Saturday, 23 April 2011

Spread the word

If you know of anyone interested in reading tag or selling and buying items  from it please ask them to send their email address. The more people we have reading and contributing articles etc. the more interesting it will be and a greater chance of buying and selling items.If you know of anything happening in the area that may be of interest to readers let us know. Articles relating to life in our area gratefully received and creative writers from St. Antonin especially welcomed .

Chambre d'hotes Open Again

After the closure last year of 'Chez Phillipe' in Varen due to the sad death of Philip Price the chambre d'hotes tres particuliere  is now open again for the summer .
Reservations can be made with Howard on tel. 0563 26 30 80

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Correction to Yard Sale

Please note Jill's sale is at 2.00pm, May 10th and not 10.30am as quoted below.

Jill Spearman is decluttering

Yard Sale
Tuesday May 10th* 2 -5.30pm

books; glassware; rugs; bric-a-brac; small items of furniture etc
details 0563 264557

*cancelled if it rains

Sunday, 17 April 2011

Gardeners spring into action

If you missed the garden fair at St Antonin last weekend (or even if you didn't) next Sunday - 24th April, also Easter Sunday, will be the annual Spring Fair at Laguepie. Probably the biggest local garden fair all manner of growers will be there with ready to plant flowers, shrubs and vegetables. Plus lots of advice.

Many local French people advise that this is the signal that it is now safe to plant out your geraniums etc.
So dust off the spade and trowel, sharpen the secateurs, get the lawn mower serviced and dig in.

Friday, 15 April 2011

Sanglier or Sangria? by Malcolm Johnstone

A conference in Montauban recently suggested that in 20 years time the department would have the climate currently enjoyed by northern Spain. An apparently eminent climatologist (did such people exist 20years ago?)  was convinced that the data pointed unmistakeably to a rise in temperature of 1C over the interim.

Should we be worried? Why invest in one of those so profitable solar voltaic panel heating systems when we will be needing air conditioning? And not only economic questions arise – rather more important would be the cultural implications.

For example are our French lessons going to be redundant as we need to learn Catalan – or worse Basque – a language whose spelling is so full of xxx that every other word is an expletive deleted. Even Welsh people may be perplexxxed.

When we Brits struggle to eat after 7.30pm, imagine the French having to wait until 10pm for dinner. Though the compensation may be the siesta. Unfortunately if this is coupled with the French “pause de midi” it could be a long wait for the plumber to call après-midi as promised. The 35 hour week may well become the victim of the 5 hour lunch.

And what about our beloved chasseurs? Will they abandon the fruitless pursuit of sanglier in favour of the bull-fight? Will we be required to give up Toulouse rugby and start to support FC Barcelona?

We could have moved to Spain if what we wanted was sunshine and sangria. It’s probably some EU plan to make us integrate, or a Front National idea to rid France of some undesirable foreigners by designating Midi Pyrenees as Spain. I for one will be waiting in 20 years time ready to burn my sombrero and shout “you was wrong, you xxxBasque”

Hasta la vista.

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Cleaner / Femme de Menage available for work

French 'femme de menage' interested in working in the areas of Varen, Milhars, Laguepie. Charges 12 euros an hour. Relevant experience, good references [ from Alison Croft and others] hardworking,cheerful personality.  Tel. Chantal Malonni   mob.   06 31 75 70 99

Monday, 11 April 2011

Easter at St Antonin

Durant le weekend de Pâques du 22, 23, 24 et 25 avril, l’agence immobilière DISC organise en
collaboration avec l’ambassadeur d’art Claus Burgers et l’association Beffroi une exposition d’allure
internationale. Seront exposés à la Mairie de Saint Antonin Noble Val des sculptures en
bronze avec notamment pour thème l’Oeuf, ainsi que des peintures de muses hautes en
couleurs et des peintures de matières. Les artistes professionnels participant à l'ARTPOSITION
2011 seront: Kasper Kuckelkorn (Belgique) Willebrord de Winter (Pays Bas) Miriam Monchen

[GB] During the Easter weekend from the 22nd until the 25th April, DISC Estate Agency is
organising an exhibition with international appeal, in collaboration with the ambassador of art
Claus Burgers and the Beffroi Association. On display at the city hall of Saint Antonin Noble Val
will be bronze sculptures notably with an Egg theme, as well colourful paintings of graces and
paintings in a variety of media. The professional artists taking part in l'ARTPOSITION 2011 will
be: Kasper Kuckelkorn (Belgium), Willebrord de Winter (Netherlands) and Miriam Monchen

[NL] Tijdens het Paasweekend 22, 23, 24 en 25 april organiseert DISC Makelaardij in samenwerking
met art ambassadeur Claus Burgers en de vereniging Beffroi een expositie van internationale
allure. Sculpturen in brons met o.a. ei als thema, kleurrijke schilderijen van gratiën en
materieschilderijen pronken in het gemeentehuis van St. Antonin Noble Val. Deelnemende professionele
kunstenaars tijdens l'ARTPOSITION zijn: Kasper Kuckelkorn (België), Willebrord de
Winter (Nederland) en Miriam Monchen (Duitsland).

Kasper Kuckelkorn et sa compagne Anne Charline Rondas animent
un atelier terre pour les enfants. Eric Faure, céramiste à
St Antonin, propose également un atelier.
[GB] Kasper Kuckelkorn and his friend Anne Charline Rondas
are going to give a workshop in working with clay for children.
Also Eric Faure, ceramist at St. Antonin, is going to give
a workshop.
[NL] Kasper Kuckelkorn geeft samen met zijn partner Anne
Charline Rondas een kleiworkshop voor de kinderen. Ook keramist
Eric Faure uit St. Antonin geeft een workshop.
22-4 10.00 - 18.00 h. Vernissage 18.00 - 19.30 h.
23-4 10.00 - 19.00 h. 24/25-4 10.00 - 19.00 h. +33 (0) 563 68 27 50

Sunday, 10 April 2011

Figeac Dog Refuge

Would anyone interested in finding out more about the Refuge, and its problems, please attend the meeting of the association Coup de Patte 46, at the village meeting hall in Lissac et Mouret, about 3 kms from Figeac.
The meeting room is attached to the local school, across the road from the salle des fetes.
On Saturday 16 April, 6.30pm.

For details contact Nicci Halton on 0565 29 20 58 or 0621 99 61 99 (mobile).

Thursday, 7 April 2011

Ceiling Fan for sale

 Brand new ceiling fan with light, four blades, white , unused and boxed,
 bought for 49.90 euros a month ago

 For sale as our ceiling and beams turned out to be too low ( 2.30 m
clearance needed below blades of fan).

 bargain at only 25euros.  Contact

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Dog,cat and small animal Kennels

Within a year I am planning to start a dog, cat and small animal pension in a small comfortable 'living room style'.I would like to find the level of interest and if there would be enough potential customers for this project. I am an experienced and licensed dog trainer, veterinary assistant and dog groomer and have been working with guide dogs for 10 years. I would like to ask you to let me know what you think about this and if you would entrust me with your pet? please respond to
Many thanks in advance

Sunday, 3 April 2011

Solar Sun Rings for pool heating.

Hoping to extend the season using the swimming pool we debated ways to achieve this. We have had a bubble cover which is great for keeping leaves out and certainly useful covering at night. We have had an abri [ like a poly tunnel ]  which is certainly the most effective way of keeping temperatures up. We have had electric heating which worked but there was a high cost factor. This was all on earlier pools now we wanted something that was cheapish! simple to use and was not glaringly ugly. A friend told us about solar sun rings and so after reading all the info on the net we decided to  invest in them. Our pool is 10 x5 and to cover that area we needed 11  the cost was about 400 euros. The manufacturers say we get solar heating of pool during the day and they act like a thermal blanket at night. Each ring has magnets along the edge which makes them attach to each other , a fail safe for windy days. We will make a report at the end of the season on how effective they have been.
Val says two seasons on  ''not worth the  faff''