Sunday, 19 March 2017

Lunch in the sun with an inspirational story

A group of friends lunching outside in the sun in March, what a lovely life we lead. I had such an interesting conversation with a lady called Bo, many of you know her in St. Antonin. But how many know that for all of her life she and her family have supported a family in India?
Her parents were hippies and travelled the world spending many years in India. There they made friends with an Indian family, a family who were lovely but had no wealth, infact they were poor. I suspect at this  moment in their lives Bo's parents did not have much money either but they started giving the family a monthly sum which continues to this day. The parents of both families have departed but the close relationship stays strong with Bo donating 50 euros a month to this family still in India. She says their son is now like a brother to her.
What a marvellous story and as she says if only everyone would adopt one family in the world, imagine how much better the world would be.
Bo, your story was inspirational and the sort of story I would like to report more of.
Thank heavens for your hippy parents and the way they have educated you.
It was lovely to chat, thank you.
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