Friday, 31 March 2017

Nous sommes le vendredi trente et un mars

I think our trees will be overloaded with plums this year

Look behind the restaurant menu

Following a trial in commercial catering establishments in Paris and Avignon, from 3rd April 2017 hygiene checks carried out in the food sector will be published online on the site

This will cover restaurants, canteens, abattoirs, supermarkets, markets and other food outlets and the data will be available online for a period of one year from the date of the last inspection.
The website will have an interactive map of France allowing you to search for a particular establishment by name or address. It will also be possible to filter the results by category of establishment or to browse the map.
The result will show:
• the name and address of the business, • the date of the last inspection, • the level of hygiene with 4 levels: "very satisfactory", "satisfactory", "to improve", "to be corrected urgently". In the latter case the authority may order the closure of the premises pending corrective action.


Thursday, 30 March 2017

Expo at Laguepie

Woman Landscape

Mareh Ponsteen
1 - 20  Avril 2017
Mercredi et Dimanche 11.00-14.00

Vernissage 1 Avril 2017 17.00-19.00

Galerie Point B,
5 Place Henri Granier,
Laguépie, 82250
Mareh Ponsteen is a Dutch artist who has lived in France for fifteen years. She made this series of paintings during the last three years whilst living in Laguépie. The paintings in Woman Landscape express emotions relating to changing circumstances in health and relationships. These artworks draw on her previous experience as a theatre costume and set designer. In addition to painting and drawing, she also makes sculpture, photographs, and works with textiles. Her work has previously been presented in exhibitions in the Netherlands and in France including galleries in Albi and Monestiés.

Nous sommes le jeudi trente mars

A smile like this can change the day.
A boy with 10 years asylum and you dear reader were able to give him duvets, carpet, microwave kitchen equipment.
Well done and I hope that has helped the " Brexshit blues"

Wednesday, 29 March 2017

We are not happy

hi Val
I  don't support unelected May. I don't believe the lies spouted by Johnson and Gove during the referendum. I can't comprehend The House of Commons lack of opposition to the rights of EU Nationals living in the UK. I can't stand the racism and bigotry the Brexit vote has given a voice to. And, I certainly don't think Brexit will help this country or improve the lives of my children. So, don't dare tell me to unite behind this fuck up.

I am and I will remain a European.

Britain forced by the minority

Hi Val
What's on my mind Facebook? Peace, prosperity, family and friends. Today the minority has forced us Brits to begin to leave the EU, the majority are being ignored. I fear for the divide and hurt that has been caused and how this will heal. I fear for friends who do not understand the full implication of what is unfolding. I grieve for the lost opportunities for my children and their generation. Growing up seeing the EU as an enabler rather than a commander, I feel that a part of my being is being signed away with little care. At the same time, I know we can overcome this, we will fight for our rights, the best in people will now prevail and we will refocus on what is important. Those that have remained silent hoping it will go away or someone else will sort it, will find their voice. Ultimately, there is more to life than money and possessions, the economics of the deal are not the most important factor, the people are.
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Is it just us...

Watching ex-pats in the Costa Blanca on BBC TV this morning we were astonished that two out of three thought Brexit was a good thing. Are they so cocooned in their bubble of Britishness that they don't see that membership of the EU is what allows them to live in a foreign land with relatively little administrative hassle?  One person had decided to return to the UK as he could not foresee a deal under which the UK would fund healthcare.
One person was in favour of Brexit because he disliked the UK's immigration policy. The same as Spain's policy for EU nationals.
We are not so different in our tendency to stick to our language groups, buy our teabags and Marmite, go to British events, utterly fail to learn the language of our hosts. But we have come across few expats with so blinkered a view of our status in a foreign land.
Many here are concerned that health care costs will be unmanageable and are returning to the UK, some are considering French nationality (in the hope presumably that the French government will pick up the health care costs with a 100% "prise en charge"). Those of us who are pinning our hopes on a sensible deal to recognise the rights and needs of the 3 million EU migrants living in the UK and the over 1 million Brits in Europe are hoping that the statement of M Barnier, "keep calm and negotiate", will be taken on board by the "ultras" that Mrs May has entrusted with our future.
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Should blank votes count?

If a voter takes the trouble to go and put a blank voting paper into the "urne" should that vote be counted as being for no-one? Would it encourage those who simply abstain at home to go and vote?  Several of the candidates in the French presidential election propose that in their programmes, so that if, for example, the blank votes won over 50% in the first round the election would be cancelled. It is noticeable that those in favour are all the "also rans", the leading candidates keeping quiet.
People often say that they will not vote because none of the candidates meets their needs, which simply allows other people to decide - generally allowing the "abstainers" to carry on complaining. Perhaps the blank vote counting would help voters to be more positive - or would it simply complicate matters?
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Nous sommes le mercredi vingt neuf mars

Theresa May is asking the country to unite... never for Malc and I .
We continue the fight with Tim Farron, Micheal Heseltine, David Lammy and others who say " keep up the fight for our country" We are the patriots and yes we believe in democracy which is why we keep up the fight.
It is not over till the fat lady sings
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Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Ready for tomorrow

Singer sewing machines

Dear Val
My elderly neighbour has two Singer electric sewing machines for sale. They are elderly but in full working order. Her arthritis is now so bad she can no longer sew. She suggests 15€ for the newer one and 10€ for the older one, plus, of course, a donation to your chosen charity. Buyer to collect from Cahuzac-sur-Vere. She would be most grateful if you could you post this on TAGlines82.

Kind regards, Helene Barratt


Nous sommes le mardi vingt huit mars

Cherry blossom at St. Martial taken by Gareth Brown

Monday, 27 March 2017

Unite for Europe

Hi Val
We were there too. Like you, flew from Toulouse to attend. For those who could not go, I think this speech captures the atmosphere and the passion very well. 

All the best,

Peter Mobbs

Eglise de Larroque at Le Riols

We are getting interest in an association to help renovate the church at St. Martial. When I went " frapping " on a few doors in the hameau, the extent of the interest is obvious and we have an idea now who might take on the challenge with Sarah and I ( locals) becoming foot soldiers.
Having talked to local councillor Serge Ardourel he pointed me not only in the right direction but suggested I go to see the eglise at Le Riols called Eglise de Larroque, it has been restored and is always open. There is a lovely walk along the lane to it and there are picnic tables in front of the church, which is in a sheltered priviliged setting with a " falaise" / cliff behind.
Information about the church was on a board outside and it has been sympathetically restored. Personally I was not sure about the wood planked roof  but everything else was just right. I even loved the ancient crosses in the church yard and we laughed that there was some space left, but perhaps not for English unbelievers.
Sarah and I had a two hour outing on a sunny morning, a lovely fact finding mission.
I think you may be hearing more about local churches, one does not need to be religious to wish to see these buildings protected.
When we get an interested group together the next stop will be to make an appointment with the Maire, who is of course responsible for the fabric of the building, the roof, wall, windows etc.
These church buildings now belong to the commune rather than the church.

Nous sommes le lundi vingt sept mars

Great Britain is a divided country
It is now reported that 100,000 of us supported the march for Europe in London on the 25 th
Some of the posters and signs held up were wonderful and I was struck by this one.
Wednesday is the black day when May is supposed to be pulling the plug. She will do it with a country divided and with more than the 48% prepared and ready for the fight to continue against it.
We are the patriots.
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Sunday, 26 March 2017

Never get pet sheep !

Shaban and I had an early start to do our shopping in Laguepie. Then back home keen to get on with a big gardening job.
We rounded a corner just off the main road to find " who was trip trapping over the troll bridge" the two sheep of our young French neighbour. They were quite a long way from home and my heart sank thinking how will we get them home and how long is this going to take?
Shaban walked in front of the car with a stick he found and tried to stop them running into every field, I drove slowly and steadily behind  like a mercedes sheep dog.
Nearly home we met the mother of the young people who was on her way out!! She drove on after I said we have the sheep. As the sheep had made a detour into a field I drove ahead to tell the owners we were driving them home. Poor girl was on her own with the two little children and could not really leave the children.
Shaban and I eventually got them back and into the electric cloture but I made it clear I cannot spend my life chasing sheep.
I do hope they either give them back or fence more securely.
Shame as the sheep are quite little characters.

Austen impro at FET

The next presentation at FET, Le Colombier theatre, is "Austentatious". A group of actors perform an improvised play, in the style of Jane Austen, on a theme suggested by the audience. "Trump and Trumpery" springs to mind, though no doubt wittier minds will come up with something better.
On Saturday, 22nd April, 7pm (bar opens at 6pm).
This is truly a show not to be missed !

★★★★★ “A potboiler of a parody, joyously performed” – The Times
★★★★ “One of the most enjoyable 60 mins on the fringe”  – The Guardian
★★★★ “A comic feat” – Broadway Baby
★★★★ “It should be a truth universally acknowledged that this improv group is quite brilliant” – Fest
To book your tickets, email to FET below. Members 25€ non-members 30€.
Your booking will be confirmed on receipt of your payment.
For more information on the performance go to

They dont grow on trees...

But this cabinet maker took six years to make a - 2CV. Using mainly fruit woods such as cherry, apple, pear and walnut, Michel Robillard has used his skills in retirement to make a wooden replica of a 1953 2CV.
Photo: Guillaume Souvant/AFP
The chassis and engine are from later cars as the wooden bodywork is heavier than the original. All the curves are hand carved and finished with chisels and glass paper. Now the car is about to have its comtrole technique before taking to the road. We wonder if it will be checked for woodworm or need a termite certificate?
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Nous sommes le dimanche vingt six mars

And it is later than we think - the clocks went forward an hour last night. The sunshine is back and the strong vent d'autan which marred yesterday has abated. A quick visit to the market (in Laguepie) then gardening boots on again.
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Saturday, 25 March 2017

Note this for next weekend

A weekend of exhibitions and demonstrations of the metiers d'art , sculpture, costume and metal working for example, will be held at the Chateau de Cas, between St Antonin and Caylus next weekend (1st/2nd April). There will be food to buy both days. The chateau is a beautiful location and guided tours will be available.

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Nous sommes le samedi vingt cinq mars

Friend Elly Wright is just one of thousands who will be marching against Brexit and to keep Europe
united. She has picked flowers from her garden to lay at Westminster. Good luck Elly, stay safe

Marching for Europe today

Spring forward

It's that time of year when we anticipate summer by putting our clocks forward one hour. The daylight saving time will start at 1am, when clocks will be reset to 2am. An hour less in bed, but sunlight until after 8pm.
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60 years of co-operation

The Treaty of Rome was signed sixty years ago today. The treaty transformed an earlier economic agreement area into the EEC, an economic and social community. Britain was not a member at that time and efforts to make the community more democratic with an elected parliament to oversee the commission, whose own members are chosen by member governments, led the UK to sign up nearly 20 years later. The Maastricht Treaty signed by Margaret Thatcher (probably with fingers crossed) confirmed the EU as a major world power. Years of economic growth; peace between large European countries; cultural exchanges via freedom of movement; scientific cooperation for research and development - the achievements of the EU seem to outweigh the negatives (bureaucracy, corruption). Sad that the UK is to throw away the benefits for spurious promises of "freedom and sovereignty", saving money and primarily reducing immigration. We will probably come to regret a "hard Brexit", so let's hope a reasonable agreement can be made.
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Friday, 24 March 2017

Help save a local church

St. Martial is in the commune of Varen in a beautiful countryside location.

We have just been to a funeral in a small church in a nearby hameau. It was packed of course as our very elderly neighbour local lady Yvonne Cazelles was buried.
We surprisingly had never been in this church although our other local church at St. Vincent and one at Selgues at Verfeil, we have been involved with.
This little church at one time must have been really beautiful and the ceiling reminded me very much of the one at Puycelsi. The church was also adorned with statues. The building though was very damp and neglected, in the service a lone bat flew around the coffin, something symbolic there I am sure. A wasp stung one of the readers and a wasp nest was discovered in a cupboard.
As I was leaving I asked one of the villagers if there was an association raising money for the church, he said not but asked if I felt like starting one.
Well yes I do.
I certainly fancy getting a group involved and raising money to stabilise the damp problems if nothing else.
You do not have to be religious to wish to preserve the heritage of our villages.
We really need some prominent French people involved then a willing group of English or Dutch worker bees to see off those church wasps.
Get in touch with me if you feel you would like to make this church dry, safe and then on the way to being restored. I will have photos soon hopefully.

Another soiree

Carnaval at Vaour Sat 25 th March

Carnaval à Vaour

"Le bidon, le monstre et le voisin"

16h30 : RDV dans la cour de l'ancienne école pour le départ d'un "défilé - histoire - délire" à travers les rues du village
18h30 : Apéro musical
19h30 : Repas (prix libre)
21h : Concert "Littel big steel band"
22h30 : Bal avec "Contrebande"

Caribbean Milhars

Medical waiting times getting longer

Are we spoiled here by our medical service? GP appointments usually the same day; X-rays same week; hospital specialists often within a week or two. But it seems this is not the norm throughout France (nor for all disciplines).
A study published this week suggests that GP waiting times are getting longer, both because doctors are getting older and retirement is not being matched by replacement, and because many are concentrating on areas which are more remunerative as there are no limits on fees.
But delays in some specialisms are now so long that patients are not bothering to ask for appointments. Ophthalmologists average 117 days; dermatologists 64 days and even gynaecologists 68 days, all much higher than 5 years ago.
The report suggests that things will get worse over the next 5 years, especially as government wants mutuelles to limit payments to patients to discourage them from simply seeking consultations that they know will be covered. It suggests that only patients with a good insurance cover will be able to get the best from the health service - it seems pretty more like UK private practice or the US system than the effective French care we have become used to.
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Nous sommes le vendredi vingt quatre mars

Thursday, 23 March 2017

Dog sitter needed

NOUS : couple travailleurs Hôtellerie / Restauration (elle à distance)
OU : Les alentours de Montirat ; Laguepie ; St. Christophe ; Le ségur ; St. André de Najac ; etc
NOTRE CHIENNE : un border collie, 2 ans et demi, stérilisée, pucée, vaccinée, bien éduquée, câline et joueuse ; elle s’entend bien avec d’autres animaux sauf des chats
QUAND : de mai jusqu’à octobre (octobre inclus). Les journées dépend de nos horaires de travail !!!
SOUHAITÉ : personne sérieuse qui a du temps et de la bonne volonté de s’engager pendant un demi an, préférablement avec expérience et/ou un chien.
RÉMUNIRATION : à discuter
INTERESSÉ ? Contactez nous !!! 
Val says who can help look after this lovely dog over a busy working period for this couple. Although the advert is in French they have good English.

Responchons or responchous?

We have never been quite sure what we should call them, I think either word can be used.
We have spent years joking about them on TAG but it was only last year that we were invited to try them with a French family who live down the road that we could actually understand why the French are out gathering great bunches of them.
I cooked the tips for about 3 minutes and then changed the water and cooked them again for two minutes. Then I had microwaved 4 potatoes, so they were chopped up, a small onion chopped and fried with smoked lardons, 4 eggs beaten into it all. Lots of salt and pepper and we had a small meal ( or starter) for 3
We had had guests for aperos so this was the perfect thing for later at around 9pm. Malc who was disgruntled at the thought of eating these bitter things admitted it was very good and our friend from Uganda enjoyed his first responchous.

Nous sommes le jeudi vingt trois mars

As we all gardened together

Mama Val we have to ask" why have you no sons?"
Little did the two Afghan boys know in the last year I have been asked this many times."I just had one girl" I said, "that is just the way it was"
"So why did Malc not take another wife and try and get a son?"
 I was asked this in all seriousness
I listened as the boys explained in their culture we would have been looked after now and revered. Our sons and their wives would not let us work hard in the garden as we do, in our advanced years we would be taken care of.
Delawer who is delighted as he has just been " de dublined" told me, " we do not like to see you have to work like this, as once again he took hold of my hair and shook it... a visible sign I was old and grey.
None of the boys seem to realise I enjoy working in the garden and they all spend their time rushing to me to help with whatever I am doing.
In their culture they have a house full of all ages. Delawer has 20 family members in one house and the elderly are cared for an treated as the elders should be with love and respect.
Have we lost something or have we moved on to a better independance?
I do not have the answer.
I do know Malc and I feel we have sons with all these lads and we worry how their families are managing without them.
And on a final note I said something which the boys seemed to understand " after me do you think Malc would want another wife?"

Val says You give love and laughter and it comes back to you, after posting  the above I received many messages from our boys but read the message below.
Love works

You are a great woman, We lost our families , but , you was  The best woman and the  beautiful mother's  for us ,you are Queen of Human Action
#Happy mother's #day.
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Wednesday, 22 March 2017

I do not like the colour of my new pyjamas

So funny, this photo of a friends dog who has a very expressive face.
 This is one photo  I have given a caption to, " I do not like the colour of my new pyjamas"  but I bet you can think of more.

Marc Kopil in expo at Rabastens

Nous sommes le mercredi vingt deux mars

Donkey lunch & sale

We have just 4 spaces left for our fundraising lunch on Sunday 26th March at 1 oclock here at Lavolvene , 82150 Belveze. Let me know please if you'd like to come along.

I'll be holding a Liberte des Anes stall selling surplus kitchen items at La Sirene Restaurant in Montaigu de Quercy this Friday 24th March between 11 and 2 to support Poor Paws and their Nearly New Clothes & Accessories sale.  Come for coffee or stay for lunch if you like.  See you there.   

Thank you to all who support us.


Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Never say never, it could happen again

We were at Montauban train station yesterday meeting one of our boys when we stopped to read this plaque on the wall.
It was a plaque dedicated to the thousand young men who were conscripted to work for the Nazi's and were sent of, many never to return.
A reason why many of the young people in the area took to the hills, became resistance to avoid the forced labour.
Please everyone start reading these local signs and remember with complacency and fostering hate it could happen again.

Don't fence me in

Dogs, cats, donkeys, other people's lost dogs and now the sheep saga!
The young French neighbours thought fattening up a couple of sheep would be good for mowing the lawns for a few months and the little children would enjoy them being around.
To date they have spent more time outside the cloture/ fence so that the couple have protected all their young trees with chicken wire. Now they need to come and protect mine.
We got back in from le foire mensuelle / the monthly fair at Laguepie, wondering round our grounds nibbling trees as they went were the sheep. The donkeys were in a panic, the dogs ignored them. We tried being shepherds to no avail. We came up with fencing them in an area and now wait for their owners to return.
Quite cute little things really, sadly working their way to being lamb chops sooner than they need.
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A little yorkshire terrier needs a home

Gazelle, a  Yorkshire of almost 6 years need to find a new family for health reasons.( not hers, her owners)  She is identified and vaccinated. We don't know  how she is with the dogs and cats. Adoptable Midi Pyrenees, contact me if interested.

Nous sommes le mardi vingt et un mars

The first day of spring here in France and the birds, flowers and animals know it.

Monday, 20 March 2017

Singing the old songs (and some new...)

and it's only 5€ with the Entente Cordiale singers and friends

Uber to you

Hi Val 

Friends who come to St Antonin every year have asked if I know the cost of a taxi from Toulouse airport to St Antonin - do you have any idea or could you ask via your blog - which I enjoy daily?

With thanks and in hope

Best wishes 
Nicola Baxter 

for specific info please contact Nicky on or general ideas to

TV debate tonight

TF1 will broadcast a debate between the five leading candidates for the presidential election at 21h tonight. There are six other candidates who will have a chance to express their views in the chain's 20h news programme.
But the five chosen all have over 10% intentions to vote in recent polls. Macron and Le Pen lead the polls at around 25% each, with Fillon at 17% and the left candidates Hamon and Melenchon have about 12% each. The first televised debate will give these contestants a chance to impress the voters and those of us without a vote a glimpse of our next president.
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Nous sommes le lundi vingt mars

The link is to an article written a year ago today.
A year ago these young men were preparing to be moved  to Cada's, welcoming centres for demanders of asylum. I laughed as I looked at one of the pictures of the bedding cupboard, Sarah Brown, Chrissie Hargreaves and I spent hours sorting out all that bedding and Chrissie was a whizz at whipping it off and washing before it was given to leaving boys or stored incase of others coming to the area. The others did come of course to Bruniquel and Anais who had done such a good job at Rehoboth was employed again there.
A year on and Malc and I are driving round the countryside picking up furniture to go to apartments in Montauban.,As the boys get asylum and half of them have so far ( half still waiting to hear) they are coming back to the nearest town Montauban where they must study French for 200 hours and pass a test on their language skills. Along the way we have had new refugees join our caring  group' Sohail from Ferrette and Rahim, Delawer and of course Shaban from Castelsarrasin.
Not forgetting Ali  and Shakira who were originally at Realville
Good luck to them all, some now with girlfriends, wishing for girlfriends and fitting in to French life beautifully.

Spring equinox today

Today is that day in spring when the short days of winter are officially over and daylight hours will start to be longer than darkness. Tomorrow is widely regarded as the first day of spring, and the coming of spring we have all seen in our gardens and hedgerows. Quince and blackthorn are starting to bloom, flowering cherries and peach trees covered in blossom - and our plum trees have suddenly sprouted blossom, almost overnight.
Here at Mas del Sol we are wondering if the kestrels are coming back to nest in the gite wall and keep up the tradition of over 20 years.
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Sunday, 19 March 2017

Supporting families

hello Val and Malcolm,

we react with sympathy to the story about the Indian family that Bo is supporting. Long-term actions are the most difficult to sustain , you of all people know what I mean! I wish to let your readers know - if they don't already know this.. I guess they do) that charities propose that sort of action regardless of your being or not familiar with a country. For example the French charity "Un Enfant par la Main" allows you to support a family with a small monthly donation through the fact that a child of this family gets sanitary help, education and social welfare until he/she is of age. We've been doing this for ... well, a long long time, even though we never got the chance to go to these faraway places ( Colombia, Ecuador, Brazil...). Just type " un enfant par la main" on GOOGLE and... there it is, easy to do!
René et Nadette
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Lunch in the sun with an inspirational story

A group of friends lunching outside in the sun in March, what a lovely life we lead. I had such an interesting conversation with a lady called Bo, many of you know her in St. Antonin. But how many know that for all of her life she and her family have supported a family in India?
Her parents were hippies and travelled the world spending many years in India. There they made friends with an Indian family, a family who were lovely but had no wealth, infact they were poor. I suspect at this  moment in their lives Bo's parents did not have much money either but they started giving the family a monthly sum which continues to this day. The parents of both families have departed but the close relationship stays strong with Bo donating 50 euros a month to this family still in India. She says their son is now like a brother to her.
What a marvellous story and as she says if only everyone would adopt one family in the world, imagine how much better the world would be.
Bo, your story was inspirational and the sort of story I would like to report more of.
Thank heavens for your hippy parents and the way they have educated you.
It was lovely to chat, thank you.
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Sign to let Guy know we support him

Join us in signing a letter to EU negociater Guy Vervofstadt, assuming you want to stay in the EU in some way of course.
Click the link to sign

Dear Mr Verhofstadt
This letter to you is signed by [insert final number] people.We wanted to write to thank you for your efforts to allow UK nationals who value their EU citizenship to retain it, or a form of it, post-Brexit. We value not only the freedoms and opportunities it gives us, but also that it makes us a part of the most successful peace project in history.
Theresa May does not speak for us. She has made no attempt to reach out to, or in any way represent, us or any of the 16 million people who voted Remain on 23rd June last year. Indeed, you speak for us far better and more eloquently than she ever has.
We wish you every success in your attempt to get this idea on the agenda of the Brexit talks and into the final deal. We back you 100%.
Of course, we also want an equally generous settlement for other EU nationals too.
Thank you for everything that you are doing, and good luck!
Yours sincerely

A unique station

A mountain health resort in the Pyrenees attracted the cream of Paris society in the late 19th and early 20th century to take the "cure".
An 11 kilometre extension to the railway line led to the building of a station in a cowboy western style railroad halt.
The buildings at Cautetets were constructed from wood in Bordeaux and assembled on site in 1898.
Although the station was closed in 1949 it was classified as a monument historique in 1981 and today serves as a bus station and is used for shows and concerts.
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We missed that!

Unused photo for Abbey Road album cover
Saturday 18th March at Hotel Drouot in Paris a sale of Beatles memorabilia attracted hundreds of potential buyers.
The collection of one man, Jacques Volcouve, who founded the French fan club of the fab four, objects of all kinds went under the hammer. Alternative covers for Sergeant Pepper, Abbey Road, plus posters, discs, letters, merchandise, all collected over 50 years by M Volcouve. He describes himself as a passionate admirer of The Beatles, but not obsessive. Trying to have a complete collection of ephemera and works would take forever, he said.
On a day when rock and roll lost its inspirational "founder", Chuck Berry, hundreds of items relating to a group of musicians who were influenced by him will enter the collections of other admirers.
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Even many leading Tories are with us

Sir John Major has launched a fresh attack on “ultra-Brexiteers” within the Conservative party, accusing them of seeking to force a complete break with Europe.
The former prime minister said that having won the referendum last year with “fake facts and bogus promise”, the “ultras” were now shouting down anyone who expressed an opposing view in a way that was “totally un-British”. 

Writing in the Mail on Sunday, he warned if Britain failed to strike a deal with the remaining EU member states and was forced to fall back on World Trade Organisation (WTO) rules – as some hardline Brexit supporters have advocated – it would be “disadvantageous in every way”. 
Major did not name names, but his comments will be seen – at least in part – as being aimed at leading leave campaigners such as Boris Johnson, Michael Gove, Iain Duncan Smith and Jacob Rees-Mogg. 
He said the “ultras” were lashing out with “vitriolic and personal attacks” because they were terrified their triumph of taking the country out of Europe would be snatched away and he urged other Brexit supporters to disown
Val says .. saw this on facebook. The link does take you the Guardian and works
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Nous sommes le dimanche dix neuf mars

The sun is out again today, what a lovely time of year.
A quiet early morning after yesterday. We had our dogs going mad as a young lost hunting dog who was in season and sadly now a good chance of having border collie puppies.
We had planned a shopping trip but instead rescued the little dog and spent the morning finding her owner.
Remember if you fancy an Afghan meal at lunchtime you are invited to Verfeil for a two course meal for 12 euros. No need to book, just turn up and the group who are organising are used to cooking  for 100 every Wednesday. They will have set up tables and chairs outside at the house they call " La petite Verfeillaise" the road up from the Mairie
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Saturday, 18 March 2017

Hours for La Seye et vous

Chers amis de « La Seye et vous », 
Les horaires d’ouvertures pour la semaine du 20 au 26 mars seront :

Nous servons pour le déjeuner du jeudi au lundi
Nous acceptons les paiements par chèques ou espèces.  Nous n’avons malheureusement pas encore reçu le lecteur de carte bancaire. Merci de votre compréhension
 Nous avons toujours une chaise verte manquante merci de nous la signaler  ;-)
 A bientôt lors de votre prochaine visite.
Mark et Brice

Hurry up Harriette

Hi Lovelies
My new 'young' children's book has been launched on Amazon, written and illustrated by myself.
Dedicated to the 'memory' of my beautiful little grandson Sullivan. 
Please take a look.😍
I would love it that you to leave 'your' reviews on the Amazon sites.
Val,says  Becky lives in St Antonin


List of candidates to be published

Today, 18th March 2017, the full official list of presidential candidates will be published by the Conseil Constitutionnel. To be accepted to the ballot a candidate must have 500 "parrainages" from elected officials (eg maires) from at least 30 departments. Eight candidates have already passed the threshold and three more are hoping that the Council will endorse their numbers today.
The first round of the election is on 23rd April, the second round two weeks later on 7th May.
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Nous sommes le samedi dix huit mars

Sally  Clegg wins best veteran bitch at Crufts,
the heading I saw on facebook which had me in fits of laughter.
Fortunately I know Sally Clegg very well and know she has a sense of humour.
Sally who lives locally has been a breeder of dalmations and judge for many years, and it must be wonderful to have one of the dogs she bred winning prizes. She has won many accolades over the years with her dogs.
Well done Sally, a nicer more knowledgeable lady you could not find.
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Friday, 17 March 2017

Right said Fred

Forgot to add the photo of the pensioner at work.
Me, today I took the photos and chatted to the kind people donating

Pensioners with help can be expert furniture removers

This picture is to show Jacky Malotaux she can be proud of one of her proteges. Rahim from Afghanistan is awaiting his asylum application news.
We know he has never been to school, never been educated. Today he told us he did go for 10 days but then the Taliban bombed the school and that was that. In the country villages they will not allow the children to be educated.
So all of this makes it even more pleasing and amazing that Rahim is now learning and speaking French. Jacky started this process with him initially and now the lessons are being taken up by two young teachers of the commune at Verfeil.
Not only is he speaking enough to have a decent conversation but he is also writing French.
Today we had to pick up various items for other boys who have asylum and although we had planned three strong arms, one had a doctors appointment for an accident, another let us down.
Rahim who is a strong lad, "so no worries " he said "I can do it" and he has and did.
Friday is a special day for Muslims hence the outfit, a day where many would go to the mosquee.
Fortunately Malc was with us today to negociate the narrow streets  of St. Antonin
Hope your fellow refugees are as proud of you Rahim as I am.

Price of glasses going up

The French equivalent of Which? - UFC-Que Choisir - reports that the price of glasses from opticians is rising sharply. Average price for a pair of simple lenses and frames is now 310€, though it varies from region to region. Given that a prescription from an ophthalmologist is usually needed (at a cost of around 60€) it is not surprising that the report says there is a reduction in people actually buying spectacles.
The level of reimbursement by the Secu is low but some mutuels are making generous payments which are pushing up prices to the disadvantage of the 60% of people without a mutual.
Several presidential candidates have pledged to make opticians' costs fully reimbursable - though presumably only on a basic range of frames.
Unsurprising then that many British expats time their visits to the UK to fit in a visit to Specsavers (other brands are available).
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Hi Val:
 For a few years, I had bought new glasses at Vision EXpress when I would visit England, however, I was pleasantly surprised to find low cost glasses at General OPtique, in the Leclerc in Lescure...the frames were only 29 euros...and they are very attractive tortoise fact, I preferred those to many of the very expensive ones....and because I have 100% coverage (low income plus over 60), they cost me nothing.  There are also great online companies that are very inexpensive, if you have a prescription...
Val says: other people have mentioned the opticians at Leclerc, Gaillac as well as Albi.

The young will save the world

An article worth reading giving us hope that we can fight this awful right wing populism sweeping the world. The young will save us I think and it has started happening in Holland. Let us hope in France the young will continue to support Macron and his new party " En Marche" and all liberals will also support him.

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Nous sommes le vendredi dix sept mars

New helmet law for bikes

From next week, 22nd March 2017, it will be mandatory for children under 12 years old to wear a helmet when riding a bike or being carried on one as a passenger. Any accompanying adult who allows children onto a bicycle without a helmet could be fined up to 135 euros.
We are reminded that this could catch out unwary holidaymakers and their children. Perhaps bicycle hire companies will insist on providing helmets to their clients.
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