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Here goes folks, the  charities will be
Via Sahel enfants d'Afrique
Liberte des Anes
Alzheimer's 82
Cancer Support France set up to help English speakers deal with their cancer problems or help with professionals

AGMOMP (a cancer support charity aimed at helping bone marrow transplant patients in the area)

For a business to advertise you will get an advert running down the side of TAG with your website details. As the advert goes on you will get a bit of advertorial and knowledge that you are helping local needy charities.The advert will cost 35 euros for 3 months. As your advert moves down the side of the page the arrangement will be periodically rotated.
If as a business you want a one off advert or announcement the price will be 20 euros

Private Sales
From today any item under 50 euros will be put on without an upfront donation and 5 euros if it sells.
Over 50 euros and under 100 euros a donation of 5 euros upfront.
Over 100 euros and up to 500 an upfront donation of 10 euros
From then a 20 euro donation upfront for any listing over 500 euros

I ask for cheques to be made out to a charity of your choice and sent to me. This is so I know it has been done and also so I can keep records of how much we have raised over the year.

Send the cheque to
Val Johnstone
Mas del Sol

Let me know when paying for the advert if you will want an annual attestation to claim back your tax at the end of the year and I will pass this information on to the charities.
Many of you know the couple Nick and Anne Grose and many of you know what a worrying health issue Nick suffered 18 months ago. He received exceptional
health care here in France for a potentially life threatening cancer. After
a very difficult procedure giving him a bone marrow transplant, he is now
well on the road to good health and enjoying the prospect of a life he
thought he might not have. Such a touching story but an association supporting
bone marrow patients made his stay in hospital bearable by providing
free internet access so he could skype his friends and family everyday, facilities
for his family and the best thing ever, a treat on Christmas Day when he
couldn't have anything else, Nick knows how much AGMOMP helped him
and they also need funds to continue helping other patients.
Because of Nick' s story I want to add this cancer association to our list
which you can now choose to support. Think of the group when advertising and
sending your money to TAG.
Check out the website which is in French
Chris a reader is in favour and says
Chris says:
a very good idea Nick and Anne.

Les revenus provenant des annonces publicitaires dans Tag sont versés a des oeuvres caritatives qui sont :
Via Sahel Enfants d’Afrique(
Liberté des Anes(
Cancer Support
Alzheimer's 82
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Si vous désirez nous soumettre une annonce publicitaire professionnelle, elle sera placée sur la droite des pages de Tag avec les détails de votre site. Vous aurez la satisfaction de savoir que vous aidez une oeuvre caritative dans le besoin. L’annonce vous coûtera 35€ pour 3 mois. Toutes les annonces sont périodiquement remaniées afin qu’elles restent bien visibles aux lecteurs.
Si vous désirez une annonce publicitaire dans Tag une seule fois, elle vous coûtera 20€.
Lors du payment de votre annonce, dites nous si vous désirez bénéficier d’une économie d’impôt. Nous passerons cette information à Via Sahel Enfants d’Afrique, Liberté des Anes, ou Cancer Support et vous recevrez un reçu fiscal.
Merci de libeller votre chèque à l’ordre d’une de ces  oeuvres caritatives et de l’envoyer à :
Val Johnstone
Mas del Sol,
Varen 82330
Vous pouvez vendre un objet personnel dans Tag gratuitement si la valeur de cet objet est moins de 200€. Si votre objet se vend, nous apprécierons une donation entre 5€ et 10€.
Pour un objet dont la valeur est au dessus de 200€, vous aurez une somme de 20€ à payer au préalable.
Si vous avez des difficultés à comprendre les informations ci-dessus, ou si vous désirez des informations complémentaires, vous pouvez envoyer un courriel à Tag.

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