Friday, 30 September 2011

Le Cinema le Querlys interview by Jill Spearman

Jill interviewed Liliane and Yannick Sevegnes 7 years ago for Taglines and it is an interesting and still relevant article

Le Cinéma le Querlys – something to celebrate!

Once upon a time – well, in 1968, actually – a young man and a young woman met in St Antonin Noble Val and fell in love.  They held their engagement party in what is now the salle of the Querlys, and was then a restaurant.  They were Liliane and Yannick Sevegnes, and since 1984 they have been running the cinema that is one of St Antonin’s best assets.

Their project began in 1982, after a fire had destroyed the restaurant on the ground floor of the building, which then belonged to Liliane Sevegnes’ father.  The Sevegnes, then agricultural workers, had no practical experience of cinema at all, but a great love of film, and enormous enthusiasm and commitment.

A year’s training in projection at a cinema in Montauban; research and enquiries; encouragement from the Ministry of Culture (Jack Lang, then Minister of Culture, was keen to promote small local cinemas); a government advance (not a grant!); a mortgage on their house; the conversion of the ground floor of the building into a cinema (Liliane’s father was an electrician, and he did all the wiring); the development of links with distributors :- on May 16,1984 the Cinéma le Querlys opened its doors for the first time, showing a film by Georges Rouquier – Briqueferre.

Despite the scepticism of some fellow commerçants (who predicted they’d last 6 months), the cinema has flourished, the number of entrants rising steadily from 13,000 in 1984 to a current 18,500 per year.  Yannick and Liliane show 80 films per year, and are proud that just over half are ‘Version Original’.  It’s been hard work convincing distributors that, in contrast to the usual French preference for dubbed films, the Querlys has a strong audience for ‘V.O.’  This is very much to do with the high proportion of British, Dutch and other non-French cinema-goers in the Querlys’ audience – they outnumber the French.

The Querlys is entirely self-sufficient, receiving no subsidy of any kind.  This gives Liliane and Yannick complete independence in their choice of films.   This independence, of course, is what gives their audience the benefit of easy access to varied, thoughtful, high quality programming, in a comfortable, welcoming venue.  And it is for the quality of the programming that the Querlys is classified ‘Art et .Essai’, attracting a merit award of 5,000 euros per year – the only money that doesn’t come from ticket sales.

Do they have any aspirations for the future?  Only that more people should come to the cinema – and also that other commerçants in St Antonin should recognise and take advantage of the opportunity that the success of the Querlys brings to them.  Most restaurants and bars close at the moment the Querlys’ audience is emerging, full of the film they’ve just seen, and ready to prolong the evening over a drink or a bowl of soup.

Through their cinema, Liliane and Yannick make an enormous contribution to the cultural life of this region – we are very fortunate to be the beneficiaries of their passion for the movies.

The Querlys programme comes out at the beginning of each month and are widely available throughout the region.  

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

St. Antonin Garden Fair

Sunday 2nd October there will be a Garden fair in St. Antonin with 20 plus exhibitors. Everything possible for the garden from plants, trees, garden furniture and tools.

Le Parking

Doreen Porter who lives in St. Antonin is a funny perceptive writer. Read below and click on her profile if you want more.
Taken from I is for Illuminated Salt and Pepper Pots (and other everyday essentials) by Doreen Porter:

P is for Parking
Nous sommes dans de beaux draps maintenant — We're in a fine mess now
Some car parks and roadside parking spots demand you pay at a machine or display a disk issued by the town hall (it generally doesn’t matter which town hall, all the disks seem to be the same). All you need remember is that the only time you risk a fine is in the height of summer in a busy tourist area outside lunchtime.
At first sight, it might seem difficult to find a parking space in a place you don’t know, but here are some tips. Basically you can park anywhere, including:
1. On a pedestrian crossing.
2. In front of someone’s garage  — just ignore the sign that the garage is in constant use, it obviously isn’t otherwise you wouldn’t have been able to park there in the first place.
3. In a space that is far too small for your car. OK, you may have to nudge the cars in front and behind you a few times, but everyone knows it’s a sign you belong to have some scrapes and dents on your car.
4. Too close to a neighbouring car; this is fine as long as both cars have sunroofs that can be used as exit routes. If, however, you have an elderly passenger who can’t be extricated this way, look for a parent and child parking space — nowhere does it specify ages.
5. Obstructing a busy thoroughfare, causing several Norbert Dentressangle lorries to take a 50km detour.
When you return to you car — with any luck it will be in the same place you left it, give or take a shunt of a few metres — you are likely to find a plethora of advertising leaflets stuck under your windscreen wipers. These are usually printed on garish yellow paper (only official notices can be printed on white paper) and advertise anything from vide greniers [garage sales], to a bingo session where you can win a live goat, or an invitation to a tea dance. On every leaflet is an exhortation not to drop it on the public highway. And no one does. Some rules are there to be obeyed. 

Saturday, 24 September 2011

'Hilarious Sheep's' as Bernard says.

I laugh every time I go out and see them .Well! laughter is the best medecine we are told. The relevance to us having 'the sheeps' is because our gite is called The Bergerie.When people ask for directions we can say when you see the sheep on the wall you have found us.Pictured alongside is Bernard Mages who is the designer /createur. He is not laughable, just a very nice talented man. Some of his work can be viewed by clicking

Friends In France host World's Greatest Coffee Morning

A relatively newly formed group called Friends in France International, Fifi for short are inviting all ladies in the area to support and enjoy their world's greatest coffee morning to raise funds for Macmillan Cancer Relief. It is being held in the Salle de Fetes at Verfeil on Friday 30th of Sept from 10am onwards.
More information about the group can be found by looking at their website

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Ideas for Christmas presents

Oh! I know it's too early to even discuss but it's got to be done! If any artist, fabricant or even people with good ideas wishes to have a mention on TAGlines let us know about your products.
Two that spring to mind with out prompting are Mackenzies with their picture frames, always a good present well received.Click on the little M on followers on the blog for more information. An unusual present might be from Bernard Mages a creater of garden designs. click on  He makes sculptures, mobiles, girouettes etc. and sells them now in garden outlets throughout France. He lives at Puech Mignon on the road to Laguepie and has a studio there full of interesting iron works.I have just comissioned a fence/cloture comprising  3 sheeps [ how he says it!] a bergers baton and a fox. I can't wait to see how it will look.

Friday, 16 September 2011

Les Jardins de Quercy

Les Jardins de Quercy  at Cambou between Varen and Verfeil are open until the 24th September. They are hoping to have a last push at getting visitors as any donations and entrance fee they get are going to deprived schools through out the world.They have raised nearly 10,000 euros so far and would like to reach that target. The gardens are truly beautiful and worth a visit with out that incentive.Well signed posted on the Cambou road between Verfeil and Varen.

Thursday, 15 September 2011

Enterprising Daniel offers service

My parents Sean and Anne Rawnsley gave me your e-mail address, I hope you don’t mind.

I am writing to offer you my services as a bilingual translator from French to English and from English to French. I am registered as an “auto-entrepreneur” to offer this service.

I was born and educated in France and I speak English at home. I have just left the Lycée Lapérouse in Albi having obtained my Baccalauréat and I am currently taking a gap year before pursuing my studies. I’m currently working for , translating and acting as Assistant Editor on their newsletters.

I would be happy to help you in translating things such as letters or forms (to mairies, bureaucracies, services like EDF or Orange, tax offices…etc), brochures (for gites or bed & breakfast..etc).
For this service I would charge 0,08 € per word. This includes my national French insurance contribution.

Hoping to hear from you soon,

Yours sincerely,

Daniel Rawnsley

Le Rial
81140 Vaour
+ 33 (0)9 66 43 12 49

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Trained donkey walker loses partner

Caroline Kirk who has enjoyed walking our donkeys over the summer is keen to continue the experience but needs a calm active partner for a one to two hour ramble along the country lanes. Her former walking partner has left to winter in warmer climes. We have two donkeys who need to go every where together as one hates being left  alone in the field. Over the summer they have had special donkey training for getting used to cars, tractors, dogs barking etc. Also with saddles on they can now give rides to small children. It is important that their education continues and they love leaving their field for a 'balade'
Enquiries to
Caroline Kirk on tel. 0563 26 05 33 [Away for 2 weeks from 14th]
or Val Johnstone on tel 0563640673

Can you suggest a caption for the picture below?
How about  "hands up who needs a stiff drink"?

Saturday, 10 September 2011

Citroen for sale NOW SOLD


Registered September 2001
78,000 miles

750 Euros

Contact - David Graham

05 63 30 89 29

Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Every one a winner

Great book swap with lots of super choice. I think every one was pleased and I have had many requests as to when the next one will be. Probably sometime in November to give us lots of lovely reading for Christmas.

Monday, 5 September 2011

Volvo estate - RHD, excellent condition, for sale NOW SOLD BY TAGlines

British reg Volvo XC70 Estate 2.4 diesel
AWD. Silver metallic, lifetime bodywork coating
Winter pack, roof rails and rack, dog guard and rear privacy cover.
Black leather int
93,000 miles.
Excellent condition,always serviced by main agent.
Eight months road tax and MOT

£5000 or euro equivalent
can deliver to UK

Contact Jeremy Rewse-Davies 0563648685


Sunday, 4 September 2011

Monday 11am Gazpacho

A quick reminder that the book swap is tomorrow morning in St. Antonin.
Hope to see you there with a few good reads to exchange