Sunday, 30 September 2012

Reader Update

Hi Val

Here's the latest post on the Facebook page of my satellite man, John Sidwell of BigDishSat based in the Limousin. 

"The new Astra 2F satellite was successfully launched last night and it will now slowly make its way to 28.2° where it will join the other satellites beaming Freesat, Sky and FTA to the UK.
This new satellite is the first of three which have the ability to focus tightly on to the UK and are rumoured to have less of an overspill into Europe. Here in France, and elsewhere, we rely on that overspill so that we can watch our UK telly and listen to The Archers.

Astra 2F will probably be replacing the satellite that was hurriedly deployed to replace the ailing Astra 2D. Nobody knows what effect the new satellite will have until testing starts in a couple of weeks time. The best guess is that there will be no or little change to us here in mainland France but those living in southern Spain may have cause to be worried."

BigDishSat now concentrates on satellite broadband installations, so it's not a case of a satellite TV installer playing down the possible impact on his business.  Indeed, if it turns out we all need bigger dishes to carry on receiving British satellite TV, firms like this will be run off their feet next year.  After me in the queue... 

Starting or continuing with French TV

Just in case we lose BBC for a time, consider  watching more French TV with the subtitles in French. Monday 1st on Arte 20. 50 hrs is Little Big Man with Dustin Hoffman and Faye Dunaway. Wednesday at 20.50 hrs. again on Arte, Les Disparues with Tommy Lee Jones and Cate Blanchett
French Masterchef on TFI  at 20.50 hrs  or if you prefer Les Tudors on Arte 20.50 hrs.
The Artist with Jean Dujardin is on Friday on Canal + but we do not pay for that. Maybe  if we lose BBC we could consider paying for Canal+, just think how our French is going to improve.

Astra 2F satellite launched successfully

Well it is up there for better or worse for us. The Astra 2F satellited was launched without problem and it has an expected lifetime of 15 years. Now presumably there will be a period of testing before switch over. Not long to wait now then to see if it has all been a red herring .( wonder what my French readers make of that! )

Saturday, 29 September 2012

Whisky in the Tarn, and you can taste for free

Portes Ouvertes at Distillerie Castan, la Souparie, Villeneuve sur Vere. tel 0565530461 or website
You are invited to a  free demonstration of distilling and a tasting of Tarn whisky. Sunday 7th of Oct. 10 - 18 00 hrs. Also a repas for 9 euros if you wish to stay. Check out the website as the poster sent was too difficult to download, but thank you to Rosie Jennings for sending the info.

They could give lessons in raising money, well done.

We would like to thank everyone who attended our MacMillan Coffee Morning at Pourramond, Auty on Friday 28 September,  and those who could not attend but sent donations. A total of 530.16 Euros (£430) was raised.
Many thanks from Linda and Martin Feeney.

Charming Interlude of Music and poems

It was a 50 minutes drive for us  to La Mothe at Salles- Courbatiers but more than worth the drive. We were lucky in that we  set out early not being quite sure where it was and so arrived in time not only to get on the front row but more importantly being in the warm dry barn. Sadly the late arrivals were outside under large umbrellas and the temperature had dropped to about 14 degrees, with drizzle; English weather a French man said.
Marion Wilson, a tireless worker for Sautou and the children of Mali had thrown open her house and garden and arranged the concert of songs and poetry called  'La Musique et la Poesie d'un Jardin en Septembre'
As soon as the concert was under way one was thrown into a magical moment, which nearly brought me to tears. Sally Bradshaw has the most superb voice and the songs she had chosen  were so right for the occasion. Micheline Pinoncely played the grand piano beautifully as did Marion's daughters Mollis and Milla, two very beautiful young ladies. Marion read the poetry which was light and well chosen.
A French man who told me he was an avid TAG reader said I must mention how good the acoustics were, so there, I have pleased a reader. ( He told me as a Frenchman he was fascinated by the things we English discussed)
At the end of the concert John Marie Nosal, founder of Sautou gave an update to us on the situation in war torn Mali. All the money raised will go to projects for the children.
People say they go back to England for some culture after the summer. Well today proved culture can be here on your doorstep.

Winter Activities

As the weather begins to change our mind starts turning to winter pursuits, some migrant birds amongst us fly back to England , others nip off to slightly sunnier climes in Spain, but  to those of us with pets or enjoy the seasons  I offer some ideas to fill your days.
Boule is still Friday afternoons at Verfeil but will be moving to its winter home in Varen on the last Friday in Oct.
Bridge at Caylus is Thursday Evening at the bar Bascule ( weighbridge ) Contact Vanessa tel. 0563 671419
Fifi  Friends in France International, a ladies organisation offering a range of activities from  creative writing to horse riding. Check Labels for Fifi
Folk/ Jazz Club at Le Riols , see in labels.
Walking groups, various in different areas. Check at the library or Mairie.
Climbing group at St. Antonin  Grimpe tel 0563 302419 or  check out
Book Swap, once every two months  at the  Gazpacho, St. Antonin Watch out for times on TAG
Occitane dancing at Caylus and Laguepie , details at the Mairie.
Zumba and Pilates with Kim Ilsley  Tel 0563302787
Yoga classes at St. Antonin and Puylaroque Everybody welcome. Contact Rachel Shamash tel 0563240734
Drama classes with Jean Louis Delage at St. Antonin  Tel 0563240734
Don't forget the Games Evening every Tuesday from 7pm at Gazpacho, St Antonin. Board and card games, friendly atmosphere. Just turn up - bring any games you want to play.
 Occitan language classes begin again on Friday, 5 October, 1.30pm in the room above the Post Office in St Antonin. If you want more information, email Gavin Porter on and he can tell you how to join.
The Cinema    Le Queryls St. Antonin Noble Val.  The October programme is available with
12 films packed in this month     Tel 0563306964

I will keep adding clubs or events as I think of them or you let me know of others.I have also made a new label called Winter Activities
If you have an expertise in any area and wish to start up a group I will be happy to promote it on TAG

Toulouse Opera

Theatre du Capitole is one of the most famous Opera houses in France. The Theatre features a magnificant facade decorated with 8 marble columns.
The programme is quite varied and from 24th to the  28th Oct. is Ballet, Stravinski et la danse.
Opera 'Written on the skin' is 23rd to the 30th of Nov. Much more by looking at the website.

Paris in the Winter

Just a selection of some of the art exhibitions in Paris this winter.
Dali 21st Nov to 25th March at the Pompidou Centre
Edward Hopper 10th of Oct to 28th of Jan at The Grand Palais
L'Art en Guerre ( Art at War) 1938 - 47   12th Oct to 17 th of Feb.  Musee d' Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris
Raphael, the later years. 11th Oct to 14th of Jan
Van Gogh, Dreaming of Japan and Hiroshige, Travel as Art 30th of Oct. to 17th of March, Pinacotheque de Paris
And that is just a selection.

Friday, 28 September 2012

Daniel Crozes, Aveyronnais writer

At the Mediatheque at Parisot Daniel will be talking about his books and inviting questions. Saturday 29th at 15 hr.00  Entry is free
tel 0563 27 75 79 for more information.

Whisky in the Jar at the Folk /Jazz Club

Why do I get so nervous ? I am not even entertaining. I think I was worried few people would turn up and we would be rattling round a hall and stage with out audience. Well I certainly did not need to worry as today 78 people are walking around  humming and singing whisky in the jar. The hall was full with 67 people paying 2 euros and 7 singers and  musicians and a few late entries. So around 78 people in all and the door take was 134 euros. Excellent news, as if we have a shortfall in Jan. and Feb. we will have money to cover it.
There were 7 entertainers, 5 who are now regulars Ian Alison, John Taylor, Trevor Carter and Charles and Anna Ketteringham. Charles controlled the evening and arranged the running order of the acts. Two new comers were Linda Hatfield who sang two Geordie numbers, the Keel Row and the Waters Of Tyne. The Keel Row had everyone singing along and the Waters of Tyne sang unaccompanied was superb. I knew she was OK when  Charles sitting next to me at that time nudged me and said  'she's got a voice' . After the interval Nigel Shamash sang 'Whisky in the Jar' and the  'Boxer 'and a third song which was equally super but cannot think what it was. Someone will remind me I am sure.
Anyway he was great and I will add a link later to a short clip of him singing. My thanks to all the musicians from me and the audience who were very complimentary on leaving. I think Charles and Anna have started something which is going to give us all lots of pleasure through out the year. For booking your slot at the next evening on Thurs. Nov 1st. contact
This is the link to the group Nigel plays with called Naijar

Thursday, 27 September 2012

Choose your garage with care

Consumer group UFC- Que Choisir has found that main garages such as Volkswagen,Renault, Ford, Peugeot etc. are 50% more expensive than chains like Leclerc. 50% makes you think,  if you do not have a warranty to consider.
Well and add on to this story is that main garages say you will invalidate your warranty and this is not true. If the car is serviced regularly the warranty will stand.

Nights of Eating and Music

Charlie at La Seye et Vous at Verfeil is starting his nights of music, tends to be jazz. In the bar and restaurant starting  Friday 19th of  Oct. Sort of  ' Eat,sing and be merry nights'. Bands or groups still to be announced.

Grown up at Fifteen here

Fifteen is the legal age of consent in France for young girls. Melanie Stammers the  15  year old runaway schoolgirl is not being sought by French Police because of this reason.

Beware, drivers in Varen

If you are going to the boulangerie or chemist in Varen do NOT park on the pavement in front of the chemist. An elderly resident in her eighties parked there for a few minutes and has received a fine of 140 euros from the Gendarmes. They had  taken a photo of the car when they passed and the lady was not aware till she got the fine in the post.

Anne Allassane continues her life

Anne Allassane,  former winner of French Masterchef feels she must get on with her life. It is now 9 months since the death of two of her children in a house fire. After winning the title Masterchef Anne started a very successful Ferme Auberge in Montauban. Her new project will see her on the TV again,  in a series of cookery programmes for France 3 Limousin starting in Oct. It may mean only readers in the Lot from our area,  will receive it. It is a programme where Ann interacts with viewers, asking them to make a recipe and then showing how she would make it. For  all programmes on French TV a useful weekly guide is Tele Z which costs 40 centimes at newsagents.

Le Canard enchaine

A daily satirical newspaper, as they often are slightly to the left of centre. Hard to understand even with a good level of French but worth looking at from time to time just to test yourself.

Date for your Diary

The next book swap will be on Monday 5th of November, bet it goes with a bang!. 10.30am as usual at the Gazpacho in St. Antonin. Just make a note and I will remind you nearer the time.

More on the Varen Health Centre

There is a meeting tomorrow evening in the Salle des Fetes on the continuing progression of the health centre. Everyone with an interest welcome. Not sure of the time but I imagine 7.30pm. if you know the exact time let TAG know.

Fete du Cheval a Monesties

Sunday October 7th  Monesties is having  a Horse Fair with horses to ride, carriages, traps,saddles etc for sale alongside a vide grenier. Tel 0563761917 for more  info.

Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Thinking of planting fruit trees?

If you are thinking of planting the odd fruit tree or even an orchard consider going to the Conservatoire d'Especes Fruitieres at Puycelsi. I have just been for a guided tour around the orchards and as a keen gardener it was the most interesting visit. On the 15th of December they have a sale of fruit trees and they have every  fruit tree imaginable. You need to be there as close to 9 am as possible for the choice items, although it does go on all day. It is not possible to reserve beforehand. We had so much good advice given on tree planting, propagation and general management of your tree areas, all with out the use of pesticides. Also if you have a tree in your garden and do not know the variety if you take 5 good fruits and a branch they will identify it for you. tel 0563486851

Occitan dancing at Caylus

Just a reminder for anyone who might be interested that the traditional French dance classes at Caylus have started again.There are several newcomers so beginners are welcome. Classes are 9.00pm every Tuesday at the Salles de Fetes. The cost for the year is 55 euro per person but it is normal for people to try a few weeks to see if they like it before paying.

Remember George.

No news on the new delivery service but I am reminded by George White's sister who lives in the area that George delivers often to the area with very reasonable rates. He does have a good reputation here.

Love Cooking, check out David's blog

Dave Hatfield has recently totally redesigned his weblog. It features over 60 recipes and is still growing. In addition there are a lot of commentaries on and about life in France. The address is:
Dave says he's looking for comments and for guest recipes or further commentaries about life in France. He's happy to include 'guest' contributions.

Stolen to order perhaps ? In Ginals

A little Yorkshire Terrier was outside the front of the family house when the owners saw a grey Kangoo van drive past. It stopped and grabbed up the dog and drove off. The van had stickers on the back saying rammonage and nettoyage. This happened in  August and their family pet called Guess has not been seen since. Guess had been chipped so would be identifiable.There must have been a reason why this van was in the area, so someone must know who it was. If you have any leads please go to the Gendarmerie at St. Antonin and pass on the info. The family are desperate to get their pet back.

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Certainly worth trying.

Whilst at the pharmacie in Cordes, getting cream for our bites, a helpful
lady assistant recommended "Insect Ecran" to us.
This is a repellant which one sprays on the lower parts of trousers etc.,
(Not skin).
It remains effective against Aoutats for a month, and even after two washes
and ironing. It also protects against ticks.
We're certainly going to give it a try.
David & Margaret

Soiree Lyrique at Caylus

à Caylus, ce vendredi 28 septembre, soirée lyrique organisée par la municipalité.
"L'Etoile du Roi" , d'après "L'Etoile" d' Emmanuel Chabrier. Interprétée par le Quatuor Lyrique du Château de Cadars.
à21h salle des fêtes de Caylus. Entrée gratuite mais libre participation.

Old cupboards wanted.

I'm kitting out a new garage/workshop, and I could do with some cupboards and shelves to take all the bits and pieces that end up in garages.  I'm wondering if anyone refitting a kitchen has recently taken out old wall and/or base cupboards in reusable condition and isn't sure what to do with them.  If so, I'd happily take them off your hands.  Alternatively, if anyone is planning a kitchen refit, I could come over and take out the old ones with you, in return for being allowed to keep them.  This is only for a garage, so I'm not looking for anything smart.  Contact Chris -

Cockerel needs a loving home [well that is different]

Hope I have got the right email address?? I want to put
a note on Tag lines but don't know how to???
What I want to say is, I have a 5 month old cockerel
who needs a good home, he is not at all aggressive and if any one wants him,
 they could make a donation to your charity.
My contact details are tel:  05 63 67 99 17 or

Atelier Les Chataignes

Atelier Les Chataignes, salle des Fetes, Parisot. Sam 13 Oct. 14.30 hrs Conference, realisation de gateaux aux chataignes, degustation, recettes. Venez nombreaux avec vos questions. Collation offerte, gratuite. tel 0563277579 for more info.

The Region starting to take handicapped workers seriously

An iniative [ at last] to help the handicapped in the region, focusing on handicapped workers and getting on with making better access to public buildings. More info. on this story by clicking

Une Maison de Sante a Varen

The Health centre at Varen has everybodys approval and better than that a subvention of 62,000 euros from the regions council for it to go ahead. It is envisaged a batiment [ building ] of 370 square metres with 3 Doctors, a dentist, 3 nurses, a pysiotherapist, podologue [ feet] dietician etc. This is partly to help stem the desertation of medics from the country  for the towns. Now if that does not make the house prices in Varen shoot up for all us older residents what will ? I have a vision of Varen in 10 years time with mobility scooter lanes and instead of us discussing cars we will all be discussing the finer points of our racing  mobility scooters. Maybe the car makers who are having such a hard time will start putting money in to scooters and a Mercedes cabriolet type scooter will be on the market...  hmm. suppose they are all cabriolets.
In answer to tell me more I know nothing else about the Health Centre but will keep you up to date.
I wonder are these my headlines for the future ?
Plain pieds in Varen - prices sky high.
Police breathalyse speeding Pensioners on mobility scooters
Varen Regatta dropped in favour of Le Mans style circuit around the Village.
Crematorium moving from Montauban to Varen.
Any other ideas?

Art Exhibition at the Vigerie, a sell out

When do you hear of an exhibition selling all its paintings bar  one. Well done, Iga and Jeremy Rewse Davies. Iga  although selling well, did not sell quite as many as Jeremy but her  main subject, underwater animals [ she is a diver] does not have universal appeal.  Jeremy on the other hand sold every picture bar one  and was modestly surprised although he always has  had successful exhibitions. A well hung exhibition in their barn which was available to all for one week.  It must be satisfying to know all their hard work was worth while. We look forward to the next one.

Reminder for the Folk / Jazz Club

Thursday 27th at Le Riols Salle des Fetes 8pm, is the third  event of the newly formed Folk / Jazz Club. The first in the new permanent winter venue. From the line up I can tell you a great evening is promised. If you have been before you know you need to eat before you come, bring a drink and glasses. If you bring  crisps  eat only at the interval as the club artists play unplugged. The evening will start promptly at 8pm and the Musical Direction is under the control of Charles Ketteringham.
If you need more information you can contact me Val  mail@ or tel  0563 640673 and for artists wishing to perform contact Charles

Monday, 24 September 2012

Disappeared with out trace it seems.

Any idea whatever happened to the delivery service outlined on Taglines in March - see below.
After an initial exchange of emails, including some encouraging responses, I've tried endlessly to find out from this couple what's going on.  But they never reply.  I wonder whether other Tag-on-line users are having more luck.
SUNDAY, 25 MARCH 2012New delivery Service
We are writing to you let you know that we are setting up a local delivery service (Saint-Antonin and surrounding villages) of british goods. Most of us at times find that we cannot find items we want in France or think that prices are too high. We are suggesting delivering goods like groceries (Asda, Tesco, Waitrose …), paint, tools, and other things that you may want or need.
Contact Eve and Jab Wallis, Bigorre, St. Projet Tel 0682715635
Val says
Anybody having any luck contacting them please let us know  Val

The first ever British Poet Laureate was French!

Not only French but from Toulouse born in 1450. A blind French Franciscan appointed to the post by Henry V11. We have French friends who will glory in this news and it makes you realize how much our paths have crossed and intertwined with our French cousins over the centuries.
Henry V11 was a quarter Welsh, [ bet he could sing then ] a quarter French and a half English. His English  blood gave him his claim to the throne and he spoke French fluently.
Back to poetry, the present Poet Laureate is Carol Ann Duffy.

Justice, a long time coming

Justice at last for the families of the 31 killed , 2,500 injured and the 30,000 families who lost their homes in the Toulouse explosion of 2001. Serge Biechlin, Total Plant Manager was charged with manslaughter and will spend a year in jail with two years suspended and pay 45,000 euros fine. The company will pay a 225,000 euro fine, the maximum amount allowed. In Sept 2001 just as we signed for our house here we heard of the terrible Toulouse explosion and thought as everyone else it must be a terrorist attack. It was a couple of weeks  after the Sept 11 attacks in America.

Charlie Hebdo reply

How many people in France read this publication?
How many people have seen the amateur American film causing the protests?
Perhaps those who circulate this hatred on a world wide scale have more to
answer for than publishers or film producers !
Sent by John T
Val says
A very valid point John.

Sunday, 23 September 2012

Feeling itchy, feeling very itchy? It could be Auta [aoutat]

Had a nice walk in the countryside,  through fields or woods and now you have itchy legs and trunk. It could be auta, a miniscule red spider which for some reason in Autumn is very aggressive. One of our dogs is suffering with auta between the paws and boy, does she scratch and lick. Malc and I have both had auta attacks when we first came here and thought we had fleas. Actually we had our brother in law staying with us and he came shamefacedly to tell us that he had caught fleas from our dogs or cats. We ended up going in a threesome to the Doctors for medication as it was so bad,  to be told we had suffered an auta attack. We got some antibiotics which quickly sorted it out. We know someone else who fumigated the house thinking again of fleas but it turned out to be auta. So if you have really irritated skin and have had a country walk , it could be those pesky spiders.
Karen R says
I think it is Aoûtat and it is a harvest mite. Checked it up and she is right, thank you Karen

To be or not to be that is the question./ joined at the hip.

If you are happy being joined at the hip with your partner then good luck to you. I do not want to be joined especially, with our hips! I have hobbies and interests which my partner does not share: gardening, walking donkeys and dogs and he enjoys bridge, boules and music. I am happy that we have enough confidence in each other to pursue our separate interests and when we are together we have much more to talk about. I  twice discussed at the market this morning the ladies group Fifi and I find a remarkable antipathy towards the group.
Firstly let me say TAG is totally independent of Fifi and will never be their mouthpiece; if a lot of Fifi stuff comes on TAG it is because they send it to me and you have the same opportunity to post things.. I just happen to think it is a very useful group offering activities to ladies on their own or like me  a married lady who enjoys the gardening group outings and meetings. Fifi has lots happening that is of no interest to me but the numbers attending other groups show plenty of interest, so there must be a need. I am not sure what happened at the formation of the group but my motto has always been let bygones be bygones and let things move on.

Ban Jewish skull caps says Le Pen

Marine Le Pen is now calling for a ban on Jewish skull caps being worn in public. France already has a ban on full face veils being worn in public which makes sense but how xenophobic is her latest idea. Next will she be saying ban bowler hats, straw hats on donkeys, berets unless worn by French, ten gallon stetsons and sikhs who wear turbans.

De Fil en Aiguille / Thread in the needle

This morning at the Maison de  la Presse, St Antonin, Marie Louise Garrigues-Alies 's autobiography will be on sale. Born in 1912 and living in the maison de retraite since she was 90. Marie Louise tells her tale with humour and verve. From  1930  her father and brother in law  had the cafe in the Halle for 'donkey's years' She married Raymomd  and set herself up as an artisan dressmaker and spent 50 years in the fashion trade. She had help to pull the book into shape by Chantal Sentihes.
Well done Marie Louise.

Ici Najac, a vous la terre and Charlotte Gray

A documentary film about  the Aveyronaise village Najac and some of its bizarre inhabitants. When we saw it initially in 2006, we enjoyed its charm and also enjoyed spotting characters we knew. We have the DVD and watched it again last night and I was surprised that I can now undertand the language but sadly did not enjoy it this time around. A French friend had said that it showed the village in a bad light as the film maker  had chosen marginals and plain idiots to star in it. Watching it this time I felt she had a point. You can buy it at the Tourist Office in Najac if you would like to decide for yourselves.
Now, Charlotte Gray from the Sebastian Faulks novel,  I never tire of. When we arrived  to settle  in here in 2001  the filming had just started in St. Antonin. The shops were all painted in drab colours and people with houses or rooms to let  in the area were all full with cast and filming crew.  Cate Blanchett and Michael Gambon were to be seen strolling around the village and it is rumoured that Cate conceived a child whilst living here [ in a friends house would you believe!] If you have not watched this film you should ..

Saturday, 22 September 2012

Charlie Hebdo weekly satirical newspaper under police protection

French embassies, consulates and international schools  in 20 Muslim countries all closed their doors yesterday for the time being. They are frightened of a violent backlash over cartoons published  in Charlie Hebdo, a Paris based weekly. Cartoons show the Mohammed naked which I can understand knowing a little about the religion would be offensive. I think we know peaceful protest would not be the outcome, so why go out of your way to offend other races and religions. France has  a 4 million strong Muslim community and sadly within that group there will be some ' mad militants'  and others around the world. People are dying because of Charlie Hebdo's arrogance and intolerance. That is my point of view but if you disagree you can email  and give your point of view.
Oh! gosh ,a totally different point of view on home ground. Malcolm thinks we should have the  freedom and right to do this with out murdering people around the world and it smacks of the threats to Salman Rushdie and the fatwa imposed on him in 1989. ( ndlr) In newspapers when you see this it means "notice de la redaction" which means " editorial explanation."

Friday, 21 September 2012

Wonder what I will be writing at the beginning of October ?

Following the TAG entry by James, here are my latest findings! Interesting how I started this debate way back in August and no-one quite believed it! But it IS going to happen!
The launch is going to be by a company called SES Europe.
4, Rue Halévy
75009 Paris
Tel +33 1 42 68 00 09
Fax +33 1 42 68 82 40
Those of us who are currently managing to pick up some mainstream UK TV channels from Astra 1N might be interested to know that Astra 2F is now at its launch site in French Guiana. It will also have tight footprints intended for UK use and nobody knows what will be required to receive the relevant channels in Europe.The consensus of many is that smaller dishes will not receive any broadcast from these new satellites.

The ASTRA 2F satellite, designed and manufactured by Astrium for the satellite operator SES, has left Astrium’s facility in Toulouse, where it has undergone its final integration and test campaign. ASTRA 2F has been transported to Kourou, French Guiana, in preparation for its launch by an Ariane vehicle at the end of September 2012. This is now expected to be September 28th
It may be worth contacting the company directly and seeing if they can shed any light on the situation.
Best wishes,

La Colere des anticorridas / the anger of anti bullfighting

The Constitutional Council has given its verdict this morning. Bullfighting is not against the Constitution.
Simon Casa Directeur of the Arena at Nimes describes bull fighting as a tradition, an art, a spectacle.
I suggest he improves the spectacle by donning a nice bull outfit and getting in the ring instead of the bulls. He at least would have a choice.
Brigette Bardot President of a Foundation which defends the right of animals, says ' it is a barbaric practice' and I agree. I am a meat eater and as long as the animal is not made to suffer in life then I am happy but torturing animals for sport is a disgrace to civilized people. In a poll in the Depeche 58% of readers were against bullfighting but an amazing 42 % were in favour.
Reading the same report I discovered that cock fighting still happens in the French Antilles, part of an island group in the West Indies. Not a lot of people know that as Micheal Caine would say.

Two unused duvet covers for patchwork

We have two childrens duvet covers hardly used which are a rich dark blue  cotton with little gold stars and could be good patchwork material. For 5 euros to the children of Mali they could be yours. The first email that comes gets them as I know lots of people are making patchwork

Bull fighting in France leaves the ring for the courts to-day

Is bullfighting constitutional ? This is being discussed in the courts to-day and could mean that the barbaric pusuit , I could not call it a sport , may be banned. Malc says  gosh, that has nailed your colours to the mast.

Edouard Leclerc dies at 85

Edouard and his wife Helene started a shop in 1949 selling biscuits, soap and oil at wholesale prices. Today there are 400 hypermarkets, 130 supermarkets and 96,000 staff. His son Michel- Edouard has been at the helm since 2006

Thursday, 20 September 2012

Mozart's Magic Flute at Villefranche

A production of Mozart's "Magic Flute" will be put on this Saturday (Sept 22) at 17:30 in the Villefranche Theatre Municipal.  It's being done by the adult singing students of the Aveyron Conservatory, many of whom, though amateurs, do a very good job.  The event is free, no reservations necessary.

If you have a house to rent, who would not want Charlie?

Message from Charlie from "La Seye et vous" in Verfeil concerning a search for a house to rent.
" Couple with a young child are looking for a house to rent all year round, around  Verfeil sur Seye (82).
House in the countryside, 2 big bedrooms minimum, a garden or a piece of land.
We also need a place for a workshop. One of us is a ceramist.
Maximum rent around 550 a month.
You can contact me at this number:
06 82 10 69 73. 
Thank you. Charlie"

Fifi on broomsticks now

Met a sweet old codger  this morning and mentioned I was going off to a coffee morning with the 'Fifi Floosies' as this particular gentleman refers to us. I was a bit disconcerted when he said he knew, as he had seen all the broomsticks flying overhead on their way to  Verfeil . Now that is a cheek,  but I will not mention his name or one of us may turn him into a toad.

Cambriolage at Vabre Tizac

Burglars broke in to the home of Patricia Wilson the murdered ex pat at Vabre Tizac. Gendarmes were not sure if  it was local voyeurs or something more sinister. The body has still not been found and the local odd job man gardener is still held in custody being charged with her murder.

Any one with plums?

We have about 60 litres of fermented plums waiting to be distilled into eau-de-vie.  The distiller in St Projet will only accept 100 litres or more (we usually add ours to a friend's batch, but he's not doing it this year). Can anyone recommend a distiller or be willing to combine with us?
Many thanks
Angela or Graham Rees Les Tourrettes St Projet 82160 0563309478

Prenoms in France 2013

Top prenoms in France this year for girls ,Emma, Lola, and Chloe and for boys Nathan, Lucas and Leo. Where are all the Fifi's,  Jean Pierre , Jean Louis, Francoise, Michel. We have a neighbour called Rene Allaud, (allo allo) now that's a French name.

OGM Maize cause tumours in rongeurs

A report out yesterday showed that rats fed  OGM ( genetically modified ) maize, spelt mais  in French and prounced like mice, get mammary tumours quite quickly. Roundup the weedkiller had very similar effects on the rats. I was reading this report in the Depeche when the same report came on France 2 Tele Matin. Ronguers are rats, mice anything that gnaws.

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Freddie the intelligent dog finds a loving home.

Freddie the intelligent black and white dog, you will be pleased to hear has found a caring ,loving home

Money rolls in

Thank you Betty for the contribution to the children of Mali for the sale of your table and chairs.
Also thank you to the lady who won the lucky prize draw of those fitted sheets. [they are murder to iron, why would loads of folk want them?] Anyway that lady is going to make a small donation to Macmillan Cancer Care

Satellite delayed from the 21st Sept, but not looking good.

Someone sent me this :
which tells you that it is not looking good for us but the launch has been delayed a bit.
I think the new satellite has a UK Spot Beam for UK TV which doesnot fall on our part of France and a Pan European Spotbeam for broadcasting broadband to Europe for those people who live too far away from the telephone exchange (for whom I can install satellite broadband and I get a reduction now that I am a Nordnet partner!)
Sent by James Sweeting

Thank you to our readers from Sautou

IRM haute gamme at Montauban

Top of the range IRM scanner has been installed at Montauban Hospital. Rented for 5 years by CH, Central Hospitalier at a cost of 1.5 million euros including maintenace. With this new machine the whole of the body can be scanned in half an hour. Apparently it is going to be the envy of  'voisins Toulousains'

If you go down to the woods today.

A big row has broken out between walking groups, ASPAS  (Assoc. pour le protection de animaux sauvage) and other Forest users,  mushroom foragers, dog walkers, etc. and why is this ? At the Foret de Gresigne signs were put up by the chasse saying it was interdit to enter the Forest until after the 15th of October. Each year they have a cull of cerfs at this time but the notices were erected with out permission and incensed other  forest users. The chasse have had to back down and take down the signs much to 'la plus grande satisfaction de' Pierre Athanaze, President of the ASPAS. If you were a teddy bear in these woods I would forget the picnic.

Choral concert Sunday

Polyfonia,  a group of six "amateurs passionés" from the Caussade/Montpezat area will be giving a concert of popular French and Italian songs from the 17th and  18th centuries as well as sacred music from the Renaissance to the 20th century.
The concert is on Sunday, 23 September at 16h00  (4pm) in the church at Selgues, Verfeil sur Seye and is in aid of the church restoration fund.
Those who were at the lovely concert of French and Spanish flute and guitar music earlier this year will attest to the quality and ambiance of these concerts in this pretty little church. Venez nombreux.

Ann in New Zealand to meet local Tarn residents

Dear Val    thank you for your caring response to my note.   Alison and Ian have been in contact and hopefully we are going to meet up whilst they are in N.Z
Life here is still pretty tough and will never be as good as it used to be but people like you and Alison and Ian help us not to feel so alone.     Please look after yourself and keep up the good work with Tag Lines.      Love Ann
 Val says
Ian and Alison Croft from Le Riols are doing a house swap with some people in New Zealand in the next few weeks. They fly in to Christchurch and are staying about an hour away from there. Reading Ann's email they have been in touch  with her and have arranged to meet up for a coffee. I have asked them to take some photos and let us know how the meeting goes. Give them lots of news Ann for the follow up story in TAG

Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Advertise in the FiFi newsletter

Cost for an 88mm x 44mm advert is €15 for
MEMBERS (and partners) for 3 insertions or
€30 for NON-MEMBERS for 3 insertions.
 Production of advertisement included in price, if
 For more information or to book space, contact
Doreen Porter on
 Adverts will be published in the first available
issue after payment has been received.

Liberte des Anes hold one of those special open days

We are holding Open House here on Thursday 27th September and hope you can come to visit.  We will serve lunch from 12.30 onwards, only 8 euros each for as much as you can eat, vegetarians catered for aswell. 
come along and talk to the donkeys, please let us know so we can cater for the correct number of people.  hope to see you.

Sounds interesting advice

I can't remember whether you carry basic adverts/recommendations for

people of a commercial nature, but I have started using SGM-FX for money

transfers and they have asked whether I would pass on recommendation for

their service.  I certainly can recommend them.  I used to use HIFX, who

do have the advantage that you can do everything on line.  But SGM-FX

are very efficient, and they get the money to our account here much

quicker than HIFX.  It only needs one phone call to them, and their rate

has been a bit better than HIFX every time.  I can give address details

etc if asked.

Best wishes


Fitted bed sheets to give away / Blimey all gone. STOP, stop they have gone

We have 2 white double fitted bedsheets virtually unused and 4 single fitted bedsheets. I never use the fitted ones so if any one would like them just email me and we can arrange delivery. Val at

A message from our Leader

When you do the next announcement for jazz / folk can you add that we want to start prompt at 8 because we have a lot to fit in AND the floor spots were filled pretty quickly so it pays to contact Charles early to get on the list.
Val says
That is the message just received from MD  Charles Ketteringham . The Folk / Jazz evening  Thursday 27th Le Riols Salles des Fetes which is in the centre of the village, with parking all around the square.Starting at 8pm means it starts at 8pm so you should think of being in your seats for 7.45pm ish. We have some exciting musicians and singers booked, but my lips are sealed. If you are wanting to perform at the next one consider contacting Charles now so that you get  a slot. Le Riols is just outside Varen but if you want directions let me know
Bring your singing voices, a bottle of wine and glasses and your 2 euros entrance fee. The right money being appreciated. I will give a reminder 2 days before. Be there or be square. 

Laguiole, the commune of knives

Gilbert Szajnor businessman registered the  brand name Laguiole in 1999. The commune has had to pay a fine of 50,000 euros for using the name . The Mayor is determined that the commune will take further action  and win back the right to their name. As a protest they have taken down the signs around the commune. Last week in a Paris court the commune lost their case but will appeal. Where is the justice in this case. Good Luck Laguiole .

Monday, 17 September 2012

Piano School at Arnac

For more information got to the site
Mr Carrere can be contacted on Tel 0950900983

I am a happy retired expat, that's what I say

Charles Wheelan, American politician and economist says ' France is a good place to be a struggling artist and a bad place to be an internet entrepeneur.'  Wonder what he says about retired expats ?

Be careful going to the loo at Bruniquel

Saturday evening at Bruniquel at least one thousand people were up at the chateau celebrating  a drumming evening, the first night of the Batacudas with 120 percussionists. Around midnight a young lady age 26 from Toulouse felt the call of nature ' elle a envie de satisfaire un besoin naturel'. She did not see a hole in the hedge and plunged 8 metres down in to the undergrowth. The Samu 82 and Grimp 82  were called to perform the rescue and the poor young girl was taken to Montauban Hospital with numerous fractures and will remain there for some days. My first thought was I hope she managed to pull up her knickers before it happened and second thought, hope she will be better soon. Report from the Depeche

Sunday, 16 September 2012

Much raved about Concert at Puycelsi

Spot faces you know and check out the splendour of the church at Puycelsi..Click on the pictures to enlarge.Photos sent by Ross Jenkins

Friday, 14 September 2012

It is Swingin' along, this Folk / Jazz Club

Well I have done it. I have booked the Salles des fetes at Le Riols  for the next 9 months for the Folk / Jazz evenings. I think you all need to be involved with this as it is a big commitment, although TAG  will stand any losses. Being upbeat I am not expecting losses but lots of pleasurable evenings listening and having some musical fun.
We are changing the venue from the Koppenols to the Salle des Fetes as it has disabled access, plenty of parking, lots of chairs, heating in the winter and I got a better deal for booking more evenings.We hope in the summer months to visit the Koppenols and other beautiful country locations. For those who do not know Le Riols is a little village very near Varen and is very easy to find. Anyway it is going to be our home for all the dates given at the bottom of this post, ready for your diaries. Note there is going to be a special Christmas event on the  Saturday 29th of Dec.and as you know  all are welcome and we will try and make it a special evening. Nitty Gritty, the cost for hiring  each evening will be 37.50 euros so I reckon if we all pay 2 euros  each at the door that will more than cover it. If we have a surplus it can be carried forward and then if it is a quieter month in January we will be covered. Very reasonably  we will have to pay the first instalment on the 31st of Jan., 166 euros and the second instalment at the end nine months of 133 euros.
Once again it will be eat before you come and  bring your bottle and glasses.[ but you will not need chairs] Charles Ketteringham is MD and if you want to entertain us contact Charles
The important dates, all Thursdays except the Christmas one which is Saturday
27th Sept
1st Nov
29th Nov
29th Dec Sat
31st Jan
28th feb
28th Mars
20th May
Before the 27th I will be in touch with a reminder and directions.
Hope you will all come and support as having all year round entertainment will be so good. Tell your friends and in fact bring your friends.A quick thank you to Le Riols resident Alison Croft for coming up with the idea  and chatting up the Maire

Books Being Sold for Macmillan Cancer Care

A rather special copy signed by the author Wyndham Lewis 'The Apes of God' Limited in 1955 to 1,000 copies. This is number 486 in very good condition. 10 euros [ Worth about £45]  NOW SOLD
Remember those super books by Arthur Ransome,  Swallowdale and Secret Water. The two sold together for  10 euros the pair, Swallowdale is  in a dustwrapper. Two poetry books Robert Browning and Tennyson, one in a leather binding and the other boxed with leather spine 10 euros the pair. POETRY SOLD The books are being sold by the Feeneys for Cancer Care but contact me Val email if you wish to purchase any.

Ladies clubs being sold for Macmillan Cancer Care

Exciting Treasure Hunt

Friends in France International (FiFi) is organizing a Treasure Hunt on Thursday, 4 October. We’ll meet at the main car park in Parisot at around 16h00. There, you’ll be given the first clue. We’ll finish up somewhere you can buy a meal and we can all eat together (if you find the right place, of course). You’ll need to bring a camera or camera phone with you, as well as a local map and a pen and paper.
If you’re on your own, let us know and we’ll arrange for you to join other competitors. Entry costs €10 per car for non-FiFi members (FiFi members are free), and there will even be a prize for the winners. Numbers are limited, so if you want to enter, contact Glynis Howgego on or Doreen Porter as soon as possible.   For more information about FiFi go to

Thursday, 13 September 2012

Is it your half or my half ?

Half of all medicines sold in France are useless or even harmful says a report by two top medical specialists. They blame the lucrative pharmaceuticals industry for keeping superfluous drugs on the market.
If you have taken Mediator, a drug for diabetes which was withdrawn last year you are advised to talk with your Doctor. A smoking cure called Zyban, a contraceptive pill called Third Generation  [ I think we are mostly in the  hormone replacement  group!] and a medicine called Requip for Parkinson's disease. This is now known to affect your sex drive. I have seen a report in England  saying that every one over 50  should take tablets for cholesterol, whatever their clinical histories.You pays your money and your Doctor makes the choice ...and  you hope for the best.

Macmillan Coffee Morning at Puylaroque

Don’t forget the MacMillan Coffee Morning (for MacMillan Cancer Care) on the 28th September starts  at my house in Puylaorque at 10.30.  You will be paying 5 euros for coffee and cake and if you want to stay on for lunch the cost for both will be 10 euros.  We shall be offering a ploughmans lunch (English cheddar and picked onions!!) plus the obligatory glass or two of wine.
Sent by Susan Hunt, she suggests you email her for details of how to find her. It is in a good cause so if you cannot go why not send a small donation.

Could be a grain measurer, that stone

Could the stone object be a device for measuring bags of grain? There are

similar ones at Penne and Cordes. It's hard to see exactly how they worked,

but the one at Penne is labelled as a grain measurer.

Celia Berry thinks it is a Roman toilet seat as she has seen a programme with the stone in and it was identical. 

In line with 6 other EU countries

France will introduce a bill next month to be passed in 2013 to allow gay marriages and  homosexual couples to adopt children. This will bring France in to line with other EU countries such as Belgium, Denmark, Holland, Portugal, Spain and Sweden. Not an easy thing to do when 60% of French  people would describe themselves as Roman Catholic.
I wondered where the UK stood on this at the moment and know that civil partnerships are allowed but not marriage. Scotland could become the first part of the UK to introduce gay marriages after the SNP announced plans to make the change, which would come in to force in 2015. Glen Campbell a BBC Scottish correspondent thinks it is entirely possible that Scotland and the UK could change at roughly the same time.
In a sondage, a poll in the Depeche   Sunday 16th  59%  of readers were against both options.

All your French Rugby Club news

Everything you need to know about French Rugby in English. Malc tends to read L'Equipe, a sports newspaper but it is in French.

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Disabled access, it's a disgrace

Following on from my post on access to public buildings for disabled people, a new report shows that only 15% of public buildings in France have disabled access and that is 5 years after a law was passed on accessibility for disabled people. By 2015 every building must be fully accessible and with 20 billion euros still estimated for the outstanding work one wonders how small communes will afford to comply. However it is a sum which must be found.

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Reply from Ginny Jenkins

Dear Tag-on-line
All Ross and I can say is WOW!
We have never had such a reaction to a concert and I guess Tag-on-line has never had so many comments so quickly on a single topic. Our own email boxes have been flooded with congratulations and to read the unexpected reviews and thanks in Tag- on-line has made us blush and really feel that all the hard work is indeed so worth while.
One of the main reasons our concerts have been so successful is the skilled and magical conducting of Mark Opstad. This time he spent much of the weekend telling us how he and his wife, Wero, love walking in the St Antoine area and how they would like to buy a small derelict house or grange to turn, in time, into their dream weekend escape. Currently they live in Toulouse which they loath but need to be there for their work
Their modest specification is:

·        A small house or grange preferably with at least 4 walls and a roof but they are prepared to live in an old caravan for several years while repairs happen.
·        Using the classic phrase, eau et electricity pre de, they would genuinely hope that it is not too far away and ideally it would be on site
·        Some terrain
·        Either planning permission or an expectation that it would be granted.
·        And finally no more than €25,000 !

If  you can help Mark please contact him direct on
Ginny Jenkins

Vernissage at the Vigerie Sunday afternoon

As I have just sent TAG round I thought it was a good time to remind you of the exhibition of Jeremy and Iga Rewse Davies's at The Vigerie ( a monument historic ) St. Vincent de Varen on Sunday. The vernissage starting at midi and  continuing all afternoon. The following week by appointment tel. 0563 64 86 85

Old chest freezer wanted.

Has anyone got an old chest freezer they no longer need? It will be going in the cave so does not need to be a thing of beauty as long as it works. Please contact David or Margaret Atkins on

Concert Eglise de Cestayrols

An evening of Classical music at L'Eglise Saint Michel. Saturday 29th of Sept. at 21.00hr Entry 10 euros, profits to the church restoration fund. The Director Michel Regy with Youleika Haliberto on piano and Michel Regy playing violin.

Two stories in one

In 2006 Ross and Ginny Jenkins who live at Puycelsi  started the first concert to raise money to restore the beautiful church, L'eglise de Ste. Corneille at Puycelsi. I am sure they would never have imagined that in 2012 they would still be organising a concert that has grown in size to selling tickets to 250 people and probably could have sold more . The story here is of dedication to a community. Along with the concert there was a raffle where Ginny donated a patchwork bedspread that took months to make.Well done and  our thanks to both for all that work and creating along with the musicians a memorable evening.
The weather played its part giving us a balmy night. Ross  and Ginny sold tickets and generally organised and Ross sported a kilt. One in our group thought his name sounded Welsh, though the kilt and his accent were rather  Scottish.  Another thought he was wearing it as he looked like the actor Simon Callow in 'Four Weddings and a Funeral' but it all added to the sense of occasion.
Second Story
The large choir was drawn from singers and choirs from around the area and we spotted many familiar faces.The Musical director was Mark Opstad and in an earlier post I have given a link to his website to show you all his very impressive credentials. Under his direction the Choir was superb. Nicholas O'Neill was the organist and once again I have given you a link to this talented young man's website in the earlier post.
Zena Baker soprano, Janet Emmelkamp contralto, who lives at Caylus,. Dongjin Ahn tenor, a member of the choir of the Theatre du Capitol at Toulouse and.Bruno Vincent bass also of the Theatre choir were the talented soloists. Listening to Mozart's Requiem in that most wonderful setting just made for a truly memorable evening. Our group were sorry that they ran out of programmes but that was the only tiny concern . For the rest thank you to everybody for all that work and dedication to give us such an evening.
Reply from Ross
Yes I am of Scots descent through my father's side. I found I came from the Gunn clan up in the North of Scotland and so adopted the ancient Gunn tartan for my kilt

Tivoli Trio International at Milhars and Salvetat des Carts

Tomorrow Wed. a reminder that the Tivoli Trio International are giving a concert at Milhars at 12.30pm in the old village au Tinal.
Also they will be performing at the church at Le Salvetat des Carts on Saturday 15th Sept at 17 hrs.

Monday, 10 September 2012

Vanessa celebrates her birthday with Mozart

A lovely account by one of the choir of the concert  at the church of Puycelsi, Vanessa Couchman who lives near Parisot. Click on her blog account and what a great way to celebrate your birthday. Happy Birthday Vanessa for yesterday.

Mark Opstad was the Choir Director and Nicholas O' Neill played the organ

Click on the link to the websites below to learn more about Mark Opstad who so brilliantly directed the choir at Puycelsi yesterday evening and another link for the organist Nicholas O'Neil. I have spent all day trying to get information or track down a programme [ which are like gold and must now be collectors items] I remembered someone we knew who had one and we are seeing them tomorrow. Phoned them a few minutes ago to be told they went to the dechetterie this morning! Apparently all the information about the evening is in this programme and as a hot shot reporter like me! the news needs to be out there straight away.

Now that is what I call a dedicated reader David Atkins has been back down to the bins and retrieved the programme .I checked with him  it was still clean and as we meet tomorrow I will do the report tomorrow night.

Late autumn drive to London

Jill Spearman is planning a two week visit to London at the end of October/early November, and would like to take the car this time.  Is there anyone who'd be interested in sharing the driving and the petrol?  I can be flexible about dates, could manage up to two passengers (got to leave some room for luggage and shopping).  Please contact me on if you're interested.

Sunday, 9 September 2012

Mozart and magic

Mozart, Puycelsi, The Parisot Choir, 250 people and what did we get, sheer magic. Report to follow.
Karen says
just to clarify what you saw was not Parisot choir singing, Puycelsi has nothing to do with that, the only common link is that some of the members of Parisot do sing at Puycelsi (and other places).
Val says
I was at a bit of a disadvantage as we never got a programme but that was the only glitch that I could see. As I say a full accurate report will be coming up.

French book Fairs

 I'm sure you know all about these as it was your business but maybe Taglines readers could be interested. We went to Cahors yesterday with my sister and in a hall near the Pont Valentre was an extensive antique and secondhand book exhibition/sale. Of course, nearly all the books were in French but there were a few interesting English books and also quite a few French versions of English authors and childrens' books. The quality of books was very good. There was also some piano music and LPs. Whilst there I collected info on the following events:
 Nontron - 11th Salon du livre ancien. 7 October. Salles des Fetes 
Limoges - XIX edition Salon du livre ancien. 27-28 Oct 2012. Palais des Expositions, Bd R Schumann
Montauban - Le Dimanche des Bouquinistes. 2 Dec 2012. (no location given on handout)
Villefranche-du-Rouergue - 13th Salon du Livre Ancient et Moderne. 30-31 Mars 2013
 Entry is free in all cases.
Sent by Alison Croft

The South West of France's answer to the Angel of the North

Lorraine and Neville Dowson from Sunderland have found this interesting stone in their grange and wondered what purpose it used to serve. Whatever it is, we have one the same and I grow a  climbing plant through the middle. I thought it might be a toilet seat for a privy but Malc pooh, poohed the idea. Any ideas to mail@bromlea .com to be passed on to Lorraine and Neville and TAG readers of course. Bernadette Curato from Espinas who helps to organise the Fenaison may know some old agriculteur who knows the answer.
Celia Berry says  it is a roman toilet. She has just watched a TV programme where the exact stone was being talked about and it was a toilet.

Saturday, 8 September 2012

A post on Satellite in the Connexion

The headline TV or not TV on satellite. A man with a  second house at Deauville had a Humax Freesat box installed professionally and had no problem  with radio and TV initially.  Recently he has lost certain TV stations and all of the BBC radio stations. Freesat says the original satellite was replaced with a narrower beam to cover the UK more intensely possibly relating to licensing problems within Europe. Now that the analogue TV's are obsolete we face very short term updating of digital services and there appears to have been no publicity on the subject. He asks 'Have other expats had the same problem ? '  He continues 'So much for common standards'
Personally we have had no problems as yet but await the changing of the satellite beam  again in the next few days to see if it has any effect on us.

Found at the Regatta, owners unknown

After the Regatta picnic Ann and Bob found a roll up chair in a bag and  a fold up table  next to a tree. They thought they knew who they belonged to so took them home. They did not belong to their friends so now they are looking to reunite the gear with their rightful owners. If they are yours and you wish to claim the prize phone   00447711655045 and speak to Ann or Bob.

Friday, 7 September 2012

I don't believe it!

There are still TAG readers who have not realised with out any hassle you can add your four penneth [ for Dutch or French readers that means have your say] At the bottom of the post, there are boxes which seriously you can tick with out ill effect and tell me the post is interesting, or tell me more and even enjoyed. You do not have to sign in simply take the mouse and click and in a minute you have had your say. I have left out load of rubbish but if I got enough requests I would add that in. Three people today told me they had not noticed that !! and comments, well I wondered why some people have no trouble and others struggle. Malc has just explained [ he is allowed to do that] that if your are a follower it is easy to do and that is why the 28 followers can post a comment with out problem. For all you other hundreds you can keep emailing me your comments. Phew! so many posts today it has been a full time job and at least half have needed rewriting or needing to ask to send in different formats but hey! when Ann in New Zealand is happy, Betty has sold her table and chairs,  Jill has found a translator and Mozart is a sell out ,it is all worth while.

Fete d'Autumne and Vide Grenier at Espinas

Yoga and English classes and Jean louis does Drama

I will restart my yoga classes in St. Antonin and Puylaroque in the first week of Oct. my English classes for French adults will start at the same time and I have classes at all levels.
My french partnen Jean Louis Delage, is opening a second drama class this year, he uses drama techniques to help body and vocal expression with lots of improvisation. Anyone is welcome,  contact me by email or tel. We will be on holiday from 14th Sept until the end of the month but will follow up on any enquiries on our return. Tel 0563240734 or

Serious faux pas, but I will give it another mention anyway

Dear Mr and Mrs Johnson,   [ here lies the faux pas]
I wondered if you could possibly help promote my book launch tomorrow? I have just heard that it clashes with several other events and I would very much appreciate you letting your friends and readers of Tag-Lines know about it again.
It will be at Parisot Library tomorrow morning at 10.30. I shall be giving an entertaining talk about publishing, my novels, launching the Costa Award nominee Surfing in Stilettos which is set in the region and signing very reasonably priced copies. There will be aperitifs and wine to follow.
Many thanks indeed for your help with this. It is much appreciated.
Best wishes

Val says
Happily married to him I maybe, but TAG is mine

Intelligent looking Freddie needs a home

New Home Still Needed for Freddie

Freddie is THE most wonderful dog that I have had the pleasure of looking after in many years.  He is still looking for that forever corner of a living room to make his own.  He is only young about 3 years old.  Gentle, loyal, intelligent, extremely affectionate, good on and off the lead, clean in the house, great with dogs and children.  His only faults are being a terrible food thief (but after being a starving stray for 3 months who can blame him) and he is still shy of strangers.

Logistics here just don't support three dogs or I would be keeping him.  Please spread the word about Freddie as he deserves a lovely home.  Currently residing in Castanet contact Anne Grose 06 04 03 29 39 for more details.

Sound like an enterprising bunch

Hi there,
Do you know Barbie the seamstress/embroider ? 
Andrée the french teacher ? Zeem the graphic designer ? 

Many small businesses run by English living in France are just around the corner.
If you want to meet them and discover their products and services, why not come
and share a glass of wine with us at a (free) apéro evening on :

Saturday 22nd September 
between 4pm and 8pm 
at Barbie’s field
Le Roudou
81140 Vaour

It is tempting.... free wine, canapés, live music, free gifts 
and the possibility of meeting new people ? 

Exhibitors will include : 

Andrée :
French teacher ‘At your own pace’ Gaillac 05 63 58 67 29 – 06 35 96 81 12 –
Zeem :
Graphic Designer and creator of gargoyles -  Vaour 06 71 40 39 87 – -
Baz : 
Mobile masseuse, taking away those aches and pains - come and have a free
shoulder massage on the 22nd Sept !
Vaour 05 63 53 09 14 -
Ruth :
Home from Home - Catering for parties, holiday cooking, freezer filling.
Cahuzac-sur-Vère 05 63 40 67 93      
Wendy :
Wendy's Way : Beauty Therapy. Facials, Manicures, Pedicures, Waxing. Gaillac
05 63 42 61 85           
Jocelyn :
Myriade Solutions : civil engineering, quantity surveying, insurance expertise and
renovation. Puylaurens 06 22 02 24 93
Malcolm :
General garden and house maintenance and security.
Cahuzac-sur-Vère 05 63 40 67 93 -
Liz :
Furniture painter and house & gite makeover specialist. Tel  07 88 18 89 51 –
Helps you improve conversational French, write letters, documents or emails in French.
Le Verdier 06 02 27 55 65 - 05 63 33 09 05 -
Female funeral director, ready to discuss any concerns you have about this
process in France and enable you to put your mind at rest if the unexpected happens.
 Les Cabannes 05 63 55 20 43 -
Artist Painter for that very special picture. -

We look forward to meeting you
Best regards
Andrée, Zeem, Baz
and many others

Another translator and she needs golf partners

I saw your article about translators. I am a translator from Fr - Eng. I am a  registered auto-entrepeneur. My partner Barry also translates with me and we specialise in property and legal documents since he is an ex lawyer. We could also help written French where necessary.
On another note I am a 12 hcp golfer looking for people to play with. Anyone out there? I am here till mid. Oct.
Celia Berry
mob 33671878927
Fixe +33563309929

Solid pine table and six chairs SOLD

Solid pine table with a drawer 150x86 cms and six chairs, two of them carvers. All have raffia seats in good condition. 75 euros.   Contact Betty on 0563677202

Thursday, 6 September 2012

Mozart and Puycelsi sold out , well what do you expect.

 Can you tell everyone, perhaps as a result of your publicity the performance of the Mozart Requiem this Sunday is completely sold out. We are amazed but there is not even standing room - there will be about 250 people there!

Translator of documents needed

This name was given earlier in the year as a very helpful lady who translates documents and can help with language problems. I will file in labels under translator
It's Emmanuelle Dangé, a young lady who lives in Puylaroque, telephone 06 03 90 77 73, email

I notice that our little traductrice friend Emmanuelle Dangé has broadened her activities and now offers a wider range of help for English speakers in our part of the world.  

Her phone number and email address remain the same, but she now has the following website which explains the various ways in which she can assist.
Sent by Chris
Val says  importantly I am told Emmanuelle is accredited by French Officialdom to translate, present and sign official documents