Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Once a month cakes and poetry

We all agreed we love this group, one of our missing members, thought it was her best group.
Apart from the once a month book swap which I love, this morning discussing poetry ( and having a gossip and cake) is sublime.
We meet under the umbrella of Fifi which costs 15 euros a year to join and gives you access to loads of other activities. Personally it is the only event I can fit in, such a busy life.. but always time for poetry.
This month  we were discussing Bob Dylan and if he deserved the Nobel poetry prize. Four out of the five thought he did, as much for bringing protest songs and poetry into our lives in the 60's. Remember "Hard Rain" its a hard, hard, hard, rain thats going to fall. It was the time of worries about nuclear bombs and Vietnam and it was the first time these things had been brought to our attention with songs where the lyrics themselves are poetry.
The hosts Max and Jacky had chosen our favourite cakes and Max discreetly hidden in another room popped up as if by magic with second coffees when needed.
Just poetry itself Max, thank you.
Why not come and join us, it would be lovely to have more input and I promise you a lovely
morning, good for your soul. The next meeting Monday 10th April
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