Saturday, 14 December 2019

All the Olive Oil got sold, now a dog sitter needed

Caring person needed to look after my lovely dog for 3 weeks from as soon as possible. She's large, super friendly, loves people, good with cats & other dogs, quite happy to live outside.
Hoping someone can help.
Val says i believe this is in St. Antonin.

Wednesday, 11 December 2019

Thank you all

A big thank you to everyone who contributed a donation when Malc died
Malcs wish was for no flowers but a donation going to 12 refugee ladies and their children at Septfonds and Caussade. The ladies Yedhizis all had their husbands killed and after 3 years in a camp were brought to France on a Macron scheme.
Malc thought of others less fortunate, even as he was dying.
We now have 1, 200 euros collected which means each lady will have a 100 hundred euros each to spend.
Thank you all for your generosity.

Friday, 6 December 2019

Trusty vehicle needed

   I am looking for  a trusty fairly roomy vehicle.    I don't mind if it is RHD, but must it  have a Control Technique (CT) and be preferably 5-door. I can rematriculate if necessary.  Reliability is paramount  - petrol or diesel.  Modest budget! 
      Please contact:   or    06 84 15 52 11

Tuesday, 3 December 2019

Extra virgin olive oil

Many of you will remember Laura and Sid who left St. Antonin for Portugal

Extra Virgin olive oil fresh off the press. Grown & processed without any chemicals or pesticides for many years. Currently awaiting organic certification. This year is our first year here and we have a very limited amount of this superb oil available from our own farm on the slopes of the Gardhuna mountains Beira Beixa region of central Portugal. All the olives were hand picked and sorted by us. €17 per ltr or €75 for 5 ltrs. 1st come, 1st served, order early to avoid disappointment. Delivery from 10th December.