Thursday, 16 March 2017

Nous sommes le jeudi seize mars

Thank you The Netherlands ❤️ for setting the benchmark. Wilders and fascism sent packing! France next; let's keep the momentum going.
Lovely sunny morning waking up to positive good news, best for a long time. Let us hope France will now follow suit and send Le Pen and the far right packing.
I practically skipped out to the donkeys this morning.
Last night I was asked "what does Malc do whilst you feed the pets?" Now I would have thought that obvious, Malc is clinging to the covers listening to the radio with a headphone earpiece. As the mornings lighten he does sometimes get up and feed inside pets. He is not a morning person, I am. He is however an evening person and often makes the evening meal and fills the dish washer afterwards. Job sharing at its best. I would  not give up my early morning walk over the fields to see the donkeys for anything. This morning I saw a kestrel in the trees, is he checking out his nesting place in the walls of the gite I wondered?
A great forecast for the day, 22 degrees... enjoy all of you with lightened hearts and raise a glass tonight to our Dutch friends, in fact buy them a drink!