Saturday, 4 March 2017

Nous sommes le samedi quatre mars

What a night and what a morning, gale force winds and heavy rain, it is miserable outside. The donkeys were soaked as they stood trembling standing in front of a line of bushes. Why were they not in the stable I thought? I arrived to find a stream running into the stable and the floor flooded. Fortunately the field hut at the opposite end of the field is dry so they can now after being fed under the bushes move off down there.
The courtyard is flooded and nearby trees are swaying dramatically, dead branches scattered everywhere.
Hope you and your pets are safe.
I was preparing to give a warning about ticks, apparently plenty about already so check your pets tick collars and tick medications are in date.
I wonder as we have not had enough cold weather to kill off the tick masses if the rain will drowned a few.... wishful thinking perhaps.
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