Thursday, 9 March 2017

Family murdered for "treasure"

During the last couple of weeks the news has been full of the affair of a family of four, parents and two adult children, who had disappeared from their home near Nantes, with traces of blood and violence. The Troadec family's son's car had also disappeared and at first his social media posts suggested he was unstable and a threat to himself and his family.
But the trail led to a country farmhouse in Finisterre, where body parts were discovered buried, as well as some jewellery which belonged to the two women.
The home of the presumed killer. Photo Fred Tanneau/AFP
Now it seems that at the back of the tragedy is a cache of gold ingots and coins which their late father had discovered when working of the restoration of an old house. He thought perhaps it was hidden from the Germans in WW2, but instead of trying to establish his right to own the treasure he hid it himself in his home. After his death one of his sons, one of the victims in the murder, recovered the gold, but did not share it with his sister.
The husband of the sister has now apparently confessed to the kidnap and murder of the four members of his brother-in-law's family. The family's mother, now aged 76, has confirmed that her daughter and her son-in-law had always been jealous of the brother.
This sad and shocking affair will be a film in a few years and nobody will believe it was a true story.
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