Monday, 27 March 2017

Eglise de Larroque at Le Riols

We are getting interest in an association to help renovate the church at St. Martial. When I went " frapping " on a few doors in the hameau, the extent of the interest is obvious and we have an idea now who might take on the challenge with Sarah and I ( locals) becoming foot soldiers.
Having talked to local councillor Serge Ardourel he pointed me not only in the right direction but suggested I go to see the eglise at Le Riols called Eglise de Larroque, it has been restored and is always open. There is a lovely walk along the lane to it and there are picnic tables in front of the church, which is in a sheltered priviliged setting with a " falaise" / cliff behind.
Information about the church was on a board outside and it has been sympathetically restored. Personally I was not sure about the wood planked roof  but everything else was just right. I even loved the ancient crosses in the church yard and we laughed that there was some space left, but perhaps not for English unbelievers.
Sarah and I had a two hour outing on a sunny morning, a lovely fact finding mission.
I think you may be hearing more about local churches, one does not need to be religious to wish to see these buildings protected.
When we get an interested group together the next stop will be to make an appointment with the Maire, who is of course responsible for the fabric of the building, the roof, wall, windows etc.
These church buildings now belong to the commune rather than the church.