Sunday, 26 March 2017

Never get pet sheep !

Shaban and I had an early start to do our shopping in Laguepie. Then back home keen to get on with a big gardening job.
We rounded a corner just off the main road to find " who was trip trapping over the troll bridge" the two sheep of our young French neighbour. They were quite a long way from home and my heart sank thinking how will we get them home and how long is this going to take?
Shaban walked in front of the car with a stick he found and tried to stop them running into every field, I drove slowly and steadily behind  like a mercedes sheep dog.
Nearly home we met the mother of the young people who was on her way out!! She drove on after I said we have the sheep. As the sheep had made a detour into a field I drove ahead to tell the owners we were driving them home. Poor girl was on her own with the two little children and could not really leave the children.
Shaban and I eventually got them back and into the electric cloture but I made it clear I cannot spend my life chasing sheep.
I do hope they either give them back or fence more securely.
Shame as the sheep are quite little characters.