Thursday, 26 March 2020

Isolate for heavens sake

This virus you know is not a game. 
We are not trying to beat Macron or the gendarmes, we are trying to defeat the virus.
After three messages from friends asking if I would make clear it is no joke this virus I feel it needs saying.
All these restrictions are not just to protect us but to protect other families working on the front line in the health service.
Because of Taglines which has been going for over 17 years I have built up a network of good friends.
Their stories  from them to me about others trying to beat the system and laugh about it are unbelievable.
Please, please even if you think you are not vunerable others are.
You have heard the messages, isolate to live, isolate to save others, just listen for heavens sake, you are not clever.
ISOLATE your selves.

Message from the hospital staff at Albi


 Hospital staff wish
 that this message be disseminated to all;
From tomorrow, do not leave the house and for bread, if you can freeze because the worst begins: the incubation date is respected and many positives will start to come out and many people can contract it, so it is very important to stay at home and not interact with anyone. From March 23 to April 3 we have to take care of ourselves because we will be at the top of the virus; the incubation period is two weeks, normally during these two weeks all the infected declare themselves, then there are two weeks of calm and then two weeks when they decrease. WE WILL BE IN THE STAGE OF MAXIMUM INFECTION. 👆👆👆
Please forward this message to all of your contacts.

Our contact

For Taglines our email contact has always been.  And it remains the same
An email address that Malc used more than me. has now been discontinued
For family and friends that is now my only email address


A lot of the traditional markets will be closed
St. Antonins Sunday market is closed until further notice.
The Varen market will go ahead with social distancing measures in place.

Attention ! Officiel
St Antonin marchés
 Bio du jeudi maintenu
Du dimanche annulé

Wednesday, 25 March 2020

Tonight the bells rang out in solidarity through out France

Candles were lit through out France and the bells rang out in solidarity
Stay safe everyone and thank you every Doctor, every nurse,every ambulance driver 
Every worker in the social care industry
We appreciate your efforts

Tuesday, 24 March 2020

Controle technique info

Good news that if your car needs a controle technique we now have 3 months extra to get it done
A relief as one of mine needs doing in April

Saturday, 21 March 2020

Two messages from Hans

Hi Val, I hope you are feeling better again.

I have two messages :


Help on computers still available.


If anyone within reasonable distance of St Antonin needs assistance on computers or wifi/internet you may contact me. I keep my shop closed in St Antonin, but I can visit people. 0643734697 Hans, VIDEPC





Solidarity in St Antonin


I recently became Ă©lu in St Antonin Noble Val. The team of the elected group have now announced the following for the inhabitants of St Antonin:

The "Solidarity" operation of the 19 new elected officials works and continues. Spread the word around you.
We have set up an organization for the elderly but also for single people who need to go shopping, who cannot move or just need a call to get news.
For your food and medication shopping, place your order:
Carrefour Contact: Aziz or Aurore at
Occitan Workshops: Patricia on 09 53 05 34 34
Mme Grare, Pharmacy: 05 63 30 60 94
We deliver to your home, weekends included.
If you need a "special travel certificate", send us a message with your name, address and date of birth and we will bring them to your home.
If you know people who have a need, thank you for notifying a member of the team or for putting a message on our facebook page. Do not hesitate to contact us. Take care of yourself.


Hans Buijserd

Sunday, 15 March 2020

Book sale at St Pantaleon

Dear Booklovers,

It is with MUCH regret that I have to tell you that the Book Sale for the 4th April has had to be postponed/cancelled - hopefully the former.

The announcement that people of 70 and over should avoid contact with others as much as possible, just put the tin lid on it.  A lot of our loyal customers fit in to that bracket - as do some of our team !  We feel that if we went ahead, numbers would be well down which would be a shame after all the hard work that goes into making it a good event for you.

Hopefully, when all this madness settles down, we will try for an early Summer sale, if not, full steam ahead for the Autumn !

Keep well,

Sue x  Glibbery, Poorpaws

Saturday, 14 March 2020

Mains Tendues 82 at Varen

Today we all felt sad at Mains Tendues 82 as a group we took the decision to close the friperie until the situation with the virus improves. Just too many of us over 70 and some with husbands with chronic health conditions.
What more can one say but “keep well and a bientĂ´t 
Cheering ourselves up with a coffee at the bar.

Monday, 9 March 2020

Generator for sale SOLD

Generator, the model is hyundai hg2700
Only used to try it, bought in error as we do not need one at Mains Tendues, as we use local electricity.

cela n'a jamais été utilisé (une seule fois pour s'assurer que cela fonctionne). Coût neuf 289 euros. Une grosse économie de 100+ euros.

Groupe électrogène essence de chantier 2700 W 2500 W - Système AVR

Puissance nominale 2500 W
Puissance maxi 2700 W
Puissance du moteur 7 hp
Système AVR Oui
Autonomie 10.5 h
Voltmètre Oui
Capacité réservoir carburant 15000 mL
Niveau sonore 95 dB
Poids net (kg) 37

Half price
150 euros
Mains Tendues 82.

Monday, 2 March 2020

Aristide is dead

The saddest news as our group were worried we had not seen Aristide on the market for two weeks I went to see his apartment to check on him. I was met by his daughter who told me he was dead, had been in his apartment dead for some days.
It was the third time he had tried to take his life. If only we had known we could have done so much for him.
I am really sad as the rest of our group will be. He was practically part of the team
His daughter will let me know when his funeral will be at Albi
How sad that a man who gave so much joy was so unwell and unhappy
Ps he also played in St. Antonin market on Sundays