Sunday, 5 March 2017

Tarn skills live on

Working with leather from tanneries to artisan workshops is a skill which has many associations in this area, and at Graulhet in the Tarn the industry was paramount for over 100 years until like many others it went into decline in the 70's and 80s. Five years ago two women from Paris and one local Tarnaise decided to pool their expertise and recommence manufacture of leather goods in the town.
They explained that many of the skilled workforce were still available and the town's accessibility to raw material and transport made it an ideal place to set up their business.
A Bandit Manchot design handbag

Known as Bandit Manchot the firm makes designer maroquinerie now sold in over 400 outlets in France. Because they do not mass produce items they can use small pieces of leather, often off cuts or end of line skins, and their purses, wallets and handbags have a unique feeling offering design and practicality.
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