Sunday, 12 March 2017

Nous sommes le dimanche douze mars

Got up fed the dogs, let them in the garden, went to feed the inside/ outside cat who minutes before was  curled up on our bed. Wellies on to go over the field to renew the donkeys water and give hay,  back to feed the indoor cats and sit down for my  breakfast. Bonny who is allowed free in the grounds started barking at the gate to be in. On going out yet again I realised she was telling me that sheep were out again. She looked bothered about it and asked to go back into the house. Could we have a dog scared of sheep?
Anyway I trudged over the road in the rain in my pyjamas to wake up the neighbours to tell them a couple of tearaway sheep were off down the road!
I hope they get some better fencing soon. I am sure Eldo who has a touch of sheep dog in him would not be so hesitant in chasing them.
Lots of visits planned today of people picking up items I have sold and more photos to take of other items still to sell.
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