Tuesday, 7 March 2017

More info on the family

This is so interesting I love local family histories, thank you Isabelle who sent it for me.
I particularly like the story of the little girl, here google translated.

In her arms is a sulky baby, her eldest daughter. Simone Montagne is none other than my paternal grandmother. She was born in Septfonds on 25 March 1922. Her life was radically different from that of the other four women in this picture. First of all by its social status. She was the one who left the countryside and the poverty of the workers and housewives who had preceded her. Gifted at school, she became a teacher and settled at Caussade at first, then at Montauban. Her second peculiarity comes from her marriage. Chance has wanted Septfonds to be chosen as the location of a concentration camp for the Spanish refugees, during the retirada. It was by this accident of history that Simone met Justo Navarro Requena, my grandfather, whom she married after liberation. While all her ancestors, from at least 1600, were, without exception, located in a circle of about twenty kilometers of radius around Septfonds, she married a Madrilenian. Together they had 2 children. Simone died in Montauban on July 10, 2003.

Val says so there you have it, a Spanish refugee married a local girl and lived happily ever after as generations recount.
That is why welcoming refugees is so important, they integrate and become as one.