Sunday, 12 March 2017

Iconic building sold

Walkers along the river Aveyron valley road from St Antonin to Feneyrols will have noticed the "sold" signs by the large building at Saleth, formerly a youth hostel then a holiday centre owned by the city of Montauban.  One part of its history is that it was run before the war by Armand and Alice Fraysse, who were part of that brave band of people in St Antonin who helped Jewish refugees to escape the Nazi edicts. Sitting by the protestant temple the other day we noticed the little plaque on their home commemorating the couple as "Righteous among the nations", an honour bestowed by the government of Israel.
The building and its grounds have reportedly been sold for around 350000€ to developers who wish to create a gite complex, essentially restoring the building to its original purpose. The ancient weir below the building remains the property of the city of Montauban, but is threatened with destruction as part of a scheme to remove "obstacles".
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