Friday, 17 March 2017

Pensioners with help can be expert furniture removers

This picture is to show Jacky Malotaux she can be proud of one of her proteges. Rahim from Afghanistan is awaiting his asylum application news.
We know he has never been to school, never been educated. Today he told us he did go for 10 days but then the Taliban bombed the school and that was that. In the country villages they will not allow the children to be educated.
So all of this makes it even more pleasing and amazing that Rahim is now learning and speaking French. Jacky started this process with him initially and now the lessons are being taken up by two young teachers of the commune at Verfeil.
Not only is he speaking enough to have a decent conversation but he is also writing French.
Today we had to pick up various items for other boys who have asylum and although we had planned three strong arms, one had a doctors appointment for an accident, another let us down.
Rahim who is a strong lad, "so no worries " he said "I can do it" and he has and did.
Friday is a special day for Muslims hence the outfit, a day where many would go to the mosquee.
Fortunately Malc was with us today to negociate the narrow streets  of St. Antonin
Hope your fellow refugees are as proud of you Rahim as I am.