Thursday, 9 March 2017


Ferme Basqui again !
Have had another busy week preparing pork, looking after some pigs that caught the flu after all the bad weather on the weekend, checking on the newborn lambs  and am now impatiently waiting for my darling  Gloucester Old Spot gilt Peggy to farrow ! So excited!!

Have produced a lot of pork this week as our next date for pork won't be until mid -April, therefore we have available at the moment:

Sausages: Lincolnshire, Pork N Leek, and Gold, sold in 1 kilo, 800 gms or 400 gm packets
Also available are our delicious Berkshire Pork Chops /Echine Chops, Rouelles, Sausage Meat, Roasts and Filet Mignon.
Delivering to St Antonin Friday and Sunday.
contact Naomie for details: