Saturday, 25 March 2017

60 years of co-operation

The Treaty of Rome was signed sixty years ago today. The treaty transformed an earlier economic agreement area into the EEC, an economic and social community. Britain was not a member at that time and efforts to make the community more democratic with an elected parliament to oversee the commission, whose own members are chosen by member governments, led the UK to sign up nearly 20 years later. The Maastricht Treaty signed by Margaret Thatcher (probably with fingers crossed) confirmed the EU as a major world power. Years of economic growth; peace between large European countries; cultural exchanges via freedom of movement; scientific cooperation for research and development - the achievements of the EU seem to outweigh the negatives (bureaucracy, corruption). Sad that the UK is to throw away the benefits for spurious promises of "freedom and sovereignty", saving money and primarily reducing immigration. We will probably come to regret a "hard Brexit", so let's hope a reasonable agreement can be made.
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