Thursday, 23 March 2017

Nous sommes le jeudi vingt trois mars

As we all gardened together

Mama Val we have to ask" why have you no sons?"
Little did the two Afghan boys know in the last year I have been asked this many times."I just had one girl" I said, "that is just the way it was"
"So why did Malc not take another wife and try and get a son?"
 I was asked this in all seriousness
I listened as the boys explained in their culture we would have been looked after now and revered. Our sons and their wives would not let us work hard in the garden as we do, in our advanced years we would be taken care of.
Delawer who is delighted as he has just been " de dublined" told me, " we do not like to see you have to work like this, as once again he took hold of my hair and shook it... a visible sign I was old and grey.
None of the boys seem to realise I enjoy working in the garden and they all spend their time rushing to me to help with whatever I am doing.
In their culture they have a house full of all ages. Delawer has 20 family members in one house and the elderly are cared for an treated as the elders should be with love and respect.
Have we lost something or have we moved on to a better independance?
I do not have the answer.
I do know Malc and I feel we have sons with all these lads and we worry how their families are managing without them.
And on a final note I said something which the boys seemed to understand " after me do you think Malc would want another wife?"

Val says You give love and laughter and it comes back to you, after posting  the above I received many messages from our boys but read the message below.
Love works

You are a great woman, We lost our families , but , you was  The best woman and the  beautiful mother's  for us ,you are Queen of Human Action
#Happy mother's #day.
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