Monday, 20 March 2017

Nous sommes le lundi vingt mars

The link is to an article written a year ago today.
A year ago these young men were preparing to be moved  to Cada's, welcoming centres for demanders of asylum. I laughed as I looked at one of the pictures of the bedding cupboard, Sarah Brown, Chrissie Hargreaves and I spent hours sorting out all that bedding and Chrissie was a whizz at whipping it off and washing before it was given to leaving boys or stored incase of others coming to the area. The others did come of course to Bruniquel and Anais who had done such a good job at Rehoboth was employed again there.
A year on and Malc and I are driving round the countryside picking up furniture to go to apartments in Montauban.,As the boys get asylum and half of them have so far ( half still waiting to hear) they are coming back to the nearest town Montauban where they must study French for 200 hours and pass a test on their language skills. Along the way we have had new refugees join our caring  group' Sohail from Ferrette and Rahim, Delawer and of course Shaban from Castelsarrasin.
Not forgetting Ali  and Shakira who were originally at Realville
Good luck to them all, some now with girlfriends, wishing for girlfriends and fitting in to French life beautifully.