Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Calming dog therapy offered

Blue, Mila and Jobs, honestly names do not matter but these three darlings do matter.
Jobs the little brittany spaniel type is adorable and for some reason has been waiting awhile for a loving home.
Mila a new 8 month puppy in has been badly treated so needs some special love and cuddles to settle down.
Blue is just a lovely hunting hound, makes me think of Huckleberry Hound whereas Malc thinks Deputy Dog.
All of these dogs are waiting for homes with fenced gardens and till trained,  walks on the lead.
They can all be had on a trial basis to see if you all get on, usually a two week trial.
The dogs are all chipped and ready to go.
Stressed by recent world events as we are cuddling a pooch has a special "destressing "effect and is a proven fact.
Infact we should think of hiring dogs out as therapy.
If you think a dog or two would improve your quality of life please contact me or Maeva Vayron from the local St.Antonin Assoc  - des truffes et des moustaches.

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