Pets to go


This is a dog rehoming site in the Lot
This is a dog rehoming site at Rodez

If you are looking for a local dog refuge here is a list

Liste des Refuges

 AVEYRON                            SPA Millau

                                                Route de Paulhe

                                                12100 Millau

                                                05 65 61 26 27


TARN ET GARONNE          SPA du Ramier

                                                1772 Ch de Tauge

                                                82000 Montauban

                                                06 63 20 80 32

                                                Les Oubliés de Saint Béart

                                                LD Saint Béart

                                                82100 Castelsarrasin

                                                06 89 90 11 89

                                                06 78 83 49 73


LOT                                         Refuge de Figeac (MASAQ)

                                                05 65 34 19 07


                                                Refuge Canin Lotois

                                                ZI d’Englandières

                                                46000 Cahors

                                                05 65 22 66 32

                                                La Ferme des Rescapés

                                                La Fraysse

                                                46700 Cassagnes

                                                05 65 36 64 85

                                                06 04 41 80 45

Fostering helps, but forever homes are needed

After seeing an appeal for a home for a handsome dog named Diego but not wanting a dog full-time we decided to foster a dog that the refuge was having trouble rehoming for one reason or another.

Our first foster dog was Fripon, a 2 year old cross border collie.  He was full of life but in the refuge barked and barked and this seemed to put people off adopting him.  After a short walk with him at the refuge we could see his potential and decided he would be our first challenge.

He turned out to be an amazing animal, full of life, intelligent, obedient and eager to please.  He loved his walks and after being locked up for so long revelled in running free.  Oddly he seldom barked when he was with us.

It was not long before friends saw him when out walking and fell for him straight away. He has made a huge and positive difference to their lives and they have told us that this last summer with the dog and the grandchildren has been ‘magical’.

After a short break we took on the challenge of Dina, a cross Brittany Spaniel found wandering in a village, probably an abandoned hunting dog.  She had serious issues when it came to trusting any human.  When we first brought her home she would not enter the house of her own accord and had to be brought in on the lead.  We assume she had been an outdoor dog.  She did not want any affection when she first arrived but gradually realised that a bit of a stroke was not so bad. 

Once again a friend saw her when we took her to a BBQ and despite already having 2 dogs felt very drawn to Dina from the moment she met her. After consulting with her husband they decided to adopt her and have never regretted the decision.  She describes her as a ‘darling dog’ that has fitted in very well and has brought great comfort and friendship to her elderly mother-in-law. 
If you want to adopt a dog there are plenty of options in Cahors and the other refuges listed.