Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Don't fence me in

Dogs, cats, donkeys, other people's lost dogs and now the sheep saga!
The young French neighbours thought fattening up a couple of sheep would be good for mowing the lawns for a few months and the little children would enjoy them being around.
To date they have spent more time outside the cloture/ fence so that the couple have protected all their young trees with chicken wire. Now they need to come and protect mine.
We got back in from le foire mensuelle / the monthly fair at Laguepie, wondering round our grounds nibbling trees as they went were the sheep. The donkeys were in a panic, the dogs ignored them. We tried being shepherds to no avail. We came up with fencing them in an area and now wait for their owners to return.
Quite cute little things really, sadly working their way to being lamb chops sooner than they need.
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