Monday, 30 September 2019

Poorpaws book sale

Poorpaws  booksale 

Hi All,  Thank you so much for getting together today and helping with the books.  So glad we opted to borrow the van as I doubt we would have got everything in two cars !  I shall have a very enjoyable couple of hours sorting that lot.

Details of the sale are, 19th October at village hall in St. Pantaleon which is a tiny village between Cahors and Montcuq.  Kick off 10 am - though people usually start turning up well before !  Would love to see anyone from 'over the border' !

Wednesday, 11 September 2019

Where can I leave my car?

Hi Val,

 I am looking for a place to leave my car from the end of October until March next year.
I would obviously  pay for it. It could be in or out-side. If it could be run once a month that would be a bonus.

When yiou are able it would be great to have this on TAGonline.
Let me know the charge.

Kind regards,

Nick Coulson.

Laguepie en course

Monday, 9 September 2019

Save the date

People have been asking me when your next favourite (big headed ?  moi ?)  Book Sale will take place.  Well, diaries ready,  Saturday 19th October.  Write it in now so you don't forget !  Same place, same format.  Salle de Fetes, St; Pantaleon, (Lot, not far from Montcuq), 10am.
Yummy home made cakes, tea, coffee, snack lunches all will be there to make your visit even more enjoyable and Ron and Brian will be there providing the lovely background music.

I have been spending days sorting through boxes and boxes of books and all books on sale will have been given my seal of approval.  Promise, promise, promise there will be something for everyone, good condition and no rubbish - well, in my opinion.  We will have two new categories, classics old and new, and first editions,  plus, if any of you have a special book you are looking out for, let me know in advance and, if we have it, I will put it by for you.

Books and dvds one euro (first editions will be slightly more expensive), cds 50 cents, so come along for a great day.  As usual, money will go to Poorpaws, La Mere aux Betes and Cancer Support France.

See you there !

Sue x 

Sunday, 8 September 2019

Our opening hours at Mains Tendues 82, Varen

Upstairs in our clothes department, 
Mains Tendues 82
Just a reminder we will be sticking to our hours in autumn and winter
Vendredi 15 h to 17 h
Samedi 9 to 12

Once again thank you all for your support donating and buying.
We stuck to our hours this week end and in 5 hours we took over 900 euros and had a donation for the refugees of 500 euros.
Every penny goes to local good causes and we will be telling you all soon of our most recent donations.
When one talks of community projects, we can talk of Mains Tendues 82

A health update

Many friends and family will know that Malc has been quite ill most of the summer, hence the lack of posting
He has been having a tough time, none of his problems helped by having a stroke.
Normal service l and posting will resume as soon as possible.
taglines 82@