Sunday, 19 March 2017

Sign to let Guy know we support him

Join us in signing a letter to EU negociater Guy Vervofstadt, assuming you want to stay in the EU in some way of course.
Click the link to sign

Dear Mr Verhofstadt
This letter to you is signed by [insert final number] people.We wanted to write to thank you for your efforts to allow UK nationals who value their EU citizenship to retain it, or a form of it, post-Brexit. We value not only the freedoms and opportunities it gives us, but also that it makes us a part of the most successful peace project in history.
Theresa May does not speak for us. She has made no attempt to reach out to, or in any way represent, us or any of the 16 million people who voted Remain on 23rd June last year. Indeed, you speak for us far better and more eloquently than she ever has.
We wish you every success in your attempt to get this idea on the agenda of the Brexit talks and into the final deal. We back you 100%.
Of course, we also want an equally generous settlement for other EU nationals too.
Thank you for everything that you are doing, and good luck!
Yours sincerely