Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Catch the asiatic hornet queens now

Hi Val

Now is the time to put out those traps to catch the Asiatic hornet queens before they establish new nests.

Apart from being dangerous to humans if stung, Asiatic hornets are decimating bee colonies and as you know bees are important pollinators for fruit crops.

I attach a simple design to make your own hornet trap. In fact it is not necessary to drill the 7 mm hole in the cap of the bottle, just leave it off.  The other 5.5 mm holes are to let smaller insects escape but are also not absolutely necessary as you will also trap queen wasps as well as European hornet queens. You don’t need the top cover if you hang it where rain won’t go in and it is best to fix the two parts together with some wire, screws or nails pushed through so you can dismantle it now and again to clear out all the drowned hornets.

I found that white wine with cassis, topped up with water works fine but add some beer if you have it.

Good hunting!


Malc says: I quite like a white wine with cassis (kir) or the odd beer, but I haven't caught any wasps yet - is it because I drink them?