Monday, 30 July 2012

Balades a Espinas

Août 2012
    Sauf précision contraire ,les balades (gratuites **) partent le mercredi à 9h précises devant l’église d’Espinas. Elles conviennent aux familles avec enfants marcheurs. Chaussures adaptées, chapeau et boisson. CHIENS :  tenus en laisse.
1.    mercredi 1 : farandole autour de Selgues (nouveau en partie).
Environ 6 km. Conduits par Serge, de Selgues.
2.    mercredi 8: Balade +repas des Amis de la Chapelle de Cas. Repas 12€ sur inscription. Eglise de Ginals vers l’abbaye de BEAULIEU.RDV 9h Espinas (covoiturage) ou 9h30 à Ginals.
3.    mercredi15 :visite à nos amis de Vabre. Par Le Boutellier, Barthe Redonde, Sol de Bach. Puis D75 et Le Piboul.6km.
4.     mercredi 22 : avec Paul BURGAN,(association Antonin Perbosc), balade toponymique sur le hameau de Mordagne. Peu de marche car beaucoup d’information culturelle et occitane.
5.    mercredi 29 : balade à Flouquet ; accueil sur le hameau; four à pain et lavoir ( éléments historiques et vie rurale)  
Repas en option : 10€ sur inscription (30 places environ) chaque mercredi. Inscription obligatoire le lundi matin au plus  tard. Produits locaux. Tél/mail ci-dessous.
Autres animations: 1 - la Nuit des Etoiles le vendredi 10 août à 22h.Animée par 2 personnes. Gratuit scolaires,2.50€ adultes. Télescopes+jumelles astronomiques; avec deux animateurs. RDV place de l’église à 21h30
                                        2 -La Fenaison à l’Ancienne le dimanche 19 août. Programme détaillé dans les journaux et/ou ci-dessous.
                       3-Fête d’Automne les 6 et 7 octobre: théâtre le samedi; vide-grenier le dimanche. Réservez vos places! 2.50€ le m.   ou  ou; blog :

Give a home to a Donkey or pay a donation to save it.

just to ask is there anyone out there who would like to save a donkey from being passed onto the butcher.
she is 19 years old and they want 150 euros for her, sorry no photos.
if anyone is interested we could put you in touch with the vendors direct.
we hope to hear from someone !!
jan lemmy 

Saturday, 28 July 2012

Fiddling up a Storm !

The inaugural meeting of The Folk /Jazz Club took place last night just outside Varen. A group of 45 people heard a mixture of jazz, folk and  Dylan with 7 different artistes performing, singing, fiddling, guitars and even playing the jug. A lot of foot tapping, handclapping, photographs, singing and appreciation of the aims of the Musical Director Charles Ketteringham. Without amplification we listened to the singers and musicians from 8 through to 10.30pm.  A few spots of rain sent us scurrying under the Grange for the finale of the evening, which wound up just before we were hit by an incredibly powerful storm. Every one got away safely and went off with shouts of  'put me down for the next one'. And the next one will be as mentioned in an earlier post on  Thursday the 30th of August in the courtyard or barn of Iga and Jeremy Rewse Davies.Directions given nearer the time.

Friday, 27 July 2012

Pink Garlic Festival in Lautrec, 3rd Aug.

Pink garlic festival in Lautrec, Tarn

Legend has it that pink garlic first appeared in the Lautrec region in the Middle Ages It has since obtained the “Label Rouge” certification in 1966 and a PGI (Protected Geographical Indication) in 1996.

The record for the longest garlic bunch

Concept : the longest bunch is made by teams of 7 to 8 producers taking turns at regular intervals. The team is made up of 7 to 8 people. The idea is to reach the greatest possible length in 3 hours.

Held every year on the first Friday of August, Lautrcs Pink Garlic Fair has a number of events to promote the use and protection of the bulb.  Have a tasting of Pink Garlic soup and Pink Garlic Tart and then check out the longest bunch competition.  There is even a Brotherhood of the Pink Garlic!  Have a look at the website for more details.

0830 Contest - artistic compositions (open to all)
0830 Contest - traditional clusters ("manouilles")
0930 Grand Chapter of the Brotherhood of the pink garlic of Lautrec
0930 Garlic Market
1200 Free tasting of pink garlic soup (possibility of on-site catering)
1500 Record for the longest manouille (to beat: 22m46). Its value will be given to the 'Associtation of Parents of children with cancer in Occitane.
1600 Majorettes Roquecourbe
1630 Culinary contest: the best pink garlic pie
2000 Fabounade (giant cassoulet). Tickets : Lautrec Tourist Office from August 2, 2011. 17 euros per person.
2200 Ball with the Orchestra Didier Laurent

All day: Market local products, demonstrating sorting of pink garlic, banda "The Big Chill", making manouilles and animations.

Thursday, 26 July 2012

Concerts at Les Cabannes and Marnaves

Je suis ravi de vous envoyer une affiche au sujet d'un concert, le produit d'une semaine intensive de chant. Seize chanteurs joignent leurs voix pour un concert varié et sans accompagnement. La musique est présentée deux fois et dans deux lieux:

samedi 28 juillet à 21h en l'Église St. Antoine, Les Cabannes


dimanche 29 juillet à 18h 30 en l'Église St. Médard, Marnaves 
(programme raccourci)

Des apéritifs suivront le dernier concert.  Entrée gratuite pour les deux...

Andrew Wilson-Dickson
mob 0044 7974 751225
land 0044 29 2022 8154

Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Second Folk / Jazz Evening 30th of August

Folk / Jazz Evening
The second Folk  and Jazz Evening will be held on
Thursday, 30 August, in the courtyard of Iga
and Jeremy Rewse Davies at the Vigerie (or
in the barn if damp). It will start at 20h00 and
you will need to bring your own chairs and a
bottle and glasses. Eat before you come.
This will be another evening of enjoying the
music with the odd sing along.
Reserve early as the inagural Folk / Jazz Evening
was a sell out. Contact Val on mail@ if you are going to be there,
and if you wish to perform contact the MD,
Charles, on:

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Couple look for winter rental

We require a rental (or maybe house sit while your property is for sale?) from September 2012 while we house hunt in the Aveyron/Tarn area. We would prefer near a village with amenities, garage/barn/carport would be great or at least off road parking, but must have Broadband Internet.

There is only the two of us, we are early retirees who have an offer on our house in the UK and expect to complete our sale by early Sept.
Does anyone have anything suitable?
Please contact us by email if you can help -Thank you.

Sunday, 22 July 2012

Ikea Kitchen

1) Brand new IKEA kitchen wall corner cupboard [FAKTUM]

Carcase assembled but never fitted.  Standard IKEA size 70 cm tall and 60 cms along sides into corners.  Will fit with any standard size IKEA wall units.
Unassembled carousel with two glass shelves for same (not fitted)
Door and fittings [FLAGELAND] for same  - sort of light oak colour (not fitted)
Some decorative moulding (and fittings) that fits underneath front edge

New 129 euros - for sale at 70 euros o.n.o

NB  Don't have the decorative side panels used to cover up the white melamine finish of the carcase - readily available from IKEA.

2) Used cieling Light fitting

Three branches/candles - curved black metal.

20 euros o.n.o.
Contact   -     Tilly Caborn on 05 63 31 56 8

Saturday, 21 July 2012

More taxi's in the area

 Garage Apchie, Caylus - 05 63 67 05 82 (same number for breakdown call-out, which could be useful in extremis)
- Marianne Benelhadj, Caylus - 05 63 24 11 85
and in Caussade there's :
 Bas Quercy Taxi, Caussade - 05 63 93 93 93
These numbers will all be found in the post TAXI  in Labels

Friday, 20 July 2012

Concerts next week

Under the umbrella of the Festival Harp de Puycelsi

18.00 hr Sunday 22 July 'Vocal Emsemble 'Cantemus' in the church at Puycelsi
19.00 hr Wednesday 25 July  Apero Concert, The Group, 'Feasoga' songs and traditional music from Ireland atChateau Terride (Puycelsi)
21.00hr Thursday 26th July The festival choir will sing a concert of music by Elgar,Holst and Parry  Church at Varen (82)  
Evening of the Festival's Closure, Place de Ancienne Chateau
19.00hr Aperitif avec le Duo  'Bar Bar'
19.00hr Closing concert for the Festival of the music by Elgar, Holst, and Parry in the church at Puycelsi
21.00hr Repas festif with the trio Joey's Band. Reservations Le Cabanon 05 63 33 11 33 , Le Roc Café 05 63 33 13 67

The program for the concerts at Varen and Puycelsi will be
Elgar       O Salutaris
               As torrents in summer
               Ave Verum
From his suite 'From the Bavarian Highlands'
               The Dance
               False Love
               On the Alm
               The Marksman
Parry       Phlliis
               At her fair hands
Holst       I love my love
              Swansea Town

The price for all the festival concerts will be €15.00

Thursday, 19 July 2012

Apero Concert in the Halle, Friday

Remember the Apero Concert tomorrow 18hrs at Cordes sur Ciel

Farmers Market at St. Ant.

This Saturday (21st July) Simply Market in St Antonin Noble Val are converting their covered parking into a local producers market.  There will be over 20 stalls with food for sale (melons, cheeses etc) from farmers and producers in the local area.  We understand it will run all day Saturday.

Theatre Le Colombier

The Vel d'Hiv Raid' Exhibition Open

A new exhibition in Paris in the City Hall of the third arrondissement opened on the 16th of July to mark the 70th anniversary of the largest roundup of foreign Jews in France in World War Two. 8,160 Jews, 4,000 children were held in the cyling stadium in terrible sanitory conditions before being transported to Auschwitz. None of the children survived. The archives clearly show the French Vichy regimes collaboration with the Nazi's and their official anti- semitism.

Wednesday, 18 July 2012


At Laguepie there is a 'Taxi Marco' tel 0610564059 or 0563314174. It is a local Frenchman who is also a Pompier and his wife has the 'Maison de Presse'
Please let me know of others at St. Antonin, Caylus, Caussade etc and we can file them all under Taxi's

We all need friends.

Catherine and Martin have a holiday home at Lagarde Viaur. Martin comes to write and whilst here they use their cycles for getting around. They did have a problem arriving in Laguepie and then getting to Lagarde Viaur and I would imagine may have a problem doing shopping. If you live near that area and fancy being helpful or making new friends try contacting them for a coffee.

Best cleaner needs extra hours

We have had our cleaner Laetitia for 5 years and we really cannot praise her highly enough. Arrives on time, cleans thoroughly, has a really helpful charming manner and helps me with my french. She has in the past split her time between the ADMR and private clients, but as there have been massive changes there in working conditions , she is now going private. She charges 12 euros an hour and a couple of euros each time for petrol if a long distance from Caylus. She will cover Laguepie, Varen, St. Antonin, Caylus area. We have her for 2 hours each week and in that time she cleans the house and once every 3 weeks includes the windows. She does only speak French but as she has English clients can understand a little. Her phone number is tel. 0610 703717 If you are worried about conversations in French contact me and I will arrange for her to come and see you. Val tel 0563640673

Monday, 16 July 2012

Something for the Ladies

I don't know if you're aware but a new clothes shop has opened for the summer in Rue Droite, St Antonin - 'Fetiche' - it's owned by a lady called George who also owns a shop in Henley on Thames called 'Foam Fashions'.  She has some lovely items of clothing and jewellery as well - a little bit ethnic some of it but still a nice change from what is available over here. Sent by Sue of St. Antonin

Kostas finds a home

I came all the way from playing around the dustbins in Greece hoping to find some one to care for me here. Victoria China was very kind but I knew with 2 dogs already I needed to find my own Mum and Dad. Well ,the kindest TAG readers are going to adopt me and I am going to a lovely home at Caylus with another dog to be my friend and cats to get to know. How my life has changed.

Golden Age at Verfeil goes to the Opera

The Old Age Pensioner's, the Troisieme Age, the Golden Age all names for the clubs for more elderly members. A very active group at Verfeil Sur Seye has sent this notice to TAG. An outing by bus to The Offenbach Concert at Bruniquel

Sunday, 15 July 2012

Concert Vocal Eglise Salvetat des Carts

Concert vocal [ Renaissance Neerlandaise] Eglise Salvetat des Carts . Tuesday 17th of July. 21 hrs.

Music from both sides of the Pyrenees

A concert of Spanish and French music performed on flute and guitar will be given in the church at Selgues (Verfeil) next Sunday, 22 July at 3.00pm.
Music to include Albeniz "Recuerdos de l'Alhambra", Bizet "Carmen Fantasy", Ravel "Habanera", Faure "Pavane" and Da Falla "Dances from La Vida Breva", all evocative pieces perfectly suited to these instruments.
The musicians Duo Sostenuto are Marie-Laure Bouillon (flute) and Benoit Roulland (guitar).
Programmes 10 euros. Proceeds to the Selgues church restoration association.

Folk / Jazz Club, directions

The inagural Folk /Jazz Club evening which is on Friday 27th of July at Mas Del Sol has had a lot of interest and we have 45 seats booked already. If you have not booked in you will need to do so, and now bring a couple of folding chairs in the back of your car, just in case. Directions to Mas Del Sol are as follows. From Varen head towards Laguepie, then turn left onto the D20 Verfeil road; at about 200 metres turn right to St Martial, then at the T junction turn right again (see the Mas del Sol "sheep" sign) and climb 2kms to Mas del Sol. The venue is at La Bergerie on the left. From Verfeil come down the D20 then as above. From Laguepie take the Najac road and at the top of the hill turn left towards Borie de Gres, just after the Lez turning, then straight on to the cross roads and straight on following our "sheep" signs to La Bergerie. We look forward to seeing you on the night and Musicians please contact Charles Ketteringham, musical director so he can formulate the programme. Also bring a jumper in case the evening turns chilly.

Saturday, 14 July 2012

Please do not forget me, I need a forever home. /A happy ending 

Ice Age 4 in English at Le Querlys

I went to the cinema tonight and Liliane asked me to tell everybody that the new “Ice Age” film is on in English and it’s not in the printed programme. It’s going to be screened on Saturday, 14th and the following Sunday, Monday and Tuesday at 14.30pm. Can you put something on Tag please. Gill Catterall

Friday, 13 July 2012

Apero concerts in the Halle at Cordes

Hello and bravo for your wonderful work on TAG on-line !
We're an association recently created in Cordes sur Ciel. We organize a weekly event, "Cordes Estiv'Halle" wich actually is an Apéro-Concert taking place every friday under the Halle and starting around 6 pm.
Would it be possible for us to advertize these events in your blog ?
As i 'm a newbee let me know how it works !
And apologize my approximate froggish english.
Clément Barbaza / Les Murs Ont De L'Oreille
Tél : 06 12 12 39 84
Mail :

Thursday, 12 July 2012

History at Bruniquel

Check out the website htp:// On the 14th of July at 18hrs there will be a talk on Les Templiers by Jacques Miquel

Star Gazing at Espinas

Friday 13th of July 'Le Ciel d'ete' Telescopes there for your use and instructions and guidance given. Adults 2.50 euros and children free. In the Salle if the weather is poor. Tel 0563682019 or email

Disaster for French car workers

Peugeot Citroen is to cut their work force by 8,000 following significant losses and a shrinking market. Sites outside Paris and at Rennes will be affected.

Drive carefully this week end.

159 gendarmes and 75 patroles will be out this week end watching for motoring infractions. The Depeche tells us " Les routes sous haute surveillance" So take special care with your speed and wear your seat belt.

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Francois Hollande visits the Queen at Windsor

Francois Hollande has made his first official visit to England and met the Queen at Windsor Castle and the Prime Minister David Cameron. Hollande's government plan to almost double the tax on non-residents who own second homes (almost 200,000) worried Downing Street. This report in France 24 news. The tax they mention is the social charges on capital gains tax when second homers come to sell.

Concours des villes et villages fleuris

A competition which has been organised by the Conseil General of Tarn and Garonne for more than 50 years is under way and being judged at the moment. The towns and villages in the department compete to have the prettiest flowery spaces and buildings. Montauban has 3 flowers (like stars) but is hoping for 4 flowers this year. Laguepie and Varen usually do well in this competition gaining awards. How does your village fare?

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Folk /Jazz Club monthly through out the year.

Interested in creating music or listening to music then think about joining us monthly through out the year in different local venues. Run on the lines of folk clubs in England. There will be a Resident Duo, Charles and Anna Ketteringham who will also act as MD/MC.
Groups or persons wishing to perform will get a three song 'floor spot' in the first instance with the possibility of a full evening later. As well as performers you always need the listening public and that is where a lot of us fit in. The artistes will not be paid and there is no entry fee. The first evening will be in 'The Grange at Mas Del Sol'  Varen Friday 27th of July. Starting at 8 pm. Eat before you come and bring a bottle of wine with your instruments . If you would like to attend contact Val and if you wish to perform contact Charles at
If you cannot make this date but would be interested in being involved contact Val or Charles.
Any one interested in providing a venue for a one off please contact us.

Monday, 9 July 2012

L'abbaye de Beaulieu, tribute to Tapies

Six months after his death the works ,paintings,sculptures and collages of Antoni Tapies are being exhibited at L'abbaye de Beaulieu, a true tribute. The exhibition is on till 31st of August.
for more info. check the link.

Airport trip to Toulouse

We're driving to Toulouse Airport on Monday 23rd July so I can catch the 09:45 flight to Gatwick.
(I'm going to London for 3 days to celebrate my daughters' 21st birthday).
So if anyone wants a lift, we can pick up in Cordes around 7.30am or Gaillac around 8.00am.
Room in the car for one person + one suitcase or 2 people if only hand luggage.

My home phone number is 05 63 38 24 02
Please everyone add now to the car sharing site
We must all be starting to make trips. Thanks Alice for this info which is also on the site given.

Sunday, 8 July 2012

July 14th Bastille Day Speech

Hollande is bringing back the Bastille Day Speech which will be televised on Sunday 14th of July. The financial situation in France is not looking good and some reporters think this speech will present to the nation the tough tax measures his government may have to take.

Saturday, 7 July 2012

What do you bring back from your Greek holiday, Ouzo?

We found a puppy by some dustbins when we were sailing in Greece during May.  He was determined to get run over so we collected him and took him first to a local vet and then to a small local charity working with animals there ,raising awareness about neutering etc.  They tried to find him a foster home but were unable to do so.  We therefore had him  micro-chipped, jabbed and passported  and he is now back home with us.  We have called him ‘cost-us’ (KOSTAS) and he is growing at a formidable rate.  

Three dogs for us are too many (hence the reason for finding a home for the lab last autumn) so if you know of anyone with space, he is looking for a new home.  I can also take him back to the UK (I am due to go end July).  He has so far learnt to sit well on command.  He is about four months old.

He has a facebook page – Kostas Canis – for more pix but I attach one FYI.
Victoria China
Can TAG work miracles and find a home for this well traveled  little chap?
The Lab  mentioned was Angus who  through TAG has now found a happy home in the Lot

St Antonin Noble Val / Pick up the Fetes leaflet

So much as you would expect happening at St. Antonin over the summer. The leaflet ' Festivites de L' Ete ' is out now and the 11th to 13th of Aug. is packed with things to do. Noteable evening Sunday 12th Aug.the firework display starting at 22.30hrs

Friday, 6 July 2012

Art Exhibition at Verfeil

There’s an Art Exhibition at the Salle de Fetes in Verfeil from 7 to

22 July. There will be oil paintings, watercolours, pastels, silk

painting, photography, mosaics, enamelling, sculpture, ceramics,

pottery, jewellery and papier mache. Opening hours: Daily: 10h00 –

12h30, 15h30 – 18h30. Entrance free.

The exhibition opens on Saturday, 7 July at 18h00. 

Stage Salsa at Lez

With Jean Marc and Sandrine, a Garden Party at the Hameau de Lez, Laguepie 14th and 15th Sat and Sun. July.Come and learn the Salsa in a convivial atmosphere with drinks and food. Contact 0563302815 or 0625211899

Vide Grenier, Varen

Vide Grenier, Varen sur les berges de l'Aveyron. 29th of July, to book a place tel. 0563654774 or tel. 0563654509

Repas dans la cour de Chateau, Varen

July 19th there will be a repas in the centre courtyard of the Chateau in Varen. With music by Laffarque (pere et fils) Ambiance guaranteed. Inscriptions 0563654774 or45 09

Thursday, 5 July 2012

Craft exhibition at "L'echoppe" Varen

L'echoppe at the bottom of the Mairie in Varen, by the fountain / spring, there will be a craft sale and expo. Opens Sunday 8th July to 16th of September, from 15hrs to 19.00 hrs. Mackenzie frames have some hand painted mirrors for sale and their good selection of picture frames. There is also a nice range of handmade cards by Janine Harris. Sounds worth a visit.

Castanet, Les Metiers d'autrefois

Wed. 11th of July a film about working life in times gone by. At 22hrs ' en plein air' but in the Salle des Fetes if the weather is not good.Entry 4.50 euros, children 2 euros.

Concert at the Chateaux of Bruniquel

Sounds like a lovely concert with young muscians playing Mozart, Haydn, Puccini. 'Le Concert du Quatuor Arco Terzetto' Wednesday 11th of July 20.30hrs. Julien Moquet and Ariane Jay on violin, Mariane Abeilhou alto,and Francois Gallon playing the cello.

What has poetry to do with France?

Well I shall tell you. Some of you may know I am a member of Fifi, the ladies group in the area. I want to start a 'Poetry and Poesie' group within Fifi starting in September. Now I am used to raised eye brows with some of my schemes but I would like to get a group going who would be interested in reading and discussing poetry. If you would be keen, first thing to do is join Fifi and then ask to join the poetry group. Fifi members who are reading this,  I hope you are saying , 'let me come, let me come'! Apparently new groups are being discussed all the time and there is a lot of interest in art groups... So much to do, so little time.

Who does not like poetry?

File:Jessie Willcox Smith - The Land of Counterpane.jpg
The Land of Counterpane
by Robert Louis Stevenson
When I was sick and lay a-bed,
I had two pillows at my head,
And all my toys beside me lay,
To keep me happy all the day.

And sometimes for an hour or so
I watched my leaden soldiers go,
With different uniforms and drills,
Among the bed-clothes, through the hills;

And sometimes sent my ships in fleets
All up and down among the sheets;
Or brought my trees and houses out,
And planted cities all about.

I was the giant great and still
That sits upon the pillow-hill,
And sees before him, dale and plain,
The pleasant land of counterpane.

Is this still open? Hope it is./ Yes it is open

La Chataigneraie at Lagarde Viaur opens July 
La Chataigneraie at Lagarde Viaur opens on the first of July till 12th of September. For anyone who has not been it is a must for summer days or balmy evenings. It serves crepes, galettes, salads, ice creams  and regional products all in a superb setting by a river with swimming facilities. Our grandchildren have this noted as a place to visit each holiday and it has always been relaxed and good value. I
Reservations can be made on 05 65 65 63 07  although we have never reserved just arrived.
Direction from Laguepie to  St. Andre de Najac then Lagarde Viaur.
This is the post from last year but as yet have not seen 'affiche' for it. Bet someone out there knows if it is open again.  We have heard it is open.
So to add to it, this year music by Raul de Souza on trombone, and Xavier Desbordes on guitar. Open 12 noon till late evening every day but Tuesday lunchtime. Products served are all fresh and bio.

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Crane sold by TAG

You know that blooming big orange crane well I am delighted to say it has been sold to a TAG reader from the advert placed. Tags next goal is to sell a house, think of that .You pay 30 euros which is given to a charity, no fees, commissions to an agent running at generally around 6% I am putting on a new house for sale today so watch this space. The more houses we have for sale  the more impact we make and both buyers and sellers win.

Please look after this bear,but in this case a dog.

Could you please put a plea on Taglines on our behalf.  We desperately need someone to look after our dog, either in their own home which must have a secure garden because she escapes or someone to live-in our modern, comfortable house with pool near Cordes and look after Diva (this option depends on cost).  Diva is a Podengo, the size of a Jack Russel, very loving and affectionate but needs to be walked on the lead.  The dates are Thursday 6th. to Monday 17th. September, inclusive.
[Ref. to bear ,Paddington had that message on his label, which you all know having read Paddington stories by Micheal Bond to your children]

Bikes needed / short loan

11th of August for one week, or even a few days would be helpful. Can anyone lend us 3 childrens bikes ages of children 8,10 and 13 years. Contact

Monday, 2 July 2012

Help the Amazon Fund, France

Please look on our website
·         We invite people who are motivated to receive info of the tropical forest of South America.
·         Find out more about the opportunity to travel with us to Bolivia from 25 September till 12 October 2012.
·         Please help us by participating in our association: we are looking for a textwriter, a secretaire who is able to write in English and the French language.
·         Come to our meeting on the19 July 17-19 h and have a first experience with our association and board at the home of the president in St Antonin.

Erik Jongejan
Chemin St Bernard
82140 St Antonin Noble Val

Sunday, 1 July 2012

Quick news bites

France to legalise gay marriages in 2013 and allow gay couples to adopt children.

 Strauss Kahn and Anne Sinclair split one month ago.

 The SMIC( minimum wage ) goes up by 2% from July 1st, another election promise kept.

Breathalyser kits law from today

From today here in France you need to carry two breathalyser kits in your car. Fines of 11 euros start in four months time if you do not comply. The kits are inexpensive and can be bought at most quincailleries.