Saturday, 31 March 2018

I heard one yesterday as well

Hi Val,
The cuckoo has arrived, spring is definitely here... Laura 😊

Friday, 30 March 2018

Tonight at Caylus

ConfĂ©rence « Alternatives aux pesticides »
Vendredi 30 mars 2018, 17h Ă  la Maison du Patrimoine - Caylus

Vendredi 30 mars à partir de 17h : La conférence "Alternatives aux pesticides"
La confĂ©rence est animĂ©e par Edmond Puyraud. Riche de nombreuses annĂ©es d’expĂ©riences du jardinage, il fonde l'association "l'Ecojardin des Roches" en 2005. Il Ă©crit plusieurs ouvrages : "Equilibre naturel au jardin : MĂ©thode destinĂ©e aux Jardiniers Amateurs » et "Alternatives aux produits phyto, pour une terre en pleine santĂ©".
Edmond nous parlera de son nouvel ouvrage "Les parasites des lĂ©gumes", il sera question des alternatives pour lutter contre les ravageurs au potager et au verger.  Nous Ă©voquerons les mĂ©thodes de luttes prĂ©ventives et curatives.

Thursday, 29 March 2018

French waiters rude? Surely not..

A waiter in a Canadian restaurant is trying to sue his employer for dismissing him for "aggressive and bullying behaviour". His defence was that it ignored his cultural heritage, being French.  A few years ago the mairie of Paris mounted a campaign with the capital's waiters, taxi drivers and other service workers to be more polite to visitors. We think we all have an idea that the French notion of service does not always chime with our Anglo Saxon ideas, but surely it's not a cultural thing?
Taglines's bete noir is the check-out person who continues to chat with his/her friends ignoring the building queue. Any readers' experiences?
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2018 Season under way at FET

Dear FET Friends,

Our 2018 season gets under way on Saturday 21st April at 7pm with a double bill of two short plays with twin themes of love and war...

In the first half, 
Kate Cook presents Invisible Woman, a thrilling tale of derring do in WWII. Repressed housewife Mrs Bishop is just the person to help the French Resistance - but who is this mysterious lady and will her true identity be revealed? A story-telling tour-de-force, this is a funny and touching portrayal of one woman's journey into freedom and adventure.
After the interval, we meet another feisty heroine in Miss Wilson's Waterloo. Performed by Karen Archer and Martin Wimbush, this is a fascinating portrayal of Harriette Wilson. Born in London as one of 15 children of an immigrant Swiss tradesman, she became one of the most celebrated courtesans of her day. Her conquests included several prime ministers, at least one member of the royal family and, most famously, Arthur Wellesley, First Duke of Wellington.


The bar will open at 6pm and the performance starts at 7pm.
To book your tickets, please email:
€25 Non-Members €30
NB: your reservation will only be confirmed on receipt of your cheque

Ruth Etridge FET Secretary

Wednesday, 28 March 2018

Saint Antonin Noble Val

At Puycelsi

gardening help offered

Do you need a gardener?
Hardworking greenfingered friendly gardener available
Contact Rana 0688644978

Horses at Albi

Years of fun for the children at Laguepie

Over the summers ouryoungsters and many others have enjoyed this games area at Laguepie.
This year the river has seriously undermined the site and one wonders if we are now seeing the demise of the area.
I hope Laguepie can find the funds to repair or replace.

The Friperie in Varen will be open on Friday afternoon for deliveries and on Saturday for sales

The Varen Friperie will be open Friday afternoon 3 till 5, we will be setting up and accepting donations to sell.
Saturday we will be open from 10 till 12 
Hope we will see lots of you there to enjoy the Frip and the excellent Varen market.

The book swap will be Easter Monday

The book swap will be going forward on Easter Monday starting at 10.30 and finishing at 11.30
A completely new set of books coming. I mention sets as there are many sets of our favourite authors amongst them, all in pristine condition.
As I have quite a lot to come I may split them between this swap and the next one.
Looking forward to seeing you there, the Gazpacho in St. Antonin

At the chateau at Penne

Many years ago we sat having lunch out next to an elderly couple who told us there son and family had bought the chateau at Penne and the family were in the process of making it safe. We thought we recalled it had been sold for a euros as long as it was made safe and restored. Any one got  any more information about this?

And this link is sent

Hi Val
I was about to send some information about the young architect who acquired the chĂąteau but I see the info has already been posted on your FB page.
Here is an interesting drone film of it from last year.
Best to you both

Un hiver avec les garçons

If you have not seen the film of our first boys arrival here at St. Antonin, here is an opportunity.

Venez le 6 Avril Ă  cette belle soirĂ©e.

Quatre bonnes raisons de venir : 

DĂ©couvrir, pour certains,  le magnifique cinĂ©ma thĂ©Ăątre de Caussade,

Passer une soirée originale avec deux films et un pot

Soutenir l’association “et puis d’ailleurs” 

Enfin, me faire plaisir en venant voir ou revoir le film “un hiver avec les garçons “ qui m’a tant occupĂ© cette derniĂšre annĂ©e. 

Inscrivez-vous Ă  l’avance, je suppose que cela doit ĂȘtre plus pratique pour commander le petit buffet en quantitĂ© suffisante! Et faites passer l’info!

Merci, Ă  bientĂŽt.


CĂ©cile Iordanoff/ DavaĂŻ
Auteur-RĂ©alisatrice de films et documentaire TV
TĂ©l: 05 63 65 70 48 / 06 08 42 24 79

Tuesday, 27 March 2018

Sign against the proposed new asylum laws

Défendez les droits des réfugiés et migrants !

En ce moment, les dĂ©putĂ©s dĂ©battent du projet de loi asile et immigration qui sera soumis au vote au mois d’avril. Ce projet rend plus difficile la possibilitĂ© de faire appel en cas de premiĂšre rĂ©ponse nĂ©gative sur la demande d’asile, permet de renvoyer des personnes sans attendre la dĂ©cision finale sur leur demande d’asile, et augmente la durĂ©e de dĂ©tention, y compris pour les familles avec des enfants.

S’il est adoptĂ© en l’Ă©tat, ces mesures mettent en danger les droits humains des rĂ©fugiĂ©s et des migrants.

C'est le moment d'agir, interpellez les PrĂ©sidents des groupes politiques Ă  l’AssemblĂ©e nationale !

  Le systĂšme d’asile en France dysfonctionne depuis de nombreuses annĂ©es malgrĂ© les rĂ©formes successives, qui ne rĂ©pondent pas au besoin de protĂ©ger les personnes, dans le respect de leur dignitĂ©.

Le nouveau projet de loi du Gouvernement ne fait pas exception. Il sanctionne des personnes qui n’ont commis aucun crime et ne recherchent en France que la possibilitĂ© de reconstruire leur vie.

Merci de votre soutien.
Sylvie Brigot-Vilain
Directrice Générale d'Amnesty International

Anyone need my services?

Rather a glum looking rabbit but made both Malc and I smile. Sent by a good friend.

Monday, 26 March 2018

A good fun loto with great prizes

Kestrel news

We have phoned Regis of the local LPO and he is coming to take it first to the vets at Cordes to get it checked and then onto a LPO centre for recovery. I will ask when fit to be returned here to meet its mate again.
On last looking it had moved towards  the cat food and I think was eating.

Did it hit the window?

Having caught the kestrel and put it in the cat box, it is still alive this morning, but is lopsided and not looking good.
As told by an expert I have put in water and cat food and will see what develops.
Sadly one of the boys came to help with a bit of gardening and as I asked cut back the gardens buddleia bushes. As one is directly on the birds flight path to and from the nest it could have disorientated the bird which has then flown into the window.

Motley gone but still have bed

Dear Val, 
When you have a moment  please advise Taglines readers that Motley has found a good home –thanks to you.  I’m getting more offers! 
Also –STILL available. Standard double bed with removable legs for ease of transport . (box spring base  will fold).   HYPNOS mattress.
Fingers crossed for the kestrel.Big hugs to you and Malc.  
and love, Sally.

Sunday, 25 March 2018

Oh! No, kestrel down

I wonder how much sadness one can take.
One of our beautiful kestrels about to mate has damaged its wing.
It will have no chance of survival.
Malc suggested I caught it and took it to the vet, but it is Sunday and to be honest after a really full busy day I am 
too tired to try to catch it
Probably our last falcon babies at Mas del Sol... so sad.

After having a rest, I donned strong gloves,  caught it and put it in a cat box near the nesting site. We will see what tomorrow brings.

Saturday, 24 March 2018

Sous couverture

Not a lot of people know this !

Here we have friend and fellow bureau member Veronique holding up a poster of Einstein at our friperie in Varen.
Which brought  us to discuss that Stephen Hawking died on March 14.... and Einstein was born on March 14.Admittedly one in 1879 and the other in 2018.
A photo of our friperie brings me nicely round to telling you that next Friday we will be at the old mairie in Varen from 3 till 5 pm taking in donations.
if you have things that you think we can sell to make a profit for charity please consider bringing things. It could be an Easter good will gesture to others.
We will be open Saturday as we have been for the last month and we reckon it being Easter we and the market could be busy.
I am hoping for dry weather to get some of the larger items out in front of the town hall.

Don't forget: Spring forward

Tonight is when we need to advance our clocks by one hour, losing an hour's sleep. But the days will be lighter in the evenings, a little reminder that spring is on the way.
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Sad news from Carcassonne this morning

Thursday, 22 March 2018

Train strikes in April

Dear Val and TAG readers,

There are several days out when there will be no trains next month. I have to fly to London from Toulouse on 8th April. That is one of the strike days. I wonder if any people out there are in the same boat and would share a car that morning for the journey to Blagnac? I will be trying to get there from Najac. 

Best wishes to all


All good news

Pleased to report Malc who is now fast asleep in bed was up to going out for lunch. As in the past Thursday lunch was always at the Seye et Vous at Verfeil.
I drove him to the door and he walked on the flat straight in.
Great meal and we met Rahim from Afghanistan who came to join us. He was so relieved to see Malc and then told us he had a 6 month gardening job, great news Rahim.
Besha from Sudan has been up in Paris having his interview for asylum and we all have fingers crossed for Besha.
Both Rahim and Besha are exceptionally good cooks and we look forward to them cooking for us again soon.

Sandy Simpson soon to be new owners of the donkeys has found a carrier. It is the day Malc goes early for his second chemo to Albi. I will be useless and tearful so we need a strong pair of hands to help the carrier hold the donkeys lead whilst he loads one and then the other.
The time is 9 am on Tuesday 3 rd of April.
Any offers?
The second request is there anyone who could go and check if the Gazpacho is open Easter Monday the 2nd as it should be the book swap and before organising I need to check it is open.
Malc is asleep and snoring and I may just join him.

Day of action

Today, Thursday 22nd March is the latest "day of action" by public service workers throughout France in protest against President Macron's proposed sweeping changes to their status. Schools, trains, flights, government offices will all be affected. Last year we had similar protests against Hollande's labour changes, but either the public wants the changes (hence Macron's victory) or many were fooled into thinking that he would go the way of his predecessors and back down.
The planned rail strikes (three days on, two days off) starting next month are a separate action and could last for several months.
There is a lot of media talk about "May 1968" as the 50th anniversary of the student unrest of that time, leading to many far reaching changes, approaches. We have heard that the student protests at Toulouse University have support from some left leaning politicians, but the "soixante huiteurs" had a charismatic leader, Danny le Rouge (Cohn Bendit) and somehow Melenchon does not fit that profile. But throwing a pavé into the mix is a tradition now and we can expect a few more weeks of disruption.
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McDo outstrips the ham sandwich

Apparently France's favourite snack has traditionally been the "baguette jambon beurre", the croque monsieur appealing only to time strapped tourists on the Champs Elysees. We were not really aware that our hosts had time for snacks in between the p'tit dej and the pause de midi.
But now it appears that the burger has overtaken the jambon beurre as the nation's favourite snack, and not just at McDonalds, but in sandwich bars everywhere. Naturally the gallic version is more gourmet than the Big Mac, but we at Taglines will still be taking our coffee and croissants for elevenses - we are not burger folk, gourmet or not.
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Wednesday, 21 March 2018

Latest Library Lit news

Parisot library, in partnership with Festilitt, presents


- a series of literary events throughout the year

LibraryLit programme - update


Following Adrian Weale's very interesting and well attended talk on Saturday, we are delighted to confirm that he will be back in Parisot later in the year with copies of his book 'The SS: A New History' for sale.  We know a number of you were disappointed copies weren't available after his talk and we will give plenty of notice nearer the time of where and when this will take place. 

Change of date - check your diaries

We are now preparing our next event.  This was originally planned for Saturday 19th May, but the date has been changed and the talk will now be held a week earlier on Saturday 12th May at 10.30.  The speaker is a novelist and full details will be sent out a couple of weeks beforehand.  We are very excited about this talk which promises to be interesting, engaging and of course, original.


For those few of you who were sitting at the back on Saturday and found it a little difficult to hear, we are sure you will be pleased to learn that we will use microphones for our May event to make sure this doesn't happen again.

LibraryLit speakers

We are always on the lookout for LibraryLit speakers.  If you know any authors who would like to come along and give an interesting talk do let us know.

All LibraryLit events are free of charge.

If you have any ideas, or feedback, please don't hesitate to get in touch:

Full information of authors and dates are sent out a few weeks before each talk.
Please forward this email to anyone you think may be interested.  They can subscribe to our mailing list to receive details of future events by emailing

Creating a forest garden

Bonjour ami-e,

Tu le sais peut-ĂȘtre, notre Ă©colieu, l'Ecohameau de Verfeil (82), se lance cette annĂ©e dans un grand projet : la crĂ©ation d'un jardin forĂȘt.

Ce "verger" amĂ©liorĂ©, conçu suivant les principes de la permaculture, nous permettra d'accroĂźtre la biodiversitĂ© du lieu, d'expĂ©rimenter, de produire encore plus d'aliments sains pour notre consommation, de transmettre notre expĂ©rience par le biais de visites pĂ©dagogiques et formations, et bien sĂ»r d'embellir l'Ă©cohameau !

Pour faire fleurir ce beau projet, nous avons besoin de ton soutien

Comment nous aider ? En participant, mĂȘme modestement, Ă  notre campagne de financement participatif : CrĂ©ation d'un jardin forĂȘt Ă  l'Ă©cohameau de Verfeil, lancĂ©e via notre association l'ASDEV. 

Tout est expliquĂ© en dĂ©tails (et mĂȘme en vidĂ©o !) sur notre page Helloasso, le paiement est sĂ©curisĂ© et nous proposons Ă©galement des contreparties allĂ©chantes (graines, paniers, visites, repas...). 

N'hésite pas à revenir vers nous pour discuter de ce projet, nous serons ravis de t'en dire plus !

Si le projet te touche, pense aussi Ă  le partager largement car plus nous serons nombreux, plus il aura de chances de se concrĂ©tiser.

Mille mercis d'avance et Ă  bientĂŽt Ă  l’Ă©cohameau.

Alice Guillon
82330 Verfeil sur Seye

No more “nous sommes”

I think you can tell I am more than distracted at the moment, which  leads me to think I can write posts when I can and post things sent to me. Trying to remember the day the date never mind what week it is seems beyond me at the moment!!
Malc is back home and will have daily visits from the nurse for injections for the next 6 months so we are in an ongoing health situation. I will save time driving to Albi and back each day but will be donning my nurse and carer’s outfit. 
Today we must sort out all the medication, what it is for and when to take it. Could take us some time.
Malc is delighted to be home and as we now have a wheelchair you may be seeing him about

Hi Val
Extremely lovable “rescued “ tortoise shell cat looking for a suitable new home. She is 2 1/2 years old. Spayed, micro-chipped and in excellent health. Her vaccinations are up to date. I am moving house to a very small 1st floor apartment with no access to a garden, and altho’ she is clean and can use a tray she is used to being outside during the day. She likes to come in at night for a cuddle & human contact. The apartment  is too small for her and for my rescue dog who is still in need of training. She  comes with her trousseau of basket, tray,  food bowls etc. Her name is Motley. I hand -reared her from the age of 4-5 weeks and I am very sad to part with her, but I do not think she would be happy in my next  home.
Sally.    HOME FOUND

A bright cheerful start to the morning

A bright start to the morning with a bouquet of flowers from Claude Nicaud.
A local artist living and working around St. Antonin

Tuesday, 20 March 2018

Snow flakes fell

Snow, but not a lot. The hills over towards St. Martial have a covering but it will be gone in a couple of hours.
Just when we thought spring had arrived on the first day of spring we have a bit of snow.
Malc will be coming home this afternoon, he has to return for a hospital visit Friday and this will go on  between Albi hospital 
and here for some months. Here the local nurse will call every day.... but the main thing is he will be in his own bed!!
Well actually he will be in a hospital bed on loan from the pharmacy.
Well he will be in his own room... well actually he will be in the spare bedroom!
He will be here at Mas del Sol and be able to see the kestrels and the dogs, cats and ME.

If any one needs hospital care though we can speak very highly of it.