Cancer Support

I think  promoting initiatives like this is one of the reasons  why TAG was set up, and this is one of the most important announces I will make.
If you have had or still have ongoing cancer problems there is now an English speaking helpline in the area. We hear all the time about the excellent, efficient and swift medical care one gets in hospital. We also hear about the lack of follow up  care in having someone to talk to, voicing your fears, asking about aids; generally in the UK the Macmillan nurses would help you with this.
Now some residents in the area have had extensive training to help listen, give advice etc.  Many have experienced cancer first hand and understand the emotional effects of the disease and its treatment. There is a line for you to speak to knowledgeable  English speakers.
The aims are to offer telephone support to you, your family and your carers.
Offer support through visits at home or in hospital.
Help you ask the right questions.
Guide you to other sources of appropriate advice.
Provide access to written information about cancer and its treatment.
HOW you can help them
Tell your friends and contacts about Cancer Support.
Join as a member and be kept informed of their work and upcoming events.
Support those with cancer ot their carers by becoming a trained volunteer.
LOCAL HELPLINE  04  68 69 01 37
or email us at

All calls will be taken on an answering machine and you will be contacted as soon as possible, normally within 24hrs