Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Captain Torture Clothes Sale

Just a reminder that 3rd March is the clothes sale at Salle fitness salon at 14 hrs. For more info refer to the earlier post

Let's keep this between ourselves

I am not sure I want to pass on this bit of information as I really want to be first in the queue on the 10th of March 10 am at the Salle des Fetes in Verfeil. Fifi is holding another clothes sale and coffee morning and between you and me I know donated items include such names as Hobbs,Jaeger, Boden,Jimmy Choo, Dior etc,etc. If you do go be prepared for pushing and shoving at the entrance , and that will be just me. After the melee a calming coffee and homemade cakes will be on offer. Finishing at 12.30 by which time you can stagger home with your clutch of bags and the Fifi ladies can collapse. Everyone welcome so why not think of asking your French and Dutch friends and make it a bumper morning.
Keep your man happy and make a purchase for him as there are gents clothes, dragging him along with you may be difficult unless you mention the cakes.
More info. from

Tuesday, 28 February 2012

It justs gets better

Thanks to everyone for supporting the 'Book Swap' and once again what a choice of reading material. It is a lovely feeling being surrounded by books and having all that choice without the cost of Amazon and knowing you have another 2 months to read them without a library fine in sight. Talking to a few people there it was decided it will be held again on a Monday in 2 months time and for ever after every 2 months. Once again I will remind you nearer the time. On a light note thanks to who ever took ' How bright is your dog' As I thought, our two are retarded!

Monday, 27 February 2012

Isla the 3 legged dog still begging for a home.

I am black, smooth coated, medium sized, house trained, 3years old and ready to give my owners total devotation. A nice lady has been looking after me but she has too many pets of her own and I know I am a bit of a burden. People tell me it may be a problem that I have lost a leg due to humans cruelty. I do not hold grudges and I manage very well on the good legs I have. I am happy to come to you on a trial basis and if you do not love me you can give me back. I am also trained to love cats and other dogs ,well it is a requirement these days
To see me for a cuddle or just a head scratch contact my carer
Jo on email

Wonder Woman Marathons in Rome

Saint Antonin resident Karen Sweeting on the18th March will be competing in The Rome Marathon.
In training she will run 11kms at Caussade at the week end in a smaller marathon. We wish her every success and wait in anticipation for her  written contribution about the run  in TAG when she returns.
Bonne route et bonne chance Karen.

Wooden double seat for sale/ SOLD

Enhance your home with a very attractive wooden, polished and carved seat. For sale
at 250 euros, a snip of its former price.
Anke email

I Just like this

We are here on earth to do good for others. 
What the others are here for, I don't know.
W. H. Auden

Book Swap Tomorrow

The Book swap tomorrow Tuesday 28th at the Gazpacho 10.30pm See you all there with your swaps.

First Oscar for a French male lead artist.

'Ze Arteest' sweeps the boards gaining best picture, best Director and best actor won by fascinating Jean Dujardin.

Controversy Over Laguepie

Apologies to Vanessa on the slight misquote. Can I suggest a kinder description for Laguepie as 'Slightly down at heel' . No mention I see of the damming photo.

The way Vanessa sees Laguepie and the way I see it.

Sunday, 26 February 2012

Ode To Laguepie

We love Laguepie, a bold but true statement of fact. To our minds it is the real France with agriculteurs, commercants and lots of old happy french folk enjoying life. All keen to get you involved in occitane dancing lessons,occitane language groups,chorale groups and generally passing the time of day. When I say ' real' it is not 'twee' like Sarlat or Carcassonne both massively restored. It has a few empty houses that is true but in the ten years we have lived a stones throw away it has continued slowly to evolve, but in the right way. You can go in with your slippers on or your wellys and know an eye would not be batted. You can take your big,wet and smelly dogs and sit outside at one of the two cafes Chez Fifi or Troubador and watch 'the passegiata' any time of day. You are at the confluence of two beautiful rivers, the Viaur and the Aveyron with walks along the banks of both. The ruined castle of Laguepie stands proudly up above and unbeknown to most behind its facade are two beautiful semi detached houses.
Previously living in Henley -on -Thames the contrast between these two river towns is amazing. When we have Henley visitors we are so pleased when they feel the warmth and charm of Laguepie.
For the first time last summer the banks of the Viaur were covered in green plastic grass and a swimming platform put out in the river. Lifeguards were in attendance through the peak summer times and old and young, holiday makers and residents enjoyed the benefits of a 'Paris plage' situation. Our young grandaughter when here on holiday is constantly saying ' Lets go to Laga' where there are the delights of a shallow river with lots of stones for building or trapping tiddlers followed by a 'diabalo' at one of the cafes.[If you have Grandchildren you will know what a diabalo is! ]
Come to Laguepie on the last Sunday in April and witness the Festival of plants and flowers on view and on sale and tell me you do not love Laguepie.
Why the ode? Well reading a super blog on the area by writer Vanessa Couchman she describes Laguepie as 'not an attractive place with an air of decay about it.' and finds the worst possible house to take a picture of to illustrate her wildy wrong statement. All I can say is ' get your wellys on and see the other side of Laguepie Vanessa.'

Read Vanessa's blog on the area called Life on the Lune.

Saturday, 25 February 2012

What an Opportunity

 Chris Barlas, who lives just outside Varen, is looking for a house sitter for about six weeks, from around the end of June until the middle of August. He says the dates are not entirely precise  because he wants to fit in with potential house sitters’ dates. It’s a large house in its own grounds with plenty of space to relax in. However, the cat sitter (either an individual or a couple) can’t be entirely idle, as there are three cats to look after and feed and there are certainly going to be some garden duties, such as making sure everything is watered on a regular basis. If you know of anyone who might be interested you can get in touch with Chris at

Magic and Music

Cabaret Premiere, an evening of Magic and Music in the Foyer du Segala at St. Martin Laguepie, with Sylvia and Nathalie. Saturday 10th March, starting with an aperitif at 7pm and the repas with a menu gourmand at 8 pm. It is being promised we will have an evening with magic, humour,dancing to music of yesteryear and dances of today. 24 euros per person tout compris.
To make a reservation tel 05 63 56 10 08

Friday, 24 February 2012

Another Gardening Club

From the group who went to the fruit tree pruning lesson I have heard that it was very interesting and instructive.
The club is called the 'Jardiniers de France' and there is a local club at Cordes. The next meeting is on  Sat.March 10th  at 3pm. at the Jardin du Centre social Cordes-Vaour. The theme is gentle fruit tree pruning and it is suggested you take your secateurs. Benoit Ourliac who is the 'verger conservatoire Puycelsi is taking the course.
Christine Lacoste at
or Vanessa Chalabi at
Tel 0563 56 11 98  on working days

Cinema at Caussade

For those who wish to travel to Caussade...
(They also have English language films)
and  are are showing
The Artist
Sunday at 16h00
and again at 21h00 on Monday
Also, they are showing
George Clooney in Descendants VO
Sunday at 18h30 and Tuesday at 21h00

TAG on- line, a community magazine

TAG on line is free and does not wish to be supported by adverts. It belongs to you and me and all our subscribers. Someone on an outing recently said ' oh I am sure you know about that, you know everything' I only know the information that is passed to me, so keep it coming. Also perhaps you are thinking of a spring clean and you have things to move on. Remember advertising is free and I will even help compose your advert if you are unsure. One of the few things I say 'no' to is selling houses and promoting gites, too many pitfalls there.
Any ideas for improvements or changes to TAG happily taken on board or at least given some thought.
Val Johnstone or tel. 05 63 64 06 73

Thursday, 23 February 2012

Au revoir Mademoiselle

Marital status on official government forms will now state Madame dropping the Mademoiselle.  Classed as a symbolic victory for gender equality by French feminists. I can just hear all our male readers groaning.

Time for Tea at the Jardin de Paradis

I went to a meeting yesterday at the Jardin de Paradis and I've persuaded them to start selling cups of real English tea (with fresh milk if I can get my way). They are very wary but I'd like them to try it for a season. So now I need all the equipment.
I'm mailing to ask if anyone has any spare cups and matching saucers, milk jugs or teapots that they don't want. If so would you be willing to donate them to the garden please.
Many thanks, 
Pauline Wallace
Contact me by email

Yet more weather forecasts.

Weather buffs such as myself may find this link:
of interest. One can get rain, temperature and lightening activity forecasts for all of Europe
as well as traditional weather maps.
The forecasts cover several days ahead and are very easy to read. They are animated, but can be ‘frozen’
at any given time.
Fun & useful
 Cheers David Hatfield

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Local author, Jacqueline Yallop

Readers might be interested in checking out local author living near Parisot, whose most recent book set in this region is  having excellent reviews

Beware email messages

If you receive a message from aydascott, please do not open it or reply… It is an illegal site who steals e-mail addresses…Tell all your friends as well.
Sent by Glynis Howgego

Book Swap Reminder

Tuesday 28th Feb. 10.30am at the Gazpacho will be the book swap. Bring 'good uns ' and take away even better and costs us nothing.

The Artist on again Sat 25th to27th Feb. at Gaillac

For those who still have still  not seen The Artist it is on again next week at the Gaillac multiplex. Can I suggest that you allow yourselves plenty of time as a car full of us arrived Tuesday night ,found parking and then arrived to be told it was a full house. Next week we will allow ourselves time to be near the front of the queue

Exhibition of Watercolour Painting at Caussade

Le 2ème Salon International de l'Aquarelle de Caussade se tiendra du 17 mars au 1er avril 2012.
Trente-sept artistes renommés venus de toute la France et de divers autres pays exposeront plus de 400 oeuvres à l'Espace Bonnaïs.
Venez partager plaisirs aquarellés et découverte de notre Pays Midi-Quercy !
Retrouvez tout le programme du salon en cliquant sur le lien suivant :
Dans l'attente du plaisir de vous rencontrer à Caussade,
Recevez nos meilleures salutations.
Prisca Salvador et Emmanuelle Trinchieri
Office de Tourisme de Caussade
46, boulevard Didier Rey
82300 Caussade
tel :

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Flamingoes in the sea flats between France and Spain

Following on from the 'pink flamingoes' story, what should we see on our way back from Spain but  flocks of pink flamingoes feeding and wading in the mud flats. We can only assume that they had moved on to warmer climes from the freezing Aude. Temperatures were a more comfortable 14 degrees at the border.

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Freezing weather kills Flamingoes

More than 100 pink flamingoes have died in the freezing weather conditions suffered in the Aude region of south west France. They have been unable to access food and became frozen in the salt marshes and died. Further about this story from

Atelier de taille fruitiere / Fruit tree pruning class

This Saturday 18th February at 15.00 the association Jardiniers de France will be holding a workshop on fruit tree pruning at the Jardin des Paradis. The workshop is run by Benoit Ourliac who manages the Conservatoire at Puycelsi, specialising in old and unusual varieties. The Jardin has mainly trees which are grown in cordons, fans, U shapes or are the small 'step-overs' so the workshop will be useful for anyone who has this type of fruit tree. Anyone is invited to come along.  Jardinier de France members are always invited free of charge but non members can participate in one free workshop a year.  If you want to come along please let me know so I have a rough idea of numbers. You'll need to bring warm gloves and SHARP secateurs and be there by 14.45. Tea, coffe and biscuits will be on sale.
Hope to see many of you on Saturday.Email me at

Lifts to Airport / Reminder as Promised

James Sweeting has set up a site for us all to look at if we need a lift to an airport or even if we are kind enough to offer lifts.
Remember to keep looking and add to it if you can help. How often have you arrived at an airport and met friends saying ... if only we had known.

Subscribe to Taglines

I keep getting requests from people wanting to add their names to the subscribers list. The easiest way to do it is to send your email address to me at and then free of charge you will be added to the list.
The list of readers is growing and we have numbers from 100 to 400 looking each day. Since I have discovered 'the stats' page I am fascinated where my readers are. Most as you could imagine are in France and England, we have one in Laos ( our friends spending the winter there) but the one which most perplexes us is a regular reader in Alaska.

Monday, 13 February 2012

The Artist on at Gaillac

Thought you had missed The Artist which was on before Christmas at La Querlys, well here is your chance to see it now. This evening at 6 pm also Saturday 18th, Tuesday 21st also at 6 pm showing at Gaillac multiplex Olympia. Normally 7.50 euros but reduced for the 6 pm showing.
Link shown in the Leonardo da Vinci piece.

Les Hivernales last showing

Final showing of the Les Hivernales, 4 documentary films to end the season. At L'Espace Bonnais at Caussade 15 hrs and 20.30 hrs. Saturday 18th Feb.
More info on tel. 0563 64 60 79

And no sign of the cute little dog.

The Artist, the French silent film sensation swept the BFTAs award ceremony. It won best film, best film director and best leading actor for Jean Dujardin.

Sunday, 12 February 2012

Tour round the Leonardo da Vinci Exhibition

Th Gaillac cinema is showing a live guided tour in English by an art historian of the National Gallery Leonardo da Vinci exhibition at 8pm on Thurs 16th Feb, cost 12€.  Details as at the link.

I suspect that lots of people will be interested.
Sent by Wally Mears

For an art lover, this is something not to be missed

Saturday, 11 February 2012

Belt up

The Chiefs of the Gendarmerie for Caylus and St. Antonin Noble Val have met to discuss the results and crime figures for 2011 .
The good news is the number of burglaries is down 3%
The motoring figures not so good.
Accidents are up 3%
60% more speeding fines.
33% up on driving under the influence of alcohol.
167% up on not wearing seat belts ( automatic 3 points on your licence for this)
In 2012 expect more police presence and more controls
A comment says 90 euros fine for not wearing a seat belt as well as points but it has gone up now to 135 euros.

Breaking news / Watch your oil tanks!

Tampier the oil garage at Septfonds was making a delivery this morning to our neighbours. He stopped to warn us to keep an eye on our oil tank. Some one had been to the neighbours and made a hole in their tank and stolen the oil. Not only that but a new oil tank will now be needed. Thank goodness we have two barking dogs in the courtyard.
Police have reported once again 'CLOSE YOUR GATES WHEN GOING OUT.'

Sarkozy to launch his Campaign

President Sarkozy is set to launch his official campaign next week at a rally in Marseille.
The main touchstones of his campaign focus on unemployment,immigration,opposition to gay marriages,adoption by same sex couples and euthanasia.
The first round of the election will be on April 22nd and the run off will be May 6th.
A remark by Clinton when he was running for President 'It is the economy stupid,' Indicating the only important thing is getting the economy right.

Friday, 10 February 2012

Depardieu as Strauss-Kahn

Gerard Depardieu is to star in a film about the recent sex scandal surrounding Dominique Strauss Kahn. American Director Abel Ferrara told 'La Monde' the script is written and all is agreed with Depardieu. Me thinks Depardieu will have to shed some pounds.

Thursday, 9 February 2012

Francois Hollande in favour, Sarkozy hedges his bets

Always an emotive subject: euthanasie ( a )
We have all heard of Dignitas in Switzerland but did you know...
The Dutch accept that if you are terminally ill and in pain you have the right to an assisted death. I discovered this recently with the death of two dutch friends and in conversations with their families afterwards. Termination of life on request and assisted suicide Act passed in 2002. Dying with dignity it is called. The French are debating it quite a lot in the coming Presidential elections. Francois Holland the Socialist Party leader is in favour. Nicholas Sarkozy is hedging his bets far more,because of the Catholic vote. One thing is certain it is more likely to become a law here long before it happens in England.
My take on it is "I would not let my dogs suffer so why would I not expect the same care."
As I said a very emotive issue.
Sarkozy is trailing Hollande by 16 percent in the latest opinion polls

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Slip sliding away, slip sliding away.

For those who remember it was Paul Simon.
Temperatures recorded at Cahor -19c
The coldest February for 50 years( 10 years ago it was January.)
No signs yet of the cold minus temperatures departing but at least the roads are less snowy although still icy. On the positive side we have had some lovely blue skies and lots of sunshine and I take it back the meteo on France 2 says possibly plus 1 tomorrow. Good day sunshine, now who performed that?
Chris Robinson says 'The Beatles'

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Terrible sledging accident at Caylus

It happened on Sunday 5th of February, Thomas Tronchon age 20 years of St. Pierre de Livron was out with his friend trying out his home made sledge.His father is the local menuisier. The boys were on a quiet road with no traffic especially in the snow and they had a go faster idea.They attached the sledge with a tow rope to their Peugeot car and got up quite a speed. Unfortunately at a bend in the road the car slewed in one direction and the sledge flew in another sending Thomas head first in to a tree. The Pompiers were called including a helicopter but unfortunately the helicopter was unable to land nearby on the causse because of the snowy conditions. A slow perilous journey by road was taken by the Pompiers to Purpan hospital in Toulouse but the next day Thomas was pronounced clinically dead.
His friend the young driver of the car has been arrested,locked up at St. Antonin Police Station and charged with putting some one's life in danger.
Our thoughts go out to the dead boys family and to the Pompiers called to the scene.
For more information on this terrible accident go to the Depeche/ Midi Pyrenees.
An update to this story, the Depeche now says it was the Father of the boys friend driving the car

Tag can get you into Films!

L'Atelier Cuisine Wednesday 15th Feb. at the Salles des Fetes, Verfeil starting at 9.30am. is hosting an interesting morning filming its activities.They are welcoming film director Christophe Gernez who lives at St. Antonin. He will spend the morning filming the event and filming and talking to participants.The film is being made for the association MSA (Mutualite Sociale Agricole) You will have a chance to see the edited version at a later date. If you do not mind being filmed there is a declaration to be signed.Then a repas menu choux farcis(stuffed cabbage) followed by gateaux with fruits of the season (what can be fruits of the season in feb?) All for the tempting price of 3 euros. You will need to make a reservation if you are planning to attend. Contact Laurence or Elodie at

Support Pays' Anne

The former Masterchief winner 2010 Anne Alassane is asking us all to support her restaurant Pays' Anne. She is reported as saying she needs the restaurant to continue to succeed to support her family. She is worried that we will all stay away being embarrassed because of her recent tragedy.Her restaurant is at 745 Route de Fau, Montauban. tel.068 739 1772 The ferme auberge where all their own vegetables are grown has a website

Monday, 6 February 2012

Occitan language and singing classes

Following your pieces about Occitan dancing, your readers may be interested
in this:
Occitan language courses (beginners and advanced) run on a Friday in St
Antonin in the room above the post office. There is also an Occitan choir
that meets Friday afternoon. The classes are led by
Muriel Vernieres, who can be contacted on:
If you want more information, you can also contact Gavin Porter who goes to
both the language class and the choir —
Doreen Porter

The Key to Life in France

Learning the language is the key.If you have a teacher of French who you can recommend please send any details and contact to Taglines

Two Occitane dancing groups

Every second Monday at Laguepie in the Salle des Fetes starting at 8.30pm there is a mixed group of French and English ladies and gents who practise their Occitane dancing skills. Not sure of the dancing skills but there is a lot of laughter.
For more information Contact Roger Bowen on tel.0563 0275 70
The Occitane dance group runs on Tuesday evenings in the Salles
des Fetes but does not run during the summer months so will be finishing
around the end of March beginning April - we go every week, we also go
to dances which the organisation arranges ( usually Caylus or
Puylagarde). Newcomers can just turn up to see if they enjoy it and are
made very welcome, the course leader is a brilliant dance teacher ( she
does not speak any English but speaks clear French ). At the moment we
are the only English people attending although there have been others
previously. We pay for the course in September I don't know what
arrangements are made for anyone coming late in the year.
Info sent by Sue Carter

LPO League for the Protection of birds

The LPO, League for the protection of birds in the Tarn can be found at
A very proactive group. We know the local contact is Regis at Le Riols but can someone supply his surname and contact details?
Liz Matthews has supplied it Regis Schmitt at regis8157@ tel 0680620948
Thank you Liz

Quercy Grimpe/ Climbing Group at St. Antonin

A group of climbers from starters to experts meet on Tuesdays at Servanac and Fridays in the gym at St. Antonin.Their excellence has been recognised by the French Climbing Federation with official "climbing school" status. Contact for more information
Tel 0563 3024 19 or check out

Sunday, 5 February 2012

Laughing all the way to Lalbenque

David Hatfield sends these thoughts 
Don't forget the Wine Appreciation group which is for couples.
Also, the recent highly successful visits to the truffle farm & Lalbenque market were couples affairs.
The last attempt to get men involved (LAUGHS) was laughable in its abject failure.
I definitely would love to see pictures of the drag queens infiltrating the FiFi meetings. What a hoot!

The Wine Appreciation group and the visit to the truffle farm and Lalbenque market were organised by Fifi , click on link below.

Books to jump on / or not

William Boyd's Restless gets the award for my book of the year(it is only February )It was winner of the Costa Novel Award in 2006. An unusual spy thriller which I struggled to put down, with wonderful narrative.The day after I kept thinking how life must have been for the main character.
Winner of the Man Booker Prize in 2005 John Banville's The Sea. Really enjoyed this although quite sad being a masterly study of grief. Knew I would enjoy it as on the back was a good review by fellow bookseller Rick Gekoski,who writes for The Times
Appealing to our baser instincts Tess Gerritsen, I have three of these to come back and I enjoyed all. Lots of blood, gore,mystery and suspense well written.
Last and definitely least Alan Clark and his lousy Diaries. Lacking in charity often lewd I hated every chapter but read on tutting all the way. Please someone jump on it as I really do not want to have to take it home again. Reminded me of the Bill Wyman autobiography which was on balance probably worse.
All these and many more will be at the book swap 10.30am Tuesday 28th of Feb. at the Gazpacho in St. Antonin. Come along with a selection of books you do not mind ever seeing again and swap for others. We expect every one to play fair and not dump their rubbish and take good stuff away and in that way it works for us all

Cinema Le Querlys

On at the moment J. Edgar, a film exploring the public and private life of J. Edgar Hoover starring Leonardo Di Caprio and directed by Clint Eastwood. Having good reviews from every one who has seen it so far.Last opportunites to see it tonight Sunday at 8.30pm or tomorrow at 5pm
La Taupe, Tinker,Tailor,Soldier,Spy starts 8th of Feb. till 14th and then Sherlock Holmes 22nd to 28th. Starting the following month with 'La Dame de Fer', The Iron Lady, about Maggie.
There is also a wide selection of films in other languages you may wish to see.Click on the link
We are so lucky having the Cinema 'La Querlys' we need to continue to support them.
Link sent by Karen Sweeting

Saturday, 4 February 2012

Fete de L'Osier / Wicker Festival

Sunday 12 February at Milhars there is a Wicker festival (Fete de l'Osier),
from 10am in and around the Salle des Fetes. There will be workshops for
children and adults.
There will also be an Auberge Espagnol, so bring along a main course,
dessert, plates and cutlery if you want to stay and eat.
Sent in by Olivier Boniface via Doreen Porter

Friday, 3 February 2012

Snowdrops at the L'abbaye de Beaulieu

The snowdrops are starting to appear at the L'abbaye de Beaulieu. If you have never been to see them or the Abbey it is worth a visit. From Verfeil follow the road to Cornusson and the Abbey can be found just off the road, alongside the River Seye.

Thursday, 2 February 2012

La Chasse au Vers, or catch your worms

Someone asked where can you buy worms for a wormery?
On researching the net I found a worm farm in England but they only deliver in the UK.On researching here in France it seems more difficult but I found a brilliant way to

'faire la chasse au vers'

Dig a hole 30x30x30cms put in a plastic sack or old bucket with holes in.Fill it with all your used coffee grounds.Cover it with a stone and leave for 2 or 3 weeks.It should then be full of worms. 'En effet ils adorent les marcs de cafe' Then of course you need a wormery to put them in.For none gardeners who are wondering why you would bother, the worms can deliver compost very quickly.
Two sites of interest one English
and a French site

Capricorn beetle

Can anyone recommend a specialist firm to treat beams for Capricorn beetle? Please email Michaela on

Camillieri on BBC4

After the flood of interest in the Sicilian Inspector Montalbano books at the book swap we notice that the series in Italian with English subtitles will be on BBC4 starting on the Sat.11th of February.We have seen two already on BBC4 which were a delight.

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Plant exchange at Mas Del Sol in April

Saturday the 28th of April 2pm to 5 pm I am proposing along with the Fifi gardening group, the French Gardening group and Tagline readers to hold an exchange of plants here in the courtyard at Mas Del Sol. The next day will be the Grand Plant Sale at Laguepie but this exchange will give us gardeners a chance to get some free plants before the mad expensive buying spree the next day. I will publicise nearer the time but pencil that date in your agendas now.