get near to winning the party nomination.
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Nous sommes le mercredi vingt et un decembre

Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Better news from Realville

So far the day is going to plan
Who said Malc and I were retired?
One of our flock was picked up at 9.30 am to go for papers at Montauban, getting asylum like everything else is complicated.
Malc walked the dogs and sorted out donkeys as I sped off with a car full of young men on a mercy mission. Off to Realville to talk to the youngsters to try and cheer them up... they were all very glum, but the good news most were eating again although some did say they really did not feel like food.
Our young men as always can be relied upon and they told the boys about themselves and there
were lots of conversations which were partially relayed to me.The gist of things seems to be the boys will appeal the decision and just hope that the British government will listen to why they want to go to the UK and understand family is important to them. We did have lunch with them and the conversations continued.
They do seem to be staying till their appeals are heard.
Then on to Bruniquel to see others. Samy the cook from Rehoboth was there and the boys just love this lady. I am sure the new Sudanese guys will be just the same about her.
French lessons were underway, some were having hospital visits so young men were thin on the ground.
Back home to receive a call from Malc that one guy has been met from a two day bus journey and now he is off to the train station to pick up another couple.
At least I do not have to cook as the preparation for supper is already underway next door in the gite.

Nous sommes le mardi vingt decembre

When you invite friends for Christmas and they enjoy cooking, just sit back and enjoy it.
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Monday, 19 December 2016

The 1930 Flood in St. Antonin

Hi Val
Well done for all the hard work you and Malc have been doing for the refugees.
I have often come across references to the 1930 flood in St Antonin but didn’t know much about it so decided to do some research.
This has resulted in the attached report which you may find interesting.
I wrote this for my private interest, not for publication, but if any of your readers want a copy I would be glad to e-mail it to them if they send an e-mail to:
Best regards and Happy Christmas
Val.says  such a shame as my ipad does not copy pdf's and Malc who can do them on his laptop has a  broken charger and is waiting for a replacement. Email John if you would like the info and we will post later when we can.

Last orders please

Hi Val
Christmas time is a time for celebration, a chance to spend quality time with family friends and your loved ones; an opportunity to entertain, indulge and enjoy. 
So what better way to do that than with a:
Traditional Christmas Turkey Dinner!  
Again this year we have slowly matured Norfolk Blacks and Bronze turkeys.
Norfolk Blacks 
These are small turkeys, originally thought to have come from Spain and aregenerally considered the oldest turkey breed in Europe the nearest thing to a wild bird. They have long narrow tender breast and a slight gamey flavour .€12/kilo
Norfolk Bronze
The name (Bronze) refers to its plumage, which bears an iridescent bronze-like sheen. The Norfolk Bronze is plumper and heavier than the Norfolk Black, but they have the added bonus of cooking much more quickly than the traditional white turkey as they have a natural fat layering in the meat which leaves the meat tender and full of flavour. €12/kilo
We have started reserving the turkeys already! 
So as a past and happy (we hope) customer we did not want you to miss out!
Over the last 4 years our turkeys have all been sold out before the last reservation date (21.12.2016).
To reserve a turkey please email me, or call me on my mobile  tel : 0033 61 60 77 539
Thanking You
Take Care


Nous sommes le lundi dix neuf decembre

A frosty morning and chillier  than normal, but a very Christmassy feel to the day.
We have guests arriving and TAG may be difficult to write so any posts gratefully recieved.
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News from Realville

The good news is the ten children accepted by the UK are now safely with family.

The bad news is the 19 with the same rights who have been refused are asking to see representatives of the UK government and from Thursday they have been on hunger strike. This is happening to other children through out France,it is thought approx. 800 children left.
Seemingly no rhyme or reason for the decision!
Happy Christmas from an extreme right wing government. How can they treat children like this?
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Sunday, 18 December 2016

Sign against the chasse. Another 2 deaths

 Accidentdechasse on a Sunday afternoon of hunting: 2 Dead! In The Tarn-et-Garonne: a hunter 40 years of age; in the Dordogne: a hunter of 55 years. Fatal accidents in increase compared to last season and  have fortunately not involved non-Hunters. #Insécuritéliéeàlachasse #Véritésurlachasse / #petition #dimanchesanschasse:
⚠ this information is published to denounce-once again-the danger of the practice of hunting and support our demands against insecurity linked to the practice of this activity. Be Hunter doesn't deserve death! Time for outrage, sign our petitions, make live our campaigns... but that the fight against their excesses does not make us lose our humanity. Thank you...

What to do on New Years Eve

Geraniums still blooming

Nous sommes le dimanche dix huit decembre

Lots happening in St.Antonin today, a carol concert tonight at Parisot.
A lovely sunny morning again and so little frost this year I still have geraniums blooming outside.
Christmas meals have started and the festivities are in full swing.
Thank your lucky stars for the life we have and make sure you remember and do something for others, be it a lonely neighbour or someone who giving a few  bob would make a difference to their life.
Christmas a time for loving and giving.
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Christmas with the family and your dogs

Saturday, 17 December 2016

Today and tomorrow

Goodbye Charley and staff and thank you

Well last night was really the end of an era with Charley leaving the restaurant and bar at Verfeil.
The night he organised to say thank you and good bye  to all his supporters was a super noisy night.
Charley worked the bar upstairs saying it was too noisy down stairs for him.
Me, I loved the music and danced till I was dragged home by Malc who prefers his music more subtle, never has been a head banger Malc.
The rooms were all full of supporters of all nationalities proving what a melting pot of  nationalities
Verfeil has become. Anais Rondeau who is a  villager and also the animatice in charge of the Bruniquel refugees brought over some of the young Sudanese men, who were welcomed by everyone.
A  night full of fun and laughter and I am sure it went on long after we left. It was also so dark with flashing lights my little phone struggled to take good photos.
It was a night for the young... the young of Verfeil, the future of the village.
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Nous sommes le samedi dix sept decembre

Friday, 16 December 2016

A sad moment

We've just received an email telling us that the UK authorities have shut the door on a group of young kids whom the French transferred to a local centre near us. This is utterly shameful and a complete disgrace. The woman running the local centre now fears the kids will run away and attempt to get back to Calais.
I have just had a conversation with the only one of the young men who decided to stay in France and was moved to Bruniquel.
His young friends are still in Realville and he tells me they are now all planning on how to get back to Calais.
Tonight after a lovely night dancing with Soudanese guys at Charleys party I am back home with a heavy heart thinking of all the kids under 18 who now may try and get to the Uk again.
Apparently the French are now talking about bone density tests to establish the ages of the kids!
Where is our humanity?

Christmas Carols at Parisot on Sunday

Not too far Castres

A party tonight in the Salle des fêtes at Verfeil

We will all be there celebrating Charleys  time and the good ambience he has created in the restaurant and bar at Verfeil. Malc and I were there for our last lunch on Charleys last day yesterday, along with the young from the commune and other regulars.
Tonight is a big party in the Salle  des fêtes with three live groups playing and food, pay what you can afford or what you think it is worth.
It is going to be a "fête joyeaux"  that is for sure.
Charley and his lady helpers, how good they have been for the village.
We wish them all well and for Charley a million thanks.
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Nous sommes le vendredi seize decembre

A photo by Najac Aveyron of the Church at Najac.
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Thursday, 15 December 2016

Nous sommes le jeudi quinze decembre

Woa, slow down, we are flying into Christmas and I still have loads to organise.
How about you? Are you organised with parcels packed, cards written and sent, food prepared and in the freezer, you are?
OMG I must get busy.
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Yew need yew?

Good Morning Val
I wonder if you could put this on Tag for me.

I have a selection of Yew furniture that needs re homing.

A coffee table (a bit marked)
Corner unit
Sideboard with display unit
TV unit
Plant stand
All needs a bit of a tidy and polish.

Buyer to collect (near Verfeil) and a donation to a charity please.
Thank you

Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Santa has been

We started at 10 am, Caroline Mills, Sarah Brown, Caroline Kirk and Lindy Gander who coming from Pau arrived at 11am
What a fab! day we have had, the first 19 Christmas boxes sorted then Lindy arrived from Pau with plenty of things to fill boxes, empty boxes, lots of shoes and warm jackets and Christmas decorations.
We had made up 70 boxes by lunchtime, so after lunch we went to Bruniquel and left the presents ready for Christmas Eve and Santa's visit.
Then on to Realville to leave more to discover Olwyn Foot  who asked me if she could take her parcel directly there, had delivered 30 little packages and presents. Not only that she had taken in a game that the boys knew from Afghanistan and loved playing.
Olwyn Foot you are a star.
We had our drinks at Realville and a few laughs and then around 5 pm we set off home after a  very long day but one that passed so quickly with lots of laughs and fun.
Thank you ladies and if you have not done your parcel yet there are still plenty of young men needing a present from Santa with our thoughts.

I do not know how the others feel but I am knackered and poor Lindy has a four hour drive back to Pau

Air France cancelled their tickets

Two Toulouse travellers turned up at a Paris airport to fly back to Blagnac only to find that Air France had cancelled their return tickets because they had not used the out-bound tickets. The women complained that they had been unable to make the journey north on the day scheduled, but the airline contends that as the return trip was booked and one leg missed it was reasonable to assume the return was not needed (the complexity of ticketing could have meant the return ticket was cheaper).
As it happens one of the passengers is a lawyer in Toulouse and they decided to sue Air France. The case will be heard in Auch next month. The airline has offered to refund the tickets, but the complainants want the case to be heard.
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The moon setting at 7.45am

Nous sommes le mercredi quatorze decembre

A lovely sunny start, well actually for me out in the fields with the donkeys it was a " moony" start.
The  full moon was just over the hills hanging in a blue sky, whilst over the opposite horizon the sun was rising.
I cannot hang about this morning as such a fun day planned. Caroline Mills who came up with the plan of Christmas boxes is coming with local friend Sarah and Lindy is driving up from Pau with lots more goodies to be packed for our refugees. Packing this morning for Realville and Bruniquel and then delivering this afternoon. We then have another 21 to make up another day for local refugees including our St.Antonin boys and others locally.
It is all your presents bought from donations we will be packing, thank you.
If you have not delivered yet do not worry we still have 21 to do.
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Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Don't be left in the dark

Power cuts can mean your lights go out for hours, and worse your fridges and freezers start to defrost. A petrol powered generator can provide enough power to keep things going and here is one offered by a local seller.


Honda Generator EMS 3800
In chrome cradle.  240v outlet and 2 x 115v outlets.  Very good condition.  Serviced and new filters.  Long run tank.  Pull start also ignition start but no 12v battery supplied.  240v tail to UK twin 3 pin plug  Tail comes with it.  Also new ear defenders.  Situated near St Antonin Noble Val.  Collection required although local delivery may be possible.  600 €  Payment by cash or bank transfer.

Or what about a roof box to carry those extra items you cannot fit into the boot.
Flamma top box.
Reinforced fibreglass with original makers’ serial number.  Dimensions: 1.85m x 0.75 x 0.5 (biggest one they make).  Suitable for estate cars or vans.  Some minor damage that has been properly fibreglass repaired (see photo).  Fixings provided, used but in good condition.  3 keys.  Situated near St Antonin Noble Val.  Collection required although local delivery may be possible.  120€ cash only

contact or tel 0044 (0)7761 030717

New to the area

Hello Val

We are new to the area and want to thank you for TAG Online - it is a wonderful source of information and interest.

Also, we would like to advertise a few things for sale and would be grateful if you could let me know how long the advertisements are visible for, please.

Many thanks
Vals reply   if priced correctly things sell pretty quickly from the main body of the text, but if not get moved in to For sale. A small donation to one of our charities when you sell items is appreciated
Ps glad you are a fan.

The frost nearly gone by 10 am

Another stunning day in prospect.